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Every week, our esteemed panel at will determine the most improbable, fascinating or "shocking" moment from the week and award the Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week."  The winner each week will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the leader in short track shock technology and performance.  At the end of the season, the most "shocking" moment will be awarded the "Shock of the Year" and the winning driver will receive a special gift from Pro Shocks.

For this week's "Shock of the Week..."
Last week, Ryan Truex was an also-ran for the Pro Shocks Shock of the Week award.  Truex got votes, but ended up with an honorable mention for the award - losing out to South Boston NASCAR Camping World East Series race winner Brett Moffitt.

This week, Truex stepped up his game and visited a CW East victory lane for the first time in his career.  Because of that victory at Wtakins Glen International, we have named Ryan Truex as this week's winner of the Pro Shocks Shock of the Week award.

Like with Moffitt one week ago, we aren't surprised that Truex has won a race in the series.  We are shocked though that he did it so quickly.  It used to be that drivers would need a few seasons of experience before even thinking about winning in a top flight series like this, but Truex did it midway through his 2009 campaign.  Even more shocking was the fact that Truex did it on a tricky road course - beating a field that included road racer turned stock car driver Patrick Long and veterans like Matt Kobyluck.

Truex was the overwhelming pick of our panel this week, but also receiving votes were the following drivers, who've we have matched up with our panelists comments.

Parker Hammons - He might be fresh out of Legend cars, but Parker Hammons was right up there contending for the victory in Saturday's ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour event at Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA).  The youngster stayed out of trouble in a caution-plagued race to finish in the podium.

Patrick Long for getting moved out of the way on the last lap during the Camping World Series race at The Glen.

Joey Tanner in the ASA Northwest race. He may not have won the race, but the young rookie showcased some talent in getting to third at the finish.

Jonathan Desbiens - At 17 years of age he has more laps ahead of him than he does behind him.  Despite this fact, he is currently in his third year of Late model racing.  A regular on the ACT Castrol scene the youngster who gained a reputation for mastering spins in his first season; could have been called a wreck in his second season for being over aggressive.  This year, he is a totally different driver... but this weekend more so than any other times.  He fought off a charging ACT Tour and ACT Castrol Champion, Patrick Laperle, for over 30 laps as the two were dicing thru the field all the way to fourth spot.  Some good old short track racing at the 1/3 mile high back Autodrome Chaudiere (Vallee-Jonction, QC).  While that "run" didn't finish the way you'd want a Cinderella-story to end, Laperle bumped Desbiens into a spin, Desbiens started at the back of the 26 car field and worked his way to the front, again.  His race eventually ended with brake problems, but the "kid" shocked the 4000 fans in attendance with skills, patience and
assurance even veterants dream of.

For his “Shock” of a performance, Truex will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the short-track leader in racing shock technology and performance.  Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Pro Shocks has helped drivers on both dirt and asphalt perform better for more than 25 years.

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Ryan Truex - NASCAR Camping World East Series
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"
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