Trackside Now: PASS South "Capital City Clash"
Super Late Model Racing in the Heart of North Carolina
May 8th, 2009 - Wake CountySpeedway - Raleigh, North Carolina
Friday - 11:50pm ET - (listen live) - What a wild night here at Wake County Speedway. After 13 cautions, five lead changes and a lot of broken bumpers, the Capital City Clash is in the books.  Jay Fogleman has won his second-career PASS South event. 

While the victory lane ceremonies were taking place, some finger pointing and name calling occured in the pits. No one was arrested, but we'll have the down and dirty full report on next week.

That's all from Wake County tonight, goodnight!

Unofficial Results of the PASS South Capital City Clash
14SJay Fogleman150
24NBen Rowe150
398Justin Wakefield150
426Preston Peltier150
591Heath Hindman150
634David Clark150
710Ryan Blaney147
848John  Batten134
915HJoe Heigl131
1062Mark Gibson128
118Cassius  Clark117
1230Rick Frenette81
1367Jeff Fultz74
1493Tayla Orleans63
1578Bill Pearce55
1647Trey Mitchell48
1735Devin  Jones47
182Tim Nooner46
195Spencer Wauters46
2051Michael Pope42
215Alex Fleming42
2215Clay Jones28
230Jordon Napier21
24K7Jim Kelley20
2518Bradley McCaskill1

Friday - 10:38pm ET - (listen live) - There are some fireworks in the pit area between the crews of Heath Hindman and Preston Peltier.  Police have been called to where they are at.

We are heading trackside.  We will be back before the end of the night with more.

Friday - 10:37pm ET - (listen live) - Jay Fogleman has won the Capital City Clash.  Ben Rowe finished second with Justin Wakefield third, Preston Peltier fourth and Heath Hindman fifth.

Friday - 10:36pm ET - (listen live) - Jay Fogleman held the lead on the restart  It is his race to lose.

Friday - 10:34pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 10:32pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 144 : We could see it coming.  Preston Peltier was all over the back of Justin Wakefield for a few laps.  Going into turn one, he hit the back of Wakefield, sending him for a ride in turn one.  He didn't hit the wall though.  Preston Peltier was sent to the rear for the incident.

Jay Fogleman, Ben Rowe, David Clark, Justin Wakefield, Preston Peltier

Friday - 10:31pm ET - (listen live) - Jay Fogleman held serve on the restart, with nine cars currently on the track.  Ben Rowe is second, followed by Justin Wakefield, Preston Peltier and Heath Hindman.  There are 136 laps on the board.

Ryan Blaney did make it back out on the track, but he is slow and is dragging something on the right front.

Friday - 10:29pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 10:27pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 131 : As Justin Wakefield went to the outside and was getting passed for position by Ben Rowe, Ryan Blaney tried to get in the spot in turn three before Wakefield could turn down.  When Wakefield and Blaney made contact, which appeared to cut down the right front tire on Blaney's car.  He about hit the wall going into turn one, bringing out the yellow.

Top four: Jay Fogleman, Ben Rowe, Justin Wakefield, Heath Hindman

Blaney has hit pit road a few times, once to change the tire, and now it looks like they are looking for something bent on his car.

Friday - 10:24pm ET - (listen live) - Justin Wakefield's car sounds like it is backfiring and having issues.  He has slowed just a tad, allowing Jay Fogleman to get the lead back.  Wakefield still rides in second though.

There are 25 laps left.

Friday - 10:23pm ET - (listen live) - Justin Wakefield still holds the lead after a bit of green flag racing.  Jay Fogleman still sits second with Ben Rowe, Ryan Blaney and Heath Hindman filling out the rest of the top five.  There are 30 laps remaining.

Friday - 10:18pm ET - (listen live) - Justin Wakefield hung it out on the outside, taking the lead after a side by side battle for the top spot with Jay Fogleman, just after the restart.  Ben Rowe rides in third with Ryan Blaney fourth.

Friday - 10:17pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 10:16pm ET - (listen live) - The problem now is time.  Wake County Speedway has an 11:00pm curfew, which is county mandated.  There are still over 50 laps left and just 45 minutes left to get that in as well as two local division races (Limited Late Models and U-Cars).

Jay Fogleman leads Justin Wakefield, Ben Rowe, Ryan Blaney and Heath Hindman

Friday - 10:14pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 96 : Preston Peltier went for a spin in turn one after contact with Heath Hindman.

