Trackside Now: Tri-County 150
Saturday, 4/25/09  - NASCAR Camping World East Series 
Tri-County Speedway - Hudson, North Carolina
Saturday - 10:39pm ET - What a night for 17 year-old Matt DiBenedetto as he scores his first career Camping World East Series win just a few miles from his hometown of Hickory, NC.  After moving here from California he quickly took to Late Model Stock racing, were he won a race at Bristol last season in the UARA-Stars Series.  He told us that tonight's last lap pass victory over Austin Dillon tops that.  We'll have much more on the this race next week on

118Matt DiBenedetto165
23Austin Dillon165
338Alan Tardiff *165
488Jody Lavender165
53Patrick Long165
69Trevor Bayne165
74Dakoda Armstrong *165
87Ryan Duff165
939Dustin Delaney165
1040Matt Kobyluck165
1117Jason Patison165
1271Eddie MacDonald165
1352Kyle Fowler165
1437Alex Kennedy165
1535Steve Park165
160Ryan Truex *165
1729Ryan Gifford165
1863John Salemi165
1912Antonio Perez164
2061Dominick Casola *164
2172Jason Cochran *164
2216Jonathan Smith163
2344Brett Moffitt *162
2494Kristin Bumbera *162
2510Matt Kurzejewski *147
2623Jarit Johnson *130

Lap Leaders: A. Tardiff 1-16; M. Kobyluck 17-75; M. DiBenedetto 76-101; A. Dillon 102-113; M. DiBenedetto 114-146; A. Dillon 147; M. DiBenedetto 148-162; A. Dillon 163-164; M. DiBenedetto 165.

Saturday - 9:09pm ET - The second try is better as Austin Dillon got the lead on the white flag lap, but Matt DiBenedetto got it back going into turn one on the final lap.  Matt DiBenedetto has won the Tri-County 150!     We'll be back in a while to sort this all out!

Saturday - 9:02pm ET - In a two lap sprint the yellow came out on the first lap, as Austin Dillon had the lead in turn three, but the battle was too the line  The leader will be Matt DiBenedetto with Austin Dillon, Patrick Long, Alan Tardiff, and Jody Lavender on our second attempt at a green, white, checkered finish.

Saturday - 8:59pm ET - GREEN FLAG lap 147: On the restart Matt DiBenedetto went door to door with Austin Dillon, the two squeezed up off two giving Patrick Long the second spot.  The YELLOW came out for a little mess in turn one.  We will have a green, white, checkered finish with DiBenedetto, Long, Dillon, Lavender and Tardiff in the top five.

Saturday - 8:55pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 142: Not sure what the casue of the caution was, but we will have a double-file restart with just a handful of laps to go.

Saturday - 8:53pm ET - The top three are not closing in on each other as we hit 10 laps to go. Matt DiBenedetto looks to be on his way to his first career win. 

Saturday - 8:50pm ET - With 20 laps to go Matt DiBenedetto has 6 car length lead on Austin Dillon.

Saturday - 8:45pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 113: Matt DiBenedetto has regained the top spot after Austin Dillon went into turn three a little to hard on the restart.  Patrick Long is up to third.

Saturday - 8:40pm ET - As we go back GREEN the crowd goes wild as the black number 3 of Austin Dillon has taken the top spot away from Matt DiBenedetto.

YELLOW FLAG is out again on lap 108: The 16 on Jonathan Smith has gone around on the backstretch.

Saturday - 8:37pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 95: Eddie MacDonald went around in the first turn.  The top 10 at the yellow are Matt DiBenedetto, Austin DIllon, Matt Kobyluck, Trevor Bayne, Jarit Johnson, Dakota Armstrong, Patrick Long, Jody Lavender, Alan Tardiff and John Salemi.

Saturday - 8:33pm ET - Matt DiBenedetto and Austin Dillon have pulled away from the rest of the pack as we close in on the 100 lap mark.

Saturday - 8:29pm ET - Matt DiBenedetto works the low lane to take the top spot away from Matt Kobyluck on lap 76.  Austin Dillon is now hounding the back of Kobyluck for second. 

Saturday - 8:25pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 61: As we thunder back into the first turn Matt Kobyluck gets away clean and Austin Dillon comes up to third place.  We see the drivers have quickly discovered that the top groove is the best way around the corners here at Tri-County. 

Saturday - 8:20pm ET - After a few laps Matt Kobyluck was able to pull out to a two car length advantage over Matt DiBenedetto.  The leaders are working in the high groove.   YELLOW on LAP 53. Ryan Gifford spun in turn two and it looks as if Brett Mofitt brushed the wall, he's on pit road. 

