Trackside Now: PASS South - "South Carolina Clash"
Saturday, 3/21/09  - Super Late Models and Late Model Trucks 
Dillon Motor Speedway - Dillon, South Carolina
Saturday - 6:54pm ET - Ben Rowe has been a force in the PASS North Series and now he's leading the points in the south.  He may not run all the races, but his victory today meant a lot to the driver who came in from Maine to score the win here in South Carolina.  We will have much more on this race next week on  Goodnight!

14Ben Rowe150
298Justin Wakefield150
310Ryan Blaney150
467Jeff Fultz150
55Spencer Wauters150
691Heath Hindman150
715Clay Jones150
888Dave Pollen Jr.150
94Jay Folgeman149
107Jim Kelley149
1167Dunane Linville149
1218Bradley McCaskill 148
1362Mark Gibson246
1451Alex Hasse144
1505Alex Fleming80
1626Preston Peltier62
170Hal Goodson60
1848John Batten44
19O2Tim Nooner25

Saturday - 6:04pm ET - The final laps tick off single file and Ben Rowe scores the victory in the "South Carolina Clash 150".  Justin Wakefield and Ryan Blaney round out the top three.

Saturday - 5:58pm ET - With 20 laps to go Ben Rowe still leads.

Saturday - 5:55pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 113: Justin Wakefield got the lead in turn one, but he got loose and gave it back to Ben Rowe on the bottom.

Saturday - 5:49pm ET - Just to show how good Ben Rowe has been today, he's got a half lap lead over third place driver Heath Hindman.  We have 40 laps to go here at Dillon.

YELLOW FLAG LAP 113: It looks like Alex Hasse has a flat tire as he slowed on the track, we think Hasse lost a lap as he came to pit road before the lap was completed.  Top five: Ben Rowe, Justin Wakefield, Heath Hindman, Ryan Blaney, and Spencer Wauters.

Saturday - 5:46pm ET - What a mess we have back in the pack as Alex Hasse is holding up a group of three or four cars. Ryan Blaney is all over the back bumper and he's done it all except move him. 

Ben Rowe has pulled away from Justin Wakefield and looks to be on cruise control. We have less then 50 laps to go. 

Saturday - 5:43pm ET - As we come to halfway it's Ben Rowe, Justin Wakefield, Heath Hindman, Alex Hasse, and Ryan Blaney.  Rowe and Wakefield have a full straightaway on the third place car. Jeff Fultz is up to sixth after his rough driving penalty.

Saturday - 5:38pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 59: On the restart Ben Rowe and Justin Wakefield went door-to-door, Wakefield then gave Rowe a little shot in turn three and almost stacked up the leaders.  Everyone got away clean and kept their positions.

Saturday - 5:32pm ET - Another restart and another YELLOW as Hal Goodson got wide in turn four and Preston Peltier went up over the side of him. Other cars may have been involved, but Goodson was not happy with Bradley McCaskill.  He pointed at him after getting out of his wrecked car. 

Saturday - 5:23pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 58: Preston Peltier and Jeff Fultz were battling hard to get around Alex Hasse.  In their efforts they got to beating and banging and Fultz turned Peltier around in turn four.  Fultz has been sent to the back for the incident

Ben Rowe took the lead on the restart, but a stack up in the back of the pack tangled up Clay Jones, Dunane Linville and Jay Folgleman.  We are YELLOW on lap 58.

Saturday - 5:19pm ET - As we close in on lap 50, Ben Rowe Leads Alex Hasse, Jeff Fultz, Preston Peltier and Heath Hindman.  Fultz and Peltier have come rocketing through the field since the last restart.

Saturday - 5:15pm ET - GREEN FLAG is back out and Ben Rowe has shot into the lead on the outside after the restart. It looks like Tim Nooner got into the wall and he has brought his car into the pits.  Also Mark Gibson who was in the top five has slid to the back of the pack and now he's comes down pit road with a flat tire.

Saturday - 5:10pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 22: The 67 Dunane Linville spun in turn two.  This should be a quick yellow.

Saturday - 5:08pm ET - After 15 laps Alex Haase leads Ben Rowe, Mark Gibson, Justin Wakefield and Heath Hindman.

Saturday - 5:05pm ET - GREEN FLAG is out and we are racing. After some beating and banging, Alex Hasse leads the first lap. Bradley McCaskill slipped back to fourth after the second lap.

Saturday - 4:59pm ET - Engines have fired and we are moments away from the "South Carolina Clash 150".

Saturday - 4:56pm ET - Hal Goodson has gone to jump in his Super Late Model car, as the PASS South drivers roll out on to the track for driver introductions.  All drivers will stay in their cars for the introductions.  the 79 of Matt Brooks will not start the race after motor problems.

