Trackside Now: Easter Bunny 150, Saturday
It's Race Day for the Big Super Late Model Show at Hickory
Hickory, NC
Saturday - 10:37pm ET - Tech has cleared and the Easter Bunny 150 is in the books, meaning we are packing up and headed home.  Stay tuned to next week for more stories from the Easter Bunny 150.

Here is the unofficial results: 

1. Ben Rowe
2. Jeff Fultz
3. Aric Almirola
4. Ryan Blaney
5. Trey Mitchell
6. Hal Goodson
7. Clay Jones
8. Tim Nooner
9. Corey Williams
10. Gene Kirila
11. Johnny Clark
12. Mark Gibson
13. Ryan Moore
14. John Batten
15. Heath Hindman
16. Bradley McCaskill
17. Preston Peltier
18. David Pollen
19. Michael Pope
20. Adam Bates
21. Devin Jones
22. Lonnie Sommerville
23. Brad Bischoff
24. Matt McCall
25. Jimmy Doyle
26. Spencer Wauters
27. Jay Fogelman
28. Cassius Clark
29. Alex Fleming
30. Justin Wakefield

Saturday - 9:36pm ET - Ben Rowe has won the Easter Bunny 150 Super Late Model race, going two for two in the PASS South 2009 season.  Jeff Fultz, Aric Almirola, Ryan Blaney and Trey Mitchell round out the top five.

We are heading down to the pits.  We will have more, including an unofficial rundown of tonight's race, after a short bit.

Saturday - 9:35pm ET - Ben Rowe has driven out from the pack on the restart.  Jeff Fultz has moved up to second with Aric Almirola third.  Five laps remain.

Saturday - 9:33pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 9:33pm ET - While under the yellow, Lonnie Sommerville has pulled into the pits.  Something looks like it is broke on the right front of his car.

New top five: Rowe, Fultz, Blaney, Almirola and Trey Mitchell.

Saturday - 9:30pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 141 Devin Jones has looped his car around in turn three, but was able to get it going in the right direction.

Ben Rowe, Lonnie Sommerville, Jeff Fultz, Ryan Blaney and Aric Almirola are the top five.

Saturday - 9:29pm ET - Ben Rowe has a healthy lead with just 10 laps to go.  Behind him, Lonnie Sommerville has been feeling pressure from Jeff Fultz for second. Ryan Blaney and Aric Almirola have been side by side for the last five laps or so for fourth and fifth.

Saturday - 9:24pm ET - Ben Rowe got the good jump on the restart as it appeared that Lonnie Sommerville studdered a bit coming up through the gears.  Rowe leads Sommerville, Jeff Fultz, Aric Almirola and Ryan Blaney with 25 laps to go.

Saturday - 9:22pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 9:19pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 117 Gene Kirila spun on the back stretch to bring out the yellow.

Saturday - 9:14pm ET - Lonnie Sommerville held serve up front as Ben Rowe tried to take the lead, but failed. Aric Almirola bounced his car off the wall on the backstretch as well, but kept going.

Saturday - 9:17pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 9:14pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 114 Matt McCall was sparking for a few laps, then going into turn three, went straight up towards the wall. He stopped short of the wall, but it appears he cut a tire down.  He has made it onto pit road.

Michael Pope was the lucky dog, getting a lap back.  His team spent time under the hood and under the car during the yellow, but they have sent him back out on the track.

Top five at this yellow: Lonnie Sommerville, Ben Rowe, Jeff Fultz, Aric Almirola and Ryan Blaney.

Saturday - 9:09pm ET - Under 50 laps remain with Lonnie Sommerville leading Ben Rowe by a few car lengths. Jeff Fultz rides third, followed by Aric Almirola and Matt McCall.

Saturday - 9:04pm ET - Spencer Wauters has turned into the pits and appears to be done for the night at lap 89..

Saturday - 9:01pm ET - After a few laps of trying, Lonnie Sommerville took the lead from Ben Rowe after the restart, using the high line.

Saturday - 9:00pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 8:58pm ET - Hal Goodson, Adam Bates, Heath Hindman, Michael Pope, Spencer Wauters, Mark Gibson and a host of others are all on pit road during this yellow.

Top 10 on the restart will be Ben Rowe, Lonnie Sommerville, Jeff Fultz, Aric Almirola, Matt McCall, Ryan Blaney, Johnny Clark, Corey Williams, Clay Jones and Trey Mitchell.

Saturday - 8:55pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 75 Spencer Wauters spun in turn two.

