Trackside Now: TD Banknorth 250 - Raceday
Sunday, 7/19/09  - Eddie Mac Wins the Oxford 250
Oxford Plains Speedway - Oxford, Maine
Sunday, 10:20pm ET - Eddie MacDonald has become the first Massachusetts driver since Tom Rosati win the TD Banknorth 250 and only the third in the history of the race.  MacDonald earned a check of $35,200 dollars for leading over 100 laps on the way to victory.  We will have much more on later this week.  That's all from Oxford, goodnight.

Unofficial Results
1. Eddie MacDonald
2. Patrick Laperle
3. John Donahue
4. Brian Hoar
5. Shawn Martin
6. Brent Dragon
7. Ben Rowe
8. Cris Michaud
9. Brad Leighton
10. Travis Stearns
11. Travis Adams
12. Shawn Knight
13. Joey Laquerre
14. Scott Dragon
15. Joey Pole
16. Nick Sweet
17. Karl Allard
18. Glen Luce
19. Ricky Rolfe
20. Eric Williams
21. Steven Wallace
22. Randy Potter
23. Scott Robbins
24. Doug Coombs
25. Ben Ashline
26. Corey Morgan
27. Joey Becker
28. Don Wentworth
29. Jimmy Childs
30. Pete Potvin III
31. Jeff White
32. Kenny Harrison
33. Kenny Wallace
34. Carey Martin
35. Brad Hammond
36. Pete Sheppard
37. Donald Theetge
38. Tommy Ricker
39. Larry Gelinas
40. Billy Childs Jr.
41. Al Hammond
42. Quinny Welch
43.  Tim Brackett

Sunday, 8:41pm ET - Eddie MacDonald is the winner of the 2009 TD Banknorth Oxford 250 over Patrick Laperle, John Donahue, Brian Hoar and Shawn Martin.

In approximately 30 minutes, Speed 51 Radio will host a special post-race radio show from the Oxford pit area. It can be heard on  Be sure to tune in.  We're going off line right now to catch up with some of the players in today's race and get ready for the radio show.  Later this evening, be sure to check back for a full field rundown from the 250.

Sunday, 8:39pm ET - Eddie MacDonald has won the Oxford 250 over Patrick Laperle.

Sunday, 8:37pm ET - Patrick Laperle may have used his tires up.  Eddie MacDonald is pulling away from him right now.  But there is double-file lapped traffic ahead.  There are only five laps to go.

Sunday, 8:35pm ET - There are 13 laps to go and this is shaping up to be a great race between leader Eddie MacDonald and Patrick Laperle - who is gaining on him quickly.

Sunday, 8:32pm ET - There are 25 laps to go.  Eddie MacDonald is leading, but Patrick Laperle is gaining on him.  Will Laperle have enough time to catch him?  If he does catch him, can he pass MacDonald?

Sunday, 8:28pm ET - Eddie MacDonald had a great restart and continues to lead.

Sunday, 8:24pm ET - Kenny Harrison has spun again on lap 212.  This happened right in front of leader Eddie MacDonald.  The track announcer is now wondering if Harrison will get parked due to the "three strikes, you're out" rule.  He has now been involved in three incidents tonight.

Eddie MacDonald leads Patrick Laperle, Brian Hoar, John Donahue and Brad Leighton.

Sunday, 8:21pm ET - Kenny Wallace slowed on the track and instead of pulling into the infield pits, he just completely exited the track.  He will probably be done for the day and likely headed to the airport.

Sunday, 8:19pm ET - Ricky Rolfe slid off the track in turn four.  He didn't spin or hit anything though and the green flag stayed out.

Sunday, 8:17pm ET - Kenny Harrison looped his #48 in a cloud of smoke down the straightaway.  He then pulled back onto the track in turn one directly in front of the leaders.  Things got exciting for a moment, but everyone got away unharmed. 

Sunday, 8:15pm ET - The ninth caution of the race is out thanks to an incident between Carey Martin and Kenny Harrison in turn one.  We're at lap 183.

The rundown of the top 15 is as follows: Eddie MacDonald, Patrick Laperle, Brian Hoar, John Donahue, Shawn Martin, Brad Leighton, Shawn Knight, Travis Adams, Joey Laquerre, Scott Dragon, Brent Dragon, Travis Sterns, Ben Rowe, Cris Micaud and Kenny Wallace.  We believe that these are the only lead lap cars left.

Joey Pole, who is one lap down, has pitted under this caution.

Sunday, 8:08pm ET - On the restart, Eddie MacDonald has taken over the lead from Brian Hoar.  Patrick Laperle is now looking to take away second place.

Sunday, 8:05pm ET - Apparantly, the car of Brad Hammond is not damaged as bad as first thought.  After some help from the safety crew, he got the car fired up and drove away.  he has pitted, but appears to be able to continue.  Ben Rowe gave up the third position to pit as well.  Kenny Wallace has also pitted.

We are now hearing that Rowe pitted to top up his tank.  He lost an Oxford 250 once by running out of fuel, so this insurance move is a smart one for him.

Patrick Laperle has reported to his team that the #91 car is tight.

Eddie MacDonald is apparantly happy with his car.  He is not saying much at all to his team.

Sunday, 8:02pm ET - The green flag is back out, but a tire has gone down on the #57 of Doug Coombs.  he limped to the infield.

Jimmy Childs stopped on the track too, but he got going without bringing out the caution.

But Brad Hammond did bring out the caution.  He hit the wall hard on the backstretch to bring out the eighth caution of the race.  His window net is down and he appears to be okay, but the car is heavily damaged.

