Trackside Now: Watermelon Twin 125's
Saturday, 4/4/09  - CRA Super Late Models and GAS Pro Late Models
Watermelon Capital Speedway - Cordele, Georgia
Saturday - 12:02am ET - Here are the final results from the Georgia Asphalt Series race.  TJ Reiad has taken his second career victory in the GAS series after holding off Shane Sawyer.  We'll have much more on both races later on this week on Goodnight!

141TJ Reaid125
238Shane Sawyer125
338Shane Sieg 125
419Casey Roderick 125
589Jess Mattox125
610Greg Simpson125
79Chase Elliott125
812Joey Senter125
924HDennis Harry124
1015Zach Rearden123
1124Parker Hammons73
1267Bryce Walker8
139WWill Prance0

Saturday - 11:22pm ET - TJ Reaid has won the GAS 125! we'll be back shortly.

Saturday - 11:18pm ET - After swapping the lead Reaid and Sawyer will have to slow down for another spin by Zach Reardon in turn 3 on lap 111. The restart could decide this race.

Saturday - 11:15pm ET - We are YELLOW with 21 laps to go after a spin by Zach Reardon.   TJ Reaid got the jump off the restart.

Saturday - 11:07pm ET - We have a great race shaping up with TJ Reaid and Shane Sawyer.  We have 30 laps to go.

Saturday - 11:03pm ET - Off the restart Casey Roderick took the lead and TJ Reaid moved into second Shane Sawyer slipped to third.  As soon as we typed this TJ Reaid re-took the top spot.

Saturday - 10:59pm ET - We are under YELLOW at lap 73 as one car went off into the mud in turn three. It took several laps to figure out that it was the 24 of Parker Hammons.

Saturday - 10:50pm ET - Here are the results from the CRA 125.  We are working lap 70 and Shane Sawyer still leads.

126Bubba Pollard125
273Korey Ruble 125
339Ryan Sieg125
412Justin Drawdy125
510Danny Bagwell125
6112Augie Grill 125
767Jeff Fultz125
851Ryan Lawler 112
9151Michael Pope96
1023Jeremy Rice88
1149Stanley Smith55
1217Chris Gabehart10
dns16David Hodges Jr.
dns89Tony Ponkausas

Saturday - 10:45pm ET - Shane Sawyer has taken the lead, we are at lap 50.  Shane Sawyer Leads, Casey Roderick, TJ Reaid, Shane Sieg and Jess Mattox.

Saturday - 10:37pm ET - On lap 21 Joey Senter went around in turn two.  It was a quicky YELLOW and we went right back to GREEN.  One rule in the GAS this year is double-file restarts until the final 10 laps.  Casey Roderick is now the leader.

Saturday - 10:33pm ET - After going back GREEN TJ Reaid and Casey Roderick pulled away from the rest of the field.  20 laps are in the books.  

Saturday - 10:28pm ET - We are 8 laps into the GAS race and we are under a RED FLAG TJ Reaid is the leader.  The RED was for Bryce Walker who went off in the third turn and got stuck in the mud.  He was ok, but they had run a dozen laps of caution.

Saturday - 9:59pm ET - You can listen to the GAS 125-lap event at WCS on the GAS Radio Network by visiting  The GAS cars are being lined up and Trackside Now will continue on as soon as the green flag flies.

Saturday - 9:45pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG - Bubba Pollard wins the inaugural CRA South Series event.  He beats Korey Ruble, Ryan Sieg, Justin Drawdy and Danny Bagwell for the win at Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, GA in the 125-lap race.  The GAS race is up next!

Saturday - 9:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Pollard protects the low-line on the restart.  Ryan Sieg gets into the back bumper of Ruble in the battle for second with five laps to go.

Saturday - 9:39pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Restart with 6 laps to go and Bubba Pollard leads Korey Ruble and Shane Sieg.  Drawdy jumped the restart so the YELLOW FLAG comes back out. 

Saturday - 9:37pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 119 - Bagwell gets into the back of leader Justin Drawdy.  Drawdy's #12 spins to bring out the caution.  CRA officials penalize Bagwell for the contact with Drawdy.  Bagwell will restart at the rear of the field.

Saturday - 9:36pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Restart with 9 to go... Drawdy pulls an advantage and Pollard goes under Bagwell but can't make the move.

Saturday - 9:32pm ET - 10 laps to go.  Bagwell is faster than Drawdy, but Drawdy is doing all he can to keep him at bay.  Fultz goes for third, but loops it in turn 3 to bring out the 7th YELLOW FLAG of the night.

Saturday - 9:30pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 109 - Restart finds Drawdy pulling a five car-length advantage over Bagwell.  Jeff Fultz has motored his way back to 3rd.

Saturday - 9:27pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 108 - Grill spins off of turn number-4 to bring out the 6th caution of the night.  Michael Pope is behind the wall with a broken power steering line.

Saturday - 9:25pm ET - LAP 107 - Danny Bagwell takes second from Ruble.  Grill has now moved to 5th.

Saturday - 9:24pm ET - GREEN FLAG - LAP 102 - Restart finds Justin Drawdy leading Korey Ruble, Danny Bagwell, Ryan Sieg and Bubba Pollard.

Saturday - 9:23pm ET - Augie Grill is on pit road with front-end damage to his #112.

