Trackside Now: PASS South "Orange Blossom Special"
A Beautiful Day For Super Late Model Racing in North Carolina
April 25th, 2009 - Orange County Speedway - Rougemont, North Carolina
Saturday - 11:20pm ET - That is it for us here at Orange County Speedway.  Stay tuned to next week for the stories from the PASS South event here tonight.

Saturday - 11:15pm ET - After 150 laps of action, Preston Peltier was able to celebrate in victory lane as the winner of the Orange Blossom Special.  Peltier was driving the #26 that is usually driven by Brandon Johnson, who is in the military and was called overseas during the off-season to serve the country.

Unofficial Finish: PASS South Orange Blossom Special
1) Preston Peltier
2) Ben Rowe
3) Ryan Blaney
4) Jeff Fultz
5) Heath Hindman
6) Michael Pope
7) Jay Fogleman
8) Justin Wakefield
9) Hal Goodson
10) Trey Mitchell
11) Devin Jones
12) Mark Gibson
13) Clay Jones
14) James Edwards
15) Duane Linville
16) Bradley McCaskill
17) Bryce Walker
18) Johanna Long
19) John Batten
20) Alex Fleming
21) Tayla Orleans
22) Cassius Clark

Saturday - 10:18pm ET - Preston Peltier has won the Orange Blossom Special.  We will have more soon after a visit to the pits.

Saturday - 10:16pm ET - Preston Peltier fended off Ben Rowe once again on the restart.  There is a mad scramble behind for third on back.

Saturday - 10:15pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 10:12pm ET - CAUTION: Clay Jones has stopped on the track in turn three after cutting down a tire going into turn one.  He has lost a lap on the track, and for stopping on the track to bring out the yellow, PASS officials will penalize him one more lap.

1) Preston Peltier 2) Ben Rowe 3) Ryan Blaney 4) Jeff Fultz 5) Heath Hindman 6) Michael Pope 7) James Edwards 8) Trey Mitchell

Saturday - 10:11pm ET - Ryan Blaney worked hard for multiple laps and finally was able to wrestle third away from Clay Jones.

There are 25 laps remaining in the Orange Blossom Special.

1) Preston Peltier 2) Ben Rowe 3) Ryan Blaney 4) Clay Jones 5) Jeff Fultz

Saturday - 10:08pm ET - Ben Rowe did a great job for two laps hanging it out on the outside, trying to take the lead from Preston Peltier, but just couldn't get it done, falling back to second.  Behind the two leaders, the field is banging off each other for position.  Currently Clay Jones holds third with Ryan Blaney fourth and Jeff Fultz fifth.

We are at lap 120 of 150.

Saturday - 10:04pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 10:00pm ET - CAUTION LAP 109: Mark Gibson was stopped the wrong way at pit entrance, bringing out the yellow.  Earlier it appeared he might be having transmission issues, so something might have locked up with that or the rear end of his car.

1) Preston Peltier 2) Ben Rowe 3) Clay Jones 4) Ryan Blaney 5) Trey Mitchell 6) Michael Pope 7) Jeff Fultz 8) Heath Hindman 9) James Edwards 10) Hal Goodson

Saturday - 9:59pm ET - Ben Rowe tried hard to take the lead on the high side from Preston Peltier, but got squeezed on the backstretch and had to back out before going into turn three, giving the lead to Peltier.

Saturday - 9:58pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 9:55pm ET - We are still under yellow here at OCS.  Linville's car dumped fluids in turns one and two, so the track crew is cleaning up the mess.

Saturday - 9:48pm ET - CAUTION LAP 105: Duane Linville appeared to have the throttle hang as he slammed hard into the turn one wall.  His car came to rest over in turn two.  He was able to get out ok.

During this caution, Jeff Fultz, Justin Wakefield, Michael Pope and Devin Jones all hit pit road.

1) Preston Peltier 2) Ben Rowe 3) Ryan Blaney 4) Clay Jones 5) Heath Hindman

Saturday - 9:43pm ET - Preston Peltier continues the run up front in the #26.  Ryan Blaney tried for the lead on the restart, but he couldn’t clear Peltier. Ben Rowe has since moved around Blaney for second.  Heath Hindman runs fourth with Clay Jones running a steady fifth.

93 laps are complete.

Saturday - 9:39pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 9:37pm ET - CAUTION LAP 83: Alex Fleming has bagged the wall pretty hard in turn one.  He was able to drive away and down pit road the wrong way, but it looks like he is done for the night.

Meanwhile, Jeff Fultz has come back on pit road, making more adjustments to his car. Justin Wakefield has also hit pit road.

Mark Gibson's crew is also looking under the hood of his car.

Saturday - 9:36pm ET - Preston Peltier held the lead with Ryan Blaney second.

