Bubba Pollard Wins Again at South Alabama Speedway
We Didn't Even Have to Change The Headline This
Time - He's Done It Again, But This Time It Wasn't As East
By Allison Fulson

Despite stiff competition from Augie Grill, Chase Elliott and Taylor Satterfield, it was Bubba Pollard who once again found his way to victory lane in this weekend's Viper Series Canebrake 100 at South Alabama Speedway (AL).  However, it was not in his usual fashion.

Grill led the race from the pole position until lap 87 when engine troubles ended his night.

"We were running a pretty good pace there when it just let go,” said Grill.  “It looked like we might get a win, but I guess it just wasn't our night.”

It was then that 13-year-old Chase Elliott slid past Grill for the lead, and it was only one lap later that Pollard, after pressuring Elliott for several laps, made his way cleanly around for the lead.  Elliott then lost second to Satterfield.

"I just think I ran my stuff a little bit too hard in the beginning,” said Elliott.  “I know Bubba and Taylor both saved quite a bit there for the end and I just wanted to go. They kind of got me on that restart and that was it, and I lost another position. This is a unique little place, it's definitely got a lot of grip up off and you've really got to strive to get good runs up off the corner.  That's the key.

“We ran good all night chasing down Augie.  Maybe we can get them next time.”

The victory wasn't quite locked up yet for Pollard as Satterfield would run him down, but unfortunately for Satterfield, his night would be a repeat of the previous Viper Series event as he ran out of laps once again to challenge for the win.

"We didn't change a whole lot from the last time here to this time,” said Satterfield.  “We tried a couple of things in practice and it didn't really work, so we went back to what we came with. We went out there in qualifying and just couldn't get the heat in the tires in the qualifying run, so we started seventh and came back up through the field.

“We just wasted a little time getting through traffic right there, but we wanted to pass everybody clean and come home with all the fenders on it, so I'm happy with a second.”

With the victory, Pollard stretched his win streak to four in a row at South Alabama this season.

"The whole race I just felt like they were beating me on motor up off the corner,” explained Pollard.  “I thought we had a good car if we could ever get around them. We got lucky when Augie fell out.  He had a good car. Then, I think all of our cars [Pollard, Elliott and Satterfield] were equal, but at this racetrack it is just hard to be that much faster than everybody else.  We pulled it off and hopefully we can keep this thing going.”

Bubba Pollard stands in victory lane once again at South Alabama. (Allison Fulson Photos)
Chase Elliott (Top) and Taylor Satterfield (Bottom) both came up just a bit short of beating Pollard.