Sunday, 8:00pm ET - Nick Sweet has spun coming out of turn two while battling with the leader.  We thought that Sweet was on the lead lap, as did most of the press box.  But the track was scoring him as having lost a lap in the pits, or as the track announced has said, "he is believed to have lost a lap in the pits". 

That is now a moot point since he spun and brought out the caution. 

Joey Pole did not get back on the lead lap.

Currently, at lap 165, it is Brian Hoar over Eddie MacDonald, Ben Rowe, Cris Michaud and Shawn Knight.

We believe that the next lead lap cars are Shawn Martin, Travis Adams, John Donahue, Brad Leighton and Brent Dragon.

Strike that, Michaud has just pitted.  That moves Scott Dragon into the top 10 unoffically.

Sunday, 7:53pm ET - Donald Theetge has slid off track on the backstretch.  He had been running in the top 10.  This incident did not bring out the caution.

We are working lap 157 and are in the pattern of a nice green run.  The best battle on the track is with Joey Pole battling leader Brian Hoar in an effort to get back on the lead lap.

Sunday, 7:46pm ET - While battling for the lead, Joey Pole slid way up the track in turn four.  He appeared to be headed straight into the wall, but somehow saved it.  It looked like he might have almost kept it on the lead lap as well, but the race director ruled that he had lost one lap to leader Brian Hoar before the caution came out.  We are currently at lap 135.

The current top 10 is Brian Hoar, Ben Rowe, Cris Michaud, Nick Sweet, Doug Coombs, Shawn Knight, Shawn Martin, Donald Theetge, Eddie MacDonald and Patrick Laperle.

Sunday, 7:44pm ET - Larry Gelinas has now coasted into the pits.

Sunday, 7:43pm ET - Tommy Ricker is behind the pit wall.

Sunday, 7:42pm ET - The team cars of John Donahue and Steve Wallace are sharing a pit crew today.

Sunday, 7:36pm ET - The fifth caution of the day is out to fish Larry Gelinas out of the mud off turns three and four.  Gelinas got off the track and slid into a large puddle of mud and rainwater.  A wrecker, a tractor and an SUV with a push plate was sent out to help Gelinas.  The driver of that Chevy Tahoe got brave and actually pushed Gelinas out of the mud without getting stuck.

Travis Adams had also slid high and slightly off the track in turn four.  He kicked up dust, but kept trucking on.

The current rundown is Brian Hoar over Joey Pole, Ben Rowe, Cris Michaud, Shawn Knight, Shawn Martin and Donald Theetge.

John Donahue has pitted under this caution, along with Brad Leighton, Brad Hammond, Ricky Rolfe and of course Larry Gelinas.

We're currently at lap 134 of 250.

Sunday, 7:29pm ET - Just about everyone who had not pitted has come in for service on this lap 129 caution.  Among those pitting were Eddie MacDonald, Brad Leighton, Brent Dragon, John Donahue, Brad Hammond, Patrick Laperle, Randy Potter, Pete Potvin, Larry Gelinas and Travis Adams.

Billy Childs, Jr. has pulled behind the pit wall.

The top five on the restart will be Brian Hoar, Ben Rowe, Joey Pole, Nick Sweet and Cris Michaud.

Sunday, 7:24pm ET - The caution has come out on lap 129 for the slow car of Al Hammond.  Expect many of the leaders to pit.

Sunday, 7:23pm ET - While working lapped traffic, Patrick Laperle and John Donahue got together.  Donahue went sideways and Laperle backed off to let him gather it back up.  That allowed Eddie MacDonald to close up.  A little bit of close competition came next and now MacDonald is leading at lap 123 over Donahue and Laperle.   Behind them are Brent Dragon and Brad Leighton.

Sunday, 7:21pm ET - Patrick Laperle has taken the lead by a fender on lap 113.  John Donahue is hanging tough on the outside though to try and retake the lead.

There is three-wide racing throughout the field.

Sunday, 7:17pm ET - Right now, Brian Hoar looks to have the quickest car on the racetrack.  Under the last caution, he pitted but has now made his way back into the top ten.

Sunday, 7:14pm ET - On the restart, John Donahue went high to block Brent Dragon for the lead.  That led Patrick Laperle dive under them both to battle for the lead.  They ran three-wide for a lap and have since strung out with donahue leading Laperle and Dragon currently at lap 95.

Tommy Ricker slid off the turn two banking and rejoined the field, but lost a lap in the process.

Sunday, 7:12pm ET - The top five have stayed out on the track, but many other lead lap cars have pitted under caution.

Those competitors include Nick Sweet, Scott Robbins, Brian Hoar, Ben Rowe, Kenny Wallace, Tommy Ricker, Cris Michaud, Joey Pole and Karl Allard.

At lap 91, it is currently John Donahue ahead of Brent Dragon, Patrick Laperle, Eddie MacDonald and Brad Leighton.

Sunday, 7:08pm ET - Lapped traffic set up a great battle for the lead.  It went four wide with various lapped cars alongside the lead cars of John Donahue, Brent Dragon and Patrick Laperle.  Donahue emerged as the leader.

Pete Potvin has gone a lap down.

Quinney Wlech has pulled behind the pit wall.

Al Hammond has slid off the turn four banking.  It is now lap 91.

Sunday, 7:05pm ET - At lap 80, Patrick Laperle and John Donahue have caught Brent Dragon for the lead.  Dragon has been slowed while trying to lap Eric Williams, who has been very stubborn to pass.

Joey Becker has pitted under green.

