Trackside Now: PASS 400 Weekend at Beech Ridge
Saturday Action at PASS North's Biggest Race of the Season
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough, ME
Saturday - 10:35pm ET -  Saturday's activities for the PASS 300 weekend are now complete.  We got through the rain and go and everything that was scheduled for today eventually did run.

Dave Vaughn won the 75-lap Wildcat feature in his #84 entry owned by Tim Chambers.  Vaughn is also a crew member on the championship-leading PASS Modified team driven by Andy Shaw and owned by Dave and Crystal Weir.

In the PASS North Super Late Model consi races, another eight drivers made it into the starting field for tomorrow's headlining PASS 300. 

The first consi was won by Matt Frahm over Derek Ramstrom, Stephen Legendre and Bill Whorff.

The second consi was won by Adam Bates over Nick Ribbe, Bub Bilodeau and Richie Dearborn.

Among the drivers headed to the B-Main tomorrow are Travis Benjamin, Alan Wilson, Charlie Colby, Scott Alexander, Donnie Whitten, Jeremie Whorff, Gary Bellefluer and Dave Davis.

Dave Davis spun in his consi along with Jeremie Whorff.  Both continued although Whorff dropped out a few laps later with a heavily smoking racecar.

Jeremy Whorff had gotten together with TJ Brackett just a few laps before with Whorff going to the rear of the field for the contact and Brackett going to the pits on the back of a tow truck.

Travis Benjamin started on the front row of his consi, but drifted high and fell to the rear of the field by the second lap.  He then pulled into the pit area.

Super Late Model teams that ran the consi are now hurrying to take off their tires and send them to the impound area.  After a long day, the track has announced that pit gates will be locked at 11:00pm sharp.

And one final note - BDI Racing crew cheif Jason Ricker is up here in his hometown of Poland Springs, Maine this weekend and helping out the Trevor Sanborn team today at Beech Ridge.  But there's reason to celebrate tonight in the Ricker camp as his father "Two Lap" Tommy Ricker won tonight's Late Model feature at Oxford Plains Speedway.  This is Ricker's second LM victory of both the season and his career.

That does it for tonight's Trackside Now coverage, join us tomorrow for more from the PASS 400 weekend at Beech Ridge.

Saturday - 8:45pm ET -  There is another delay for the Super Late Model teams as we make our way through a 50-lap Legends car feature at Beech Ridge.  The fog has gotten heavy enough that it could be a problem for spotters.  This has pushed the Super Late Model consis to the last event of the night.  There will be an extended distance Wildcat feature running before that happens.

This could be a long night on top of a long afternoon for some PASS North teams.  We are told that the track has a curfew of Midnight though.

Saturday - 8:25pm ET -  Brian Graffam has beat Matt Dow and David Turner to win the Roadrunner feature.

There is now a new potential problem here at Beech Ridge.  A heavy fog has set in over the track.  There are still several events including a pair of PASS North consi races, scheduled to take place tonight.  So far though, the fog has not had an impact on the schedule.

Saturday - 8:15pm ET -  The heat races for the PASS North Super Late Models were an interesting occurrence.  Here are the pit notes and results from the three qualifiers at Beech Ridge.  Weather-permitting, a consi race will be run later this evening.

-  Although many teams were worried about passing the ride height check after their heat races, only Bub Bilodeau (who appeared to win the third heat race) and TJ Brackett did not pass and were disqualified.  The rain delay might have helped some of those worried teams.  One team told 51 off the record that having several extra hours to redo the set-up on their car might have made the difference.

-  Jay Fogelman's team almost didn't make the call for their heat race.  Fogelman survived two "last calls" to line up for the race and his team got their #4S out in the line just in time to make the final bell and not have to go to the back of the field.  A hectic flurry of activity after the rain delay was to blame.

-  After a six hour rain delay, the track was still a little slick and the tires were cold.  Steve Knowlton looped his #10 SLM on its warm up lap, but no contact was made after the turn four spin.

- Derek Ramstrom spun in his heat race, but got going without the need for a caution.  Unfortunately for him though, it meant that he finished without a transfer position and will need either a strong finish in the consi, tomorrow's B-Main or a provisional to make the starting field for tomorrow's PASS 300.  Ramstrom is in the top five of the standings though and will not have to worry about going home early.