Saturday - 8:54pm ET - At lap 66, Ben Rowe finally cleared Aric Almirola, taking the lead in the Easter Bunny 150.  Almirola runs second, followed by Lonnie Sommerville, Jeff Fultz and Matt McCall.

Saturday - 8:51pm ET - Aric Almirola kept the top spot on the restart, but Ben Rowe has been trying to take the top spot on the low line.  It is a great hardcore battle for the top spot.

Saturday - 8:50pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 8:49pm ET - Mark Gibson, Adam Bates, Michael Pope and Spencer Wauters are all on pit road during this yellow. Drivers cannot lose a lap in the pits under the yellow.

Pope's BDI Racing crew looked under the rear end of his car, but sent him back out before they are going green.

Saturday - 8:48pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 58 Spencer Wauters spun in turn two.  Little if any contact occured, but it could have been a mess as many drivers dodged to avoid.

Saturday - 8:47pm ET - Ben Rowe got a good jump on the start, but Aric Almirola got the lead away a lap later.

Saturday - 8:45pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 8:42pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 50: David Pollen, a lapped car, spun in turn one, collecting Cassius Clark and Tim Nooner.  Michael Pope just barely made it by the incident.

Clark is now on pit road with heavy damage.  Nooner is still on the track with sheet metal flapping.

Top five at the yellow is: Ben Rowe, Aric Almirola, Lonnie Sommerville, Johnny Clark and Jeff Fultz.    
Saturday - 8:38pm ET - Aric Almirola took over the top spot from Lonnie Sommerville after bumping him out of the way.  Sommerville dropped to third with Ben Rowe moving to second.  Rowe then made a bid for the lead and took it on lap 35.  Rowe leads Almirola and Sommerville.  Lapped traffic will come into the mix soon.

Saturday - 8:34pm ET - Aric Almirola has worked his way to second, dropping Ben Rowe to third. Jeff Fultz almost took the third spot away from Rowe, but he slammed the door shut going into one.

We are at lap 30 with Lonnie Sommerville still leading the pack.

Saturday - 8:32pm ET - Lonnie Sommerville has taken the top spot at lap 17 from Ben Rowe.

Saturday - 8:31pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Saturday - 8:29pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 15: Devin Jones went around off the bumper of Matt McCall in turn three.  It appeared McCall stuck his nose to the inside of Jones as they entered the corner and Jones didn't appear to know he was there.  Jones was able to continue.

The top five: Ben Rowe, Lonnie Sommerville, Clay Jones, Aric Almirola and Johnny Clark.  Jeff Fultz, Matt McCall, Corey Williams, Michael Pope and Hal Goodson round out the top 10.

Saturday - 8:25pm ET - Clay Jones appeared to have led lap one on the outside, but just by a bumper over Ben Rowe.  Rowe quickly leaped into the lead on the second lap, and after five laps leads the field.

Saturday - 8:23pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Ben Rowe and Clay Jones leads the field under the flagstand.

Saturday - 8:10pm ET - Here is tonight's starting lineup after qualfying, top-10 redraw, consi races and provisionals:

14NBen Rowe
215Clay Jones
323Lonnie Sommerville
435JDevin  Jones
514hAric Almirola
635mMatt  McCall
705kGene Kirila
854Johnny Clark
90Hal  Goodson
1067Jeff Fultz
1147Corey Williams
1251Michael Pope
132Tim Nooner
145Spencer Wauters
158Cassius  Clark
1648John  Batten
175Alex Fleming
1826Preston Peltier
1974Ryan Moore
2062Mark Gibson
2110Ryan Blaney
2247Trey Mitchell
234sJay Fogleman
2418Bradley McCaskill
2553Brad  Bischoff
2671Jim  Doyle
2798Justin Wakefield
2891Heath Hindman
2998nAdam Bates

Saturday - 8:10pm ET - Drivers are getting buckled in their cars and they are being introduced to the crowd, so it shouldn't be long before the green flag.

Along with the Trackside Now coverage of the event, the race will be audio broadcasted live on Race Talk Radio.  Visit and click the listen live button to listen in while reading about the action here.

Saturday - 7:40pm ET - The cars are lining up on the front stretch, so it appears the autograph session will still take place.  This will give us time to grab a snack from the consession stand, hit the track to see what the drivers are saying and stretch our legs.  We will be back before the green flag drops.

Saturday - 7:37pm ET - The PASS South Super Late Model Easter Bunny 150 is the next and final feature to hit the track, but an autograph session is scheduled next.  Due to the approximate start time of 8:00pm, it is unclear whether the autograph session will still take place or if they will skip to the feature.

Saturday - 7:35pm ET - Grant Davidson has won the 40-lap PASS Truck Series feature.