Sunday, 7:02pm ET - Jimmy Childs tried to dive bomb Joey Becker going into turn three.  It didn't work, as Childs got all kinds of sideways as a result.  But he saved the car and shot back onto the track at the bottom of a four-wide line.  Nobody wrecked or spun and the race goes on.

Tommy Ricker has just gotten into the top 10.

Brent Dragon still enjoys a healthy lead over Patrick Laperle and John Donahue.  We're at lap 73.

Sunday, 7:00pm ET - Randy Potter and Quinney Welch have both gone one lap down.  Corey Morgan and Ricky Rolfe are only about 20 car lengths from getting lapped by Brent Dragon as well.

Sunday, 6:58pm ET - Brent Dragon had three-wide lapped traffic right in front of him and that has allowed Patrick Laperle to close up on him.  Dragon is now working through that lapped traffic.  Pete Shepherd has gone one lap down, as has Jimmy Childs.  Kenny Harrison has gone a second lap down now.  We're on lap 60.

Sunday, 6:54pm ET - The battle for second is now three wide - with Patrick Laperle on the bottom, John Donahue in the middle and Eddie MacDonald on the outside.

Joey Pole just slowed briefly after contact with Brian Hoar.  He gathered the car back up and now all is well.

Brent Dragon has pulled out to a very nice lead.  We're working lap 49 currently.

Sunday, 6:52pm ET - The green is back out.  Patrick Laperle has moved into third at lap 33.

Brent Dragon and Eddie MacDonald are beating and banging for the lead.

Tim Brackett has returned to the track.

Sunday, 6:51pm ET - Carey Martin has pitted again under caution.

Sunday, 6:50pm ET - The top 10 has not changed since our last rundown.

Sunday, 6:45pm ET - Kenny Harrison and Don Wentworth have pitted under caution.

Sunday, 6:42pm ET - That attempt at a restart did not work out well.  Jeff White seemed to have a mechanical failure on his #50 and spun out of turn four.  The caution came out, but the field stacked up while trying to slow down in turn three coming around to meet the car of White.  Several cars went up over the backstretch berm - including Kenny Harrison.  Everyone kept going except for White, who was very visibly mad at his car.

Harrison then stalled under caution and needed a push truck to get going.  He went a lap down while that happened.

Meanwhile, Tim Brackett has pulled his car behind the pit wall.  The hood is up and he appears to be done for the night.

White has now been towed in and it appears that the rear end assembly on that car is askew.

Brent Dragon still leads.

Sunday, 6:38pm ET - The caution is out on lap 32 for the stopped car of Don Wentworth.  Wentworth appeared to have a flat tire as a result of a turn one and two incident also involving Steve Wallace. 

Currently, the top ten are Brent Dragon over Eddie MacDonald, Cris Michaud, Patrick Laperle, Travis Sterns, John Donahue, Joey Pole, Brian Hoar, Brad Leighton and Travis Adams.

Positions 11-15 are Nick Sweet, Tim Brackett, Shawn Knight, Billy Childs and donald Theetge.

The top 20 runners are rounded out by Al Hammond, Tommy Ricker, Joey Laquerre, Brad Hammond and Larry Gelinas.

21st is Kenny Harrison and behind him are Pete Potvin, Scott Dragon, Corey Morgan and Ben Rowe.

Quinney Welch pitted under that caution and the hood went up on his car.  He is now back on the track.

Sunday, 6:36pm ET - Jimmy Childs made contact with Glen Luce while battling deep in the field.  Luce saved his #7 Late Model and did not spin or bring out a caution.

At lap 25, it is currently Brent Dragon, Eddie MacDonald, Cris Michaud, Travis Sterns and Patrick Leperle.

Luce has gone one lap down due to his incident.  Ben Asheline has also been lapped.  Now Joey Becker has been lapped as well. 

Sunday, 6:31pm ET - At lap 15, it is now Brent Dragon back out front.  He edged by Eddie MacDonald for the lead on the outside.

Sunday, 6:30pm ET - The green flag is out for the TD Banknorth Oxford 250.  Brent Dragon led the first two laps, while Eddie MacDonald has slid his way into second place.

On lap three, there was slight contact between MacDonald and Dragon.  On lap four, Carey Martin and Jeff White both slowed on the track.  Martin went to pit road.  White stayed out and is still on the lead lap.

On lap five, Eddie Macdonald took the lead.  He is now racked up $100 in lap money for each lap led.

Martin is back out on the track - several laps down.

Sunday, 6:25pm ET - The national anthems have been sung and the engines have been fired.  There are 43 Late Models rolling off right now for pace laps and the 2009 version of the TD Banknorth 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) is almost ready to begin.

Sunday, 6:05pm ET - Driver introductions are underway and the 2009 running of the TD Banknorth 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) is almost ready to roll.  Here is the starting grid for tonight's race:

1.  Brent Dragon
2.  Travis Sterns
3.  Eddie MacDonald
4.  Cris Michaud
5.  Travis Adams
6.  John Donahue
7.  Brian Hoar
8.  Brad Leighton
9.  Nick Sweet
10.  Donald Theetge
11.  Shawn Knight
12.  Joey Pole
13.  Jeff White
14.  Tim Brackett
15.  Joey Laquerre
16.  Patrick Laperle
17.  Billy Childs, Jr.
18.  Quinney Welch
19.  Kenny Harrison
20.  Al Hammond
21.  Scott Dragon
22.  Tommy Ricker
23.  Pete Potvin, III
24.  Ricky Rolfe
25.  Larry Gelinas
26.  Corey Morgan
27.  Pete Shepherd, III
28.  Brad Hammond
29.  Shawn Martin
30.  Randy Potter
31.  Glen Luce
32.  Ben Rowe
33.  Jimmy Childs
34.  Joe Becker
35.  Carey Martin
36.  Don Wentworth
37.  Kalr Allard
38.  Doug Coombs
39.  Eric Williams
40.  Ben Asheline
41.  Scott Robbins
42.  Kenny Wallace
43.  Steve Wallace

Sunday - 5:05pm ET - Eric Williams has won the final last chance race for the TD Banknorth Oxford 250.  He barely edged out Nick Brown.  Williams will now make the race.  Brown will not.