- There was a big wreck on lap one of the third heat race.  It started when Dave Davis (from Vermont, not the former Maine racer who now owns a NASCAR Camping World Series team in North Carolina) spun his #28 exiting turn two.  Bill Rodgers, Nick Ribbe, John Drabowski, Scott Alexander, Aaron Ricker and Donnie Whitten were also involved.  Rodgers went to the pits on the hook.  Alexander went to the pits under his own power and Whitten would exit the heat race a few laps later with heavy smoke coming from his #7 machine.

-  Aaron Ricker was running fourth with two laps to go in his heat race and then passed two cars on the track and one in tech to win the qualifer dramatically.

Here were the heat race results of the drivers who qualified so far.

Heat #1
1.  Scott Chubbuck
2.  Jay Fogelman
3.  Mike Rowe
4.  Steve Knowlton
5.  Cassius Clark
6.  David Oliver
Heat #2
1.  Ben Rowe
2.  DJ Shaw
3.  Trevor Sanborn
4.  Mark Gibson
5.  Tom Scully, Jr.
6.  Johnny Clark

Heat #3
1.  Aaron Ricker
2.  Kelly Moore
3.  Rich Eaton
4.  Ryan Blaney
5.  Alan Tardiff
6.  John Drabowski

Among those not qualified yet are Adam Bates, Travis Benjamin, Donnie Whitten, Alan Wilson, Richie Dearborn, Derek Ramstrom and Matt Frahm.

Saturday - 7:55pm ET -  Scott Chubbuck, Ben Rowe and Aaron Ricker have won the heat races for the PASS North Super Late Models.  Bub Bioldeau and TJ Brackett were both disqualified from their transfer positions due to ride height violations.  Everyone else appeared to pass tech.  We'll  have full results from the PASS North heat races shortly.

Scott McDaniels and Andy Shaw won the heat races for the PASS Modifieds.

Saturday - 6:55pm ET -  The second heat race for the PASS Sportsmen just came and went and they are now making the final call for Super Late Models in the first heat race to line up.  Teams are scurrying to do so.  Some teams might not make the call because they were caught off guard with the sudden rush of activity here at the track.  This could get very interesting.

Because of this flurry of activity, the minivan didn't get to head to the infield, so we will have a slight delay between the heats being run and the results being posted.  Stay tuned though and we'll bring you up to speed when we can.

Saturday - 6:45pm ET -  There might be a weather window here at Beech Ridge and that means that event organizers are going to drive right through it.  The remaining heat races for the PASS Sportsmen are lining up right now and are going to be going out shortly, followed by heat races for the PASS Modifieds.  PASS North Super Late Model teams, many of whom had turned in their tires for the night thinking that there would be no more racing, are rushing to get ready for their heat races.  Some teams had left the track and some crews had been out to eat at area establishments, but they are now coming alive to possibly race tonight.

The humidity is near 100% and it is gray and damp, but there is no rain coming from the sky, so we might be able to get some racing in after all.  Stay tuned.

Saturday - 6:20pm ET -  The track has just announced that they are hoping for the storm to get "blown out to sea" and that there will be racing at some point tonight.  The radar still doesn't look good though.  Nevertheless, there is going to be another attempt at drying the track out and maybe well be racing at some point tonight.  We'll keep you posted.

Saturday - 6:00pm ET -  Welcome back to the mother of all rain delays here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.  The rain has come, gone and come back again at various times and we have actually had a few Wildcat and Roadrunner cars out on the track to try and dry it, but the results have been slight.  It is still gray.  It is still cold and it is still wet.

Track and PASS officials do not plan on making a decision on today's race program for another hour or two.  If the track can be dried by 9pm, some heat races and features could still tun tonight.  Tomorrow, the track cannot run any race engines before 11am, so that would make for a day so full of racing that it might not be possible to get anything in.

So we wait for the skies to clear tonight...maybe.  If there is any change, we'll let you know.

Saturday - 3:00pm ET -  It is still raining here, although just lightly at the moment.  So here are a few pit notes from today at Beech Ridge:

-  The big concern of the day here at Beech Ridge among Super Late Model competitors are ride heights.  Numerous drivers and teams have told off the record that they are concerned because of a plan by PASS tech officials to check ride heights immediately after the heat races today.  This is not something that the tech guys have checked this year nor is it something that can be easily fixed at the track.  Apparently that limited enforcement has caused teams to push the envelope a bit with their suspension set-ups.  Some teams have flat out admitted to 51 that they expect to fail tech after their heat races.  One driver who isn't concerned though is Cassius Clark

"I could jump up and down on my car and it would still be legal," said Clark.

