Jon McKennedy Wins  Second TVMRS Race in a Row
Latest Victory Comes at Seekonk
Jon McKennedy worked hard to get to the front Saturday night June 13, chasing after race leader Vinnie Annarumo for 26 laps, and when the checkered flag fell after 36 minutes of labor, McKennedy captured the “Connecticut Laborers Union 100” True Value Modified Racing Series event, at the historic Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, MA. McKennedy started 18th in a 24 car field.

Once in front, the Chelmsford, MA., driver cruised to his second consecutive win, first place in the point standings, and his fifth TVMRS career victory. 

Bobby Grigas, of Marshfield, MA., jumped into the lead at the drop of the green flag and led the first 26 circuits, chased by Rowan Pennink, then Richard Savary, and then Annarummo, a three time series winner. 
Annarummo, competing in his first race of the season with the TVMRS, took the top spot on lap 27 and held onto it until lap 85 when McKennedy,after several attempts, moved by. Annarummo was strong until lap 69 when his power steering unit failed. He amazingly was able to hold onto the lead for 16 laps. Grigas, Les Hinckley, and McKennedy all chased the many time Seekonk champion for the lead.

For the second consecutive week, veteran driver and 2006 champion, Dwight Jarvis, was a factor. Starting 19th, Jarvis worked his way to the front settling into 2nd place on lap 91. He finished 0.347 seconds behind the race winner.

Jimmy Kuhn, also making his first start, ran a strong race and finished third after passing Annarummo with two laps remaining. Annarummo settled for fourth, with Dave Berghman, fifth, Sixth through tenth were Grigas, Ed Dachenhausen, Todd Annarummo, Chris Pasteryak, and Steve Masse.

18 cars finished on the lead lap with 22 of the 24 original starters finishing the race.

The time of the race was 36:27.963 with the fastest in race lap recorded by Annarummo at 12.172. Earlier in the day McKennedy, during practice, turned an 11.9 second lap

Heat races were won by V. Annarummo, McKennedy, and Hinckley, while Jarvis copped the consolation race.

The next event is Thursday June 18 at the Thompson Speedway, Thompson, CT.

Todd Owen is the defending race champion. Race time is 5:30 PM.

Order of Finish:  1. McKennedy, 2. Jarvis 3. Kuhn 4. V. Annarummo 5. Berghman, 6. Grigas 7. Dachenhausen 8. T Annarummo 9. Chris Pasteryak 10. Masse. 11 Bateman 12. Holdridge 13. Bodreau 14. Carl Pasteryak 15. White 16. Goodenough 17. Hinckley 18. Pennink 19. Spiers 20. Mechalides 21. Dore 22. Savary 23. Malave 24. Dolan.

Race Summary: Race #5
Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, MA
June 13,2009
Distance: 100 laps
Time of Race: 36:27:963
Margin of Victory: 0.347
Race Lap Leaders: Grigas (1-26) V. Annarummo (27-85) McKennedy (86-100)
Cautions Flags: (5)
24 cars started (18 cars finished on lead lap)
Sunoco Hard Charger: McKennedy
Sherwood Wheels Award: Berghman
Racing Junk, Com McKennedy, Jarvis, Kuhn
Monk Mechanics Award: Dachenhausen
Next Event: Thompson, CT June 18 @ 5:30 PM 

Jon McKennedy stands in vicory lane.    (Jim Dupont Photos)
NASCAR Modified Tour drivers Bobby Grigas (#09) and Rowan Pennick (#25) entered the Seekonk TVMRS Race during a break on the NASCAR Tour's schedule.