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Every week, our esteemed panel at will determine the most improbable, fascinating or "shocking" moment from the week and award the Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week."  The winner each week will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the leader in short track shock technology and performance.  At the end of the season, the most "shocking" moment will be awarded the "Shock of the Year" and the winning driver will receive a special gift from Pro Shocks.

For this week's "Shock of the Week..."
Eight hours before the start of the Pro Rattler 125 on Saturday night at South Alabama Speedway, Billy Fulson and #18 team were down in the dumps.  They were starting to load up their racecar after suffering through engine problems in practice.  Changing the carburetor, fuel cell and the fuel pump didn't help and the team wasn't able to run more than three practice laps at a time - slow ones at that.

Right before finally putting the racecar on the trailer, Fulson's team decided to work on the fuel lines in one last-ditch effort to salvage something from the weekend.  That ended up solving the problem, which never re-appeared during the Saturday night race.  Despite the problems and lack of practice, Fulson ended up finishing third in the Pro Late Model main event and convinced our panel of experts that he was worthy of nailing down the Pro Shocks' "Shock" of the Week.

But as we said, the race for this week's Pro Shocks award was a close one.  Also receiving mentions from our expert panel was Bubba Pollard for placing no worse then second in the offical results of both big features that made up The Rattler weekend at South Alabama and Ted Christopher for getting it done indoors and winning the Saturday night TQ Midget race against some real open wheel aces in Providence Rhode Island.  The overall success of that event - the first official race held in Rhode Island for decades also got an honorable mention and Augie Grill getting disqualified from Saturday night's Pro Rattler 125 for a rear end camber violation got the attention of our panel as well

For his “Shock” of a performance, Fulson will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the short-track leader in racing shock technology and performance.  Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Pro Shocks has helped drivers on both dirt and asphalt perform better for more than 25 years.

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Billy Fulson - #18 Pro Late Model
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"
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Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"