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Every week, our esteemed panel at will determine the most improbable, fascinating or "shocking" moment from the week and award the Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week."  The winner each week will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the leader in short track shock technology and performance.  At the end of the season, the most "shocking" moment will be awarded the "Shock of the Year" and the winning driver will receive a special gift from Pro Shocks.

For this week's "Shock of the Week..."
When the Late Model Stock Cars head to Martinsville Speedway (VA) every fall, it is easily the biggest event of the season for that type of racecar.  It's when the cars that run weekly at places like South Boston, Caraway, Hickory, Greenville-Pickens, Myrtle Beach, Motor Mile or several other tracks can get together along with cars from the UARA-Stars tour to all rumble.  The best of the best in the LMSC world are all there and winning isn't easy for even the most proved veteran.

So when a relative newbie can break on through to win, it is a bit of a shock and that is exactly what Legends car graduate Jake Crum did this past Sunday.

That performance earned Jake Crum this week's Pro Shocks Shock of the Week award. 

While Crum's performance was popular with our voters, it wasn't very popular with his fellow competitors - who accused Crum of being too rough and jumping restarts.  But winning isn't always a popular thing.

Also receiving votes this week were:

Jacob Dore (TVMRS) - Rookie Jacob Dore, a college student from Maine, ended up as the winner of record after the True Value Modified Racing Series event at Twin State Speedway (NH) and that earned him the notice of our panel.

"Jacob Dore [gets my vote] took Hirschman being DQ'ed,but a big shock none the less," wrote one of our voters.

Parker Kligerman (ARCA) - We have been shocked with Parker Kligerman's accomplishments all season long as he has won a ton of ARCA RE/MAX Series races and is contending for the championship as a rookie.  This past weekend, Kligerman entered his first NASCAR Nationwide Series race and won the pole for that event.  He also won the ARCA race at Kansas Speedway.  A pretty shocking weekend for the teen driver.

Scott Hantz (Outlaw SLM) - Honestly, there really isn't much that Scott Hantz does in a racecar that shocks us anymore.  He's a force on the short tracks of the Midwest and never a surprise to win.

But occasionally, what Hantz doesn't do is a bit shocking.  As shown by this vote this week referencing the Glass City 200 Outlaw Super Late Model event at Toledo Speedway (OH):

"Scott Hantz did NOT win at Toledo...he owned the place this I guess it shocked me that Dave Kuhlman won," wrote one member of our panel."

John Donahue (ACT) - John Donahue might be one of the most underrated drivers in New England right now.  He can post big numbers in ACT Late Models, but just doesn't have the name recognition of a Patrick Laperle, Brian Hoar, Scott Payea or Jean Paul Cyr.  But winning the Milk Bowl at Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT) on Sunday might help that.  It helped him get some Shock votes this week.

Brennan Poole (LMSC) - Brennan Poole just started Late Model racing this spring, so for him to capture a podium finish in the Bailey's 300 at Martinsville on Sunday was pretty shocking - and it earned him an honorable mention from our panel.

Matt Hirschman (TVMRS) - After Sunday night's True Value Modified Racing Series event at Twin State Speedway, a good case could be made for Matt Hirschman being named as the Pro Shocker of the Week.  After all, he just showed up and subbed in the #25 Modified - and went on to win the race.

"Matt Hirschman winning at Twin State with the TVMRS after never having been in the car before," wrote one of our voters.

On Monday night though, something equally shocking happened.  Hirschman was disqualified from his apparent victory due to an unapproved carb on the car. 

For his “Shock” of a performance, Jake Crum will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the short-track leader in racing shock technology and performance.  Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Pro Shocks has helped drivers on both dirt and asphalt perform better for more than 25 years.

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Jake Crum - Late Model Stocks
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"