Saturday - 4:42pm ET - Hal Goodson has won the first ever PASS Late Model Truck feature.

Saturday - 4:36pm ET - With 15 laps to go Grant Davidson is closing in on leader Hal Goodson, Davidson took the second the second spot back on lap 45.

Saturday - 4:32pm ET - At 43 laps it's Hal Goodson, Joel Heigl, and Grant Davidson in the top three. 10 of the 14 trucks that started are still running.

Saturday - 4:28pm ET - After a speedy clean up, we are back racing again.  Hal Goodson has pulled away from Bryan Blackwell in the battle for the top spot after 30 laps.

Saturday - 4:25pm ET - Things were pretty clean and green for the first 21 laps, then the 61 of Justin Hicks spun in turn two.  Under the Yellow Flag the 18 of John Whaley stopped on the homestretch as his car was full of smoke, he quickly got out of his truck and rescue workers went to his aid.  The truck looks to be cooked up a bit, but the driver is ok.

Hal Goodson leads we are under the Red Flag.

Saturday - 4:05pm ET - Engines have fired for the first ever PASS Late Model Truck event.  We apologize for not giving you a line up, but we'll try to have the results after the race.

Saturday - 3:45pm ET - So Bradley McCaskill will start from the pole, last year he ran only seven races in PASS South and didn't lead any laps.  Chances are that will change today.  On the outside of the front row will be the 2008 PASS South Series Champion Alex Hasse.  It should be a good race to the first turn.  

The PASS Trucks will be up first with Hal Goodson on the pole.

Saturday - 3:35pm ET - The top 10 drivers redrew for the starting lineup, here are the pill draw results.

1 Bradley McCaskill
2 Alex Hasse
3 Justin Wakefield
4 Mark Gibson
5 Ben Rowe
6 Jay Folgelman
7 Heath Hindman
8 Jeff Fultz
9 Hal Goodson
10 Preston Peltier 

Saturday - 3:28pm ET - Ben Rowe has won everything in the northeast, but his south success is limited.  His team did a lot of work to prepare for racing in the south this season and this is his first career PASS South pole.

Saturday - 3:10pm ET - Here are the results from qualifying. Drivers are getting ready for the pit party and autograph session they are having on the front stretch.  

14NBen Rowe15.469
226Preston Peltier15.508
398Justin Wakefield15.559
467Jeff Fultz15.605
50Hal  Goodson15.663
662Mark Gibson15.694
791Heath Hindman15.709
818Bradley McCaskill15.728
94SJay Fogleman15.738
1051 HAlex  Haase15.754
1188David Pollen Jr.15.771
1215Clay Jones15.778
135Spencer Wauters15.822
145Alex Fleming15.889
1548John Batten15.892
162Tim Nooner15.893
1710Ryan Blaney15.962
18K7Jim Kelly16.023
1967LDuane  Linville16.546
20       79          Matt Brooks  No Time

Saturday - 2:58pm ET - Ben Rowe has won the pole over Preston Peltier and Justin Wakefield.  We will have the rundown shortly, also it was a new track record for Ben Rowe.

Saturday - 2:00pm ET - We just came from the drivers meeting, nothing out of the ordinary. This is a four tire race and it will be 150 green flag laps for the Super Late Models.  The Trucks will go 75 laps prior to the Super Late Model event.

We are heading trackside for qualifying and we will return after that.

Saturday - 1:09pm ET - These are the speeds from the third Super Late Model practice, there will be a final 10 minute session before qualifying. 

198Justin Wakefield15.665
291Heath Hindman15.702
30Hal  Goodson15.763
451 HAlex  Haase15.77
518Bradley McCaskill15.806
667Jeff Fultz15.858
762Mark Gibson15.859
815Clay Jones15.868
95Spencer Wauters15.93
1010Ryan Blaney15.958
114SJay Fogleman15.976
12K7Jim Kelly15.993
132Tim Nooner16.104
1448John Batten16.202
1567LDuane  Linville16.275
164NBen Rowe17.355

Saturday - 1:03pm ET - We are in the final half hour of practice, it has been a clean day thus far on the track.

Saturday - 12:49pm ET - We would have had a field of 21 cars, but Devin Jones wrecked here last night in practice and his rig is all locked up today.  Jones is racing under the Jeff Fultz / C & C Motorsports banner and has been impressive during testing, this would have been his first Late Model event. Hopefully he'll be at Hickory.

