Trackside Now: PASS 400 Weekend at Beech Ridge
Sunday Action at PASS North's Biggest Race of the Season
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough, ME
Sunday, 5:15pm ET - Good day from Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, where Mike Rowe has won his third PASS 300 after a very exciting race.  The full unofficial results are listed below.  We have been gathering up quotes for our stories on this week and will now sign off the computer to hunt a few more quotes down.  Thanks for logging in and stay tuned for more on this race, later this week:

Unofficial Finish - Pro All Stars Series Super Late Model PASS 300  Beech Ridge Motor Speedway Scarborough Maine 9/13/09  (with position, Car #, Driver and Home Town)   

1) 24 Mike Rowe Turner ME 2) 60 DJ Shaw Ctr. Conway NH 3) 4N Ben Rowe, Turner ME 4) 54 Johnny Clark Hallowell ME 5)4S Jay Fogleman,  Durham NC  6) 47 Kelly Moore, Scarborough ME  7) 85 Nick Ribbe , MA 8) 14 Matt Frahm, Salem NH  9) 17 Travis Benjamin, Morrill ME 10) 62 Mark Gibson, Winston-Salem NC  11) 33 Richie Dearborn, Hollis NH 12) 22 Aaron Ricker Tamworth NH  13)  21 David Oliver, Standish 14) 4X Rich Eaton, Seabrook NH 15) 10 Steve Knowlton, Dover NH  16) 20 Steve Legendre, St. Johnsbury VT 17) 8 Cassius Clark, Farmington ME 18) 53 Alan Wilson Hebron ME 19) 0 Bill Whorff Jr., Bath ME 20) 77 Scott Chubbuck, Brunswick ME  21) 2X Tom Scully Jr., Westport MA 22) 12 John Dabrowski , W. Bridgewater MA 23) 29 Trevor Sanborn, Parsonsfield ME 24) 7 Donnie Whitten, Biddeford ME 25) 28 Dave Davis, VT 26) 88 Alan Tradiff Lyman  ME 27) 17A Scott Alexander, Orrington ME 28) 51 TJ Brackett Buckfield ME 29) 10S Ryan Blaney, High Point NC 30) 98 Adam Bates, Warner NH 31) Derek Ramstrom, Worcester MA 32 9 Bub Bilodeau, Standish NH 

Sunday, 4:18pm ET - Mike Rowe has won the PASS 300 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.

Rowe closed up on Trevor Sanborn behind the lapped cars of Tom Scully, Jr. and Donnie Whitten.  Then Sanborn pulled away, but broke and dropped out of the race with only 10 laps to go.

DJ Shaw then closed up on Rowe with three laps to go.  He got under Rowe with two laps to go and on the final lap, Rowe and Shaw split the lapped car of Bill Whorff.

Rowe took the high side, Shaw took the low side and Rowe barely won the race over Shaw, Ben Rowe, Johnny Clark and Jay Fogelman.

We'll have more shortly.

Sunday, 4:10pm ET - Trevor Sanborn has taken the lead from Mike Rowe on the restart.

Sunday, 4:08pm ET - The caution is out at lap 271.  There are 29 laps to go in this race.

Mike Rowe currently leads Trevor Sanborn, DJ Shaw, Jay Fogelman, Johnny Clark and Ben Rowe.

Aaron Ricker, Travis Benjamin, Rich Eaton, David Oliver, Matt Frahm, Tom Scully and Donnie Whitten have all pitted under this caution.

Sunday, 4:06pm ET - Things got exciting up front on lap 266.  While attempting to lap Cassius Clark, Mike Rowe got held up for a little bit.  Trevor Sanborn got into the rear of Rowe's #24 and sent him a little bit sideways.  Rowe recovered and got his car pointed straight, then passed Clark.  Rowe is still leafdng slightly as the laps click down.

Sunday, 3:58pm ET - Trevor Sanborn has closed in on Mike Rowe up front while Johnny Clark has gotten around Travis Benjamin for the fifth position.

Sunday, 3:56pm ET - At lap 230, Mike Rowe leads Trevor Sanborn, Jay Fogelman, DJ Shaw and Travis Benjamin.