Friday - 10:12pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 10:07pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 94 : On the restart, Joe Heigl hit the back of John Batten going into turn one, sending Batten's car around.  He backed it into the wall pretty hard.

During the yellow, Cassius Clark made a pitstop and it appeared they made a tire pressure change.  Jeff Fultz did lean into the window to talk to Clark.  We are not sure why.  They do work together as Clark works out of Fultz's shop.

Top five: Jay Fogleman, Justin Wakefield, Ben Rowe, Preston Peltier, Heath Hindman

Friday - 10:03pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 10:02pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 93 : Rick Frenette spun on the front stretch before going into turn one.

Top five: Jay Fogleman, Justin Wakefield, Ben Rowe, Preston Peltier, Heath Hindman

There are 13 cars on the track.

Friday - 10:01pm ET - (listen live) - Jay Fogleman still has the lead, but Justin Wakefield has been diving low on him every lap.  Ben Rowe is third with Preston Peltier fourth and Heath Hindman fifth.  There are 90 laps complete.

Friday - 9:58pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:56pm ET - (listen live) - Jeff Fultz wasn't too happy with Ryan Blaney.  He drove his car towards the pits, but couldn't make it all the way in, stopping in turn four.  A few observers said he gave some sort of hand gesture to Blaney as he went by, then Fultz exited his car and walked to Blaney's pits to discuss the issue with his team.  He has since walked away.

Blaney was put to the rear of the field by the PASS officials.

Jay Fogleman leads Justin Wakefield.

Friday - 9:54pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 75 : Ryan Blaney appeared to get loose in turn two with Jeff Fultz on his outside.  They made contact, sending Fultz into the turn two wall hard.

Friday - 9:52pm ET - (listen live) - Jay Fogleman still leads, but there is a huge fight for positions in the top six.

Friday - 9:49pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:48pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 63 : Joe Heigl spun in turn two, bringing out the yellow.  Up front, there was a scramble when they came up on Heigl's car as the yellow was just coming out.  Jay Fogleman was passed, but they gave him the lead back due to the spun car of Heigl being on the track and the yellow being displayed.

Friday - 9:46pm ET - (listen live) - Jay Fogleman held the top spot on the restart with Justin Wakefield running a close second.  Jeff Fultz is third, but the storm might behind him.  Preston Peltier runs fourth with Ryan Blaney in fifth.  Those two had issues back at Orange County a race ago and it appears they aren't done having issues after the earlier incident.  Blaney has looked a few times low on Peltier, but hasn't moved him.

Friday - 9:43pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:37pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 48 : Just after the restart, John Batten bounced off the backstretch wall, causing a pileup as they tried to squeeze by him.  Involved were Cassius Clark (who is being put on the hook), Joe Heigl, Bill Pierce, Tayla Orleans and Trey Mitchell.

Top five are: Jay Fogleman, Justin Wakefield, Jeff Fultz, Ryan Blaney, Preston Peltier

Friday - 9:36pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:35pm ET - (listen live) - The restart appears that it will be Justin Wakefield, Jay Fogleman, Ryan Blaney, Jeff Fultz, Heath Hindman.  Preston Peltier is sixth and Ben Rowe is ninth.

Devin Jones stopped on the track during this yellow and needed a push to the pits.  None of the leaders or those involved in the wreck pitted, which is interesting considering the visual damage we can see to some of the cars.

Friday - 9:32pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 47 : It appeared that Preston Peltier missed a shift or spun the tires, giving the lead to Ryan Blaney going into turn one on the restart.  Going into turn three, Peltier appeared to divebomb Ryan Blaney hardcore, getting up on the side of Blaney's car, stacking up the field, causing some damage to a few cars, including Ben Rowe.

Friday - 9:29pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:24pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 46 : Trey Mitchell got in the back of Heath Hindman, turning his car.  The rest of the field stacked up and stopped trying to avoid them.

Preston Peltier held serve up front.  Ryan Blaney runs second, Justin Wakefield third, Ben Rowe fourth and Jeff Fultz fifth.

Friday - 9:23pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:21pm ET - (listen live) - Michael Pope pulled into the pits after losing second to Ryan Blaney on the track right before the yellow.  They took the hood off and now Pope is out of the car, so it looks like his day is done.

Current top five: Preston Peltier, Ryan Blaney, Justin Wakefield, Ben Rowe, Jeff Fultz

Friday - 9:19pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 42 : Devin Jones spun in turn two on his own.

