Trackside Now: PASS North at Beech Ridge
Stop Number Two on the '09 PASS North Schedule
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough, ME
Saturday - 8:00pm ET - Below are the full field results of the PASS North Super Late Model race at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.  Thank you for tuning in and good night!

1.  Chris Staples
2.  Adam Bates
3.  Kelly Moore
4.  DJ Shaw
5.  Derek Ramstrom
6.  Cassius Clark
7.  Johnny Clark
8.  Ben Rowe
9.  Aaaron Ricker
10.  Marty Prevost
11.  Scott Chubbuck
12.  Travis Benjamin
13.  Gary Smith
14.  John Flemming
15.  Shawn Turple
16.  Matt Frahm
17.  Tony Ricci
18.  Nick Rabbe
19.  Scott Mulkern
20.  Bill Penfold
21.  Jonhh Drabrowski
22.  Donnie Whitten
23.  Dave Farrington, Jr.
24.  Jay Sands
25.  Scott Alexander
26.  Bill Rodgers
27.  Steve Knowlton
28.  Mike Thomas
29.  Bub Bilodeau
30.  Richie Dearborn
31.  Mark Lindblad

Saturday - 6:55pm ET - Victory lane has been a bit of an odd affair here at Beech Ridge, but Chris Staples doesn't care - he's just happy to be there for his first PASS North Super Late Model victory.  Before victory lane was alloawed to open up, the podium finishers all had to report to tech with their cars to roll over the scales.  Now the fans have been allowed out onto the track to meet the drivers.

Finishing behind Staples were Adam Bates and Kelly Moore.  We're off to get more results and talk to more of the drivers, so we'll have more shortly.

Saturday - 6:39pm ET - Chris Staples has won the 150-lap PASS North race at Beech Ridge.  We'll bring you the full finishing order in a little bit.  Right now, we'll be taking a break to catch up with the drivers and snap a few photos.  Stay tuned.

Saturday - 6:37pm ET - Scott Mulkern has slid off the track, into the turn three dirt, over the banking and off into the woods at Beech Ridge.  That sounds worse than it is really though as the caution didn't even come out for the incident.

Up front, it is still Chris Staples over Adam Bates.

Saturday - 6:36pm ET - Chris Staples is pulling away over Adam Bates.  The battle for third is now between DJ Shaw and Kelly Moore.  Derek Ramstrom lurks in fifth with Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe and Aaron Ricker.

Saturday - 6:35pm ET - Chris Staples has now taken the lead from DJ Shaw.  Adam Bates in now looking to grab second place from Shaw.

Saturday - 6:30pm ET - The caution is out on lap 127 for a spin involving Donnie Whitten and Jay Sands on the bacsktretch.

DJ Shaw is reporting to his team that his car is "junk" on the bottom. Shaw is still leading the race over Chris Staples, Adam Bates, Derek Ramstrom, Kelly Moore, Cassius Clark, Aaron Ricker, Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe and Marty Prevost.

Saturday - 6:27pm ET - Chris Staples caught up to DJ Shaw and looked under him for the lead.  The only problem was that the lapped car of Steve Knowlton was right in the bottom groove as the lead duo came out of turn four.  Knowlton doved into the infield to keep out of the way, but the leaders lost a bit of ground to Adam Bates - who is closing on them.

Saturday - 6:25pm ET - DJ Shaw maintained his lead on the restart.  Adam Bates passed Derek Ramstrom for third and is now battling for Chris Staples for the top spot.  This is allowing Shaw to pull away slightly.

At lap 113, the running order is Shaw, Staples, Bates, Ramstrom and Kelly Moore

Saturday - 6:23pm ET - The caution is out on lap 108 for a backstretch spin by Jay Sands.

DJ Shaw was clinging to the lead over Chris Staples before the caution came out.  His father, 1994 NASCAR Busch North champion Dale Shaw, has come on the radio to reassure DJ that once his tires cool a bit under caution, he should be able to pull away again.  Is that the case or is Shaw cheerleading?  We'll find out shortly.

Saturday - 6:21pm ET - It is go time for Adam Bates.  He has settled into fourth place and is gaining on third-place runner Derek Ramstrom.