Alan Tardiff has just pulled behind the wall with his #88 Super Late Model.  He has gotten out of the car and appears to be done for the day.

Sunday, 3:50pm ET - At lap 211, Mike Rowe has taken the lead for the first time today.  The only two-time winner of this event and the 2009 Beech Ridge track champion appears to have waited until crunch time to show his cards in this race.  There are still 87 laps remaining though, so anything can happen.

Rowe leads Jay Fogelman, Travis Benjamin, Trevor Sanborn and DJ Shaw

Scott Chubbuck has just pulled down pit road under green flag conditions.

Sunday, 3:45pm ET - On lap 201, David Oliver got turned around going into turn three and that brought out the caution.  Oliver had been in the top 10 for most of the day.

The only cars on the track that did not pit under this caution period belong to Steve Knowlton, Bill Whorff, Jay Fogelman and Steven Legendre.

Aaaron Ricker got out of the pits first followed by Mike Rowe.

The leader board shows that Fogelman will be leading Legendre, Ricker and Rowe on the restart.

Sunday, 3:33pm ET - At lap 163, the top ten runners are currently Scott Chubbuck, Kelly Moore, DJ Shaw, Aaron Ricker, Trevor Sanborn, Mike Rowe, David Oliver, Johnny Clark, Donnie Whitten and Ben Rowe.

Rowe might be in the best position of the leaders as he has already made a pit stop while the top five have not.

Sunday, 3:30pm ET - Ryan Blaney's team has also given up on working on the #10s Super Late Model.  Adam Bates' crew is still hard at work on their machine in the infield pit area though.

Sunday, 3:25pm ET - Derek Ramstrom's team have appeared to give up hope of repairing the #35 car.  They slaved on it for awhile, but have now stopped turning wrenches for the time being.

Sunday, 3:24pm ET - Scott Alexander has gone behind the pit wall.

Sunday, 3:23pm ET - After the latest restart, Scott Chubbuck took the lead from Kelly Moore.

Sunday, 3:21pm ET - At lap 129, the caution came out for a spin in turn three by Bill Whorff, Jr.

Mark Gibson got the lucky dog award.

Alan Tardiff, Cassius Clark, Jay Fogelman, Matt Frahm, Nick Ribbe, Steve Knowlton, John Drabowski, Alan Wilson and Bill Whorff, Jr. all pitted.

The leaders are now Kelly Moore over Scott Chubbuck, Aaron Ricker, DJ Shaw, Ben Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Johnny Clark, David Oliver, Richie Dearborn and Donnie Whitten.

Sunday, 3:16pm ET - On the restart, Kelly Moore pulled away to the lead and Scott Chubbuck moved into second place.

Sunday, 3:13pm ET - At lap 111, the caution came out for an off-track adventure by Tom Scully, Jr. in turn four.

Many teams used this caution as an opportunity to pit.  The competitors who came down pit road included Mike Rowe, Tom Scully, Richie Dearborn, Travis Benjamin, Alan Tardiff, Cassius Clark, Steven Legendre, Dave Davis, John Drabowski, Nick Ribbe, Steve Knowlton, Matt Frahm, Scott Alexander and Bill Whorff.

The leaders are now Kelly Moore, Aaron Ricker, Scott Chubbuck, DJ Shaw, Trevor Sanborn, Ben Rowe, Jay Fogelman and David Oliver.

Sunday, 3:06pm ET - On lap 99, Aaron Ricker got by Kelly Moore for the lead in heavy lapped tarffic.  On lap 100, Moore used the same traffic to retake the lead.

Among the cars now at least one lap down are Mark Gibson, Dave Davis, Alan Wilson and John Drabowski.

Ryan Blaney, Bub Bioldeau, Derek Ramstrom and Adam Bates are all in the pit area.  Blaney's team has one crew member user the car working on it as Ryan is leaning against the front bumper while the Ramstrom and Bates teams are both working on their cars at a quicker clip - with both young drivers lending a hand in the repairs.

Sunday, 3:03pm ET - After several laps of trying on the outside, Kelly Moore has retaken the lead from Aaaron Ricker on lap 84.  Ricker is not giving up though and is now looking under Moore for the top spot.