Friday - 9:18pm ET - (listen live) - The hood on Clay Jones' car flipped up and was blocking his windshield completely.  He drove around the track nearly two laps at speed with it like that before coming in the pits.  He went back out, but is now back in the pits.

Peltier still leads Michael Pope with Ryan Blaney third. Devin Jones is fourth as Joe Heigl has dropped back in the top 10.

Friday - 9:16pm ET - (listen live) - Preston Peltier retained the top spot, but on the restart he appeared to drive Michael Pope up the hill going into turn one.  Randy Smith, the PASS flagman, pointed at Peltier as he went by, so he might have just got a warning from the officials for that.

Friday - 9:14pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:10pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 21 : Alex Fleming got under Mark Gibson going into turn three, hopped over the rear of his car and stacked up the field as Gibson spun around. 

Also involved was Spencer Wauters, David Clark, John Batten, Cassius Clark, Rick Frenette and Jim Kelley. Most appear to have minor damage. Cassius Clark did lose a fender and pit road is quite active.

Preston Peltier still leads with Michael Pope second, who got that spot on the prior restart.  Devin Jones is third and Joe Heigl runs fourth.

Friday - 9:08pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG

Friday - 9:06pm ET - (listen live) - YELLOW FLAG LAP 17 : Rick Frenette got in the back of Bill Pearce in turn two, spinning him around. 

Top five: Preston Peltier, Joe Heigl, Michael Pope, Devin Jones, Ben Rowe

Friday - 9:03pm ET - (listen live) - Preston Peltier got the early jump and leads with five laps in the books.  Joe Heigl rides in second with Michael Pope in third.

Bradley McCaskill has headed to pit road as planned in the backup car.

Friday - 9:02pm ET - (listen live) - GREEN FLAG - Joe Heigl and Preston Peltier leads the field to the start of the race.

Friday - 8:58pm ET - (listen live) - The engines have been fired and the cars are circulating around the track, getting ready for the green.

Friday - 8:56pm ET - (listen live) - The drivers are being introduced to the fans.

Just a reminder on the PASS South Series.  The start and every restart is double file with all lead lap cars up front and the lapped cars behind (the first lapped car at a caution will get the "lucky dog" and will get a lap back).  Also, the flagman starts every restart, not the leader.  If a driver jumps the restart, it is a $500 fine.

Friday - 8:51pm ET - (listen live) - Joe Heigl will start on the point after the redraw.  Here is the starting lineup. 

115HJoe Heigl
226Preston Peltier
335Devin  Jones
451Michael Pope
598Justin Wakefield
64NBen Rowe
715Clay Jones
8OOJordon Napier
910Ryan Blaney
108Cassius  Clark
1167Jeff Fultz
1234David Clark
1347mTrey Mitchell
142Tim Nooner
1562Mark Gibson
165Spencer Wauters
1748John  Batten
185Alex Fleming
194SJay Fogleman
2091Heath Hindman
21K7Jim Kelley
2218Bradley McCaskill
2393Tayla Orleans
2478Bill Pearce
2530Rick Frenette

Friday - 8:35pm ET - (listen live) - Grant Davidson has won the PASS Trucks feature, his third win in a row.  Davidson was the points leader heading into tonight's race, so he will extend his points lead even further.

He was followed by Clint King and Ben Ebling.

Next up is the Capital City Clash Super Late Model race.

Friday - 8:32pm ET - (listen live) - 10 laps remain in the PASS Trucks feature.  Grant Davidson has been on cruise control up front while Clint King has moved into second, putting Ben Ebeling to third.

Friday - 8:28pm ET - (listen live) - 15 laps are on the board in the 50-lap PASS Truck event, and so far it has been a runaway by Grant DavidsonBen Ebeling runs second, followed by Clint King.

Friday - 8:21pm ET - (listen live) - The National Anthem has been sung and the engines have been fired for the PASS Truck feature.  Make sure to click the listen live link to listen to the call of the Truck Series race.  We will have updates here as well during the event, prior to the flag to flag coverage of the PASS South Super Late Model Capital City Clash.

Friday - 8:00pm ET - (listen live) - PASS South competitor Duane Linville is not here racing.  In fact, Linville isn't able to do much of anything at the moment.   As seen on's Trackside Now from Orange County Speedway (NC) a few weeks ago (here), Linville took a hard hit into the turn one wall.  He was able to get out ok, but we have since found out he was injured.

