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Every week, our esteemed panel at will determine the most improbable, fascinating or "shocking" moment from the week and award the Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week."  The winner each week will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the leader in short track shock technology and performance.  At the end of the season, the most "shocking" moment will be awarded the "Shock of the Year" and the winning driver will receive a special gift from Pro Shocks.

For this week's "Shock of the Week..."
With a field full of champions assembled for the Wisconsin Challenge Series 2009 finale at Marshfield Speedway this past weekend, you wouldn't think that the race would go to a first time winner.  Instead, you would expect that someone like Mark Eswein, Steve Holzhausen, Tim Schendel, Jason Weinkauf or Andrew Morrissey would win the WCS Championship 80 Super Late Model feature.

But in the end, it was a young gun, Skylar Holzhausen, who bested the 26-car field to end the WCS season with his first series victory.

Holzhausen's father, short track fixture Steve Holzhausen, remarked in victory that Skylar was running so well in the race that short of disconnecting one of his plug wires, there was no way that anyone would catch up with him.

As a result of his victory, our panel voted Holzhausen as this week's Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week" award winner.

Also receiving votes this week were:

Augie Grill (PLM) - On Saturday night, someone other than Bubba Pollard won the Viper Series Pro Late Model race at South Alabama Speedway.  That was the first time this year it had happened.  That was a little surprising.  Downright shocking though was the fact that apparent winner Augie Grill was disqualified for a carburetor spacer issue - handing the victory to Korey Ruble while Pollard was elevated to third in the final standings.  Grill isn't a stranger to post-race tech drama.  He won last year's Snowball Derby after Brian Ickler was DQ'ed and he has taken a few disqualifications himself as well.

"Augie Grill gets my vote this week after getting DQ'ed for the second time this season at the same track, each time it has cost him a win," wrote one of our voters.

Bart Hartman (Dirt LM) - Bart Hartman was the winner of $42,000-plus in the Eldora World 100.  He is normally an also-ran at Eldora, but this time he beat former champions of the prestigious Dirt LM race and the biggest names in the sport.  It's like an AJ Allmendinger winning the Daytona 500.  Plus, there were 172 cars that attempted to qualify for the 28-car starting field.  That performance earned Hartman an honorable mention in this week's balloting.

Mike Rowe (PASS North) - The fact that Mike Rowe won the PASS 300 is not a shock, a surprise or even anything out of the ordinary.  The Maine racing legend won seven races on the way to this year's track championship there.  He had also won two of the four previously contested PASS 300s.  What was a shock though was that Rowe entered the event.  The race had not been on his schedule and he had not run in PASS North all season long.  Given his success in the race, we're sure that he is very glad to have made the decision to run on Sunday.

Karl Allard (ACT) - Karl Allard got a vote in this week's competition and we'll let one of our voters describe why with these comments:

"This weekend's Pro Shock nomination goes to Karl Allard. 

"Karl Allard is a fierce competitor on the ACT Castrol Series.  From time to time, he and the Larue Snowplows #48 enter special events.  This weekend, they took on the Airborne Speedway's Mohawk Casino Fall Foliage 300.  Allard lead a bunch of laps in the early going of the race and was the only driver
who seemed to have anything for eventual winner Patrick Laperle.  Unfortunately, Allard had rear end failure which sidelined a little past 200 laps.  Allard put on a "wow" of a performance in the longest ACT race on the schedule."

PASS and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway Officials - It looked like there was no way possible for the Saturday races that were scheduled as part of the PASS 400 weekend at Beech Ridge to run as planned.  It rained lightly, and sometimes not to lightly, all afternoon long.  A stalled weather pattern promised more of the same and later in the day fog even rolled in.  But PASS and track officials refused to pull the plug and after a six-hour delay and some schedule adjustments, everything that was scheduled for the day ran.

Some teams even had to scurry back to the track after heading back to their hotels or out to eat after what looked like a hopeless day.  Getting the races in was shocking and everyone involved deserves a pat on the back for their persistance.

For his “Shock” of a performance, Holzhausen will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the short-track leader in racing shock technology and performance.  Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Pro Shocks has helped drivers on both dirt and asphalt perform better for more than 25 years.

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Skylar Holzhausen
Wisconsin Challenge Series
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"