Sunday, 3:00pm ET - Aaron Ricker has taken the lead from Kelly Moore.

Sunday, 2:55pm ET - During a caution on lap 55, several teams pitted - including Richie Dearborn, Johnny Clark, Travis Benjamin, Scott Alexander, Cassius Clark, Matt Frahm and Tom Scully, Jr.

Sunday, 2:50pm ET - At lap 50, the lucky top 13 runners in the PASS 300 were Kelly Moore, Aaron Ricker, DJ Shaw, Scott Chubbuck, Mike Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Ben Rowe, Jay Fogelman, Steve Knowlton, David Oliver, Alan Tardiff, Bill Whorff and Cassius Clark.

Sunday, 2:42pm ET - The caution is out again at lap 31 for an incident involving Ryan Blaney.  The young PASS South regular's car is coming back to the pit area on the back of a wrecker.  We are now at lap 31 and Kelly Moore continues to lead.

Sunday, 2:40pm ET - Adam Bates was also involved in this caution period and has heavy front end damage to his #98 machine.  He was also towed in and his car is now parked next to Ramstrom's as both teams work to assess the damage to each vehicle.

Bates has now climbed from his car.  He entered the race third in PASS North points and this incident likely will take him out of the running for the championship with only one race scheduled for after today.

Sunday, 2:36pm ET - Kelly Moore has taken the lead from Aaron Ricker. 

At lap 26, the caution is out for an incident involving Derek Ramstrom in turn one.  Ramstrom is now waiting for a wrecker to get back into the pits.

Moore currently leads Ricker, Scott Chubbuck, DJ Shaw, Mike Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Jay Fogelman, Steve Knowlton, Rich Eaton and Ben Rowe.

Cassius Clark, Steve Legendre and Alan Wilson are among the drivers pitting under this caution period.

Sunday, 2:33pm ET - Aaron Ricker has taken the lead from Scott Chubbuck and is out front in the PASS 300.

Sunday, 2:30pm ET - Attempt number one at starting the PASS 300 did not work so well.  Aaaron Ricker got the jump on Scott Chubbuck going into turn one, but a group of cars wrecked on the backstretch before the event was even a half lap old.

Bub Bilodeau, Richie Dearborn, Steven Legendre, John Drabowski and TJ Brackett were involved in that wreck.  Everyone but Bilodeau drove away - his #9 needed a wrecker to leave the track.

Scott Chubbuck led on attempt number two of a race start.  Now that the race is ten laps old, it is currently Chubbuck leading Ricker, Kelly Moore, DJ Shaw and Mike Rowe.

Sunday, 2:10pm ET - The command to start engines has been given and pace laps are underway at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.  The headlining PASS 300 for the PASS North Super Late Models will start shortly.

Sunday, 2:10pm ET - To follow up on an earlier item, TJ Brackett, Donnie Whitten and Dave Davis were all given provisionals to start today's main event.  Only Charlie Colby was in attendence today with a Super Late Model and did not get a starting position for the 300-lap feature race.  Bill Rodgers withdrew yesterday after suffering heavy crash damage in his heat race.

Pre-race festivities are still underway and today's race will start in a short bit we are told.

Sunday, 1:55pm ET - If you missed any of the action or the rain delay happenings from Beech Ridge on Saturday, you can click here to read Saturday's version of's Trackside Now coverage.

Sunday, 1:50pm ET - Kelly Moore is running a pink stripe on his #47 NAPA car this weekend as part of its paint scheme.  This scheme is designed to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Research and to support the Susan G. Koman "For the Cure" Foundation, which NAPA is a supporter of.

Sunday, 1:45pm ET - During yesterday's rain delay, drivers and teams got the chance to do a lot of standing around and talking.  At one point, was standing together with Adam Bates and Mike Rowe.

Bates has an amazing record of podium finishes and victories at Beech Ridge in his young career.  Rowe won seven races on the way to the track's championship this season.  So when 51 asked Bates if he could win this weekend's big race, he was a bit elusive with an answer.

"I don't know if I can beat him," said Bates while pointing at Rowe.

"What about finishing second then?"  We asked.