According to PASS officials, Linville suffered a broken shoulder and four ribs.  Not only can he not race, he is not able to work.  Here tonight, instead of a meet and greet with the drivers on the track, the PASS South Super Late Model racers have made their way into the grandstands with their helmets, collecting donations to give to Linville during his recovery time. wishes Linville a speedy recovery.

Friday - 7:50pm ET - (listen live) - An interesting photo of Justin Wakefield from today's action has been uploaded to the Facebook page exclusively.  Head on over to the facebook fan page to view the photo by clicking here.

Friday - 7:40pm ET - (listen live) - We are hearing that Alex Haase, last year's winner of the Capital City Clash, is on his way to the track to watch tonight's event.

Friday - 7:33pm ET - (listen live) - Ben Rowe has set fast time in PASS South Super Late Model qualifying.  The top 10 will redraw for starting position later in the evening.

Super Late Models: Qualifying Results
PosNo.NameBest Tm
14NBen Rowe12.914
298Justin Wakefield12.935
326Preston Peltier12.944
415Clay Jones12.954
535Devin  Jones12.974
60Jordon Napier12.989
715HJoe Heigl12.994
88Cassius  Clark13.033
951Michael Pope13.064
1010Ryan Blaney13.102
1167Jeff Fultz13.109
1234David Clark13.113
1347mTrey Mitchell13.13
142Tim Nooner13.137
1562Mark Gibson13.144
165Spencer Wauters13.147
1748John  Batten13.158
185Alex Fleming13.207
194SJay Fogleman13.217
2091Heath Hindman13.224
21K7Jim Kelley13.227
2218Bradley McCaskill13.25
2393Tayla Orleans13.33
2478Bill Pearce13.387
2530Rick Frenette13.575

(note: we had the wrong times up momentarily ... they have been corrected)

Bradley McCaskill will start at the rear of the field.

Friday - 7:25pm ET - (listen live) - Truck qualifying results.

PosNo.NameBest Tm
17Clint King13.48
20Grant Davidson13.566
398Jody Measamer13.631
444Ben Ebeling13.636
568Michael  Cooper13.639
615Joe Heigl13.716
74Adam Resnick14.312
87Justin Crinder14.375

Friday - 7:13pm ET - (listen live) - Clint King has set fast time in the PASS Trucks.  Next up is the Super Late Model qualifying.

Friday - 7:08pm ET - (listen live) - The PASS Trucks have just started their qualifying session.  Next up is the PASS South Super Late Models.

Friday - 7:00pm ET - (listen live) - Tune in to now for audio live coverage of tonight's events here at Wake County Speedway.  "Kickin' Asphalt" will start the radio coverage of the event, then it will go right into the exclusive PASS radio coverage. We will still be covering the action here on Trackside Now, giving you fans two ways to follow the action here tonight if you cannot make it to the track.

Friday - 6:30pm ET - Qualifying is just about 30 minutes away.  We are going to go chat with some drivers and be back shortly.

Friday - 5:48pm ET - Ben Rowe was the fastest in the final Super Late Model practice.

Super Late Models: Third Practice Results
PosNo.NameBest Tm
14NBen Rowe13.047
298Justin Wakefield13.103
362Mark Gibson13.118
40Jordon Napier13.125
591Heath Hindman13.139
65Alex Fleming13.187
715HJoe Heigl13.22
835Devin  Jones13.279
915Clay Jones13.292
108Cassius  Clark13.3
112Tim Nooner13.323
124SJay Fogleman13.335
135Spencer Wauters13.353
1493Tayla Orleans13.366
1548John  Batten13.39
1651Michael Pope13.415
1767Jeff Fultz13.456
1830Rick Frenette13.715
1934David Clark13.722

Friday - 5:45pm ET - The final Super Late Model practice is in the books.  We will have results shortly.

Friday - 5:40pm ET - This is a first for

Patricia Pahle, a long time fan of, posted on our new facebook page about coming to this race.  Well, she made her way up to where we are stationed here in the tower and brought us a red rose from her own back yard, just to say thanks for coming to this event and supporting short track racing.

Thank you Patricia!

Friday - 5:35pm ET - Corey Latham from just made his way up to the booth and gave us a bit of info.  Apparently Bradley McCaskill broke a rocker arm on his car.  He will start and park Jay Fogleman's backup car for points tonight.

Friday - 5:25pm ET - The final Super Late Model practice is on track.

