17-Year-Old Trevor Farbo Announces 2009 Pro Cup Plans
Plans to Chase USARacing Rookie of the Year Award
Team PR Report
After soldiering through a steep learning curve in 2008, Trevor Farbo has his sights set on a run at the 2009 rookie of the year title. Pending sponsorship, Trevor hopes to attempt all 14 races on the USARacing Pro Cup Series schedule.

“The end of the 2008 racing season really brought on a lot of uncertainty for us,” said Trevor. “We weren’t really sure what direction we were going to go in order to continue developing my racing career. Now that USARacing has a full schedule planned, there is no place we would rather be.”

With the first race of the season quickly approaching, the hunt for marketing partners is on.

“We have secured enough funding to confirm that we will run the first race of the season at Concord Speedway,” stated Farbo. “We are still working diligently to track down additional sponsorship that will allow us to compete in more races. We feel that the USARacing Pro Cup Series presents the best advertising value of any series and we hope that someone will take notice and jump at the opportunity.”

While the lengthy off season might have brought a much needed break for some teams, it presented a series of adversities for Farbo Motorsports to overcome. Chuck Waits, president of Reagents, Incorporated, and primary sponsor of Trevor’s racing ventures since 2003, passed away unexpectedly in December.

“Losing Chuck was such a devastating event for all of us,” said Trevor. “He always believed in me as a race car driver and he will be deeply missed. Unfortunately, Reagents, Inc. will no longer be sponsoring our racing operation. My family has sacrificed a lot to allow me to continue racing without a sponsor and I cannot thank them enough for their support. No matter how tough things get, we will never give up.”

In the meantime, Trevor will continue to search for sponsorship, sometimes going days without sleep. The never-ending balancing act of working on his race cars and executing all of his own public relations work doesn’t seem to faze him.

“I just want to race,” stated Farbo. “If it needs to be done, I’ll do it. Everything that I couldn’t afford, I learned to do on my own. I couldn’t afford a website so I learned to make my own. The cost of decals was troubling me, so I bought my own machine and learned to make them myself. I don’t have rich parents, but I do have a work ethic and dedication to my goals that no one can beat.”

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Trevor and Farbo Motorsports, please visit www.trevorfarbo.com or contact us at sponsorship@trevorfarbo.com.

Trevor Farbo is aiming at the Pro Cup Rookie of the Year title this season.