Ross Kenseth Wins Norway 100 Lapper
Purse Per Lap Event is a Unique One
By Jim Stanchina, Track PR Report
Rain, chilling temperatures, 100 laps, droves of lap cars, could not keep Ross Kenseth from claiming the 2009 Drive Line 100. 40 competetors attempted to qualify for the 20 positions in the pay per lap event, where each competitor would receive $7.50 per lap completed, plus be paid $25 for every position gained at the end of the race, plus an additional $20 per lap led, and a $100 bonus for leading laps 1, 10, 20, 30 and so on.

On Saturday Mike Gardner sped to fast time 14.555 an average speed of 82.468 mph. The rains came shortly after LM qualifying completed Saturday, after a short wait, it was decided the Drive Line 100 would take place on Sunday afternoon. Shortly after 1pm the Late Model dash took the green flag with Dalton Zehr doing his best to rub Jaime Iverson away, but it was Jamie Iverson who beat Zehr to the line by .002 of a second to claim the trophy dash!

The Power House 50 was next onto the speedway, with three transfer spots available. Kris Oliver led the field to the green and held onto the top spot for the first 8 laps of the event, but it was 1994 Norway Speedway Champion Steve Debaker in hot pursuit, and drove around Oliver for the lead on lap 9. Putch Bentley moved into the second position and set his radar on Debaker, but never could real him in toward the end of the race. In the closing laps Greg Haase and Tom Gee flew from the back of the field trying to catch the leaders and battle for the transfer spots. When the checkers flew it was Steve Debaker collecting 42 of the $20 lap bonus’s for the race and the $200 winning bonus. 1. #28d Steve Debaker 2. #12 Putch Bentley 3. # 67 Gregg Haase 4. #36 Tom Gee jr 5. #52 Tom Lindquist. Debaker chose not to forgo his winnings which allowed Tom Gee to advance into the Drive Line 100.

Craig Schei and Josh Wallace led the 20 car field to the green of the 2009 Drive Line 100. It was Wallace who led the first lap, but Schei muscled by on the inside and drove off, as Mike Reichenberger also drove by Wallace for the second position. As the early laps went by, Ross Kenseth made his way Brandon Hill to assume the third position, then made his move underneath Riechenberger for the second position, and was set to chase down Schei for the lead. Kenseth moved to the rear bumper of Schei by lap 18, and worked his way underneath the Norway veteran to assume the lead on lap 22.

ASA Midwest Tour veteran Brandon Hill then followed Kenseth and moved himself into the second position. The Farm and Fleet #25 of Kenseth was just to strong for Hill as he pulled away un-challenged in the mid-section of the event. Kris Kelly working his way up from the seventh position positioned his way through the lap traffic to make his way into the second position on lap 57, leaving 43 laps remaining to catch Kenseth.
After a brief caution for Brandon Hill removing the lapped car of Troy Nelson, Kelly raced to the bumper of Kenseth, as the two jockeyed back and forth through the lapped traffic as the laps counted down. Kelly could close in but never quite get to Kenseth as Ross Kenseth claimed the 2009 Drive Line 100.