Meanwhile, Chris Staples is closing in on race leader DJ Shaw.

Saturday - 6:17pm ET - Mike Thomas has pulled his #25 behind the wall at Beech Ridge.  The skies to the northwest of the track are getting darker, but with less than 60 laps to go in the race, we don't expect to get into a weather situation.

DJ Shaw still leads over Chris Staples, Derek Ramstrom, Cassius Clark, Adam Bates, Kelly Moore, Aaron Ricker, John Flemming and Travis Benjamin.

Saturday - 6:15pm ET - There is still not a functional scoreboard here, but we are somewhere around the healfway mark of the event.

DJ Shaw now leads Chris Staples, Derek Ramstrom, Cassius Clark, Kelly Moore, Adam Bates and Aaron Ricker.  The leaders are working heavy lapped traffic.

Saturday - 6:11pm ET - DJ Shaw has pulled to a nice lead over Derek Ramstrom.  Cassius Clark battled Ramstrom briefly for the runner-up spot, but has now settled back into third over Chris Staples and Kelly Moore.

Saturday - 6:10pm ET - Scott Alexander lost a lap when he got caught in the pits during the restart.

Saturday - 6:07pm ET - The caution is out for a backstretch spin by Steve Knowlton.

Bill Penfold, Scott Chubbuck, Scott Mulkern and Shawn Turple are among those who are putting under caution.

Saturday - 6:06pm ET - DJ Shaw and Derek Ramstrom have pulled away from the field.  Behind them are Cassius Clark and Chris Staples, who are battling hard for third place.

Saturday - 6:05pm ET - 2008 Beech Ridge track champion Bub Bilodeau has pulled his #9 behind the wall and appears to be out of the race.

Saturday - 6:04pm ET - DJ Shaw has now passed Derek Ramstrom for the lead.

Saturday - 6:03pm ET - On the restart, Derek Ramstrom pulled away to maintain his lead.  DJ Shaw moved from fourth to second though in two laps.  He is on the move.

Saturday - 6:02pm ET - The lights are off on the pace car and the race is ready to go back green at lap 48.

Saturday - 6:01pm ET - The caution is out after Richie Dearborn's car erupted in smoke going down the backstretch.  He has now pulled behind the pit wall and his team has gone under the hood of his #33.

There has been no change to the top five runners.

Saturday - 5:59pm ET - Derek Ramstrom is looking like a veteran while making his way through lapped traffic.  Cassius Clark looks to have a quicker car right now, but Ramstrom pulled away slightly by timing traffic well.  Chris Staples runs in third place.  DJ Shaw and Kelly Moore have now caught him in heavy lapped traffic.

Rounding out the current top 10 are Adam Bates, Aaron Ricker, Johnny Clark, Matt Frahm and Tony Ricci.  We are currently at lap 45 of 150.

Saturday - 5:57pm ET - The lead trio of Derek Ramstrom, Cassius Clark and Chris Staples are hitting heavy lapped traffic.

Saturday - 5:55pm ET - Derek Ramstrom still leads, but his margin back to Cassius Clark is thinning.  Chris Staples runs in third place.  A little ways back from those three are DJ Shaw and Aaron Ricker.

The scoreboard is out again, but we are likely around the lap 25 mark currently.

Saturday - 5:50pm ET - The caution is out on lap 17.  For now, the scoreboard is working again.

Johnny Clark has told his team on the radio that he felt that Kelly Moore was a little too rough for him while passing his way into the top 10.

The current top 15 are - Derek Ramstrom, Matt Frahm, Cassius Clark, Chris Staples, Aaron Ricker, DJ Shaw, Adam Bates, Bub Bilodeau, Moore, Bill Rodgers, Johnny Clark, Tony Ricci, Shawn Turple and Richie Dearborn.

Saturday - 5:45pm ET - Derek Ramstrom is pulling away to a healthy lead over Matt Frahm and Cassius Clark.  We are at lap eight at Beech Ridge.

Saturday - 5:43pm ET - Derek Ramstrom has led the first lap of the PASS North feature at Beech Ridge.  Behind him run a trip of relative newcomers - Matt Frahm, Aaron Ricker and Chris Staples.

