Trackside Now: PASS North at Seekonk Speedway
Super Late Models Come to the Cement Palace
Seekonk Speedway - Seekonk, MA
Saturday - 10:20pm ET - We have checked with PASS officials and the unofficial results are not yet available.  So for the time being, we are going to head down into the pit area and catch up with some of the drivers from tonight's race and report to you later this week on just what is on their minds.  We will have full results posted later tonight or first thing in the morning - just as soon as we get our hands on them.  So for now, good night....maybe?

Note - Full unofficial results are now available at

Saturday - 10:03pm ET - Track regular Tom Scully, Jr. has won the PASS North race at Seekonk Speedway (MA) over Ben Rowe, Johnny Clark, Derek Ramstrom and Dave Darling.

Saturday - 9:57pm ET - Ben Rowe and Johnny Clark are now running side by side for second place with 20 laps to go while Tom Scully, Jr. has checked out and enjoys a strong lead.

Saturday - 9:48pm ET - The yellow flag is out for Cassius Clark at lap 93.  He stopped in turn four and drew the caution.  He is now two laps down and could lose a third lap if race officials decide that Clark brought out the caution intentionally.

The current rundown is Tom Scully, Jr. in the lead over Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe, Derek Ramstrom, Dave Darling, Adam Bates, Fred Astle, Rick Martin, Dave Hutchins and Kelly Moore.

Saturday - 9:45pm ET - Tom Scully, Jr. has now taken the lead and is showing the way over Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe, Derek Ramstrom and Dave Darling.

Something is wrong on Cassius Clark's car.  It has dropped off the pace and is sparking heavily.

Saturday - 9:42pm ET - At lap 79, the caution is out for a five-car incident in turn three that included Nick Ribbe, Steve Desmarais, Steven Legendre and John Drabowski.

Saturday - 9:37pm ET - At lap 73, the caution has come out for a spin by Ryan Vanasse.  Meanwhile, Donnie Whitten has headed back into the pit area.

Ray Parent leads, but we've been told that he only has a 14-gallon fuel cell in his Seekonk-legal Pro Stock (Super Late Model) and will likely need to pit for fuel tonight.

Saturday - 9:34pm ET - At lap 63, the caution is out for Donnie Whitten - who got bounced into the turn one wall from a bunch of lead lap cars.  He didn't have much damage though and kept going.  Kelly Moore has gotten the lucky dog pass and is now back on the lead lap.

On the restart, Ray Parent took the lead from Ben Rowe.

Saturday - 9:30pm ET - At lap 55, the caution is out again for a turn two tangle that included Craig Weinstein, Ryan Vanasse and others.

Ben Rowe has taken the lead over Ray Parent, Dave Hutchins, Johnny Clark and Tom Scully, Jr.

DJ Shaw, Derek Ramstrom, Dave Darling, Cassius Clark and Rick Martin are currently rounding out the top ten.

Kelly Moore has gone one lap down due to being caught in the pits as the green flag came back out.

Donnie Whitten is limping around with damage to his #7 Super Late Model.

Saturday - 9:26pm ET - Mike Thomas has spun again.  This time on lap 48 and on the backstretch.

Saturday - 9:23pm ET - Scott Alexander spun his #17 in turn four on lap 38.  He gets points for getting going and not drawing a caution.  But he also loses a few for pulling out right in front of a battle for the lead between Dave Hutchins and Ben Rowe.  The leaders got by without any trouble though and all is well.  We're still clean and green here at Seekonk.

Hutchins still leads, but is under heavy fire from Rowe.  DJ Shaw has settled into third place with Ray Parent and Tom Scully, Jr. rounding out the top five.

Saturday - 9:18pm ET - Craig Weinstein and Mike Thomas tangled in turn four and brought out another caution.  This one has come at lap 28.

Dave Hutchins still leads.

Saturday - 9:16pm ET - Mike Thomas has looped his #25 Super Late Model - bringing out the caution again on lap 21.

Dave Hutchins currently leads DJ Shaw, Ben Rowe, Ray Parent, Derek Ramstrom, Tom Scully, Jr., David Darling, Kelly Moore, Rick Martin, Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, Steve Desmarais, Steve Legendre, Chris Ross and Fred Astle.

We are at lap 21 and the race has just got back to green with Hutchins staying clearly out front for now.

Saturday - 9:09pm ET - The race went back green, but then went yellow again on lap 11.  This caution was for the stopped car of Richie Dearborn, who had been very slow on the track.  Dearborn then stopped in turn two, right in front of where PASS Race Director Tom Mayberry is reportedly stationed for the race.  Dearborn got going again right when the caution came out.  PASS officials did not like that move and penalized Dearborn one lap.