Saturday - 9:35pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 9:34pm ET - CAUTION LAP 78: Bryce Walker appears to have cut a right front tire after running over debris that just hit the track, possibly off the James Edwards #4e.  The caution was for the debris, but unfortunately Walker hit it before the officials could get the field slowed.

There are many drivers on pit road, including Jeff Fultz, Mark Gibson, Justin Wakefield and Bradley McCaskill.

Up front it is Preston Peltier, Ryan Blaney, Heath Hindman, Ben Rowe and Clay Jones.

Saturday - 9:31pm ET - Preston Peltier has flexed his muscles, making his way by Heath Hindman for the lead at lap 70.  A few laps later, Ryan Blaney took second from Hindman.  Behind them is Ben Rowe, Clay Jones and Jeff Fultz.

Saturday - 9:28pm ET - Heath Hindman got the jump again on the restart.  He is followed by Preston Peltier, Ryan Blaney, Ben Rowe and Clay Jones.

Saturday - 9:27pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 9:25pm ET - CAUTION LAP 47: Duane  Linville and Alex Fleming went for a dual spin in turn two.  Both were able to continue.

Under the yellow, Ryan Blaney rode up to Preston Peltier, appearing to send a message that he didn't like that contact earlier.

1) Heath Hindman 2) Preston Peltier 3) Ryan Blaney 4) Ben Rowe 5) Clay Jones 6) Jeff Fultz

Saturday - 9:24pm ET - Heath Hindman got the jump on the restart and holds the lead.  Meanwhile, contact between Ryan Blaney and Preston Peltier sent Blaney back to third and Peltier to second.

Behind the front action, Mark Gibson appeared to have missed a shift on the restart and about caused a big wreck on the front stretch, but he was able to get it in gear and keep going with no further issues.

Saturday - 9:21pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ryan Blaney and Heath Hindman lead them down to turn one.

Saturday - 9:14pm ET - CAUTION LAP 47: We are not sure quite what happened, but the whole grandstands shook as Johanna Long and John Batten made contact with the front stretch wall.  Both cars ended up stopped in turn one.

Both drivers were able to get out ok, but it looks like they are both done for the night.

1) Ryan Blaney 2) Heath Hindman 3) Preston Peltier 4) Ben Rowe 5) Clay Jones

Saturday - 9:11pm ET - Sparks flew from the right front of Tayla Orleans' car as she went up the hill in turn one, then did the same in turn three.  She has made it to the pits.  It looks like something broke on the right front of her car.

Also, Alex Fleming and James Edwards have been on and off pit road.  We are still green-flag racing.

Saturday - 9:08pm ET - Ryan Blaney has stretched out his lead a bit over the field as he is working around lapped traffic.  Meanwhile, Ben Rowe and Preston Peltier have worked their way around Johanna Long, knocking her back to fifth.  30 laps are complete.

Saturday - 9:04pm ET - For several laps, Ryan Blaney tried the low side on Heath Hindman.  On lap 13, he finally got the run he needed and currently leads.  Hindman is second, followed by Johanna Long, Ben Rowe and Preston Peltier.

Saturday - 9:02pm ET - It was anyone's guess as to who led lap one as Ryan Blaney and Heath Hindman were side by side, but Hindman took the lead firmly on lap two.  Meanwhile, Cassius Clark has pulled his car to the pits as expected.  Five laps are complete.

Saturday - 9:00pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ryan Blaney and Heath Hindman lead them down to turn one.

Saturday - 8:56pm ET - The engines have been fired and we are moments away from the Orange Blossom Special.

Here is tonight's starting lineup after qualifying and the redraw:

110Ryan Blaney
291Heath Hindman
318Bradley McCaskill
410LJohanna Long
515Clay Jones
64NBen Rowe
767Jeff Fultz
898Justin Wakefield
926Preston Peltier
1062Mark Gibson
114eJames Edwards
1293Tayla Orleans
134SJay Fogleman
14167Bryce Walker
1547MTrey Mitchell
1651Michael Pope
170Hal  Goodson
1835Devin Jones
1978Alex Fleming
2048John Batten
2167LDuane  Linville
228Cassius  Clark

Saturday - 8:55pm ET - To catch you up to date, the support divisions have completed their events.  Grant Davidson won the PASS Trucks event, Timmy Hill won the Allison Legacy race and Joey Throckmoore won the Limited Late Model feature.

Saturday - 8:45pm ET - We apologize for the lack of updates.  We were assisting trying to get the radio show up and working.  Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the radio broadcast will not happen tonight.  However, you can follow along here on Trackside Now of the PASS South Super Late Model race and later in the week you can view and purchase videos of the event from Pro Photo Productions.

Saturday - 6:40pm ET - The pit party has started here at OCS, where the fans get to mingle with the drivers on the front stretch.

