Sunday, 7:02pm ET - Here are the full results from the Pro Late Model feature.

1 Shane Sawyer
2 Greg Simpson
3 Cale Langford
4 David Ragan
5 John Wes Townley
6 Billy Fulson
7 Kyle Fowler
8 Will Prance
9 Tom Scheutte
10 TW Fisher
11 Blake Ferguson
12 Russell Shore
13 Dalton Grindle
14 Max Gresham
15 Brian Campbell
16 Shawn Simpson
17 Zac Kittle

Also the last two Legends races were run and Austin Hill and Scott "The Rocket" Hensley took home their second victories of the day. That will do it for us from Lanier good night!

Sunday, 6:07pm ET - Shane Sawyer has won the Pro Late Model 100. We're hitting the pits to talk to the drivers and get the scoops. We'll be back soon. More photos coming soon too!

Sunday, 6:05pm ET - Caution comes out with one lap to go after a spin on the backstretch. Shane Sawyer had taken the lead after he was side by side with Greg Simpson and a a lap car blocked the leaders line.  

Sunday, 6:02pm ET - With 15 to go the battle is for the lead with Greg Simpson and Shane Sawyer.

Sunday, 6:00pm ET - As we go Green again we have to give a call to Cale Langford who has worked his way up to third.  Greg Simpson still leads Shane Sawyer.

After a few laps Max Gresham hits pit road with sparks coming from underneath the car. He looks to be done for the night.

Sunday, 5:53pm ET - The restart has changed this race a bunch.  Brian Campbell and Shane Sawyer had rough restarts.  The result has Greg Simpson leading Kyler Fowler, Shane Sawyer, David Ragan and John Wes Townley.  

Right after the miscue both Brian Campbell and Shawn Simpson went to pit road for good.

Yellow comes out on lap 69 as Kyle Fowler goes for a spin after some contact with a lap car.  

Sunday, 5:48pm ET - On the restart Greg Simpson got away to take the lead away from Shane Sawyer.  We ran half a dozen laps before TW Fisher and Dalton Grindle went around in turn one.

Sunday, 5:41pm ET - On the restart Sawyer got away clean, but back in the pack a couple of cars tangled up and Zac Kittle tore up the nose of his car pretty good.  TW Fisher was also involved along with Billy Fulson.  We are Yellow agian at 47. 

Sunday, 5:36pm ET - Yellow again on lap 47 as Russell Shore has spun again. The top five is Shane Sawyer, Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler, David Ragan, and Shawn Simpson.

Sunday, 5:30pm ET - The day is slowly turning to night here as the lights come on for the last 75 laps of this Pro Late Model race. 

After the restart Sawyer and Greg Simpson continue their battle up front.  Back in the pack Max Gresham got into the back of Brian Campbell causing him to spin.  We are Yellow at lap 30.

Max Gresham came to pit road to look at a tire rub that he got with some earlier contact.

The new top five is Sawyer, Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler, Shawn Simpson, and David Ragan.

Sunday, 5:24pm ET - The field gets strung out after the restart, on lap 18 Greg Simpson looked low on Shane Sawyer only to get blocked.  

As the leaders were working lap 22 the 23 of Dalton Grindle spun right in front of the leaders. No one hit and we are Yellow again. 

Sunday, 5:20pm ET - On lap 13 the Yellow is out as Russell Shore has gone around coming off turn four.  The top five is Shane Sawyer, Greg Simpson, Max Gresham, Brian Campbell and Kyle Fowler.

Sunday, 5:17pm ET - Brian Campbell did not have a good start and he fell back to fourth.  Shane Sawyer took the lead and is being pressured heavily by Greg Simpson.

Sunday, 5:15pm ET - After some extra laps to scuff the tires the Green Flag is out and we are underway in the Pro Late Model 100.

Sunday, 5:12pm ET - During the warm up laps both Kyle Fowler and Dalton Grindle spun on the track.  Neither car hit anything and are back rolling as we prepare to go green.

Sunday, 5:05pm ET - Paul Antley won the truck race by half a car length over Jeremy Parris.

They have moved the Pro Late Model feature up and it will be next. We have noticed that Lee Langford has loaded up and is not in line for the Pro Late Model race.