One name who do not see here today is Perry Brown.  A year ago Brown finished third here at Dillon behind Justin Wakefield and Alex Fleming.  We understand that Brown has had to scale his racing efforts back do to the economy.  He is excepted to still run with PASS, but on a limited schedule.

Another name who is not here is Corey Williams. The Maine native has been a staple on the PASS South circuit since he moved south a few years back.  

Saturday - 12:29pm ET - Only some of the truck drivers have transponders on so we will not any practice rundowns.  We can tell you that there are 14 trucks including Hal Goodson (who is doing double duty)  Michael Williamson and 2008 Pro Challenge National Champion Clint King.  King won the last year's Pro Challenge event here in June.

Saturday - 12:24pm ET - Here are the speeds from the second Super Late Model practice.  Justin Wakefield was at the top of the list in this round.  

198Justin Wakefield15.586
24NBen Rowe15.666
326Preston Peltier15.757
488David Pollen Jr.15.761
55Alex Fleming15.764
662Mark Gibson15.816
751 HAlex  Haase15.817
867Jeff Fultz15.835
90Hal  Goodson15.844
1015Clay Jones15.846
1118Bradley McCaskill15.946
124SJay Fogleman16.006
1310Ryan Blaney16.077
145Spencer Wauters16.121
1548John Batten16.177
162Tim Nooner16.193
1767LDuane  Linville16.416
18K7Jim Kelly16.576

Saturday - 12:10pm ET - We talked to Ben Rowe prior to practice and he said it was going to be tough to beat the 98 of Justin Wakefield (fastest car in last night's practice, unofficially).  Today after one round he is quicker, but the Turner, Maine driver is still searching for the right setup as he has been on and off the track a bunch here in the second session.

Saturday - 11:50am ET - Both the Trucks and the Super Late Models have gone through the first round of practice.  The Super Late Models are on pit road for the second round.  We have the results from the first Super Late Model practice.

10Hal  Goodson15.687
24NBen Rowe15.701
391Heath Hindman15.744
498Justin Wakefield15.802
526Preston Peltier15.855
667Jeff Fultz15.868
718Bradley McCaskill15.892
862Mark Gibson15.902
988David Pollen Jr.15.909
1015Clay Jones15.928
1151 HAlex  Haase15.931
125Spencer Wauters15.993
135Alex Fleming16.032
1448John Batten16.059
152Tim Nooner16.328
1667LDuane  Linville16.376
17K7Jim Kelly17.227

Saturday - 11:30am ET - As practice continues we can tell you that it will be a rotation between the Super Late Models and the Trucks. Super Late Models will get 30 minutes, while Trucks will get 15 minutes each session.  We are currently wrapping up the Super Late Model practice.

Saturday - 10:55am ET - Here is the car count for the Super Late Model field: We are heading trackside for practice.

14Ben Rowe
210Ryan Blaney
367Jeff Fultz
47Jim Kelley
548John Batten
667Dunane Linville
751Alex Hasse
862Mark Gibson
991Heath Hindman
1098Justin Wakefield
1126Preston Peltier
1218Bradley McCaskill
1315Clay Jones
1405Alex Fleming
155Spencer Wauters
1688Dave Pollen Jr.
170Hal Goodson
184Jay Folgeman
1979Matt Brooks
20O2Tim Nooner

Saturday - 10:45am ET - Good Morning from Dillon, South Carolina.  The weather is a bit cool, but the sun is out and we are ready to kick off the 2009 PASS South Season.  Today the Pro All Stars Series is introducing their new PASS Late Model Truck Series and the turnout is very good here at Dillon.  The two division will make up the card of racing here today at the 4/10's a mile oval.   We are working on a car count and a truck count as we type.

Here is a rundown of today's schedule:

9:00am - Pit Gates Open
9:30am - Tech Opens
11:00am - 1:30 pm Rotating Practice (SLM & Trucks)
2:00pm - Qualifying (Trucks and SLM)
3:00pm - Features Begin
PASS Trucks 75 Laps
PASS Super Late Model 150 Laps
Preston Peltier is looking for his first PASS South win. (51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Fultz and Alex Hasse chase each other in the first practice.  (51 Sports Photo)
Today is the birth of the PASS Late Model Truck Series. (51 Sports Photo)
Legends car driver Devin Jones will not be racing this weekend. A mechanical problem put in him in the wall on Friday night in practice.  (51 Sports Photo)
Ben Rowe won the pole. (51 Sports Photo)
Fans line pit road during the autograph session. (51 Sports Photo)
John Whaley on fire. (51 Sports Photo)
Hal Goodson pulling into victory lane. (51 Sports Photo)
Ben Rowe after winning the 150 lap event. (51 Sports Photo)