Ben Ebeling lead the early laps in the PASS Truck 40-lap event, but a torrid battle for the top spot ensued between his #44 truck and the #00 of Davidson as Davidson kept trying the low line.  Davidson backed off and tried again just past halfway, and coming off the backstretch, contact was made as Ebeling bounced off the outside wall, which caused him to spin with Michael Cooper. 

On the following restart, Ebeling's day went from bad to worse when it appeared Clint King missed a shift.  Ebeling piled into King, which appeared to pop his radiator, ending his night.

Davidson lead the four-track field back to the green flag and on to the checkered.  Jody Measamer was second.

Saturday - 7:04pm ET - There are seven Trucks in the PASS Truck Series race tonight. Ben Ebeling will take the field down for the green flag momentarily.

Saturday - 7:00pm ET - While there are plenty of New England drivers here for the Easter Bunny 150, there is one notable name in the field.  D.J. Shaw has towed to many of the bigger PASS South events lately, but he's not here today.  His #60 team is hard at work prepping for the PASS North opener at Speedway 95 next Sunday and repairing the car that Shaw got wrecked in during the ASA Late Model South race at Florida's Charlotte County Motorsports Park.  A team member told that they would have liked to come down to Hickory, but had plenty of work to keep them busy in their New Hampshire shop.

Saturday - 6:58pm ET - PASS has issued three provisionals for the Super Late Model race.  Justin Wakefield and Heath Hindman picked up the two South provisionals while Adam Bates gets the North provisional.

While the players are set, the starting positions aren't.  The top-10 drivers will redraw for their starting positions during the autograph session.

Saturday - 6:57pm ET - In one of the cleanest Allison Legacy Series races seen at Hickory Motor Speedway, Michael Cooper lead wire to wire to win the event.  Cooper doesn't have long to enjoy his victory as he is competing in the PASS Truck Series race, which is scheduled to take place next.

Saturday - 6:27pm ET - The Allison Legacy Series is lining up for their feature, which will take place next.  There are 20 Legacy Cars ready to rock.

Saturday - 6:25pm ET - Trey Mitchell has won the second consi event.  He was followed by Bradley McCaskill and Jim Doyle.

The race was tight for the first few laps, but towards the end of the consi it stretched out a little up front.  However, Jordan Napier, who was running fourth, tried hard to get to third on the final few laps, even bouncing it off the wall on the backstretch, but finished one spot out of the transfer position.

Once we get the provisionals in hand, we will post them.

Saturday - 6:17pm ET - Next up is the second consi.  Here is how they will line up:

1Trey Mitchell
2Jordon Napier
3Jim  Doyle
4Bradley McCaskill
5James Edwards
6David Pollen
7Adam Bates
8Duane  Linville
9Dave McComber

Saturday - 6:15pm ET - Ryan Blaney has won the first of the two consi races.  Jay Fogleman finished second followed by Brad Bischoff. All three transfer to the feature.

In the consi, the race didn't start off too well as Tom Buzze and Bill Pearce waded up their cars in turn one, just after taking the green flag.  During the yellow flag, Justin Wakefield pulled in to the pits.  It is possible that the team is working on the car to get it ready for the feature as he is a good candidate for a provisional.

Once they got going under green, Fogleman took the top position, but Blaney was on a mission, driving to the lead after a few laps and taking the win.  Heath Hindman was fourth, just missing the transfer, but he might be in the race on a provisional.

Saturday - 6:00pm ET - The first of the two consi races is on the track, ready to go.  Who will make it in?  We will see shortly.  Here is the starting field for the first consi:

1Jay Fogleman
2Heath Hindman
3Ryan Blaney
4Justin Wakefield
5Brad  Bischoff
6Rick Frenette
7Tom  Schuette
8Tayla Orleans
9Tom  Buzze
10William Pearce

Saturday - 5:59pm ET - Yes, there is a PASS race here today with two support divisions – the PASS Trucks and Allison Legacy Series.  Yes, there will be three winners at the end of the night.  However, the big question in the Super Late Model world has finally been answered.

Ryan Blaney, son of NASCAR driver Dave Blaney, is in his second year of Super Late Model racing.  Meanwhile, Devin Jones, a Bandolero and Legends Car graduate, is in his first year of Super Late Model racing, making his first start tonight in the PASS South Series (after wrecking in Dillon a few weeks back).  Both drivers are 14 years old and some of the "smallest" drivers on the tour.  So, who is the shortest?

Both drivers were chatting in the pit area and we caught photo proof: Jones is slightly shorter than Blaney.

