Custom Grill Screens Make a Splash
Aluminum Racing Products Customizing Screens for Short Trackers
Just a few years ago, current NASCAR Nationwide Series competitor Landon Cassill began showing up to Super Late Model races around the country with an interesting product on his racecar that no other competitors had. 

No, it wasn't anything illegal or something that bent the rules, but it certainly had people talking.  The nose of Cassill's racecar had a custom grille screen from Aluminum Racing Products.  What was so custom about it, you ask?  Well, notched into the center of the grille screen was Cassill's signature #7, allowing all drivers he was about to pass know just who it was in their rear-view mirror.

Since then, Aluminum Racing Products has continued to offer the custom grille screens and they've been popping up on the short tracks around the country since. 

“We've gotten a lot of great feedback on our custom grille screens,” said Brad Cook of Aluminum Racing Products.  “People really seem to enjoy it because it really makes the racecar more personalized between the racers and Aluminum Racing Products.  The way it's set up, you can get a black powder-coated car number or small logo, about a three or four letter maximum, notched out of the center of the grille screen.  We've gotten a lot of orders for the products over the years.”

Ever since Cassill introduced the product for Aluminum Racing Products, Cook has been receiving numerous calls about it and the product's popularity is growing more and more.
We're a little partial to having a "51" in the grill screen out here.  (51 Photo)
“Landon was the first one to really use the custom grille screens a few years back.  He sort of introduced the product for us and since then we've had a bunch of orders for them.”

Cook says the product's popularity has grown simply by word of mouth…and the success of Aluminum Racing Products' customers.

“We have never really advertised it that much, but the product has really grown out there for about a year or so.  We just got it to where you have to order about five at a time because you have to do some engineering on the CNC end of things, but it's been a super deal for us.”

Aluminum Racing Products offers custom grille screens to customers with all ABC-legal body types.  Custom logos or letters have a size requirement, so not all logos are able to be placed on a custom grille screen.  To find out how to get your car number or race team logo etched into a custom grille screen from Aluminum Racing Products, contact them at their Tennessee headquarters by calling  1-888-245-1468 or on the web at