Blewett Shows Off Tribute Paint Scheme for Wall
Mod Great Charlie J is Remembered
By Matthew Dillner
Jimmy Blewett grew up chasing Modified races with his father, John Blewett Jr. All grown up, the 28-year old driver is carrying on the Blewett family legacy by winning races in the Mod ranks. At the same time, the aggressive Jersey hot-shoe is helping preserve some of the Mod division's heritage. 

Blewett debuted a special paint scheme at the Wall Stadium opener this past weekend. Out of the trailer on the Jersey shore rolled an immaculate white and orange #5, a replica of the late Charlie Jarzombek's last race car.

Chargin' Charlie was a hard-nosed racer and Long Island folk-hero that lost his life in April of 1987 in a crash at Martinsville Speedway (VA).  Blewett's car owner Eddie Partridge was very close to Jarzombek.  So as a thank you to his car owner, Blewett and some friends decided to duplicate the famed Erie Wilsberg number-five scheme as a surprise at Wall Stadium.

"That last car was something very special to Eddie Partridge, said Jimmy Blewett.  "He and his wife Connie fielded that last car for Charlie there. We wanted to do something special for Eddie, since he has done so much for me, and do something to honor Charlie. Charlie was a good friend to Eddie and a great racer. A lot of people get put by the way-side, especially the drivers in the past that have passed away. I know Richie Evans is always getting press and recognition. In some people's eyes Charlie was just as good as Richie and as good as anybody in the Modifieds. It felt good to make a car in memory of Charlie and bring it to victory lane.

"Eddie doesn't show too much emotion but know he was impressed and knew it touched him and brought back some memories for him."

Blewett plans on running the new #5 tribute scheme weekly at Wall Stadium as well as running the full NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Schedule.

Jimmy Blewett's tribute #5 Modified.