Dave Hutchins still leads over DJ Shaw.

Saturday - 9:05pm ET - Kelly Moore and Joey Pole got together while battling for the lead and both spun in turn four.  Pole then got hit by Tom Scully, Sr.  Moore has gotten going again, but Pole and Scully have both fallen off the lead lap.  Adam Bates also spun while trying to avoid the mess.

Right now, Dave Hutchins is in the lead over DJ Shaw, Ray Parent, Ben Rowe, Derek Ramstrom, Dave Darling, Cassius Clark, Tom Scully, Jr., Rick Martin and Kelly Moore.

We are currently working lap seven - under caution.

Saturday - 9:02pm ET - Kelly Moore has pulled to the early lead in the PASS North race here at Seekonk.  Ben Rowe and Derek Ramstrom both started outside the top 10 due to having won a PASS North feature this year, but they are both solidly in the top 10 at this point.

Travis Benjamin's car is smoking.

Saturday - 8:58pm ET - The command to start engines has been given and 150 green flag laps of PASS North racing is up next.

Saturday - 8:55pm ET - The track is cleaned up and the PASS North Super Late Models are now heading out onto the track.  There will be in-car driver introductions, so it shouldn't be long until the race gets going.

There is a line-up change for tonight.  After flipping his Late Model, Kevin Casper is not going to start the PASS North race and Ryan Vanasse will now drive in his place - starting in the 28th and final position due to the driver change.

Kelly Moore is starting on the pole with Joey Pole joining him on the outside of the front row.

Saturday - 8:35pm ET - Gerry DeGasparre won a wild Late Model feature here at Seekonk Speedway by inches over former ACT Late Model regular Ryan Vanasse.  It is DeGasparre's third victory of the season and he was able to take the lead from Vanasse after a green-white-checkered finish.

At the finish, Kevin Casper and Jimmy Rossenfield got together and Casper flipped at the start finish line.  His car ended up on its roof and he had a hard time getting out as a result.  But Casper was not injured and will compete in the 150-lap PASS North show very shortly.

There is however going to be quite a bit of clean-up on the track with an upside-down car and plenty of speedy-dry needed to be cleaned up before the PASS North machines stage for their maine event.

Saturday - 8:05pm ET - The PASS Super Late Models are getting lined up in the pit area right now for their 150-lap feature as the weekly Late Models hit the track at Seekonk Speedway for their 30-lap feature race.  Here are a few pit notes from this evening:

-  Seekonk Speedway is a special place for Joey Pole as this is where he won his first career ACT Late Model feature.  Pole is now contending for the championship on that tour, but this weekend is a break in that schedule so he is here tonight running the #97 Super Late Model.  Pole looked strong in his heat race and is hoping for a top ten finish tonight.

Derek Ramstrom is working without a net here tonight.  His trailer went to Lime Rock Park where he ran the NASCAR Camping World East Series race earlier today, so his #35 Super Late Model came to Seekonk on an open trailer behind his father Rick's pick-up truck.  They have no pit box and very few spare parts, but aren't letting that slow them down one bit.  Ramstrom won his heat race.

Cassius Clark flew up to New England from his new home in North Carolina last night.  He's racing here tonight at Seekonk and will stay up in Maine this week to work on his #8 Super Late Model at his father's son.

Johnny Clark, DJ Shaw and Travis Benjamin are all planning to heat to Wiscasset Raceway (ME) tomorrow to run their Super Late Models in the big money Center of Speed 300 open show that is taking place there.

Saturday - 6:55pm ET - Derek Ramstrom won the third and final heat race for the PASS North Super Late Models over a gaggle of Seekonk regulars.  Ramstrom won over Dave Hutchins, Dave Darling, Ray Parent and Tom Scully, Jr.

All 28 entrants in tonight race will be gridded for tonight's feature event.  There will be nobody going home early.

We're going to take some time away from the keyboard here to check out what is going on in the Seekonk pit area.

Saturday - 6:40pm ET -  The second heat race for the PASS North Super Late Models is now complete and it started out as a much cleaner race.  Then on the white flag lap, Fred Astle spun his #30 while battling for the second position with Joey Pole.  Astle then collected the #20 car of Steve Legendre in turn four and the caution came out.

Kelly Moore checked out on the field in the first half of the qualifier.  He had up to a full straightaway lead before the lap 11 caution flew.  On the restart, Moore pulled away again and easily won.

Joey Pole barely edged Tom Scully, Sr. for the second position with Travis Benjamin and Nick Ribbe rounding out the top five finishers.

