Trackside Now: TSI Harley-Davidson Classic
Friday, 5/22/09  - NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Stafford Springs, CT
Saturday - 12:10am ET -  NASCAR had announced during the race that Ted Christopher had taken the lead during a restart, but the official press release now instead indicates that Jimmy Blewett led wire-to-wire.  Thanks for stopping by and watching the race with us!

Friday - 11:00pm ET -  Here's the unofficial rundown of the TSI Harley-Davidson Classic.

1.  Jimmy Blewett
2.  Ted Christopher
3.  Todd Szegedy
4.  Mike Stefanik
5.  Reggie Ruggiero
6.  Chris Pasteryak
7.  Rowan Pennink
8.  Woody Pitkat
9.  Doug Coby
10. Ryan Preece
11. Eric Beers
12. Ed Flemke, Jr.
13. Glen Reen
14. Jamie Tomaino
15. Donny Lia
16. Andy Seuss
17. Rob Summers
18. Glenn Tyler
19. Tom Abele, Jr.
20. Eric Berndt
21. Wade Cole
22. Ken Heagy
23. Kevin Goodale
24. Ron Silk
25. Bobby Grigas, III
26. Jake Marosz
27. Eric Goodale
28. Richard Savary
29. Erick Randolph
30. Renee Dupuis
31. Tommy Farrell, III

Friday - 10:40pm ET -  It's "Showtime" at Stafford, with Ted Christopher taking 2nd away from Todd Szegedy in turn 3.  This is Jimmy Blewett's 5th career win, and his first since he won last August, also here at Stafford.  Mike Stefanik and Reggie Ruggiero run out the top 5.  The full rundown will follow when it is available.

Friday - 10:35pm ET -  It's looking like its going to be a green-white-checker finish here at Stafford after Eric Berndt spins in turn 2 with just 4 laps remaining.  It's been the Jimmy Blewett Show tonight, but can he hold off Szegedy and Christopher?  Can Reggie Ruggiero continue his climb through the field?  It'll be a single file restart.

Friday - 10:30pm ET -  It had been an extended green flag run here at Stafford, and Jimmy Blewett was beginning to catch the rear of the field, but caution flew on lap 83 when Kevin Goodale slowed and then limped his car to pit road.  Ron Silk has rejoined the field, but is many laps down.  The field will be going back green on lap 86 - will anyone be able to stop the Blewett Express?

Friday - 10:25pm ET -  With 72 laps complete, Jimmy Blewett continues to lead Todd Szegedy and Ted Christopher.  Behind them, things are beginning to heat up, with Mike Stefanik now in 4th, Chris Pasteryak in 5th, and Reggie Ruggiero (who started 18th) now in 6th.  Can Blewett continue to hold off Szegedy and Christopher?

Friday - 10:20pm ET -  The Silk machine appears to be overheating on pitroad and his team has shut off his engine.  The race is now just past halfway with 51 laps complete, and Jimmy Blewett will bring the field to the green.  Blewett, Todd Szegedy, and Ted Christopher are all battle for the lead when the race goes green again on lap 52, but Blewett continues to hold the point.  Donny Lia is climbing back through the field after his early race incident - he now sits in 10th.

Friday - 10:16pm ET -  Caution lap 47 for an accident involving Ed Flemke, Jr. in turn 3.  Pit road is closed while cleaning efforts are underway.  NASCAR is indicating that the vehicle driven by Ron Silk is leaking fluid and he will pit when pit road opens.

Friday - 10:13pm ET -  It's wild racing at the front of the pack when the race resumes green flag racing on lap 33.   Jimmy Blewett still leads, but it's now Todd Szegedy on his tail, with Ted Christopher falling back to 3rd.  Doug Coby has drops back several positions while Ron Silk and Chris Pasteryak move up to 4th and 5th, respectively. 