Chip Grenier, Yvon Bedard and Gary Chaisson also will not make the starting field.

Ben Asheline will receive a provisional for being the highest finishing OPS Late Model points driver.  Scott Robbins will receive a provisional for being a previous 250 winner.  Kenny Wallace and Steve Wallace will receive NASCAR nationwide Series provsionals...oops...we meant promoter option provisionals....and will start at the rear of the field.

Sunday - 5:00pm ET - Doug Coombs won the second last chance race and has earned a spot in the TD Banknorth 250.  Those not advancing and headed home early are Ricky Morse, Kurt Hewins, Ben Asheline, Scott Luce, Steve Wallace, Mike Johnson and Wayne Helliwell, Jr.

Asheline might be in line for the Oxford Late Model points provisional.  We strongly suspect that Wallace will be awarded a promoter's option.

Sunday - 4:48pm ET - Karl Allard won the first last chance race and has earned his entry into the TD Banknorth Oxford 250.  Aaron Ricker came just a foot or so short of beating Allard and he'll go home early.

Also not making the show are Trampas Demers, Dale Verrill, Dave MacDonald, JR Robinson, Michael Pope and Earl Tripp

Sunday - 4:42pm ET - There are ten cars lined up for the first of three last chance races.  Only the winner will advance and Karl Allard will lead them to the green.

Sunday - 4:33pm ET - Tommy Tompkins has won the Strictly Stock feature.  The last chance Late Model races are up next.

Sunday - 4:20pm ET - Pete Shepherd, III won the third consi race for the TD Banknorth Oxford 250 over Randy Potter, Billy Childs and Don Wentworth.  Those four drivers advanced to the feature.

Not in the show yet are Nick Brown, Kenny Wallace and Eric Williams.

Sunday - 4:15pm ET - On lap four, Josh St. Clair and Nick Brown spun in turn two - bringing out the caution again.

Scott Robbins has pulled off the track and might be out of this consi.  He is elgible for a previous race winner's provisonal though.

Sunday - 4:10pm ET - On the second attempt at a first lap of the third consi race, Nick Brown got spun around in turn four and brought out the caution.

Sunday - 4:05pm ET - On the first lap of the third and final consi, Sam Caron went spinning around on the backstretch and took a wild ride into the two backstretch walls.  He hit the main wall once and then spun into the other wall on the other side of the pit entrance.  The car took a hard hit, but Caron is okay.

Sunday - 4:00pm ET - Corey Morgan has won the second consi race over Shawn Martin, Ben Rowe and Carey Martin.

The top four advanced to the feature.  Those who were outside the top four included Ben Asheline, Doug Coombs, Scott Luce, Wayne Helliwell, Jr., Steve Wallace, Joey Doiron and Ricky Morse.

Sunday - 3:55pm ET - Gerald Parlin has also spun in the second consi race.  This happened on lap 11 of 20 and it did bring out the caution.

Sunday - 3:51pm ET - Mike Johnson and Kurt Hewins have both spun in the first nine laps of the second consi race.  Johnson did not bring out a caution for his adventure.  Hewins did.

Right now, Corey Morgan, Ben Rowe, Shawn Martin and Doug Coombs are in transfer positions.

Sunday - 3:48pm ET - Larry Gelinas won the first consi race for the TD Banknorth Oxford 250 over Brad Hammond, Glen Luce and Joey Becker.  Those four drivers have all made it into the starting field.

Among those who did not advance, and only have a final last chance race to get the job done and make the show, are Karl Allard, Trampas Demers, Michael Pope, Tony Ricci and Aaron Ricker.

Sunday - 3:40pm ET - We are under caution on lap six of the first consi race.  Michael Pope spun and then stalled in turn three after contact from Tony Ricci.

Up front, it is Larry Gelinas, Dave MacDonald, Joey Becker and Glen Luce in transfer spots.

Sunday - 3:25pm ET - On lap two of the first consi race, Tony Ricci got into the rear of Aaron Ricker and sent him spinning in turn four.  The race is now under caution with Ricker restarting in the rear after getting his car pointed in the right direction.

Matt Sanborn did not make the call for the starting grid of this race.

Sunday - 3:25pm ET - As we are waiting for the consi races to roll off, here is the line-up so far...with the remainder of the field for the TD Banknorth Oxford 250 to be determined by consi races, last chance races and provisionals.

1.  Brent Dragon
2.  Travis Sterns
3.  Eddie MacDonald
4.  Cris Michaud
5.  Travis Adams
6.  John Donahue
7.  Brian Hoar
8.  Brad Leighton
9.  Nick Sweet
10.  Donald Theetge
11.  Shawn Knight
12.  Joey Pole
13.  Jeff White
14.  Tim Brackett
15.  Joey Laquerre
16.  Patrick Laperle
17.  Billy Childs, Jr.
18.  Quinney Welch
19.  Kenny Harrison
20.  Al Hammond
21.  Scott Dragon
22.  Tommy Ricker
23.  Pete Potvin, III
24.  Ricky Rolfe

Sunday - 3:19pm ET - Bob Guptill has won the Mini Stock feature.  The consi races for the Late Models are up next.