Saturday - 5:40pm ET - The PASS North Super Late Models are making their pace laps around Beech Ridge.  They will race for 150 green flag laps.

Saturday - 5:30pm ET - Gary Norris, Jr. won the 40-lap PASS Modified feature over Andy Shaw and Jerry Harrison.

Saturday - 5:00pm ET - A long stretch of green flag racing is all that the PASS Sportsmen needed to put on a great show at Beech Ridge.  Mike Landry pulled alongside of Dan McKeage with about 20 laps to go to battle for the lead.  The duo ran side-by-side for several laps before McKeage pulled slightly away.  Landry then got back to McKeage's bumper and the two worked through lapped traffic to decide the victory.  In the end, it was McKeage over Landry and Clyde Hennessey.

In victory lane, Landry's car overheated badly - showing just how lucky he was to make it to the finish.

Saturday - 4:40pm ET - We are partially through a 75-lap PASS Sportsman feature here at Beech Ridge, but we can't tell you quite how partially it is since the scoreboard at the track has broken and no lap count is available in the infield here.  We don't think it is nearly as far along as it seems though, since the race has been caution-plagued so far.

Currently, Dan McKeage leads under heavy pressure from Clyde Hennessey.  Shane Tatro runs third with Miek Landy close behind him.  The top four cars have broken away under one of the longest stretches of green flag racing so far.

Saturday - 4:10pm ET - Mark Lindblad is making his first PASS North start today.  The 25-year-old is going to run a full season of Pro Series events at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway and entered today's race to gain experience and earn respect.

Saturday - 4:07pm ET - PASS Super Late Model car owner Jay Cushman is in attendence today, but he is not fielding a car in the race.

Saturday - 4:05pm ET - PASS South compeitor Jay Fogelman is here today driving the orange #2 PASS Modified owned by PASS official Scott Reed.  In the interest of fairness, and to avoid any conflicts of interest, Reed does not have any duties with the PASS Modified division this season.  he will field his team in a partial schedule of races over the course of the season.

Saturday - 4:02pm ET - The #75 team of Gary Smith told today that they plan on running the first seven PASS North races of the season and will then assess where they are at in performance and points.  Smith, one of the nicest guys in all of racing, has been a part-timer in PASS North over recent season.  His team hails from the Bangor, Maine area.

Saturday - 4:00pm ET - Over the last two days, there has been an open practice session at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) for both the PASS divisions and the weekly Beech Ridge divisions.  Mike Rowe, the winner of last year's first PASS North Super Late Model race here, practiced yesterday with his #24 Pro Series (Super Late Model) owned by Dick Fowler.  The team was happy with their results and was quick.  The only problem was a minor oil leak.  Rowe is not entered in today's PASS North race though and does not plan any races in the series this year.  He will race weekly at Beech Ridge in the Pro Series instead.

Saturday - 3:55pm ET - Here is the finishing order for the second PASS North SLM consi:

1.  Scott Chubbuck
2.  Steve Knowlton
3.  Marty Prevost
4.  Jay Sands
5.  Nick Rabbe
6.  Mike Thomas

Saturday - 3:46pm ET - Consi #1 for the PASS North Super Late Models is now in the books.  Here is the finishing order:

1.  Bill Rodgers
2.  John Flemming
3.  Scott Alexander
4.  Donnie Whitten
5.  Travis Benjamin
6.  Mark Lindblad
7.  Dave Farrington, Jr.

Saturday - 3:38pm ET - Gary Norris, Jr. beat Andy Shaw to win the first of two PASS Modified heat races.

Saturday - 3:35pm ET - Richie Morse, Nate Weston and Mike Landry all won heat races for the PASS Sportsman division.

Saturday - 3:20pm ET - Heat races for the PASS North Super Late Models are now complete.  Everything went clean and green with the exception of a solo spin by John Flemming midway through the second heat races.  Here are the full results:

Heat #1 -

1.  Matt Frahm
2.  Chris Staples
3.  Adam Bates
4.  Shawn Turple
5.  Tony Ricci
6.  Richie Dearborn
7.  Bill Rodgers
8.  Marty Prevost
9.  Jay Sands
10.  Travis Benjamin
11.  Mike Thomas

Heat #2 -

1.  Derek Ramstrom
2.  Bub Bilodeau
3.  Steve Drabowski
4.  Gary Smith
5.  Ben Rowe
6.  Scott Mulkern
7.  Steve Knowlton
8.  John Flemming
9.  Scott Chubbuck
10.  Nick Rabbe
11.  Dave Farrington, Jr.