The redraw for the Super Late Model feature has begun, and Ryan Blaney has already pulled pill #1.  We will have the full starting field soon.

Saturday - 6:30pm ET - Despite qualifying third for the Truck feature, Meghan Dillner will start at the rear of the field due to a misunderstanding of the rules.

"Being Meghan's first race in the PASS Truck Series, I went to the PASS officials last night after practice and confirmed what we could do within their rules as far as the tires on Meghan's truck," said Matt "Duke" Kentfield, Director of Racing Operations for BDI Racing. "I misunderstood information that was relayed, believing we would be able to purchase and use four new tires for qualifying and the race, while still being able to start where we qualify.  The PASS rules have guidelines for tire use that I went to clarify yesterday, but the information I was given was misunderstood on my part.

"Meghan and our BDI Racing team will not give up and will not let this situation deter us from our goals for this race. Meghan is a heck of a shoe and along with her teammate Michael Pope in the #51 Chevy Super Late Model, BDI Racing will end up with a couple of strong results here at Orange County tonight."

This is BDI Racing's first attempt in the PASS Truck Series.

Saturday - 6:10pm ET - Grant Davidson has set fast time in the Late Model Truck division.  Michael Cooper, Meghan Dillner and Clint King round out the top four, and those four drivers will redraw for their starting position.

100Grant Davidson15.012
268Michael Cooper15.15
318Meghan Dillner15.195
407Clint King15.196
598Jody Measamer15.302
644Ben Ebling15.38
741Allen Huffman15.577
87Justin Crider15.583
901Terry Deal15.969
1099Bobby Thomas17.802

Saturday - 5:55pm ET - If you look at the qualifying times, you will see Cassius Clark way off the pace.  Clark's team found a mechanical issue with his car, causing it to run on six cylinders.  Clark ran qualifying and will "start and park" his car so he gets points for being here, but his chances of winning the Orange Blossom Special is over early. 

Saturday - 5:50pm ET - Ryan Blaney has set fast time in PASS South Super Late Model qualifying.  Mark Gibson, Heath Hindman, Preston Peltier and Ben Rowe rounded out the top five.

Remember, in PASS South Super Late Model competition, the top-10 driver redraw for starting position during the fan meet and greet.

110Ryan Blaney13.935
262Mark Gibson13.993
391Heath Hindman14.08
426Preston Peltier14.108
54NBen Rowe14.12
698Justin Wakefield14.134
710LJohanna Long14.164
867Jeff Fultz14.177
915Clay Jones14.201
1018Bradley McCaskill14.227
114eJames Edwards14.234
1293Tayla Orleans14.24
134SJay Fogleman14.252
14167Bryce Walker14.268
1547MTrey Mitchell14.27
1651Michael Pope14.28
170Hal  Goodson14.327
1835Devin Jones14.328
1978Alex Fleming14.462
2048John Batten14.494
2167LDuane  Linville14.628
228Cassius  Clark24.683

Saturday - 4:05pm ET - Before qualifying starts here in just around an hour, we are going to head trackside and talk with the drivers and teams.  We will try to get back to the keys before qualifying, but if not, we will be back with the qualifying results after they happen.

Saturday - 4:00pm ET - Practice has completed here at OCS.  While we do not have all the practice times available from the final sessions, we can say that one of the quicker drivers was Ryan Blaney, which will make the Quickest Lap Dave and Ryan Blaney fans quite happy, who are watching Trackside Now and talking about what they are seeing there in Dave's forum.

Saturday - 3:30pm ET - On SPEED TV's broadcast Friday of practice at Talladega Speedway (AL) for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, they made reference to Dave Blaney not being in the #66 Prism Motorsports ride, and instead Michael McDowell is in the car.  Blaney is here instead, supporting his son Ryan in the #10 PASS South Super Late Model.

Saturday - 2:50pm ET - We have some results of the first two PASS South Super Late Model practices.  Here are the top five from both:

Super Late Model Practice #1 (top five only)
1) #62 Mark Gibson 14.280
2) #4N Ben Rowe 14.399
3) #51 Michael Pope 14.403
4) #167 Bryce Walker 14.453
5) #47M Trey Mitchell 14.475

Super Late Model Practice #2 (top five only)
1) #26 Preston Peltier 14.210
2) #167 Bryce Walker 14.288
3) #4N Ben Rowe 14.341
4) #4s Jay Fogleman 14.355
5) #8 Cassius Clark 14.389

Saturday - 2:25pm ET - Meghan Dillner isn't the only female racer here this weekend. Tayla Orleans is here to race the #93 Super Late Model as well as Johanna Long in the #10 that we mentioned earlier.  Also, we are hearing that Samantha Vannoy was here yesterday practicing, but did load up and is not here today.

Saturday - 2:20pm ET - Besides a few drivers making their PASS South Super Late Model debut here today, another driver is making her debut in a Late Model Truck.

