Rich Clouser tops Boggy Creek Bright House
Challenge SLM 50 at New Smyrna Speedway
Holds Off McLeod For Victory
By Jane Smith, Track PR Report

Seventeen Super Late Models made their way to New Smyrna Speedway for the Bright House Challenge Super Late Model 50 lap race.  Rich Clouser topped the speed charts followed by David Rogers, Corey Freed, Daniel Webster and B.J. McLeod.  Clouser pulled a 5 for the inversion putting McLeod on the pole for the 50 lap event.

Although I missed the first few laps and the first caution that took out four cars right in the beginning.  Out for the night were Bob Greene, Davey Gibbs, Mike Finn and Shaughn McCormick.

Going a little over the posted speed limit, I made it to New Smyrna to see David Rogers leading the race over B.J. McLeod, Daniel Webster, Corey Freed and Rich Clouser.  By lap 20, McLeod was looking to pass Rogers for the point but Rogers quickly shut the door on McLeod.

McLeod would pull right up to the tail of Rogers but Rogers, who knows New Smyrna Speedway by the back of his hand, shut the door quickly.  Rogers, who ran the night before at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola in the Blizzard race, finished ninth out of twenty seven cars in the field.  Five Flags is a good eight hour drive or more from New Smyrna so Rogers did a very quick turnaround to make it back for the Bright House race.

The yellow comes out on lap 21 for a spin in turn #2.  The field is realigned for the restart with Rogers on the inside and McLeod on the outside.  As racing goes, Rogers and McLeod are side-by-side when they touch slightly sending Rogers into a spin coming off turn 2.  Rogers rejoins the field in the rear for the restart with McLeod on the inside pole and Daniel Webster on the outside pole.

But once again it is a short green as Corey Kaiser brings out the yellow for a spin in turn 2.  Kaiser retires to the pits and the field goes back to green with McLeod on the inside pole, Webster on the outside pole.

McLeod quickly jumps to the point followed by Webster, Clouser, Freed, and Billy Mowery.  Rogers, who is quickly coming up from the rear, passes Jared Allison and takes over seventh putting Allison in eighth.  At halfway, it is McLeod, Webster, Clouser, Freed, Mowery, Kevin Dicks, Rogers, Allison, Zack Donatti, Don Keithley, Vince Keeler, and Russ Shaw.

Clouser begins to put the heat on Webster looking for second but Webster quickly shuts the door.  Rogers passes Mowery and takes over fifth.  Clouser once again challenges Webster and takes over second as Webster settles into third.  The caution comes out for Russ Shaw who spun at the bottom of turn 4 but is able to continue racing.

With McLeod on the inside pole and Clouser on the outside pole, Clouser comes out on top and is the new leader followed by McLeod, Freed, Webster and Mowery.  Rogers is once again hot on the heels of Mowery and takes over fifth as Clouser continues to lead the way over McLeod, Freed, Webster, and Rogers.

Rogers is definitely on the move to the front and looks on Webster but Webster closes the door.  But by lap 39, Webster can no longer hold off the hard charging Rogers as Rogers takes over fourth and Webster goes to fifth.    Running order is Clouser, McLeod, Freed, Rogers, Webster, Mowery, Dicks, Allison, Donatti, Keithley and Keeler.

Clouser begins to build a ten car lead over McLeod and is sailing towards his first win in the Bright House Challenge Super Late Model Series.   Clouser crosses the checkered for the win followed by B.J. McLeod, Corey Freed, David Rogers, and Daniel Webster.

The next race for the Boggy Creek Bright House Challenge Super Late Model Series will be October 10th.  For more information on the Bright House Challenge Series and New Smyrna Speedway, go to

SEPTEMBER 26, 2009


1.  #9 Rich Clouser, Palm Bay
2.  #78 B.J. McLeod, Wachulla
3.  #12 Corey Freed, Orlando
4.  #11 David Rogers, Orlando
5.  #33 Daniel Webster, Brooksville
6.  #55 Billy Mowery, Clearwater
7.  #38 Kevin Dicks, Lake City
8.  #18 Jared Allison, Cocoa
9.  #9z Zack Donatti, Edgewater
10. #75 Don Keithley, St. Cloud
11. #7 Vince Keeler, Sebastian
12. #68 Russ Shaw, Lakeland
13. #48 Corey Kaiser
14. #13 Bob Greene, Port St. John
15. #47 Davey Gibbs, Deltona
16. #06 Mike Finn, Jupiter
17. #34 Shaughn McCormick, Oviedo