Regardless of height, if either can make it to victory lane, it will be the youngest driver to take a PASS Super Late Model victory.

Saturday - 5:55pm ET - Complete qual results for the Supers, as provided by PASS:

PosNo.NameBest Tm
135mMatt  McCall14.933
254Johnny Clark15.021
367Jeff Fultz15.037
44NBen Rowe15.102
505kGene Kirila15.123
615Clay Jones15.13
723Lonnie Sommerville15.137
835JDevin  Jones15.149
914hAric Almirola15.161
100Hal  Goodson15.176
1147Corey Williams15.178
1251Michael Pope15.186
132Tim Nooner15.192
145Spencer Wauters15.193
158Cassius  Clark15.197
1648John  Batten15.205
175Alex Fleming15.21
1826Preston Peltier15.224
1974Ryan Moore15.234
2062Mark Gibson15.235
214sJay Fogleman15.242
2247Trey Mitchell15.246
2391Heath Hindman15.258
240Jordon Napier15.262
2510Ryan Blaney15.271
2671Jim  Doyle15.272
2798Justin Wakefield15.275
2818Bradley McCaskill15.296
2953Brad  Bischoff15.317
304eJames Edwards15.326
3130Rick Frenette15.348
3288David Pollen15.369
3328Tom  Schuette15.442
3498nAdam Bates15.461
3593Tayla Orleans15.499
3667LDuane  Linville15.502
375bTom  Buzz15.555
3842Dave McComber15.658
3978William Pearce15.712

Saturday - 5:45pm ET - The #51 BDI Racing team of Michael Pope has joined forces with the Jimmy Fund for the Easter Bunny 150 to help shut out cancer by racing and raise funds for the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as part of its “Rally Against Cancer” program.  Fans can donate to a great cause by clcking here.

Saturday - 5:35pm ET - Blake Blainbridge, former crew chief for the Rusty Wallace, Inc. NASCAR Busch Series team back during the 2005 season, is here helping out the #74 team of Ryan Moore today.

Saturday - 5:18pm ET - Tonight's race will be the first race back for Gene Kirila since he broke his leg last year after an accident on a horse farm.  Kirila qualified in the fifth position.

Saturday - 5:10pm ET - Michael Cooper set fast time for the PASS Late Model trucks.  Grant Davidson, Ben Ebeling and Jody Measemer were right behind him on the qualifying rundown.  There were only seven trucks here to take time.

Saturday - 4:50pm ET - The top 20 drivers in qualifying are locked into the field for the Easter Bunny 150.  The top 10 will redraw for position while positions #11-#20 will start where they qualified.  After that, the remainder of the field will be set by the finishing order of a B-feature and by provisionals.

Here are the top 20 drivers from time trials:

1.  Matt McCall
2.  Johnny Clark
3.  Jeff Fultz
4.  Ben Rowe
5.  Gene Kirila
6.  Clay Jones
7.  Lonnie Sommerville
8.  Devin Jones
9.  Aric Almirola
10.  Hal Goodson
11.  Corey Williams
12.  Michael Pope
13.  Tim Nooner
14.  Spencer Wauters
15.  Cassius Clark
16.  John Batten
17.  Alex Fleming
18.  Preston Peltier
19.  Ryan Moore
20.  Mark Gibson

Saturday - 4:45pm ET - Matt McCall has set fast time for the Easter Bunny 150.  He was followed in qualifying by Johnny Clark, Jeff Fultz, Ben Rowe and Gene Kirila.  We'll have a rundown of the top 20 drivers who are locked into the field shortly.

Saturday - 4:10pm ET - Qualifying for the PASS South Super Late Models is set to begin.  Before time trials get underway though, here are a few pit notes that 51's Jason Buckley came upon while walking the pits:

One driver is headed home early.  Joey Coulter broke a motor, so the team has backed the hauler out and is going home before qualifying.

Notes from the driver's meeting:

The field will be set for the Easter Bunny 150 by various methods.  First up is qualifying.  The fastest 20 drivers will be locked into the show with the top 10 redrawing for starting position (11th 20th will start the race as the qualified).  Next will be two consi / last chance races.  The top three from each of these two races will transfer into the feature.  The field will be rounded out by provisionals, which is either two or three (two South and one North).

PASS President Tom Mayberry told the drivers there will be some changes to the entry registration for the races.  Some drivers are waiting to file their entries late, which might keep quiet that they are racing, but can potentially hurt the series and the drivers as PASS places all paid entries up on the website weeks before the races occur.  Mayberry wants to help promote those that support the series in the promotion of the races and the drivers, so those that choose to file a paid entry late will not be eligible for provisionals during the season.