Friday - 10:07pm ET -  Ted Christopher leads lap 23 as the field goes green, but Jimmy Blewett retakes the lead before the field hits turn 1.  Richard Savary brings his car down pit road to the attention of his team.  Caution flies on lap 27 for Eric Berndt going through the spin cycle in turn 4. 

Friday - 10:02pm ET -  Caution lap 19 as Donny Lia, Ryan Preece, and Rowan Pennink get in trouble in turn 2.  This shuffles up the top 5, putting Todd Szegedy in 3rd, Doug Coby in 4th, and Richard Savary in 5th.

Friday - 10:00pm ET -  Green flag on lap 10, and Jimmy Blewett continues to hold the point.  However, its now Ted Christopher in his rear view mirror.   Eric Berndt tries to cut the grass on lap 13, but remains unscathed and rejoins the race with no caution coming out.  Ryan Preece and Donny Lia are all over each other for 3rd and 4th, and Rowan Pennink rounds out the top 5.

Friday - 9:55pm ET -  Caution lap 7 for a flat tire on the car of Erick Rudolph.  He and several others (indlucing Andy Seuss) take advantage of this caution period to make early pit stops.

Friday - 9:50pm ET -  NASCAR has indicated that due to the caution, that the first lap has not yet officially completed - but they finally do get off a clean restart and Jimmy Blewett holds the lead.  He is trailed by Ryan Preece, Donny Lia, and Ted Christopher, the latter two who are racing side by side.

Friday - 9:45pm ET -  Jimmy Blewett leads them to the green, but there's an accident before the lap is even completed.  Renee Dupuis had issues with her car starting and remaining fired, and never took the green - she needed to be pushed to pit lane, where her car is currently being worked on.  Track cleanup efforts are currently underway.

Friday - 9:40pm ET -  The command to fire engines has been given and cars are rolling.  We'll have 100 laps here and all will count.  Ted Christopher is going for his third straight win of this young season.

Friday - 9:30pm ET -  Driver intros are underway.  Race action should begin shortly.

Friday - 9:15pm ET -  Michael Bennett wins the Late Model feature.  The Tour drivers are already strapped into their cars and will be taking to the track shortly.

Friday - 9:00pm ET -  Local action is still underway here.  Tonights winners thus far have been: Tommy Membrino, Jr. (SK Light Modified), Ted Christopher (SK Modified), and Kevin Gambacorta (Limited Late Model).  The Late Model feature has 17 laps complete, with 13 remaining.

Friday - 7:40pm ET -  Here's the full starting lineup (including redraw) for the TSI Harley-Davidson Classic.  The race itself is tentatively scheduled to begin at 9:00 pm.

1.  Jimmy Blewett
2.  Richard Savary
3.  Ryan Preece
4.  Ted Christopher
5.  Donny Lia
6.  Erick Randolph
7.  Rowan Pennink
8.  Chris Pasteryak
9.  Doug Coby
10. Ed Flemke, Jr.
11. Todd Szegedy
12. Mike Stefanik
13. Eric Berndt
14. Ron Silk
15. Glen Reen
16. Eric Beers
17. Kevin Goodale
18. Reggie Ruggiero
19. Rob Summers
20. Tommy Farrell, III
21. Renee Dupuis
22. Woody Pitkat
23. Bobby Grigas, III
24. Andy Seuss
25. Jamie Tomaino
26. Eric Goodale
27. Glenn Tyler
28. Wade Cole
29. Ken Heagy
30. Tom Abele, Jr.
31. Jake Marosz

DNQ: Richie Pallai, Jr., Johnny Bush, Danny Knoll, Jr., Gary McDonald, Joe Hartmann

Friday - 6:20pm ET -  Welcome to Stafford Motor Speedway, where it is an surprisingly warm start to this holiday weekend.  Qualifying has just concluded and Ted Christopher has captured the pole with a fast lap of 18.085 seconds.  A full rundown will be posted as soon as it is available.  Stay tuned throughout the evening for updates right here.

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Jimmy Blewett and Richard Savary await driver introductions.  (51 Photos)