"Oh yeah, we can do that," replied Bates.

Sunday, 1:35pm ET - Scott McDaniel dominated the 50-lap PASS Modified feature - winning a race that ran without a single caution.  McDaniel had nearly a half lap lead on Andy Shaw, the PASS Modified point leader who started deep in the pack, at the finish line.

Next up, the PASS North teams will set up their pit areas and the fans will have the chance to take part in an autograph session before the 300-lap Super Late Model main event of the weekend takes place.

Sunday, 1:15pm ET - Carey Martin has won the 100-lap PASS Sportsman race at Beech Ridge.  With 14 laps to go Mike Landry went by Martin for the lead on the high side.  Martin held tight down bottom while Landry nosed ahead, but a lap 93 caution period closed the two up.  Martin then pulled away on the restart and held off Landry and Donnie Morse for the victory.

The PASS Modifieds are up next and then an intermission is scheduled before the running of the PASS North Super Late Model 300-lap main event.

Sunday, 12:45pm ET - There are 75 laps down in the 100-lap PASS Sportsman race and Carey Martin is currently out front in his #18 car.  He has been battling with Lyman McKeage for much of the event so far.

Sunday, 12:07pm ET - The 15-lap PASS North B-Main rolled off on schedule and ran flag-to-flag without any incidents.  Alan Wilson led the way and won over Travis Benjamin, Jeremie Whorff and Scott Alexander.  Those drivers all will transfer into the main event.

Four drivers did not make the cut - Dave Davis, Charlie Colby, TJ Brackett and Donnie Whitten.  We're pretty sure that Whitten will get a PASS North provisional and Brackett should get a Beech Ridge provisional.  Colby may be eligible for a PASS North provisional as well.  Maybe Davis will even get some type of a chance to join the field too.  We'll keep you posted when we know more.

Sunday, 12:01pm ET - The National Anthem has been sung and the B-Main for the PASS North Super Late Models is set to roll off - right on schedule.

Sunday, 11:55am ET -  Practice sessions for the PASS Sportsmen and PASS Modifieds were also uneventful.  Each division got one session to warm up thi morning and now racing events are set to begin soon - starting with a planned B-Main for the PASS North Super Late Models.

Sunday, 11:25am ET -  Today's 20-minute opening practice for the PASS North Super Late Models was uneventful.  Nobody blew up and nobody spun or wrecked.

Sunday, 11:12am ET -  PASS North Super Late Model practice is currently on track and so far it has been clean and green with no incidents.

Sunday, 10:55am ET -  It is a near perfect day here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, which is in stark contrast to yesterday when rain and fog put a damper on the activities.  After a six hour delay, everything that was planned for the day still got in...but it was a dreary day at the track.

Practice is scheduled to start promptly at 11:00am and some of the PASS North teams were concerned because no engines were allowed to be fired until that time out of respect for a nearby church.  Officials compromised and told teams that they could idle their engines to get some heat in them at 10:55am, but that nobody would be allowed to get on the throttle until the announced time of 11.

Sunday, 10:50am ET -  Here are the Saturday results from the PASS 400 weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway:

Unofficial Feature Results  - PASS 400 Weekend Beech Ridge Motor Speedway 9/12/2009

Wildcat/Strictly 75 laps Feature PASS 400 Weekend - Beech Ridge Motor Speedway -  9/12/09

1) 84 David Vaughn Freeport ME 2) 09 Gary Babineau Windham ME 3) 35 Nathan Leavitt Buxton ME 4) 70 Dan Bean Alfred ME 5) 83 6) 73 Matt Hodgdon  Scarborough ME 7) 777 Mike St Germain Auburn  ME 8) 47 Brian Caswell Buxton ME 9) 40 Lyman McKeage  Gorham ME 10) 7 Travis Dyer Gray ME 11) 81 Lewis Anderson Hollis ME 12) 93 Randy Snow Buxton ME 13) 92 Jimmy Burnham Windham ME 14) 61 Matt Gain Westbrook ME 15) 27 Nate Yeaton Lisbon Falls ME 16) 5w Chris Warming Hollis ME 17) 30 Linwood Varney Gorham ME 18) 3 Jesse Tolman Old Orchard Beach ME 19) 11 20) 62 Andy Ayers Shapleigh ME 21)  41 Steve Benicasa Buxton ME 22) 2 Adam Lovejoy Sanford ME 23) 69 Steve Coffin Buxton ME 24) 56