-  We are hearing that Super Late Model ace Jeff Fultz decided to head south to Lanier National Speedway (GA) instead of north to Beech Ridge from his North Carolina shops this weekend.  Fultz had been pre-entered for the PASS 300 but is said to be running the James Garrison Memorial GAS/ASA SAT race at Lanier today instead.

Chuck Colby practiced his Super Late Model here yesterday, but had an engine problem and withdrew from the race.

Corey Bubar is okay after a hard wreck in the Sportsman heat race.  His car has heavy damage though after he crashed at the finish as the rain started and the race remained green.

-  Former Super Late Model and Late Model car owner David Bath is here helping out Alan Tardiff's team this weekend.  Bath formerly owned winning cars for David Pinkham.

Harry Olsen, who has only made one PASS North start this season so far, is here helping out the Scott Alexander team.

Cassius Clark is here and for the first time at the racetrack, he's an uncle.  Clark's sister Courtney and PASS South racer Corey Williams welcomed Macie Ann into the world last Saturday.  Parents and baby are said to be doing well down in North Carolina.

DJ Shaw is racing a built engine here at Beech Ridge for the first time in his career.  He has always run crate engines in his Pro Series/PASS North cars here.  Shaw reports that the car is a little bit easier to drive with a more powerful engine since he can compensate for an ill handling car by working the throttle.

-  BDI Racing crew cheif Jason Ricker is home in Maine from North Carolina this week and is helping out Trevor Sanborn this weekend at Beech Ridge.

-  Seekonk Speedway Pro Stock (Super Late Model) regular Tom Scully, Jr. is making his second PASS attempt this season here this weekend.  So far, Scully is batting 1.000.  He won the PASS North race at his home track earlier this summer.

Saturday - 2:45pm ET - It's still raining here at Beech Ridge and no efforts are being made to dry the track.  There has been no decision on what is going to happen with today's schedule, but the radar isn't looking too encouraging.  Stay tuned for a few pit notes, but don't expect any on track updates anytime soon.

Saturday - 1:20pm ET - While we are trying to stay dry, here are a few pit area notes from today.  After this, we are going to walk through the pit area to try and dig up some more items of interest.  Stay tuned.

- Jeff Fultz, the winner of Monday's CRA Super Series race at Winchester Speedway (IN) and a regular in PASS South was expected to be here racing this weekend, possibly in a back-up/second car for Cassius Clark.  However, Fultz is a no show.

- Jamie Swallow from New Hampshire was here with his #04 team today, but they loaded up and have left the track.

-  Mike Rowe's team blew an engine in practice on Friday, but changed it overnight.  That didn't slow down this year's Beech Ridge track champion one bit.  He wads quickest in this morning's first SLM practice session.  The full top 10 from that session were:

1.  Mike Rowe - 15.150 seconds
2.  DJ Shaw - 15.153
3.  Kelly Moore - 15.244
4.  Scott Chubbuck - 15.261
5.  Adam Bates - 15.334
6.  Mark Gibson - 15.393
7.  Richie Dearborn - 15.398
8.  Cassius Clark - 15.410
9.  David Oliver - 15.412
10.  Travis Benjamin - 15.461

Saturday - 1:10pm ET -The rain has gotten heavier here at Beech Ridge and the track announcers have gone into hibernation.

An announcement has been made in the pit area though that these showers will likely last at least two more hours.  PASS and track officials will ride out this storm before making any decisions on adjusting the schedule or canceling the remainder of today's activities.  So hang tight, it looks like whether we are going to be able to go racing or not - we are going to be here for awhile.

Saturday - 1:05pm ET - Here are the Super Late Models that we have observed to be in the pit area here at Beech Ridge today:

2 - Tom Scully, Jr.
2 - Charlie Colby
4 - Ben Rowe
4S - Jay Fogelman
4E - Rich Eaton
7 - Donnie Whitten
08 - Jeremie Whorff
8 - Cassius Clark
9 - Bub Bilodeau
10 - Steve Knowlton
10S - Ryan Blaney
12 - John Drabowski
14F - Matt Frahm
17 - Travis Benjamin
17A - Scott Alexander
20 - Steven Legendre
21 - David Oliver
22 - Aaron Ricker
24 - Mike Rowe
28 - Dave Davis
29 - Trevor Sanborn
33 - Richie Dearborn
35 - Derek Ramstrom
40 - Gary Bellefluer
47 - Kelly Moore
51 - TJ Brackett
53 - Bill Rodgers
54 - Johnny Clark
53 - Alan Wilson
62 - Mark Gibson
77 - Scott Chubbuck
85 - Nick Ribbe
88 - Alan Tardiff
98 - Adam Bates

Saturday - 12:55pm ET - We are now under a rain delay at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.