Drivers were reminded that the flagman starts (and restarts) the race, and throughout the event if any driver jumps the start, they will get a $500 fine.  This helps keep the double-file restarts orderly.  Mayberry did say someone would have been fined at the last event at Dillon Motor Speedway (SC), but they lost the lead.

There will be a 45-minute (approximate) autograph session for the PASS South Super Late Models.

Due to the low Truck count, the Truck event has been cut to 50 laps.

Saturday - 3:40pm ET - Here are the speeds from the final Super Late Model practice session for the Easter Bunny 150:

1.  Ben Rowe - 15.139 seconds
2.  Corey Williams - 15.175
3.  Ryan Moore - 15.179
4.  Trey Mitchell - 15.194
5.  Michael Pope - 15.203
6.  Johnny Clark - 15.210
7.  Heath Hindman - 15.228
8.  Ryan Blaney - 15.241
9.  Alex Fleming - 15.251
10.  Mark Gibson - 15.261
11.  Jeff Fultz - 15.269
12.  Aric Almirola - 15.280
13.  Cassius Clark - 15.292
14.  Matt McCall - 15.308
15.  Joey Coulter - 15.313
16.  Clay Jones - 15.339
17.  Tim Nooner - 15.531
18.  Lonnie Sommerville - 15.376
19.  Tom Buzze - 15.396
20.  Jordan Napier - 15.413
21.  Bradley McCaskill - 15.426
22.  Jay Fogelman - 15.435
23.  Spencer Wauters - 15.439
24.  Devin Jones - 15.439
25.  Jimmy Doyle - 15.449
26.  Dave McComber - 15.567
27.  Brad Bischoff - 15.642
28.  Rich Francette - 15.654
29.  Tayla Orleans - 15.709
30.  James Edwards - 15.728
31.  Trevor McKinnley - 15.776
32.  Duane Linville - 15.815
33.  Tom Schuette - 15.942
34.  Adam Bates - 16.415
35.  Gene Kirila - 16.474
36.  Hal Goodson - 22.885
37.  John Batten - No Time

Saturday - 3:20pm ET - Canadian Lonnie Sommerville is racing at the Hickory Motor Speedway today for the first time in his career.  Sommerville's #02 team is entering their Carquest Maritimes Pro Stock Tour entry into today's race with just minimal changes needed.  Switching over to American Racer tires and changing the locker in the rear end are the only differences that needed to be made.  Sommerville has a Carquest Tour legal sealed crate engine in his car, which is a bit down of power but easier on tires.

Sommerville picked a smart way to learn the line around Hickory in practice today.  He followed Jeff Fultz and picked up a few tenths by trying a new line.

Saturday - 3:15pm ET - Joey Coultier's #02 team has packed up their hauler and is leaving the speedway.  He apparantly had some type of mechanical problem in practice for the Easter Bunny 150.

Saturday - 3:10pm ET - Earlier today, we caught up with 2006 Easter Bunny 150 winner and PASS South champion Mike Rowe, who traveled down from his home in Maine to watch the race.  Rowe was spotted chatting with Bob Dillner in the #51 pit area and also over at the #4 team pit supporting his son Ben Rowe's race team.  In 2009, Mike Rowe will be racing weekly at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in a Pro Series (Super Late Model) car owned by Dick Fowler.

Saturday - 3:07pm ET -  Michael Cooper is here today to do the double.  He is racing both the Allison Legacy Series feature and the PASS Truck feature.

Saturday - 3:07pm ET -  Cassius Clark changed carburetors on his #8 during practice after developing a miss in that car.  Clark reports that his ride, which is fielded out of the C&C Motorsports/Jeff Fultz shops in Mooresville, North Carolina is just as quick as the previous cars that he has contended for victories with here in the Easter Bunny 150 over the past few years.

Saturday - 3:05pm ET -  PASS South Super Late Model driver Dean Clattenburg is here, but not with his ride.  Clattenburg is feeling the crunch of the economy and can't afford to race the full 2009 campaign, but he did say he will race some throughout the year.

Saturday - 3:00pm ET -  There was about a wreck on pit road during the final PASS South Super Late Model practice.  Johnny Clark backed out of his pit stall quick, almost running into the front nose of Jimmy Doyle, who was coming in from being out on the track.  Both stopped in time before a collision occured.

Saturday - 2:55pm ET -  We have a few roster changes for the Super Late Models (remember, we warned you that our roster was unofficial).  Dave Macomber is actually in the #42 car and Rick Ferente is in the #30 machine.