Sunday - 2:58pm ET - John Donahue easily won the sixth and final heat race.  The wraps up round one qualifying heat races for the TD Banknorth 250.  here are the top finishers.  Remember - the top four qualify and the rest of the finishers go to consi races.  We are going to regroup a little bit during the break before the consi races.

1.  John Donahue
2.  Joey Pole
3.  Quinney Welch
4.  Ricky Rolfe
5.  Jimmy Childs
6.  Don Wentworth
7.  Scott Robbins
8.  Kenny Wallace
9.  Yvon Bedard
10.  Sam Caron
11.  Josh St. Clair

Sunday - 2:50pm ET -Yvon Bedard looped his #9Q on lap four of the sixth heat race.  Scott Robbins came along and slammed into him while Don Wentworth spun by himself a few lanes up the track. 

Sunday - 2:45pm ET - Travis Adams, the point leader of the weekly Late Models at Oxford, won the fifth heat race.  But the star of the show was Billy Childs, Jr. who started on the back row and used the outside to truck along into the third finishing position.  Here are the results of the fifth heat - keep in mind that the top four qualify for the feature with everyone else having to run the consi races.

1.  Travis Adams
2.  Shawn Knight
3.  Billy Childs, Jr.
4.  Pete Potvin
5.  Pete Shepherd, III
6.  Randy Potter
7.  Eric Williams
8.  Chip Grenier
9.  Gary Chasson
10.  Nick Brown
11.  Steven Legrende
12.  James Linardy

Sunday - 2:37pm ET - Cris Michaud cruised to a victory in the fourth heat race.  The fireworks in this race came when Mike Johnson spun in turn one after getting the boot from Corey Morgan.  Johnson lost a lap in that incident.  Steve Wallace started in the back and rode around in the back.  He didn't really race anyone all 20 laps.

1.  Cris Michaud
2.  Patrick Laperle
3.  Donald Theetge
4.  Tommy Ricker
5.  Corey Morgan
6.  Scott Luce
7.  Gerald Parlin
8.  Ricky Morse
9.  Wayne Helliwell, Jr.
10.  Kurt Hewins
11.  Steve Wallace
12.  Mike Johnson

Sunday - 2:27pm ET - Eddie MacDonald won the third heat race after an amazing drive to the front.  Once again, the top four have qualified and the others go to the consi races.

1.  Eddie MacDonald
2.  Nick Sweet
3.  Joey Laqueirre
4.  Scott Dragon
5.  Ben Rowe
6.  Doug Coombs
7.  Shawn Martin
8.  Ben Asheline
9.  Carey Martin
10.  Joey Doiron
11.  Daniel Decoste
12.  Barry Gray

Sunday - 2:24pm ET - We are 14 laps into the third heat race and Eddie MacDonald is leading.  He started eighth and used the outside line - going two and three wide - to make it into the top position on the racetrack.

Sunday - 2:21pm ET - The third heat race got exciting right away.  On the first lap, the front row starters Daniel Decoste and Shawn Martin spun off of turn one.  Martin cut a left rear tire and limped back to the pits as the green flag stayed out.  The carcass of Martin's tire rolled out onto the track and Ben Rowe hit it - without any damage.

Now, there is a three-wide battle for the lead after the race went green again.

Sunday - 2:18pm ET - Travis Sterns has won the second heat race for the TD Banknorth 250.  Here are the results - the top four advance to the feature and everyone else is headed to a consi.

1.  Travis Sterns
2.  Brad Leighton
3.  Tim Brackett
4.  Al Hammond
5.  Joey Becker
6.  Glen Luce
7.  Aaron Ricker
8.  Trampas Demers
9.  Karl Allard
10.  Rowland Robinson, Jr.
11.  Kevin Roberge
12.  Matt Sanborn

Sunday - 2:10pm ET - Brent Dragon will start on the pole for the 2009 TD Banknorth 250 after winning his heat race - the all-important first heat race for the 250.  This 20-lap qualifier went clean and green.

The top four drivers advanced and the rest of the guys will head to the consi races.

1.  Brent Dragon
2.  Brian Hoar
3.  Jeff White
4.  Kenny Harrison
5.  Larry Gelinas
6.  Dave MacDonald
7.  Michael Pope
8.  Tony Ricci
9.  Dale Verrill
10.  Brad Hammond
11.  Jonathan Desbiens
12.  Earl Tripp

Sunday - 2:01pm ET - Pace laps are underway and the first heat race is set to begin.  Dave MacDonald will lead them to the green flag.  The winner of this heat race will start on the pole for the TD Banknorth Oxford 250.

Sunday - 1:56pm ET - Rusty Wallace has been introduced as the Grand Marshall for today's race and is now being interviewed by a gaggle of mainstream media members up in the press box.  They are lined up four and five deep and we're hearing Wallace talk on about Penske Racing, the state of NASCAR Sprint Cup racing, double-file restarts and his son Steven's NASCAR Nationwide Series career.

That is all interesting, but we're heere to focus on the 71 drivers who are about to strap in and attempt the TD Banknorth 250 heat races.  The pit announcer has given them the three minute to go warning announcement and their cars are getting ready to roll.  We'll be racing here at Oxford in just a few moments.

Sunday - 1:45pm ET - We caught up with the crew for the #69 team of Dave MacDonald after the qualifying draw.  They've been happy with the handling of their car this weekend and are happy with their chances in the heat race that they will line up first for.