Saturday - 6:40pm ET -  Scott Alexander led the first four laps of the first PASS North heat races, but Ben Rowe used the outside lane to get by and pull away to the victory after that.  Meanwhile, there was plenty of bumping and banging between Alexander and Cassius Clark while battling for second place.  It appeared that Clark nipped Alexander at the line for that position and then there was a little bit of bumping between the two again on the cool-down lap.  DJ Shaw finished fourth, but he also appeared to be a bit unhappy, possibly with Johnny Clark, on his cool-down lap.

Richie Dearborn looped his #33 in the heat race after some close racing with Johnny Clark on lap 10 of the 12-lap qualifier.

Saturday - 6:36pm ET -  PASS North heat races are set to begin with Scott Alexander and Kevin Casper making up the front row at heat race number one.

Saturday - 6:35pm ET -  We just found out that the PASS North event isn't the only race of sorts in Southern Massachusetts today.  Over in Mansfield, the Fifth Annual PETCO Chihuahua races took place with the Boston Globe reporting that three-year-old "Roo" of Portland, Connecticut winning the big race.'s mascot chihuahua "Ginger" was not entered.

There's no word if this dog race contributed to the big traffic jam heading to Seekonk today or not.

Saturday - 6:25pm ET -  One interesting thing about Seekonk Speedway is that when touring series like PASS North come here, the teams "pit" in what is actually a portion of the parking lot.  That might sound like a hassle, but it works pretty well as the area is both spacious and paved.  It also gives a few well-versed fans a chance to see the pit area happenings firsthand if they stay out of the way of cars pulling in and out of the work area.

Saturday - 6:10pm ET -  Derek Ramstrom is going to be racing his #35 Super Late Model tonight after Seekonk Late Model hotshoe Gerry DeGasparre practiced it today.  Ramstrom was at Connecticut's Lime Rock Park running in the NASCAR Camping World East Series race there.  The teen's first ever road course start resulted in a fine 12th-place finish.

Saturday - 6:05pm ET -  If our updates today are a little bit spotty, it is because our wireless Internet coverage is spotty at times.  The cellular service that advertises "More Bars in More Places" isn't exactly lying when it comes to wireless coverage at Seekonk.  We have one full bar of signal out of a possible five.  You might think that we were at a rural track somewhere with this kind of signal, but believe it or not, we are only 10 minutes from downtown Providence, Rhode Island!

Saturday - 6:00pm ET -  Welcome to Seekonk Speedway (MA) for the first ever PASS North Super Late Model race scheduled at the quarter-mile oval known as the "Cement Palace" for its concrete bleacher stands.  It is a toasty day here in Massachusetts.  The thermometer in the car showed up to 99 degrees on the ride down here, but it has cooler to a somewhat cooler setting in the high 80's now.  Keep in mind, this is New England and it doesn't usually get quite this warm here.  The humidity is high too, so teams are going through a lot of water here today.

Some of those teams had a bit of a hard time making it to the track today.  To get here from Maine, you have to pass through Foxboro, Massachusetts - home of Gillette Stadium.  While it is still a bit early for the New England Patriots NFL team to be playing, there is a Kenny Chesney concert there today and that caused traffic delays of epic proportions for everyone from team members to officials.  Everyone is filtering into the track now though and the show will go on.

Scott Alexander spun in practice today a few times, but did not hit anything.

There are 28 cars on hand tonight and PASS North has gotten a healthy amount of support from the Seekonk Pro Stock (Super Late Model regular).  Here is who is here:

2 - Tom Scully, Jr.
3 - Tom Scully, Sr.
4 - Ben Rowe
4 - Chris Ross
6 - Steve Desmarais
7 - Donnie Whitten
8 - Cassius Clark
12 - John Drabrowski
17 - Travis Benjamin
17p - Ray Parent
17A - Scott Alexander
20 - Steve Legendre
25 - Mike Thomas
30 - Fred Astle
33 - Richie Dearborn
35 - Derek Ramstrom
47 - Kelly Moore
52 - Dave Darling
54 - Johnny Clark
58 - Kevin Casper
60 - DJ Shaw
85 - Nick Ribbe
88 - Rick Martin
90 - Craig Weinstein
95 - Steve O'Brien
96 - Dave Hutchins
97 - Joey Pole
98 - Adam Bates

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The pit area of Seekonk drivers Tom Scully Sr. and Jr.
The Cement Palace - Seekonk Speedway.   (51 Photos)
The pit area at Seekonk.
Kevin Casper's Late Model sits on its roof after his feature event.  (51 Photos)
Tom Scully, Jr. pulls into victory lane at Seekonk.  (51 Photos)