The re-draw for the Pro Late Model race puts Brian Campbell on the pole.  Shane Sawyer will be on the outside . Row two will be Kyle Fowler and Greg SimpsonShawn Simpson will start fifth with Max Gresham sixth.

Sunday, 4:50pm ET - Chris Hollbrook won the 20 lap Modified feature.  The Trucks are up next.

Sunday, 4:45pm ET - David Murphy won a closely contested race over Randy Gilbert in the Outlaw Sportsman feature.

Sunday, 4:30pm ET - We have to give a call to Brian Campbell for coming here all the way from Michigan.  The reason being is they are prepairing for Speedfest which will be held here in two weeks.  That event will consit of a 200 lap Super Late Model race as well as a 100 lap race fro Pro Late Models.  Campbell had never been to Lanier prior to this weekend. Can the winner of the 2008 ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour portion of the All American 400 add another win to his resume?

Sunday, 4:24pm ET - We have few more events before the Pro Late Model race.  Here are the results from yesterdays qualifying.

1  01 Shawn Simpson
2  10 Greg Simpson
3   4  Kyle Fowler
4   38 Shane Sawyer
5   20 Brian Campbell
6   7-11 Max Gresham
7   6 David Ragan
8  09 John Wes Townley
9  28 Lee Langford
10 9 Will Prance
11 118 Zac Kittle
12 28 Tom Schuette
13 52 Russell Shore
14 61 TW Fisher
15 18 Billy Fulson
16 22 Cale Langford
17 07 Blake Ferguson

Sunday, 3:58pm ET - Shawn Campbell won the Street Stock feature that was moved up in the rundown from earlier.

Sunday, 3:50pm ET - Here ar the results from the Pro Challenge Feature.

1 Kyle Benjamin
2. Bubba Harry
3. Kyle Plot
4. Brandon Williamson
5. Brady Boswell
6. Shane Roberts
7. Meghan Dillner

Sunday, 3:29pm ET - Kyle Benjamin has won the Pro Challenge race.

Sunday, 3:26pm ET - After 8 laps we are under yellow as Meghan Dillner spun coming off turn two.  She had gone pit side. As we went back green Kyle Benjamin has pulled out to a comfortable lead.

Sunday, 3:20pm ET - After a few false starts the Pro Challenge feature is finally underway.  Kyle Benjamin leads the opening lap.  Brandon Williamson spun on the backstretch, but he's gotten it going again.

Sunday, 3:15pm ET - Jake Armstrong, Kayson Plott, and Will Martin were winners in the Bandolero race as the Outlaws, Young Guns and Bandits run together.

Here is the line up for the Pro Challenge race:

1 4 Kyle Plott
2 71 Kyle Benjamin
3 20 Brandon Williamson
4 51 Meghan Dillner
5 2  Brad Boswell
6 34 Shane Roberts
7 13 Harry Bubba

Sunday, 2:54pm ET - Jeff Haynie won the Master Legends race while Austin Hill won the Pro race with a great last lap pass on Justin Swilling.

Sunday, 2:20pm ET - Scott "The Rocket" Hensley won the Semi-Pro Legends race.

Sunday, 2:00pm ET - Cars are rolling and feature events are underway here at Lanier.  We will tell you who wins the support division races.

Sunday, 1:45pm ET - We have seen several Pro Late Model drivers walking around in the pits this weekend.  Michael Pope is here working on Meghan Dillner's Pro Challenge cars.  Pope will be running races for BDI racing in their Super Late Model latter this season.

Also walking around we saw Taylor Satterfield who is here helping Russell Shore in his Late Model.  Chris Dilbeck is on hand this weekend, the Georgia Late Model regular is here working with David Ragan.  We were told he will be making some starts later this season.

We told you that 2008 Track Champion Shane Simpson is on the pole for the Late Model race.  However Super Six Series Champion Paul Kelley is running a truck today.   

Sunday, 1:45pm ET - As we approach the 2pm hour we are ready to roll the first two feature events which are make up events from yesterday.  The Semi-Pro Legends cars will be first followed by the Pro and Masters feature.

Sunday, 1:30pm ET - Today's action is a combination of fund raising and racing.  The Shriner Clowns are here to help raise money for the Shriners Hospitals.  David Ragan addressed the teams and drivers and said he was going to donate 100% of his winnings for the Shriners Hospitals.  He also asked the drivers to donate part of their winnings as well. 

