Bubba Pollard Wins Again at South Alabama Speedway
Georgia Late Model Star Scores the Hat Trick in Viper Series
By Allison Fulson
After an extensive rain delay in South Alabama, it looked like the Viper Series Diamondback 100 may remain only a name on the schedule, but lucky for Bubba Pollard, the rain halted just in time for racing action.

In a 12-car field, it was obvious that strategy was going to play into the outcome of the event since the amount of cautions to fly would likely be few, and strategy was indeed the name of the game.

“We just laid back there at the start of the race and saved our stuff. It paid off and we got another win,” Pollard said.

However, it wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds. In the last 20 laps, Pollard was stalked by the number 40 machine, and pole sitter, of Taylor Satterfield.

“Taylor stopped and got a new right rear and he was coming, but we were able to hold him off and keep the car up front,” Pollard said of Satterfield who suffered a flat tire as consequence of an altercation with the lapped car of Clay Alexander.

As Pollard and Satterfield battled in their own zip code, another fierce battle was erupting behind them between David Hodges Jr and Brandon Odom.

A late race restart set the scene for the most exciting wreck of the night as a slow restart by Pollard caused Hodges to check up. When Hodges did so, Odom took the opportunity to duck below him in hopes of gaining the second position and the two collided and hooked nose to window. They finally came to a rest in turns one and two where safety crews had to remove Odom’s 81 machine from the window of Hodges’ 16.

With a disappointing lack of controversy, both drivers agreed, “It was just a racing deal.”

The excitement of the South Alabama Viper Series will continue on June 13th for the Canebrake 100.

Diamondback 100 Finishing Order

1.       Bubba Pollard
2.       Taylor Satterfield
3.       D.J. VanderLey
4.       Phillip Anderson
5.       Danny Bagwell
6.       David Hodges
7.       Clay Alexander
8.       Brandon Odom
9.       Ricky Sanders
10.   Scotty Anderson
11.   Sam Smith
12.   Chase Oliver

DNS Elliott Massey, Ronnie Smith
Bubba Pollard is now three-for-three in Pro Late Models this season at South Alabama. (Allison Fulson Photo)
Taylor Satterfield finished second to Pollard.  (Allison Fulson Photo)
Weather almost washed out the Diamondback 100 at South Alabama. (Allison Fulson Photo)