Kristin Bumbera got the free pass and is now back on the lead lap.

Saturday - 8:15pm ET - GREEN FLAG LAP 35: Once again Matt Kobyluck leads the way. Austin Dillon has moved into the fourth spot as Matt DiBenedetto is now challenging for the lead.  He looks to have a slightly better car then Kobyluck, but he can't get around him. 

Saturday - 8:13pm ET - At lap 30 the top 5 is Matt Kobyluck, Matt DiBenedetto, Trevor Bayne, Alan Tardiff, and Jody Lavender.  The YELLOW came out on lap 31 for a spin by Kyle Fowler in turn four.

The rest of the top 10 include Austin Dillon, Patrick Long, Eddie MacDonald, Jarit Johnson and Dakota Armstrong.

Saturday - 8:08pm ET - Alan Tardiff did not get up to speed on the restart and Matt Kobyluck jumped on the chance and took the lead going into turn one.  Trevor Bayne came around and took the second spot as Tardiff has slipped to fourth behind Matt DiBenedetto.

Saturday - 8:05pm ET - We have have gone YELLOW here on lap 13 as Brett Mofitt has gone around in turn two.  The 16 on Jonathan Smith will get the free pass.  Mofitt did come to pit road to make an adjustment and pull the fenders away from the tires.

Saturday - 8:02pm ET - The 17 of Jason Patison had to go to the rear for unapproved adjustments. GREEN FLAG is out and we are underway.  Alan Tardiff leads the opening lap as they work single file back through the top 10 cars.

Matt Kobyluck moved from sixth to third in the first five laps of the race, while the 16 of Jonathan Smith has come to pit road on lap six. Smith did return to the race. 

Saturday - 7:54pm ET - Drivers have strapped in ,the engines have fired and we parading around for the pace laps here at Tri-County Speedway.

Saturday - 7:11pm ET - Fans are going onto the track for an autograph session with the drivers. We will return prior to the start of the race at 8pm.

Saturday - 7:09pm ET - The small town of Lyman, Maine is a buzz as Alan Tardiff has won his first ever Camping World East Series Pole Position.  Tardiff was the first car that went out and his time stood as all 25 other drivers took their times only to come up short.  Trevor Bayne, Matt DiBenedetto, Austin DIllon and Brett Moffitt rounded out the top five.

138 Alan Tardiff, Lyman, Maine *16.562
29 Trevor Bayne, Knoxville, Tenn.16.564
318 Matt DiBenedetto, Grass Valley, Calif.16.603
43 Austin Dillon, Lewisville, N.C.16.633
544 Brett Moffitt, Grimes, Iowa *16.655
640 Matt Kobyluck, Uncasville, Conn.16.682
74 Dakoda Armstrong, New Castle, Ind. *16.684
871 Eddie MacDonald, Rowley, Mass.16.686
903 Patrick Long, Oak Park, Calif.16.694
1088 Jody Lavender, Hartsville, S.C.16.697
1163 John Salemi, Nashua, N.H.16.709
1272 Jason Cochran, Daytona Beach, Fla. *16.736
1335 Steve Park, East Northport, N.Y.16.759
1429 Ryan Gifford, Winchester, Tenn.16.76
1539 Dustin Delaney, Mayfield, N.Y.16.765
1616 Jonathan Smith, Beacon Falls, Conn.16.77
177 Ryan Duff, Hazard, Ky.16.77
1823 Jarit Johnson, El Cajon, Calif. *16.778
1952 Kyle Fowler, Smyrna, Ga.16.785
2000 Ryan Truex, Mayetta, N.J. *16.793
2137 Alex Kennedy, Aztec, N.M.16.82
2217 Jason Patison, Corona, Calif.16.885
2361 Dominick Casola, Holmdel, N.J. *16.949
2412 Antonio Perez, Guadalajara, Mexico16.962
2510 Matt Kurzejewski, Mansfield, Pa. *16.994
2694 Kristin Bumbera, Sealy, Texas *17.005

Saturday - 6:41pm ET - Alan Tardiff has won the pole for tonight's Tri-County 150. We'll have the full results shortly.

Saturday - 5:25pm ET - The clock is ticking and we are now only 30 minutes from qualifying.  We will be heading trackside for time trials. We'll have the results at the conclusion of qualifying.

Saturday - 4:55pm ET - We have a total 26 driver here today from get this 19 different states and one from Mexico.  Talk about diversity.  Drivers from Florida to California, from Maine to Mexico will take part in the Tri County 150.