NELCAR Legends 50 lap Feature PASS 400 Weekend Beech Ridge Motor Speedway 9/12/09

1) 20 Max Zechem Preston CT 2) 38 Bobby Timmons III Windham ME 3) 399 Bob Weymouth Topsham ME 4) 647 Jacob Dorr Sanford ME 5) 56 Evan Beaulieu Durham ME 6) 10 Ed Getty Gray ME 7) 33 Alan Smith Lincoln ME 8)  48 Kendall Curit Windham ME 9) 72 Kevin Hutchens E Waterboro ME 10) 17 Terry Kirk Durham ME 11) 87 Anthony Pagliarulo Groveland 12) 19 Jim Manchester  Gorham ME 13) 21 Chris Sargent Buxton ME 14) 5 Randy Brunelle Malone NY 15) 64 Chris Dgiluey Winchester MA 16) 22 Forest Boucher Buxton ME 17) 39 Doug Coombs Livermore ME 18)  70 Tylar Braunschweig Newfield ME 19) 15 Jim Maynard Jr S Deerfield MA 20) 83 Brandon Ingalls Windham ME

Roadrunner 30 lap Feature PASS 400 Weekend Beech Ridge Motor Speedway 9/12/09

1) 64 Brian Graffam Limerick ME 2) 84 Matt Dow Buxton ME 3) 21 David Turner Buxton ME 4) 21 David Turner   Buxton ME 5)  29 Donnie Dinsmore Limington ME 6) 31 Shawn Brackett   7) 42 Nicole Timmons Buxton ME 8) 2 David Cameron Alfred ME 9) 32 Kyle Lewis 10) 35 Marc Hill Biddeford ME 11) 34 Spencer Morse  Waterford ME 12)  24 Ray Letellier Buxton ME 13) 1 Ed Conley 14) x2 Adam Bates Westbrook ME 15) 00 Trevor Graffam Sanford ME

Sunday, 10:40am ET - Welcome to's Trackside Now coverage from Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, where we are at this weekend for the PASS 400 weekend of racing.

If you'd like to chat about this race, or any kind of short track racing, be sure to stop on by Motorsport Lounge and their official Short Track Discussion forum.


Saturday was a rainy day at Beech Ridge.  (51 Photo)
Scott Chubbuck will start on the pole of the PASS 300 with his #77 Chevrolet.  (51 Photo)
PASS South regular Mark Gibson practices in front of a handful of fans on Sunday morning. (51 Photo)
Max Zechem won Saturday night's Legends race.  (Chris Roy Photo)
Evan Beaulieu (#56) and Alan Smith (#56) dice it up in Saturday night's 50-lap Legend car feature.  (Chris Roy Photo)
Rain was only part of the problem on Saturday.  Fog also made for a trying evening.  (51 Photo)
The #54 of PASS North point leader Johnny Clark.    (51 Photo)
David Oliver's #21 and Ben Rowe's #4N.  (51 Photo)
Carey Martin takes his victory lap after the 100-lap PASS Sportsman feature. (51 Photo)
Adam Bates' #98 machine.   (51 Photo)
Alan Tardiff's #88 Super Late Model  (51 Photo)
Kelly Moore's "Pink" paint scheme is to show support for the Susan G. Koman Foundation.   (51 Photo)
Tom Scully, Jr. won with his #2 at Seekonk this season in PASS North competition.   (51 Photo)
Travis Benjamin's Irving #17 Super Late Model  (51 Photo)
Jay Cushman (left) and Mike Rowe (Right) talk during Saturday's rain delay.  Cushman isn't wound up in this conversation about anything that happened at Beech Ridge.  Instead he is telling stories of his son's karting adventures this season.  (51 Photo)
Ryan Blaney's #10S Super Late Model   (51 Photo)
Trevor Sanborn's #29 Super Late Model   (51 Photo)
Pre race festivities at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.  (51 Photo)