Sunday - 1:40pm ET - One of the darkhorses of the TD Banknorth Oxford 250 is Vermont driver Nick Sweet.  Last year, Sweet was very strong in the 250 - his first attempt at the race.  This year. he has had very strong runs in the ACT (non-points) Governor's Cup at Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT) and the ACT Late Model event at White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH).  Several pit area observers have also noted that Sweet's car has been very impressive in practice.  But Sweet isn't getting a big head.  His main concern right now?  Simply qualifying for the 250.

Sunday - 1:36pm ET - Here are the rest of the lineups for the heat races.  We will be underway with the first race at 2pm.

Heat 2

1 28 Rowland Robinson Jr.
2 85 Travis Stearns
3 16 Joe Becker
4 1 Al Hammond
5 84 Matt Sanborn
6 55nh Brad Leighton
7 48q Karl Allard
8 15Q Kevin Roberge
9 7me Glen Luce
10 22 Aaron Ricker
11 60 Tim Brackett
12  85vt Trampas Demers  

Heat 3

1  2 Daniel Descoste
2 94 Shawn Martin
3 15vt Joey Laquerre
4 57 Doug Coombs
5 73 Joey Doiron
6 88 Nick Sweet
7 71nh Scott Dragon
8 17x Eddie MacDonald
9 15 Ben Ashline
10 10nh Ben Rowe
11 29x Barry Gray
12  18 Carey Martin  

Heat 4

1 96  Mike Johnson
2 01 Wayne Helliwell Jr.
3 55 Kurt Hewins
4 6 Tommy Ricker
5 6x Cris Michaud
6 26 Corey Morgan
7 80 Donald Theetge
8 8 Gerald Parlin
9  29 Ricky Morse
10 91 Patrick Laperle
11 66 Steven Wallace
12 07 Scott Luce  

Heat 5

1  41 Pete Potvin III
2  20  Steve Legendre
3  25 Shawn Knight
4  12 Nick Brown
5  03 Travis Adams
6  17 Pete Shepherd
7  77 James Linardy
8 02 Randy Porter
9 9vt  Chip Grenier
10 71 Garry Chiasson
11 1c Billy Childs
12 7vt  Eric Williams 

Heat 6

1  10 Jimmy Childs
2  9Q Yvon Bedard
3  78 Quinny Welch
4  26vt  John Donahue
5  51me  Ricky Rolfe
6  51mo  Kenny Wallace
7  72  Scott Robbins
8  33 Josh St. Clair
9  63  Donny Wentworth
10 97 Joey Pole
11 22vt  Sam Caron

Sunday - 1:20pm ET - The draw is in the books and here is the heat line up for race one.  Dave MacDonald got the lucky hand and looks to take the pole with a win in the first heat.

1 69 Dave MacDonald
2 55vt  Brent Dragon
3 48 Kenny Harrison
4 37vt  Brian Hoar
5 50  Jeff White
6 52  Dale Verrill
7 4x  Earl Tripp
8 51G Michael Pope
9 37 Larry Gelinas
10 36 Brad Hammond
11 4  Tony Ricci
12 92 Jonathan Desbiens

We will have the rest in a few minutes.

Sunday - 1:02pm ET - After another look in the pit area we discovered that ACT and White Mountain Motorsports park regular Quinney Welch is here to race today. 

Sunday - 12:34pm ET - BDI Racing driver Michael Pope will be looking to make his first Oxford 250 today. We dug up some information and found that he would indeed be the first driver from the Peach State (Georgia) to make the 250. 

Sunday - 11:40am ET - Late Model practice has wrapped up here at Oxford and we're getting ready for the all-important draw and heat races.  So we'll be spending some time off-line here and will catching back up with you a little bit later in the afternoon.

Sunday - 11:35am ET - Ben Rowe is here!  Last night, the two-time 250 winner raced in the PASS South race at Newport Speedway (TN).  He's leading the points in that series and finished third last night.

Earlier this morning, Ben's father Mike Rowe practiced the #10 Avery Motorsports machine in place of Ben.  Last night, Mike Rowe did pretty well himself as a driver.  He won the Pro Series (Super Late Model) feature at nearby Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME).

Sunday - 11:30am ET - Kenny Wallace spun in practice this morning.

Sunday - 11:25am ET - We caught up with former 250 winner Larry Gelinas this morning.  Gelinas (so far) has only bought two sets of tires, but depending on how his draw and heat race go he might be buying some more rubber.  A poor qualifying draw might not the end of the world for Gelinas though.  Last year, he started last in his heat race and finished second in his heat race.

Sunday - 11:20am ET - In Saturday's Trackside Now coverage, we mentioned how ACT Late Model Tour point leader Scott Payea is not here for the 250.  There are also several other high profile Late Model drivers from across the New England region are haven't towed to Oxford this weekend as well.

Waterford's Bruce Thomas and Tim Jordan are not here with their racecars, although Jordan did work with the #15 team of brother-in-law Chris Pasteryak during last night's True Value Modified Racing Series event.  In fact, no Waterford regulars made the trip to Oxford this year.

Journeyman driver Quinney Welch, who runs everything from ACT Tour races to weekly features at White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) is not here neither.  Nor is ACT rookie Ben Lynch.

Thunder Road regulars Jean Paul Cyr, Robbie Crouch, Phil Scott and Dave Whitcomb are not entered in the 250.

ACT runners Jamie Fisher and Eric Chase are not here.

The RPM Motorsports team is here with Brian Hoar, but their second car (which has been piloted at times this year by Mike Olsen and Jason Bonnett) is not entered.

We are also missing AJ Begin and Jeff Zudiema today.

Despite all of those who are missing, we still have a car count around 70 for today in the Late Models.