Heat #3 -

1.  Johnny Clark
2.  Aaron Ricker
3.  Cassius Clark
4.  D.J. Shaw
5.  Kelly Moore
6.  Billy Penfold
7.  Scott Alexander
8.  Donnie Whitten
9.  Mark Lindblad

Saturday - 2:40pm ET - The PASS North Super Late Models are currently lining up for their heat races.  We are over 30 cars strong for today's race and here are the ones that we spotted in the pit area:

0 - Bill Penfold
0 - Shawn Turple
1 - Tony Ricci
04 - Jamie Swallow, Jr.
4 - Ben Rowe
5 - Chris Staples
7 - Donnie Whitten
8 - Cassius Clark
9 - Bub Bilodeau
10 - Steve Knowlton
11 - Marty Prevost
12- Steve Dabrowski
14F - Matt Frahm
17A - Scott Alexander
17 - Travis Benjamin
20 - Steve Lagrande
22 - Aaron Ricker
23 - Dave Farrington, Jr.
25 - Mike Thomas
28 - Mark Lindblad
35 - Derek Ramstrom
36 - Jay Sands
47 - Kelly Moore
53 - Bill Rodgers
54 - Johnny Clark
60 - D.J. Shaw
75 - Gary Smith
77 - Scott Chubbuck
84 - Scott Mulkern
85 - Nick Rabbe
97 - John Flemming
98 - Adam Bates

Saturday - 2:20pm ET - It rained early this morning, but now it is a beautiful day here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) as the PASS North Super Late Models, PASS Modifieds and PASS Sportsman hit the track for their second event of the season.  We'll be here to bring you our Trackside Now coverage of the heat and feature races today.  Stand by for more updates.

If you'd like to chat about this race, or any kind of short track racing, be sure to stop on by Motorsport Lounge and their official Short Track Discussion forum.


Last season, Adam Bates (Top), Johnny Clark (Middle) and Mike Rowe (Bottom) all won PASS North races at Beech Ridge.
ShawnTurple's team goes to work on their #0 Super Late Model.  (51 Photos)
Scott Mulkern backs out of his pit stall to practice.
Bill Penfold is back in PASS North racing with his pink #0.
Adam Bates' #98 SLM.   (51 Photos)
Gary Smith's #75 SLM
Steve Knowlton's #10 SLM
D.J. Shaw's' #60 SLM.   (51 Photos)
Travis Benjamin and his #17 team
Kelly Moore's #47 SLM
Aaron Ricker's #22 SLM
Derek Ramstrom's #35 SLM
Ben Rowe's #4N SLM.   (51 Photos)
Travis Benjamin has a new look to his #17 this season.
Bill Rodgers (#53) and Richie Dearborn (#33) both have plenty of career laps around Beech Ridge. 
Dan McKeage (#38) and Mike Landry (#40) battle for the PASS Sportsman victory.   (51 Photos)
Dan McKeage (Left) and Mike Landry (right)  shake hands in victory's ace photographer Jamie Williams gets ready to shoot victory lane photos in the background.
Dan McKeage is interviewed in victory lane.
Mike Landry's car overheated after the checkered flag.  Note the pool of coolant under it in victory lane.
Third-place finisher Clyde Hennessey sported some cool ghost flames on his #8.
Gary Norris enjoys victory lane after the Modified feature race.  (51 Photos)
Andy Shaw ducks in to offer his congrats to Modified winner Gary Norris, Jr.
Kenny Harrison finished third in the PASS Mod feature.
As the PASS Modifieds were in victory lane, the PASS North teams set up their infield pit areas.
Chris Staples pulls into victory lane a little bit late and then recieves the checkered flag at Beech Ridge.  (51 Photos)
Victory lane turned into a pit party at Beech Ridge.
Aaron Ricker's #22 SLM