Sterling Marlin Enters Speedway 660's Peterbilt 250
Labour Day Super Late Model Race Packs Fans Into NB Track
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All the way from Tennessee to the Geary Woods!  Two Time Daytona 500 Champion Sterling Marlin has announced his intentions to enter the 9th Annual Peterbilt 250 at Speedway 660.  Marlin will join a strong list of Southern Stars who have competed in the Labour Day Classic.  Over the past several years fans have seen Johnny Benson, Terry & Justin Labonte and Ron Hornaday take battle against the best Pro Stock teams in the Northeast.

Marlin was and is a household name from his days behind the wheel of a Sprint Cup car.  He is perhaps best known as only the third driver in Cup history to win back-to-back Daytona 500s, joining Richard Petty and Cale Yarborough as the only drivers to earn that distinction after winning in 1994 and 1995.  "There is no doubt that my fondest memory is winning that first Daytona 500," Sterling said.  Marlin has also added 8 other Sprint Cup victories (total of 10) to his resume, competed in 747 Cup races and has earned a whopping 38 Million dollars throughout his career.   Before his days in NASCAR Marlin won championships at Nashivlle Speedway.  Marlin is currently running a part time Sprint Cup schedule.   

“I’m excited; these home grown short track events are what our sport was built on.   This is a huge race for the Atlantic region and I’m really looking forward to racing the best up there!”  said Sterling in a phone interview.

Auto Pride/Auto Value out of Fredericton, New Brunswick will be the primary sponsor on Marlin’s car.  In addition to Auto Pride/Auto Value, Marlin will receive support for his venture from Peterbilt New Brunswick and Moosehead Breweries. Other sponsorship deals are still in the works.  “Man we are PUMPED.   This is a thrill of a lifetime for us at Auto Pride.  Sterling is an icon in this sport and we are pretty fired up to be a part of this deal.” said Randy McCoy of Auto Pride.

This news is also great for all involved with Speedway 660.

“This is something special.  There isn’t a NASCAR fan that hasn’t spent many a Sunday afternoon on the coach watching Sterling Marlin on TV.  To have him here, at our track, racing in front of our fans is a really cool deal.” said Speedway 660 co-owner Steve Burns.

Sterling’s car will be prepared by long time weekly Speedway 660 competitor Hal O’Neal and the OGC Racing Team.  “We are pretty excited.  We had some bad luck last year but the car has been completely rebuilt and its ready to go” said Hal O’Neal.   “We’ve been racing for a lot of years and we’ve really missed it this year so I think this is exactly what we need.  We can’t wait!”