Friday - 5:10pm ET - PASS North points leader Cassius Clark and PASS South points leader Ben Rowe are both here with different cars than they race up north.  Rowe is using the car he won at Hickory while Clark is using his own stuff from back home, which is the same car he used at both Hickory and Orange County.  Both drivers will be at Unity Raceway (ME) next week for the next PASS North event.

As an interesting sidebar, our own Elgin "Stat Boy" Trayler found out that on this day in 1886, Pharmacist John Styth Pemberton invented a carbonated beverage, which was later named Coca-Cola.  Last week in the NASCAR Cup Series, Kyle Busch won on his birthday.  Can Clark win today on his sponsor's birthday?

Friday - 5:05pm ET - The local Limited Late Models are on track for practice.

Friday - 4:45pm ET - Jim Kelley is another local racer here at Wake County Speedway today.  He is a five-time track champion and "was" won of the favorites here last week, but we are hearing that he roughed his way to a win last week, so that might not be the case now.

Friday - 4:42pm ET - The 25th Super Late Model has made his way to the track.  David Clark, another local racer here at WCS, just drove his #34 SLM down to the pit area and will compete tonight in the big dance.

Friday - 4:40pm ET - The Truck practice has concluded.  Justin Crider spun his truck in turn two at the end of practice and almost got hit by Clint King, but both were able to get righted.

Friday - 4:35pm ET - The Trucks are back on the track.

Friday - 4:30pm ET - The second practice for the Super Late Models is in the books.  Once again it was Devin Jones leading the way.

Super Late Models: Second Practice Results
PosNo.NameBest Tm
135Devin  Jones13.001
247mTrey Mitchell13.173
34NBen Rowe13.187
498Justin Wakefield13.245
591Heath Hindman13.285
6K7Jim Kelley13.288
710Ryan Blaney13.306
851Michael Pope13.346
95Spencer Wauters13.357
1093Tayla Orleans13.365
112Tim Nooner13.371
124SJay Fogleman13.391
1362Mark Gibson13.397
1418Bradley McCaskill13.399
158Cassius  Clark13.419
1667Jeff Fultz13.489
170Jordon Napier13.57
1830Rick Frenette13.644
1915Clay Jones13.679
2015HJoe Heigl13.928

Friday - 4:05pm ET - The PASS Trucks first practice has concluded.  We will not have times on them, but it appears there are about nine trucks.  During the session, Clint King spun his #07 truck in turn two.  Justin Crider nosed his #7 truck lightly into the door of King's truck.  They were both able to continue.

The Super Late Models are back on the track for their second practice.

Friday - 4:00pm ET - We are hearing that Alex Fleming broke something in the rear end of his car.  They are working on fixing it.

Friday - 3:55pm ET - Devin Jones turned the fastest lap during the first round of practice for the Super Late Models.

Super Late Models: First Practice Results
PosNo.NameBest Tm
135Devin  Jones13.122
291Heath Hindman13.132
393Tayla Orleans13.25
426Preston Peltier13.253
567Jeff Fultz13.308
651Michael Pope13.309
747mTrey Mitchell13.318
84NBen Rowe13.341
9K7Jim Kelley13.356
1010Ryan Blaney13.391
118Cassius  Clark13.401
1262Mark Gibson13.437
1315Clay Jones13.442
1498Justin Wakefield13.459
152Tim Nooner13.466
165Spencer Wauters13.511
1778William Pearce13.534
1848John  Batten13.581
190Jordon Napier13.634
2018Bradley McCaskill13.694
2130Rick Frenette13.788
2215HJoe Heigl13.897
235Alex Fleming14.058

*note: Jay Fogleman did practice, but his transponder didn't pick up.

Friday - 3:44pm ET - The first practice for the Super Late Models has ended.  Next up is the practice for the PASS Trucks.

Friday - 3:33pm ET - Hat trick.  Spencer Wauters just looped his #5 machine in turn two as well, making three spinners in the same corner during this practice session.

Friday - 3:15pm ET - Turn two got another looper.  The #30 of Rick Frenette went for a spin, but righted it and kept going.  A few laps later, he just about hit the wall over in the same spot, so he might be having some handling issues.

Friday - 3:05pm ET - Tim Nooner was the first driver to go for a loop on the track.  He ended up backwards in turn two.  He was able to get his car spun back around and headed into the pits.  It didn't look like he hit anything.

