Lanier and GAS: Win Three Titles, Collect $50k Paycheck By Mike Twist
Triple Crown Bonus Will Pay Big Bucks To Anyone Who Can Take At Least Two PLM Titles
There's some big money on the line for Pro Late Models at Lanier.
“This is different from other Triple Crowns, because it's not just based on three races.  There's an opportunity to win it all even if you have a bad race here.  You're not just out of the running if you don't win the first race.

Early indications are that Roberts' goal of boosting car counts might be realized - as there is plenty of interest in the Triple Crown program.

“There seems to be quite a stir about this,” said Roberts.  “There's a lot of interest.  There are a lot of cars sitting due to the economy.  We believe this gives an incentive to those guys and girls to come out and race.

Also at Lanier this weekend, the 2009 GAS schedule was announced.  The Pro Late Model tour will visit tracks in three states this coming season, but Lanier will serve as an anchor for the series - with seven events scheduled at the 3/8th mile oval.

2009 Georgia Asphalt Series Schedule

January 25th - Lanier National Speedway - SpeedFest 2009
April 4th - Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL)
April 17th - Anderson Motor Speedway (SC)
May 2 - Lanier National Speedway (Super Six Race)
May 16th - South Georgia Motorsports Park
May 30th - Lanier National Speedway (Super Six Race)
July 3rd - Lanier National Speedway (Super Six Race)
July 18th - Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA)
July 25th - Lanier National Speedway (Super Six Race)
August 15th - Lanier National Speedway (Super Six Race)
August 22nd - TBA
September 5th - Lanier National Speedway (Super Six Race)
September 19th - Watermelon Capital Speedway
October 10th - TBA
October 31st - TBA

Racing a Pro Late Model more often has just become, potentially, a lot more lucrative this season in Central Georgia.

In the drivers' meeting leading up to Sunday's SpeedFest 2009, officials from Lanier National Speedway and the Georgia Asphalt Series announced the formation of a new Triple Crown bonus program.  Any driver who sweeps the GAS, Super 6, and the Lanier National Speedway Pro Late Model championships will receive a $50,000 bonus.  Winning two out of the three titles will result in a $25,000 payday.
The bonus program is one of the changes brought about by a new regime at the track and series that is led by General Manager Terry Roberts. 
“We talked over some ideas and we wanted to do something to make our series and track stand out a little bit…something that would help build up the car counts,” said Roberts.

Posting big money for a bonus program is nothing new in racing, but often it will take a once-in-a-million-years type of season to win that cash.  Roberts designed this program so that while it won't be exactly easy to win, it will be possible for a team that is on top of its game and has a little bit of good luck to go along with that effort.

“It's attainable,” said Roberts.  “Many times, there is a large sum of money available, but the odds of winning it are slim.  With this bonus, we have some guys who are definitely capable of winning it.  It's not a pie in the sky dream.