BF Goodrich Holds USAR Pro CupTire Test in Anticipation
of October  Running of the Aaron’s 150 at Rockingham
Last year’s USAR Winner Clay Rogers and Veteran Bobby Gill on Hand to Help Manufacturer Determine Tire for Upcoming Event
Rockingham Speedway PR Report

Camber, stagger and temperature were the buzzwords for the day Thursday as USAR Pro Cup drivers Clay Rogers and Bobby Gill turned laps on the Rockingham Speedway to help manufacturer BF Goodrich select a tire for the running of Aaron’s 150 on October 10.

“We are doing a stagger test,” said BF Goodrich representative Gary Blalock. “We are trying to determine what is the best tire to bring here in October.”

Rockingham has traditionally been known to wreak havoc on tires, placing a premium on proper selection, according to Blalock.

Despite it’s tire-shredding reputation, Clay Rogers, winner of last year’s USAR Pro Cuprace at Rockingham, is looking forward to a return trip.

“I’ve been here in ARCA cars, Pro Cup cars and UARA competition,” said Rogers. “It’s just a fun racetrack to come to. There aren’t a lot of opportunities in short track racing to get on a mile track, especially one that has banking like this. The tracks got a lot of character and bumps. It’s really a driver’s racetrack. You can move and run high and run low. You can drive your car different around the bumps in the corner...That’s what makes this track so much fun.”

Rogers isn’t the only on anticipating the return of the USAR Pro Cup cars to Rockingham. Speedway President Andy Hillenburg is eager for the series to make its way back to “The Rock.”

“Clay (Rogers) and those guys put on a great show for our fans last fall,” said Hillenburg. “This year we are very excited to have the Pro Cup cars running the same time as ARCA’s Championship weekend and the Carolina 200 at the Rockingham Speedway.”

Tickets for the October 10 running of the USAR Pro Cup Aaron’s 150 and the October 11 running of the ARCA/REMAX Series American 200 are on sale now. For more information or to order tickets, please contact the speedway at (910) 205-8800 or visit our website at

Bobby Gill gets his car slowed down to enter turn one at the Rockingham Speedway Thursday morning. Gill and Clay Rogers were completing a BF Goodrich tire test in anticipation of the October 10 running of the USAR Pro Cup Aaron’s 150 at the speedway.  (Rockingham Speedway Photos)
BF Goodrich technicians check tire temperatures on Clay Rogers’ Chevrolet on pit road at the Rockingham Speedway Thursday morning. The tire manufacturer was on hand in anticipation of the October 10 running of the USAR Pro Cup Aaron’s 150.