Making History By Leading Points in PASS North
and South is a Blessing and a Curse for Ben Rowe
What Does He Do When Both Tours Race on One Weekend?
By Mike Twist, Jason Buckley and Tina Theriault

Never before has one driver led the point standings in both the PASS North and PASS South Super Late Model divisions...and after this weekend, that might happen never again.

Currently, Ben Rowe leads both sets of standings as each season is now five races old.  Rowe has a pair of wins down South and a pair of wins up North so far.   Not much surprises Rowe anymore - he's won 34 PASS North races, three PASS South races, four PASS North titles, three Oxford 250s and led over 2,500 PASS North laps in his career.  Still, he's proud of his current standing in PASS racing.

“Well it's quite a big deal for us, especially this far into the season,” said Rowe.

Rowe has a bit of a problem this weekend though.  On Saturday, PASS South is in Georgia for a race at New Senoia Speedway.  On Sunday, they are running a Father's Day event at Unity Raceway in Maine.  Since Rowe runs both tours for the Maine-based Richard Moody Racing team, some tough decisions will have to be made.

“We said we were going to keep going South until we get knocked out of the points and mainly focus on the North,” said Rowe.  “But this weekend, it's going to be tough.  I know they're calling for rain up here [in Maine], and we were going to be down in Georgia.  [Now] We're focusing on the Unity race and if I can find a ride down there or at least start the race to keep up in the points then were going to continue to try to win both championships.”

Splitting the RMR team up to tackle both races is not an attractive option for the team.

“We have two cars, but it's just we do it with all the same crew.  All the same guys go back and forth and it's just hard flying everyone back the cost would be outrageous and we do it with one crew, one hauler, basically like that.”

So Rowe is ride-shopping for the Georgia event.  As of yet though, he hasn't lined anything up for sure.

“Right now, I've talked to a few people, but as of now were not going to Georgia we've just been focused on Unity, things change daily and hourly, basically,” said Rowe with a laugh.  “I know they're calling for rain all week up here so I don't know, maybe we'll just take the chance and go south and hope it rains or something like that I don't really know yet.  Everything is kind of up in the air for the South race.”

If Rowe can make it through the weekend without throwing away his title hopes in both series, he expects it to be smoother sailing for the rest of this season.

“This is the only tough weekend,” said Rowe.  “If we can get through this weekend, then like I said, maybe taking a green or parking or something just to take the green, and then I'll fly back myself and run Unity Sunday.  Once we get through this weekend I think we can make the rest of them.”

So Rowe isn't giving up hope for any PASS titles - North, South and/or National - yet.

“I think we have a chance.  I think we have a chance to win every race.  This team is just great behind me.  It's a lot of hard work doing both series, actually all three series, but were just having a lot of fun we got off a little bit in the North in the beginning of the season, and tried a bunch of different things, we tested and I think we're getting that straightened out.

“Right now were at the top and someone has got to step up and beat us, but I mean if we can keep doing what we're doing it appears that we can do it, which would be an incredible feat.  I mean to win one series is hard, but to do both or even three would be incredible.”

And how Rowe goes about taking a shot at three Super Late Model titles might be just as incredible too.

Ben Rowe is leading the points in PASS North (Top - Jamie WIlliams Photo) and in PASS South (Bottom - 51 Photo), but his #4 car is likely only going to be in one place this weekend...probably.