Sunday - 11:05am ET - Kenny Wallace and Steve Wallace, both in very late from last night's NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Gateway International Speedway (IL) are struggling a bit in this morning's practice sessions.  Kenny Wallace has three previous 250 starts from when the race featured what was then called the NASCAR Busch Grand National Series (and is now the Nationwide Series).  Steve Wallace had never been on the track at Oxford before this morning.

Sunday - 11:00am ET - Kevin Harvick isn't back at the TD Banknorth Oxford 250 this year to defend his 2008 victory, but his old car is.  Immediately after that race, Harvick's Port City mount was sold to Karl Allard's ACT Quebec Series team.  Allard is back this year with the same car.  It now sports a #48 instead of Harvick's signature #29.

Sunday - 10:50am ET - No official practice times were kept yesterday as there were no transponders on the cars.  But an informal poll of drivers and teams this morning kept having the same names come up when the discussion was about who looked good and quick on Saturday.

Those drivers?  Joey Pole, Patrick Laperle, Ricky Rolfe, Brad Leighton, Brian Hoar, Eddie MacDonald, Travis Adams and Glen Luce.

Many of those results came with not a lot of practice laps turned.  Adams parked his car early, Leighton didn't make many runs and MacDonald headed out of the track for the day before the final practice session was even run.

Sunday - 10:50am ET - Patrick Laperle was one of the quickest drivers, unoffically, in practice yesterday.  He has laps down in the 16.2 second bracket.  But Laperle is happiest about his laps that were a few tenths of a second slower.  Laperle ran 16.4-second laps on tires with 50 plus laps on them.  This morning, he is all smiles about the car that he has under him.

Sunday - 10:45am ET - Joey Doiron's bad week continued yesterday, but things might be looking up for the young driver today.

Doiron wrecked his Super Late Model in Tuesday's PASS North race at Lee USA Speedway (NH).  In the time immediately after that race, he briefly talked about being finished for the year.  But then the racer mentality kicked in.  On Wednesday, his team shifted their focus to the Late Model in their shop with a blown engine.  An engine change was made and the car was finished around midnight on Friday.  It was then time for a quick nap and a tow to Oxford Plains Speedway.

On Saturday though, that engine failed.  This time, you wouldn't blame Doiron one bit for packing it up.  But there was a wrecked Super Late Model back at the shop that had a good engine in it.  So the team went back and pulled that out.  Since Oxford Late Model rules allow a built engine with more weight added to the car, it was legal to run.  They got back to the track around dinnertime and worked until 11:30pm, basically closing the pits down, to get it installed.  Doiron then got home to Berwick, Maine (nearly on the New Hampshire border) at 2am and caught two hours of sleep.  He got back to the track this morning and the team put their finishing touches on the car.  It will be ready for the heat races today.

As far as that extra horsepower goes, Doiron said that in today's morning practice, it really didn't feel too much different fromt he Late Model that he was used to from yesterday.

Sunday - 10:35am ET - We have a few new Late Models in the pits today.  Here are the new drivers that were not on the grounds yesterday.

4 Earl Tripp
15 Kevin Roberge
20 Steve Legendre
22 Aaron Ricker
22 Gary Caron
78 Ryan Nolin
96 Mike Johnson

Here is the full list of car according to Oxford Plains Speedway.  This is an unofficial list until the draw later today.  The Late Models are about to hit the track for their final round of practice.

1C Billy Childs Jr., Leeds
1 Al Hammond, Paris
2 Daniel Descoste, St. Joseph du Lac, Quebec
4 Tony Ricci, Westbrook
4x Earl Tripp, Standish
6 Tommy Ricker, Poland
6VT Cris Michaud, East Montpelier, Vt.
7 Glen Luce, Turner
7VT Eric Williams, Hyde Park, Vt.
8 Gerald Parlin, South Paris
9QC Yvon Bedard, St. Nicolas, Quebec
9VT Chip Grenier, Graniteville, Vt.
10NH Ben Rowe, Turner
10 Jimmy Childs, Leeds
12 Nick Brown, Bath
15 Ben Ashline, Pittston
15VT Joey Laquerre, East Montpelier, Vt.
16 Joey Becker, Jeffersonville, Vt.
17 Eddie MacDonald, Rowley, Mass.
17ON Pete Shepherd, Brampton, Ontario
18 Carey Martin, Denmark
20 Steve Legendre, Danville, Vt.
22 Aaron Ricker, Tamworth, N.H.
22VT Sam Caron, Colchester, Vt.
25 Shawn Knight, South Paris
26VT John Donahue, Graniteville, Vt.
26ME Corey Morgan, Lewiston
28 J.R. Robinson, Steuben
29 Ricky Morse, St. Albans
29MA Barry Gray, Belchertown, Mass.
33 Josh St. Clair, Liberty
36 Brad Hammond, Turner
37 Larry Gelinas, Scarborough
37VT Brian Hoar, Williston, Vt.
41 Pete Potvin III, Graniteville, Vt.
48QC Karl Allard, St. Felicien, Quebec
48 Kenny Harrison, Pownal
50 Jeff White, Winthrop
51 Ricky Rolfe, Albany Township
51MO Kenny Wallace, Fenton, Mo.
51G Michael Pope, Albany, Ga.
52 Dale Verrill, Paris
55VT Brent Dragon, Milton, Vt.
55NH Brad Leighton, Center Harbor, N.H.
55 Kurt Hewins, Leeds
57 Doug Coombs, Livermore
60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield
63 Don Wentworth, Otisfield
66 Steve Wallace, Fenton, Mo.
69 Dave MacDonald, New Gloucester
71VT Scott Dragon, Milton, Vt.
71 Gary Chiasson, Peru
72 Scott Robbins, Dixfield
73 Joey Doiron, Berwick
77 James Linardy, Malden, Mass.
80 Donald Theetge, Charlesbourg, Quebec
82 Mark Hudson, Norton, Mass.
84 Matt Sanborn, West Baldwin
85VT Trampas Demers, South Burlington, Vt.
85 Travis Stearns, Auburn
88 Nick Sweet, Barre, Vt.
91 Patrick Laperle, St. Denis, Quebec
92 Jonathan Desbiens, Levis, Quebec
94 Shawn Martin, Turner
96 Mike Johnson, Salisbury, Mass.
97 Joey Polewarczyk Jr., Hudson, N.H.
01 Wayne Helliwell Jr., Dracut, Mass.
02 Randy Potter, Groveton, N.H.
03 Travis Adams, Canton
07 Scott Luce, Strong