Meghan Dillner, daughter of SPEED TV commentator and 51 Sports co-owner Bob Dillner, will be racing the #18 Late Model Truck here today at OCS.  Being this is her first time in a Late Model Truck, Meghan's goal is to learn the bigger style of vehicle since she has been racing Pro Challenge.  Her father's BDI Racing team is here as well with driver Michael Pope in the #51 Super Late Model.

Saturday - 2:15pm ET - We are hearing that there are approximately 22 Super Late Models here, and by our count, about 10 Late Model Trucks. 

Saturday - 1:55pm ET - Practice continues here at OCS.  We were able to sneak across the track to post a quick update.

There hasn't been any incidents to speak of so far for the Super Late Models, Trucks or Legacy (the Limiteds are on the track right now).  We currently do not have a vehicle count or speeds, but we are hoping to have some more information shortly.

Saturday - 12:45pm ET - Practice is scheduled to start at 1:00pm, so we are going to head down trackside before it gets rolling.  We will be back after practice (if not before) with some updates on what is happening here at OCS.

Saturday - 12:30pm ET - While you are here keeping up with the PASS action from OCS, make sure to check out's other Trackside Now coverage happening today at Tri-County Speedway (NC) for the NASCAR Camping World East Series action ... click here now.

Saturday - 12:25pm ET - The drivers expecting to be here today for the Super Late Model event is quite an interesting list of regulars and newcomers.  Bradley McCaskill, John Batten, Jeff Fultz, Clay Jones, Heath Hindman, Ben Rowe and Justin Wakefield are just some of the regulars while Ryan Blaney, Devin Jones and Michael Pope are some of the newer faces in the series over the last year or so that are expected to be here.  However, there are a few brand new drivers making their way here to try their hand at racing in the PASS South Series, including Florida phenom Johanna Long and Legends Car hotshoe Bryce Walker.  Throw in Preston Peltier, Mark Gibson, Hal Goodson and others, and this is going to be one heck of a show at OCS tonight.

Saturday - 12:20pm ET - Yesterday was an optional practice for the drivers and teams.  If we hear of any happenings from yesterday, we will report it.

Saturday - 12:15pm ET - Weather across the Carolinas over the past few months hasn't been particularly good as precipitation has forced many events to be postponed or cancelled.  However, rain isn't going to be an issue here at OCS.  With temperatures in the area expected to reach the 90 degree mark, it will be the heat of the day, not rain, that the teams will have to battle.

Saturday - 12:10pm ET - Also, while you read along here and listen during the race on Race Talk Radio, you can discuss the events at OCS in the Short Track Discussion Forum at Motorsports Lounge by clicking here.

Saturday - 12:05pm ET - Besides the Trackside Now coverage of the Orange Blossom Special, PASS will broadcast live audio from the track on, starting at approximately 7:30pm Eastern.  The Trackside Now coverage will continue throughout the race, so you can listen online and read about the happenings at the track.

Saturday - 12:00pm ET - Welcome to Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina, for the "Orange Blossom Special" PASS South Super Late Model event.  There are multiple divisions on the racing card today.  Here is the schedule, as provided by the track:

10:30 am Sign-in Opens
11:00 am Pit Gate Opens
11:30 pm Tech Opens
1:00 pm OCS Tire Shop Opens
1:00 - 4:00 pm Practice Starts in the Following Order
PASS Late Model
PASS Trucks
Allison Legacy
4:00 pm Practice Ends
5:00 pm PASS Time Trials
5:00 pm Mandatory Driver’s Meeting & Roll Call for LSC
OSCAR Meeting (consisting of OSCAR crew, Security, VFD, & EMS)
5:30 pm Qualifying Order
PASS Late Model
PASS Trucks
Allison Legacy
6:00 pm Front Ticket Gates Open
6:40 pm First Event Cars Line Up in Order
6:55 pm Invocation followed by the National Anthem
7:00 pm GREEN FLAG
PASS Consolation Race
PASS Trucks
Allison Legacy - 50
Limited – 50
PASS Late Model -150

Ben Rowe (#4) and Tayla Orleans (#93).  (51 Sports Photo)
Pro Challenge racer Meghan Dillner is here, making her debut in a PASS Late Model Truck. (51 Sports Photo)
Legends Car grad Bryce Walker is driving his first PASS South race here today.  (51 Sports Photo)
The teams are preparing for the afternoon practice session under hot, sunny skies.  (51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Blaney (#10) and Devin Jones (#35) are pitted right next to each other. (51 Sports Photo)
The sign out front welcomes fans and competitors.(51 Sports Photo)
Johanna Long will be making her first PASS South start at OCS today.  (51 Sports Photo)
Preston Peltier was the big winner at OCS.  (51 Sports Photo)