Saturday - 12:45pm ET - Now that we got you up to speed on what has happened during PASS 400 weekend so far, let's bring you up to speed on what is on today.  Right now, that is light rain.  Within the last five minutes what had been threatening skies have turned misty.  Some of the support series that run semi-treaded tires are still out on the track for their heat races, but this could be a problem when the more powerful Super Late Models and PASS Modifieds get ready for their heat races.  The forecast is for scattered showers all afternoon and evening and it hasn't looked good all day so far.  So we'll just have to see what happens.

Fortunately, Sunday's forecast is looking pretty good and there shouldn't be a problem getting everything underway tomorrow.

The Super Late Model teams have now gone from getting ready to line up for their heat races to covering their cars.  Every SLM that we can see right now from our pit area perch is either under a canopy or covered up.

We'll keep you posted.

Saturday - 12:40pm ET - The racing of the PASS 400 weekend actually gets started on Thursday night when competitors who normally race at Beech Ridge, Oxford, Unity or Wiscasset get together to enter their cars, and trucks in a line-up of 50 lap open races.  This is the highlight of the season for many of these racers...I ('s Mike Twist) know because a few years ago I raced my own #51 Mini Truck on the Thursday night.  Being in the race was one of the driving highlights of my "career" even though the night didn't go quite as I planned.  Fuel injections problems cost me a good finish despite having PASS Super Late Model driver Corey Williams as my crew chief for the night.  Oh looks like he's been a bit more successful with his own racing program.

Here are the drivers who enjoyed a good night of racing on Thursday of this week at Beech Ridge:

Unofficial Top Ten by Division – PASS 400 Weekend / Thursday Night Extravaganza -  Beech Ridge Motor Speedway -  Scarborough ME -  9/10/2009

Four Cylinders – 50 Lap Feature              

1) 54 Kyle Hewins Leeds ME 2) Adam Polvinen Oxford ME 3) 86 Jeff Hebert Auburn ME 4) 59 Cory Beaulieu W. Paris ME 5) 521 Scott Farrington Minot ME 6) 32 Natasha Dyer Arrowsic ME 7) 83 Brady Romano Livermore Falls ME 8) 11 Jeff Walker Saco 9) 09 Chris Peters N. Waterboro ME 10) 93 Jamie Leavitt Minot ME

Race Trucks – 50 Lap Feature

1) 96 Chad Binette Buxton ME  2) 1 Tony Field Buxton ME 3) 28 Kevin Oliver Gray ME 4) 4) 3 Duane Booth Wells ME 5) 69 Ryan Farrar Sumner ME 6) 88 Chaz Briggs Westbrook ME 7) 02 Chad Emery Buxton ME 8) 68 Opie Allard Harpswell ME 9) 22 Jeff Schmidt Mechanic Falls ME 10) 17 Ross Spurling New Gloucester ME

JV/305’s – 50 Lap Feature

1) 5 Jason Curtis Hollis ME 2) 8 Paul Ureneck Portland ME 3) 16 Scott Dery Hollis ME 4) 11 Dennis Hall Scarborough ME 5) 21 John Lord Scarborough ME 6) 19 Ryan Tenny Scarborough ME 7) 64 Renn Noble Kennebbunk ME 8) 22 Tom Lovejoy Kennebunk ME 9) 25 Bob Hogan Wells ME 10) 88 Steve Swendsen Gorham ME

Varsity/Outlaws – 50 Lap Feature

1) 139 Larry Emerson Durham ME 2) 3 Josh Childs Oxford ME 3) 17 Jim Davis Gray ME 4) 36 Kenny Robbins Canton ME  5) 19 Steve Moon Gray ME 6) 84 Matt Dow Buxton ME 7) 00 Guy Childs Sr. Turner ME 8) 16 Brian Picard Gorham ME 9) 04 Zach Bowie Poland ME 10) 26 Corey Morgan Lewiston ME

Saturday - 12:20pm ET - Welcome to's Trackside Now coverage from Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, where we are at this weekend for the PASS 400 weekend of racing.

If you'd like to chat about this race, or any kind of short track racing, be sure to stop on by Motorsport Lounge and their official Short Track Discussion forum.


Four different winners started out the PASS 400 weekend by visiting victory lane on Thursday night in the (Top to Bottom) Four Cylinder, Varsity Outlaw, Truck and JV Outlaw classes.  (Jamie Williams Photos)
Scenes from a rainy pit area at Beech Ridge  (51 Photo)