Saturday - 2:50pm ET -  Practice for all divisions has now wrapped up.  There were no more incidents during the final sessions for either the Allison Legacy Series or PASS Late Model Trucks.

Saturday - 2:35pm ET -  The red and the black flags have come out and ended the final practice session for the PASS South Super Late Models.   Adam Bates was the final driver left on the track as he wanted to maximize his time out there to check on repairs made to his #98n machine.

Saturday - 2:32pm ET -  He is still missing a hood, but Adam Bates has gotten back on track with his #98n Chevrolet Super Late Model after his team made repairs resulting from a practice crash.  Bates has taken several laps around Hickory Motor Speedway and although he is a little off the pace, it appears that his objective of shaking the car down and making sure it is race-worthy again is being met.

So far, this final practice session for the PASS Super Late Models has gone clean and green without any spins, wrecks, flip or other general mayhem.

Saturday - 2:25pm ET -  We can't remember a time when Ben Rowe has told us at the beginning of a race season whether or not he'll be racing a full schedule anywhere.  But time after time, he always manages to go out and contend for championships come the fall months. 

2009 is no exception.  We can't predict if Rowe will contend for a title in PASS North and/or PASS South (although we'd be willing to bet that he will), but we can tell you that he is non-commital as to what his exact plans for the year are.  Rowe told that he's going to race wherever his car owner Richard Moody decides that the team is going.  He knows that he'll be at next week's PASS North season opener at Speedway 95 near Bangor, Maine.  After that, the #4 team will just see how the season goes.  Rowe won the PASS South opener at Dillion Motor Speedway (SC) last month and won't rule out a run for the title in this series either.  Who knows, Ben Rowe could compete for, and maybe even sweep, all three PASS championships this year.  After all, the Easter Bunny 150 is the first of four events that make up the PASS National Super Late Model mini-series.

Saturday - 2:22pm ET -  This might be the first time that BDI Racing driver Michael Pope has taken to the track at Hickory Motor Speedway, but the young driver already enjoys the joint.  He described the track in one word - "fun".

Saturday - 2:20pm ET -  Justin Wakefield's team is changing the engine in their #98 Ford after a problem in the morning practice session.

Saturday - 2:15pm ET -  There wasn't a complete timing and scoring report from the first two Super Late Model practice sessions of the day, but we can tell you that in the first session, it was Ryan Moore who showed the way with a best lap of 15.369 seconds.  He was followed by Jordan Napier, Matt McCall, Mark Gibson and Jimmy Doyle.

In practice number two, Alex Fleming topped the charts with a best lap of 15.188 seconds. Jeff Fultz, Johnny Clark, Heath Hindman and Aric Almirola rounded out the top five.

Saturday - 2:10pm ET -  We now know with 100% certainty who is driving the mysterious #00 Super Late Model.  It is Jordan Napier after all.

The Trevor Bayne connection came in because the #00 is a former car of Bayne's.  In fact, if you look closely, you can see the outline of his name still on the roof above each door of the car.  Napier bought the car from him after Bayne tested it several times, but never actually entered a race with it.

Napier and Bayne were teammates several years ago when they raced WKA karts together.  Then they both competed against each other in the Allison Legacy Series and remained friends.

Napier is hoping to qualify for his first ever Super Late Model race today.  He moves up from Allison Legacy cars, but hasn't raced anything in about three and a half years.  He spun early in practice, but got up to speed quickly after that.  In the first practice, he ended up being ranked second on the unofficial time sheets.

Saturday - 2:05pm ET -  Adam Bates' team is hard at work on their #98 Super Late Model.  The two-time PASS North race winner hit the turn one wall earlier in practice.  Bates reports that his car just wouldn't turn going into the corner and something possibly broke in the front end.  He then hit with his right front corner and after that, there was a lot that was broken in the front end.

Bates said that the frame is still straight though and everything that is broken can be replaced.  The team took what they had in their trailer and borrowed a few things that they didn't have and are now piecing it back together.  They won't get much more, or possibly any more, practice with the repaired car but they should be finished by the time that qualifying is scheduled.  We're told that Bates' grandfather is back home in New Hampshire following along with our Trackside Now coverage, so we can tell him that it looks like everything will turn out okay in the #98 camp.  Maybe they even got all of the daily bad luck out of the way and could contend for a top finish in tonight's 150-lap feature.

Saturday - 2:00pm ET -  Another Super Late Model practice session is now underway.  The Allison Legacy Series and the PASS Trucks have also been out on the track since we last checked in with you.