Saturday - 4:50pm ET - Trevor Bayne is here today driving a one race deal for Dave Davis Motorsports.  A year ago Bayne had a promising future with DEI Motorsports, but the as the Sprint Cup world turned upside down a year ago Bayne was left with a ride.  We asked him what was next for him and he smiled and said he had no idea.  Maybe a win tonight could go along way for the Knoxville, Tennessee driver.

Saturday - 4:29pm ET - The track remains silent here at Tri-County Speedway. Many driver are using this opportunity to rest up before tonight's event.  We did see Matt Kobyluck, Alan Tardiff, Trevor Bayne, Matt Dibenedetto, Ryan Gifford and other walking around.  He also caught up with Dustin Delaney who share a laugh with us when we looked at the this years roster vs. last years roster.  Several drivers have come and gone through the series leaving Delaney as a veteran.  He hopes for a solid finish tonight after being seventh fastest in the final practice session. 

Saturday - 3:23pm ET - Here are the speeds from the final practice.  We are going to take a lunch break like the the teams are doing as qualifying is not until 6pm. We'll be back before that with some news from the pits.

PICNo.NameBest TmBest Spd
171Eddie MacDonald16.77885.827
27Ryan Duff                      16.81785.628
318Matt Dibenedetto 16.82485.592
403Patrick Long        16.88485.288
59Trevor Bayne         16.90185.202
63Austin Dillon   16.91285.147
739Dustin Delaney     16.94884.966
844Brett Moffitt*         16.95284.946
94Dakoda Armstrong*16.95884.916
1088Jody Lavende     16.96784.871
1138Alan Tardiff 17.01584.631
1240Matt Kobyluck     17.01584.631
1352Kyle Fowler17.01684.626
1472Jason Cochran   17.02084.606
1529Ryan Gifford17.02184.601
1616Jonathan Smith  17.03884.517
1700Ryan Truex*17.04484.487
1817Jason Patison     17.04684.477
1963John Salemi17.07184.354
2037Alex Kennedy*    17.07984.314
2135Steve Park   17.11684.132
2212Antonio Perez     17.18983.775
2361Dominick Casola 17.20683.692
2410Matthew Kurzejewski* 17.24083.527
2594Kristin Bumbera*         17.33783.059
2623Jarit Johnson*      17.45982.479

Saturday - 3:09pm ET - The final practice is in the books and once again Eddie MacDonald was the fastest. We'll have the full list in a few minutes.

Saturday - 2:54pm ET - The last time the Camping World East Series was in action Brian Ickler went to victory lane.  Today Ickler is in Kansas for the Camping World Truck race.  After the first practice he was 20th on the time chart. Hopefully his luck will improve later in the day.

Saturday - 2:42pm ET - While you are here keeping up with the CWE action from Tri-County, make sure to check out's other Trackside Now coverage happening today at Orange County Speedway (NC) for the PASS South "Orange Blossom Special". click here for more

Saturday - 2:28pm ET - The cars are back on track for the second round of practice.  Right now a half dozen cars are circling the track.  One of those drivers is Alan Tardiff who hails from Lyman, Maine.  Tardiff runs his car out of his own shop and they have been doing it on their own in selected events for several years now.  Could tonight be the night that at Camping World trophy goes back to Maine for the first time since 2006 when Kelly Moore won at New Hampshire? 

Saturday - 2:15pm ET - Here are the speeds from the first session.  Eddie MacDonald was the fastest. Maine's Alan Tardiff was second fastest. 

PIC    No.Name                  Best Tm    Best Spd
171Eddie MacDonald16.75985.924
238Alan Tardiff         16.82285.602
39Trevor Bayne        16.82885.572
403Patrick Long               16.84285.501
500Ryan Truex*        16.84485.490
618Matt Dibenedetto16.84685.480
752Kyle Fowler        16.92285.096
844Brett Moffitt*       16.92285.096
923Jarit Johnson*    16.92385.091
1037Alex Kennedy* 16.95284.946
113Austin Dillon      16.95484.936
1240Matt Kobyluck  16.97384.841
1316Jonathan Smith16.98284.796
147Ryan Duff           17.06184.403
1539Dustin Delaney17.16383.901
1617Jason Patison  17.17783.833
174Dakoda Armstrong*          17.18483.799
1829Ryan Gifford    17.19783.736
1963John Salemi    17.21983.629
2088Jody Lavender17.26683.401
2172Jason Cochran*      17.27183.377
2235Steve Park      17.28783.300
2310Matthew Kurzejewski*   17.36682.921
2412Antonio Perez 17.37982.859
2561Dominick Casola    17.52182.187
2694Kristin Bumbera*    17.60081.818

Saturday - 1:46pm ET - The first practice is in the book and we were only slowed by two cautions for debris.  Double checking our entry list you can move Dominick Casola to car number 61 and drop the 26 of Scott Bouley off our list to give us 26 cars.  We should have speeds for you in a few minutes.  Pit road was very busy during practice as teams were changing just about everything. 