Friday - 2:59pm ET - The PASS South Super Late Models are on the track, getting ready to take the green flag for their first practice session.   There are over 16 cars on the track right now during this session, so it could get dicey.

Friday - 2:40pm ET - A few late arrivals to the pit area include the #4 of Jay Fogleman, and the #48 of John Batten.  Also, the #15 of Joe Heigl and #30 of Rick Frenette are here, making 24 Super Late Models here at this tight bullring track.  That is twice the field that was here last year for this event.

Friday - 2:20pm ET - A couple track facts:

Wake County Speedway is in it's 47th consecutive year of operation.

The track has an 11:00pm curfew, enforced by the county.

Friday - 2:18pm ET - As the cars and stars of the PASS South Super Late Model Series rolled into Wake County Speedway, we tried to get a count of cars and who is here.  We might be missing some, but here is what we have at the moment:

135Devin Jones
291Heath Hindman
351Michael Pope
418Bradley McCaskill
5O5Alex Fleming
6K7Jim Kelley
747Trey Mitchell
878Bill Pearce
915Clay Jones
104NBen Rowe
1198Justin Wakefield
1267Jeff Fultz
1310Ryan Blaney
1462Mark Gibson
1588David Pollen Jr.
168Cassius Clark
17O2Tim Nooner
1826Preston Peltier
195Spencer Wauters
2093Tayla Orleans

Friday - 2:15pm ET - The weather looks good for tonight's race, according to the latest radar images and forcast.  It is currently in the low 80s with a chance for some scattered thunderstorms, but right now it is dry.  There is a system that looks like it will hit the track around the first practice time, but it has been breaking up a bit over the last two hours, so hopefully it will miss us completely.

Friday - 2:10pm ET - While you read along here and listen during the race on Race Talk Radio, you can discuss the events at WCS in the Short Track Discussion Forum at Motorsports Lounge by clicking here.

Also, for you users, just launched the new official Facebook fan page.  Make sure to become a fan of the page to keep more in tune with what is happening on Speed 51, including exclusive material you will not see here on the site. 

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Friday - 2:05pm ET - Besides the Trackside Now coverage of the Capital City Clash, PASS will broadcast live audio from the track on, starting at approximately 7:00pm Eastern.  The Trackside Now coverage will continue throughout the race, so you can listen online and read about the happenings at the track.

Friday - 2:00pm ET - Welcome to Wake County Speedway in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the "Capital City Clash" PASS South Super Late Model event.  There are multiple divisions on the racing card today.  Here is the schedule, as provided by the track:

1:00pm               Pit Gates Open
3:00 – 3:45         PASS Super Late
3:45 – 4:00         PASS Trucks
4:00 – 4:20        PASS Super Late
4:20 – 4:30        PASS Trucks
4:30 – 5:00       Break
5:00 – 5:15       Limited Late Models
5:15 – 5:30       U Cars
5:30 – 5:45       PASS Super Late
5:45 – 5:55       PASS Trucks
5:55 – 6:05       Limited Late Models
6:05 – 6:15       U Cars
6:20                   PASS Drivers Meeting @ Scale Area

7:00                   PASS Truck Time Trials
                         PASS Super Late Models Time Trials
                         Heat Races To Follow
                        Limited Late Models   7 Laps
                        U Cars                        7 Laps

8:00 – 8:15       Feature Events to Begin

                        PASS Truck Feature       Laps TBA
                        PASS Super Late Models    150 Laps
                        Limited Late Models              30 Laps
                        U Cars                                   25 Laps    

Devin Jones' team unloading his car.  (51 Sports Photo)
Justin Wakefield's team is getting ready to take his car to the infield. (51 Sports Photo)
Alex Fleming is getting his tires ready.  (51 Sports photo)
Hot Dog!  Devin Jones was the fastest Super Late Model during the first practice session.  (51 Sports photo)
Jeff Fultz is sporting a new uniform here at Wake County. (51 Sports photo)
Cassius Clark. (51 Sports photo)
Michael Pope during practice. (51 Sports photo)
Big Jim Kelley in his #K7 machine. (51 Sports photo)
Ryan Blaney is here trying to keep his streak going of solid finishes. (51 Sports photo)
Patricia Pahle, a big fan of, brought us a red rose to say "thanks" for being here.  (51 Sports photo)
Ben Rowe set fast time in the PASS South Super Late Model feature.  (51 Sports photo)
Jay Folegman was the winner here tonight at Wake County. (51 Sports photo)