The PASS Trucks had an uneventful session, but the Legacy series featured one big wreck.  The #56 of Gas Dean spun coming out of turn four.  As he sat there, another car came and clipped his front end.  A few more moments passed and a final car came and clipped Dean's rear end.  All three cars drove away, but Dean's car was fairly battered after the incident.

Saturday - 1:15pm ET -  We are under a red flag right now for a funeral procession at the cemetary that is next door to the track.  Out of respect, the track will stop all on-track activities during the services.  We'll use this chance to go down to the pits and find out just who this Trevor Bayne character really is.  Stay tuned.

Saturday - 1:05pm ET -  We have heard from PASS South Public Relations Representative Alan Dietz that our mystery driver driver of the #00 Super Late Model is not in fact Jordan Napier.  We are now told that Trevor Bayne is in the car, but that it is not the same Trevor Bayne who short track fans are familar with - most recently for winning last week's USARacing Pro Cup opener at Concord Speedway (NC). 

However, the car does share a paint scheme and sponsorship with Bayne's old Allison Legacy Series car.  So maybe it is him after all?  We're honestly not sure what is going on here, but it makes for a little bit of godo drama on an afternoon filled with wall-to-wall practice sessions.

So is Bayne in disguise this weekend?  Is he sporting a fake mustache under his helmet?  Or perhaps is he just helping out Napier, who raced against Bayne in the Allison Legacy Series a few years ago?  Will the real Trevor Bayne please stand up?  We're not sure what the story is, but we promise to get right down to the bottom of it and report back to you shortly.

Saturday - 12:55pm ET -  For the most part, this has not been a good week for Aric Almirola.  The former Late Model Stock Car driver had run the first seven events of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season for Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing, but the famous #8 that he was behind the wheel of was parked this week due to lack of sponsorship.  Currently, there are no plans for him to race in NASCAR's top series anytime soon.

But that doesn't mean that Almirola won't race anything if given the chance.

Almriola is here this weekend behind the wheel of the #14h Super Late Model and he is hoping to turn his week around.  Amirola's car is owned by New Hampshire's D.J. Howard.  Almirola and Howard both got to know each other when they worked together at Joe Gibbs Racing a few years back.  Howard moved back home, but kept in touch with his friend.  Over the winter, he built a new Super Late Model, which only got the finishing touches put on it around 1am on Friday morning.  Almirola and Howard shook it down yesterday at Caraway Speedway (NC) and were the first hauler in line this morning to get into the pit area.

Howard comes from a racing family well-known in Northern New England.  His father, Dean Howard, fielded Super Late Models (which were known then as Pro Stocks in that part of the country) for years with Dan Bezanson behind the wheel.  Those white and blue #64 Chevrolets ran at Star Speedway (now All-Star Speedway) and Lee USA Speedway in Southern New Hampshire.  D.J. Howard also raced Mini Stocks for awhile up in New Hampshire.

Saturday - 12:50pm ET -  During the latest Allison Legacy Series practice session, Quinn Fowler appeared to have taken a hard hit to the wall, coming to a rest under the flagstand on the front stretch.  It took him a few moments to get out from his car, but he was able to get out, limping to the ambulance to get checked out.

The track was cleared and the PASS Trucks now have their turn on the track for practice.

Saturday - 12:30pm ET - We have found out that there has not been any official timing and scoring yet in today's practice sessions, so that is why we have not been able to share any rundowns with you yet.  Once the timing and scoring system is set-up, we'll pass along those results on Trackside Now.

We can tell you that race officials have told us that the mystery driver of the #00 is Jordan Napier - a graduate of karting and the Allison Legacy Series.

Another session of practice for the Super Late Models just wrapped up and there was no drama in the third session of the day.

Saturday - 11:55am ET - Here is an unofficial roster of the Super Late Model drivers who are here for the Easter Bunny 150.  We have counted 41 of them and have identified most of them - except for a mystery driver of the #00 Super Late Model.  Here is what we know so far:

00 - "Mystery Driver"
0 - Hal Goodson
02 - Joey Coultier
02n - Tim Nooner
4 - Jay Fogelman
4 - James Edwards
4n - Ben Rowe
05 - Alex Fleming
5 - Spencer Wauters
5 - Tom Buzze
8 - Cassius Clark
10 - Ryan Blaney
14 - Samanta Vannoy
14h - Aric Almirola
15s - Clay Jones
18 - Bradley McCaskill
23 - Lonnie Sommerville
26 - Preston Peltier
28 - Tom Schette
30 - Rodney Brooks
35 - Devin Jones
35 Matt McCall
42 - Tim Pinion
47 - Corey Williams
47 - Trey Mitchell
48 - John Baten
51 - Michael Pope
53 - Brad Biscoff
54 - Johnny Clark
62 - Mark Gibson
67 - Jeff Fultz
67 - Duane Linville
71 - Jimmy Doyle
74 - Ryan Moore
78  Bill Pearce
83 - Trevor McKinnley
88 - David Pollen, Jr.
91 - Heath Hindman
93 - Taylor Orleans
98n - Adam Bates
98s - Justin Wakefield

Saturday - 11:40am ET - The second practice session for the PASS South Super Late Models is now complete.  There was a harmless fronstretch spin by Trevor McKinnley in the #83 early in the session.

