Alex Yontz Vows Never to Race at Caraway Again
Late Model Stock Car Veteran Says Enough is Enough After DQ
By Elgin Traylor
The 2009 racing season has been extremely hard on Alex Yontz.  Bad luck, mixed in with the loss of his brother Donald Gray Tilley a few months back, has made it hard for Yontz to even climb into the racecar.  

Yontz managed to find the courage to get back behind the wheel of William Barber's #98 Late Model Stock Car  at Caraway Speedway (NC) just days after his brothers death.  He won that first night back and Caraway became a special place to him because of that victory.

Now, just a few weeks later, Yontz has told that he vows never to race at Caraway again after last weekend's feature event there.  Yontz won the second race in a Twin 100 format for the Late Model Stocks.  Before he even got to the tech shed, he was disqualified. 

“It was crazy,” said Yontz.  “I have heard of a lot of DQ's before, but never one before someone even got out of the car.  I guess it's just typical Caraway stuff.  We had an awesome racecar, we came from 13th to the front in 30 laps to win it.  It's tough to know that can beat the cars on the racetrack, but you can't beat the track.”

Official told Yontz in victory lane that he had been disqualified for not coming to the scales immediately after the race.  The track had told the drivers before the race to report to tech so cars could be weighed. 

Yontz claims that he waved to some fans on his cool down lap before coming down pit lane.  He said he didn't stop on the track or take an extra lap.

“It's really sad that something like this would happen at a NASCAR track,” added Yontz.  “We work hard on getting the car good and I have been touring with the UARA-Stars in the past so we have a lot of experience when it comes to setting up a car.”

This is just the last domino in the line of a series of issues for Yontz this season at Caraway.  A disqualification earlier in the year was over looked until it was followed up with a victory and a major teardown in tech.  Track officials even took the door panels of the car in search of something that would deem his car illegal.   

“We have been treated pretty badly there this season and they were just gunning for us last weekend,” added Yontz.  “I don't see anything wrong with what I did.  If I had stopped on the track or taken an extra lap then I could see where they would have been upset.”

Yontz also told that track owner Russell Hackett told him before the race, “Don't stink up my show tonight.' 

We attempted to reach the track to speak with Hackett about the events that took place last weekend.  However,'s telephone calls were unsuccessful and unreturned as of Friday morning.  The only thing that is certain is that Alex Yontz will not be back at Caraway this season.

Don't expect to see much more of Alex Yontz in the #98 at Caraway this year.