Sunday - 10:30am ET - On Saturday night, Jon McKennedy led the list of winners inthe prelude to the TD Banknorth Oxford 250.  McKennedy won the 100-lap True Value Modified Racing Seriesfeature and will have a story on that victory after the weekenddies down.  For now, here are the fullresults from last night’s racing action:

MAINE-LY ACTION SPORTS TRUE VALUE MODIFIED (100laps): 1. Jon McKennedy, Chelmsford, Mass.; 2. Dwight Jarvis, Ascutney, Vt.;3. David Pinkham, Buxton; 4. Andy Seuss, Hampstead, N.H.; 5. Ed Dachenhausen,Danbury, Conn.; 6. Peter Jarvis, Ascutney, Vt.; 7. Rowan Pennink, HuntingtonValley, Pa.; 8. Rob Goodenough, Swanzey, N.H.; 9. Jack Bateman, Canaan. N.H.;10. Stephen Masse, Bellingham, Mass.; 11. Sean Bodreau, Claremont, N.H.; 12.Eddy Spiers, Beacon Falls, Conn.; 13. Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, Conn.; 14. LesHinckley, Windsor Locks, Conn.; 15. Kenny Berry, Preston, Conn.; 16. JacobDore, Sanford; 17. Mike Douglas Jr., Auburn, N.H.; 18. Jimmy Dolan, Bethel,Conn.; 19. Joe Doucette, Framingham. Mass.; 20. Keith Iannarelli, Maynard,Mass.; 21. Tony Ricci, Westbrook; 22. Mike Holdridge, Madison, Conn.

Sunday - 10:20am ET - Good morning from Oxford Plains Speedway!  The day has finally come and the pits are already a buzz as Late Models whip in and out of the pits.  There are over 70 cars on hand today trying to make the the TD Banknorth 250, these last few practice runs will tell the drivers if they have what it takes to work there way to the front in their heat races. 

Front gate opens at 10 a.m.

6 a.m. Pit gate
6:30 a.m. Inspection

8:00 TD Banknorth 250
9:00 Mini Stock
9:10 Strictly Stock
9:20 TD Banknorth 250
10:20 Mini Stock
10:30 Strictly Stock
10:40 TD Banknorth 250
11:40 Mini Stock
11:50 Strictly Stock
Noon Track closed
12:15 Drivers meeting and draw
2:00 Green flag

Rows 21-25- reserved $50
Rows 11-20 reserved $40
Rows 1-10 reserved and general admission $30
Pit - licensed $45
Pit - non licensed $50
* 3 day pit pass - $85 licensed, $100 NL
* Saturday-Sunday pit pass $70 L/$80 NL

TD Banknorth 250 heats (20 laps)
Mini Stock feature (30 laps)
TD Banknorth 250 consolations (20 laps)
Strictly Stock feature (30 laps)
TD Banknorth last chance races (20 laps)
5:30 p.m. (approx.) Pre-race ceremonies
6:30 p.m. (approx.) TD Banknorth 250 green flag

Sunday - 10:00am ET - Before we start, let's get a few housekeeping items out of the way.  If you are looking to catch up on any of the preview news from the New England Dodge Dealers Oxford Speedweek, be sure to visit our index page.  There are stories, schedules and a probable entry list for the race right there.


If you'd like to chat about this race, or any kind of short track racing, be sure to stop on by Motorsport Lounge and their official Short Track Discussion forum.


Steven Wallace is here looking to add a TD Banknorth 250 win to his resume.  (51 Sports Photo)
Last night's Speed51 Radio show. (51 Sports Photo)
Ben Rowe’s #10 sits ready for its driver.  (51 Photo) 
Joey Doiron has a new engine in his #73 today.  (51 Photo)
Al Hammond is one of the most successful drivers in Oxford Plains Speedway history.  He’ll beattempting to qualify for another 250 today.  (51 Photo)
Some of the camping arrangements here at Oxford PlainsSpeedway for 250 weekend are a bit rustic.  (51 Photo)
Brad Leighton could be a guy to watch today here at the Oxford 250.  Leighton has already won in a Late Model this season.  (51 Sports Photo)
BDI Racing driver Michael Pope in the lone entry from Georgia. (51 Sports Photo)
Joey Pole will have a lot of eye on him today as the media has picked him as the favorite to win today. (51 Sports Photo)
Sam Caron stopped in turn three after his wild ride in the consi.  (51 Sports Photo)
Eddie MacDonald salutes the crowd after winning the TD Banknorth 250. (51 Sports Photo)
Eddie MacDonald speaks with the media in victory lane.  (51 Sports Photo)