Sunday, 12:35pm ET - We are heading down to the track for the drivers meeting. We will be back in time for the feature events which start at 2pm.  

Sunday, 12:30pm ET - The Pro Challenge heat was pretty wild with some great three-wide action (see photo).  in the end Kyle Plott in a yellow car with no number won with Kyle Benjamin finishing second.

Sunday, 12:17pm ET - The headlining card today is the Pro Late Model feature.  Yesterday we counted 18 Late Models in the pit area.  Here is a the top 10 from qualifying.

1  01 Shawn Simpson
2  10 Greg Simpson
3   4  Kyle Fowler
4  38 Shane Sawyer
5  20 Brian Campbell
6  7-11 Max Gresham
7  6 David Ragan
8  09 John Wes Townley
9  28 Lee Langford
10 9 Will Prance

Greg Simpson couldn't outrun his nephew Shawn Simpson in qualifying.  He hoped to have better luck during the race.  Sprint Cup Series driver David Ragan will start seventh.  With no pre-season testing at Daytona this will be the first time he has been in a car in 2009. 

Other drivers that took time in qualifying include Will Hannah, Zac Kittle, Rodney Benfield, Billy Fulson, Cale Langford, Russell Shore, and Blake Ferguson. One car the 23 of Dalton Grindle was not on the track at all yesterday. 

Sunday, 12:00pm ET - Good afternoon from Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia.  Today we have a full card of racing for the 2nd Annual Ice Cold Shriners Bowl.  The track was busy with action yesterday as practice and qualifying took place.

The Georgia Winter Series for Legends and Bandoleros were running feature events late in the afternoon on Saturday when the rains ended all on track activities.  There events will kick off today's busy schedule.


Features Start at 2pm

Saturday Features
1. Semi Pro Legends 20 Laps
2. Pro / Masters Legends 20 Laps

Sunday Features
3. Bandoleros 20 Laps 
4. Pro Challenge 20 Laps
5. Mini Stocks 20 Laps
6. Outlaw Sportsman 20 Laps
7. Modifieds 25 Laps
8. Trucks 25 Laps
9. Legends Semi Pro 20 Laps
10. Legends Pro / Masters 20 Laps
11. Pro Late Model 100 Laps
12. Street Stocks 20 Laps

Ice Cold Shriner Bowl
Lanier National Speedway
Braselton, Georgia

Sunday, Jan. 11th, 2009
Trackside Now: Ice Cold Shriners Bowl at Lanier Nat'l Speedway
10 Divisions of Race on Hand Today in Braselton, Georgia
Shawn Simpson will roll fro the pole in today's 100 lap Pro Late Model feature. (51 Sports photo)
2008 Lanier Legends Semi Pro Champion Austin Hill is one of the many Legends drivers here today. (51 Sports photo)
David Ragan will be in a Late Model for the first time in 2009 this weekend.  (51 Sports photo)
The Pro Challenge heat had some great three-wide racing. (51 Sports photo)
Speed 51's Matt Dillner help the Shriners out by dressing up s a clown.  Just kidding, but he did make a donation. (51 Sports photo)
With the cold weather some items are in "Hot" demand at the concession stand. (51 Sports photo)
David Ragan told all the drivers he was donating all of his winnings this weekend. (51 Sports photo)
Mason Massey took a wild ride in this Legends wreck.  He was ok. (51 Sports photo)
Kyle Benjamin won his first ever Pro Challenge race. (51 Sports photo)
Taylor Satterfield working on the 52 of Russell Shore. (51 Sports photo)
Paul Kelley rode a truck to a third place finish. (51 Sports photo)
Yesterday the 36 of Rodney Benfeld made contact with the wall ending his weekend early. (51 Sports photo)
Max Gresham and Brian Cambell traded some paint during the early stages of the race.. (51 Sports photo)
The Start of the Ice Cold Shriners Bowl Pro Late Model 100. (51 Sports photo)
Kyle Fowler spun in traffic while running third. (51 Sports photo)
Shane Sawyer in victory lane. (51 Sports photo)
Simpson and Sawyer put on a show during the 100-lap Pro Late Model feature. (51 Sports photo)
The action during the Legends races was ferocious (51 Sports photo)
The Pro Challenge cars take the green. (51 Sports photo)