Saturday - 12:40pm ET - Here is the pre race entry list: We will update this after practice at 1pm.  We will be after the first practice.

00Ryan Truex, Mayetta, N.J. *
1Dominick Casola, Holmdel, N.J. *
03Patrick Long, Oak Park, Calif.
3Austin Dillon, Lewisville, N.C.
4Dakoda Armstrong, New Castle, Ind. *
7Ryan Duff, Hazard, Ky.
9Trevor Bayne, Knoxville, Tenn.
10Matt Kurzejewski, Mansfield, Pa. *
12Antonio Perez, Guadalajara, Mexico
16Jonathan Smith, Beacon Falls, Conn.
17Jason Patison, Corona, Calif.
18Matt DiBenedetto, Grass Valley, Calif.
23Jarit Johnson, El Cajon, Calif. *
26Scott Bouley, Middlebury, Conn.
29Ryan Gifford, Winchester, Tenn.
35Steve Park, East Northport, N.Y.
37Alex Kennedy, Aztec, N.M. *
38Alan Tardiff, Lyman, Maine
39Dustin Delaney, Mayfield, N.Y.
40Matt Kobyluck, Uncasville, Conn.
44Brett Moffitt, Grimes, Iowa *
52Kyle Fowler, Smyrna, Georgia

63John Salemi, Nashua, N.H.
71Eddie MacDonald, Rowley, Mass.
72Jason Cochran, Daytona Beach, Fla. *
88Jody Lavender, Hartsville, S.C.
94Kristin Bumbera, Sealy, Texas *

Saturday - 12:20pm ET - We have a short list of former winners in the field today.  They include 2008 series champion Matt Kobyluck, Steve Park, Trevor Bayne, Eddie MacDonald and Austin Dillon.  Just because we have only five driver who have won races doesn't mean that the list of potential winners is short.  Former four time Camping World East Series Champion Andy Santerre is here with rookie Brett Moffitt in his car.  Moffitt took the pole at the last race at the Greenville-Pickens Speedway.

Another former champion Mike Olsen has a car in the field today as well with Jonathan Smith behind the wheel.  Ken Schrader has Pro Late Model standout Kyle Fowler in his car today.  Fowler will be making his first ever Camping World East Series start.  Super Late Model star Mike Fritts will be his crew chief.  Schrader also has Dakota Armstrong driving for him as well.  

Saturday - 12:10pm ET - The drivers meeting just took place here at the start-finish line.  There was nothing really out of the ordinary as far as rules go.  One interesting note was that 2008 Series champion Matt Kobyluck stood up and told the drivers that they need to be patient on a track today.  Several of the drivers in the field have never been to this track and some have are making their first Camping World East start today.  Kobluck also told that he like running at a new track, because it's a clean slate for everyone with testing allowed this season.

Saturday - 12:02pm ET - Good afternoon and welcome to summer at Tri-County Speedway!  Ok it may still be April, but the weather is expected to touch 90 degrees here today in Hudson, North Carolina.  Today the Camping World East Series is tackling the 4/10th's of mile track for the first time.  We'll have all the action for today.

Here is today's Schedule for the Tri-County 150

Saturday, April 25

8:30 a.m.     Registration opens
9 a.m.         Garage opens
9:30 a.m.     Inspection begins
11:30 a.m.   Drawing to determine order of qualifying
1-1:45 p.m.  Practice
2:15-3 p.m.  Final Practice
3:15 p.m.     Qualifying Inspection opens
6 p.m.         Qualifying (2 Laps)
7 p.m.         Driver Autograph Session.
8 p.m.         TRI-COUNTY 150

Matt Kobyluck talks to the drivers about give and take. (51 Sports Photo)
Cars getting ready for today's race. (51 Sports Photo)
Eddie MacDonald working diving into turn three. (51 Sports Photo)
Steve Park had a brush with the wall. (51 Sports Photo)
Andy Santerre working on his car. (51 Sports Photo)
Trevor Bayne on track. (51 Sports Photo)
Alan Tardiff looking for a good run tonight. (51 Sports Photo)
Owner Mike Olson talks with his driver. (51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Gifford is making his first start today. (51 Sports Photo)
Alan Tardiff won his first ever Camping World East Pole Position.  (51 Sports Photo)
Matt DiBenedetto doing the post race info.  (51 Sports Photo)