In the closing moments of the practice, Adam Bates made contact with the turn one wall and suffered fairly heavy damage to his #98N machine.  Bates' car is being towed back to the pits and the damage is to the right front corner of the car.  We'll keep you updated on what that team will be doing next.

Saturday - 11:10am ET - A few of the PASS Late Model trucks are on track practice.  Actually, we're donw to only one truck being on the track.  That belongs to Pro Challange graduate Clint King.  Only four trucks actually took practice during the session, which is just about to end.  Next up will be another practice session for the Super Late Models.

Saturday - 10:50am ET - The first practice session for the PASS South Super Late Models is now complete.  We should have results for you from the session before too long.  There were only two interuptions during the session.  One was for a no contact spin by the #00 car and the other was for fluid on the track.  Justin Wakefield had been blowing smoke from his #98 machine.  His team is now under the hood of that racecar in the pit area.

Saturday - 10:20am ET - Practice for the PASS South Super Late Models has begun and Corey Williams was the first driver in line to hit the track.

Saturday - 9:25am ET - Yesterday, Johnny Clark wasn't at Hickory Motor Speedway nor was his rig.  But the three-time PASS North champion was on the entry list.  So did he make a last minute change in his plans?  Not really.

Clark's hauler broke down on his way from Maine to North Carolina.  But after repairs were made, he finally got to the track and parked in the pit area.  Since there was no pratice time or technical inspections yesterday, he ended up not missing a thing.

Saturday - 9:10am ET - Welcome to Hickory Motor Speedway, where it is raceday for the 2009 version of the Easter Bunny 150.  The PASS South Super Late Models head up the racing card today and will be joined by support races for the PASS Late Model Trucks and Allison Legacy Series.

We're drying out here.  Yesterday, the optional day of practice was a complete wash out.  Most teams didn't even unload their cars.  After we signed off, the weather got even worse with downpours, thunder and lightning continuing into the evening hours.  That left plenty of mud around the grounds of the track and the creek that runs alongside the property is rushing this morning.  But the sun is out and the track is dry.  No poor weather is predicted for today.

The pit gates opened at 8am and there were plenty of people lined up to sign into the pit area at that time.  Right now, that line is "only" about 60 feet in length and haulers are filtering into the track.  Practice is scheduled to start at 10am and will rotate through the three divisions of race vehicles here.  Stay tuned for all of the happenings throughout the day.


There's everything from big rigs to pick-ups and open trailers being used to bring racecars to the Easter Bunny 150.   (51 Photos)
Saturday is supposed to be a nice day at Hickory, but you don't have to look far to see evidence of the Friday storms.
Devin Jones' #35 Super Late Model  (51 Photos)
Track crews put down speedy dry after a practice incident.
Timmy Hill's Allison Legacy car gets ready to hit the track.
Adam Bates (Top) and Trevor McKinnley (Bottom) both had incidents in practice.  (51 Photos)
There is a family-friendly "No Drinking" section at Hickory.
Quinn Fowler's wrecked Allison Legacy car.
Devin Jones (Center) is dwarfed by fellow driver Jeff Fultz (Right).
Justin Wakefield watches as the engine on his #98s is changed.
Adam Bates helps his crew with repairs on the #98n.
Jody Measmer's #98 PASS Late Model truck.
Dean Clattenburg
Adam Bates' hoodless #98n Super Late Model.  (51 Photos)
Michael Pope and BDI Racing is sporting Rally Against Cancer on the hood of the #51 machine.  (51 Photos)
Who is taller between PASS South drivers Ryan Blaney (left) and Devin Jones (right)?  Blaney ... by a hair (or a hat)  (51 Photos)
David Stremme (left) and his driver Matt McCall (right) talk about the pole-setting qualifying run..  (51 Photos)
Joey Coulter's rig was leaving early after he had motor issues before qualifying.  (51 Photos)
Ben Rowe was the big winner at Hickory in the Easter Bunny 150 Super Late Model PASS South event.  (51 Photos)