Saturday - 9:21pm ET - GREEN FLAG then YELLOW FLAG - Augie Grill and Ryan Sieg get together after the restart and third-place runner Justin Drawdy gets into it as well in turn four, but since the scoring goes back the prior lap, Drawdy will rejoin your field as the leader.

Saturday - 9:16pm ET - Jerry Babb, Crew Chief for the #51 reports ignition problems for Michael Pope.

Saturday - 9:14pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - LAP 96 - Michael Pope spins on turn four.  He pulls on pit road and the BDI Racing crew is servicing the car.

Saturday - 9:14pm ET - LAP 84 - Ryan Lawler pulls Kyle Busch's #51 behind the wall with an engine misfiring condition.  Jeremy Rice has also parked his car with rear-end issues.

Saturday - 9:12pm ET - LAP 87 - Augie Grill has built up a decent lead on Ryan Sieg.  Sieg's #39 has a good advantage on Justin Drawdy, Korey Ruble and Danny Bagwell.  Pollard takes the 6th spot from Pope.

Saturday - 9:10pm ET - LAP 82 - Michael Pope is pressuring Danny Bagwell for the 5th spot.

Saturday - 9:09pm ET - LAP 78 - Trouble for Ryan Lawler... he slows and is fading back through the field.  Ryan Sieg is now second to Augie Grill.

Saturday - 9:08pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Augie Grill gets his right rear off the track shortly after the restart and is in a tough battle with Lawler.  Ryan Sieg has caught the top two and is engaging them.  Korey Ruble is up to 5th.

Saturday - 9:06pm ET - Pollard, Michael Pope, Jeff Fultz and Jeremy Rice made pitstops during the caution to make adjustments on their cars.

Saturday - 9:05pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 70 - CRA officials throw the yellow for debris on the racetrack.  A fender fell off Justin Drawdy's car after contact with Bubba Pollard.

Saturday - 9:03pm ET - Lap 68 - Ryan Sieg passes Bubba Pollard after a torrid battle with some contact.  Sieg is now third and Pollard fourth.

Saturday - 9:01pm ET - Lap 63 - Ryan Lawler off the pace for a second which allows Augie Grill to retake the lead.  Pollard, Sieg and Drawdy round out the top-five.

Saturday - 8:58pm ET - Lap 53 - Korey Ruble passes Michael Pope for 6th.

Saturday - 8:57pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Augie Grill leads Ryan Lawler on the restart.  Lawler nudges Grill and takes the lead on lap 51.

Saturday - 8:54pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - Lap 48 - Jeff Fultz loses it off of turn two and spins off the track.  There is no wall on the backstretch of WCS.  There was no contact.  He is on pitroad to check out his #67. 

Saturday - 8:52pm ET - Lap 46 - Pollard gets freight-trained and falls back to fourth.  Fultz is your new leader, followed by Grill and Lawler.

Saturday - 8:50pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Bubba Pollard leads, Fultz, Lawler, Grill, Sieg, Drawdy and Pope.

Saturday - 8:49pm ET - During the caution Korey Ruble, who was running 8th and Jeremy Rice pulled their cars to pit road for adjustments.

Saturday - 8:47pm ET - YELLOW FLAG - 1st yellow flag of the day waves for Stanley Smith who spun in turn number-4 on lap 40.

Saturday - 8:45pm ET - Lap 39 - Pollard has pulled away from Fultz now.

Saturday - 8:44pm ET - Lap 37 - Jeff Fultz is applying pressure to Bubba Pollard for the lead.

Saturday - 8:42pm ET - Michael Pope has moved up to 7th and has caught the lead pack.

Saturday - 8:41pm ET - Lap - Ryan Sieg is pressuring Justin Drawdy for 5th.

Saturday - 8:40pm ET - Lap 14 - Jeff Fultz passes Lawler for second on the inside.

Saturday - 8:38pm ET - Lap 10 - Pollard, Lawler, Jeff Fultz, Augie Grill and Justin Drawdy.

Saturday - 8:37pm ET - Bubba Pollard passes Ryan Lawler for the lead on lap 4.

Saturday - 8:35pm ET - GREEN FLAG - Bubba Pollard and Ryan Lawler lead the field to green after the redraw.  125 laps to go!  A good crowd is watching the race tonight at WCS.  You can listen by clicking on the "Listen Live" button on

Saturday - 8:30pm ET - The engines have been fired and the cars are on the racetrack for their pace laps.

Saturday - 8:28pm ET - The lights are on and the drivers are strapped in at Watermelon Capt'l Speedway.  Crews are doing their tire-pressures on pit road.  We are about to go racing soon.  Curious note: Ryan Lawler changed tires on pit road.  The team used practice tires during the autograph session and changed them back to their qualifying tires for the race.

Saturday - 8:17pm ET - One final race before the CRA South debut... Street Stocks are on the track now.

Saturday - 7:58pm ET - The sun is setting at Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, GA.  The Bandolero race is complete, now the Legends Cars are on the track.  The CRA Super Late Models will be the first headline act to race, followed by GAS.  We anticipate the start of the CRA race in about 20 minutes.

Saturday - 7:37pm ET - If you are not listening to Speed 51 Radio with, then you have already missed a bunch of live interviews with drivers who will be competing in the CRA South race tonight at Cordele, GA.  And you also missed out on a report from the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour qualifying at Thompson Speedway in CT as well as Jason Buckley's interview with polesitter Clay Rogers at the USARacing debut at Concord Speedway in NC.  Click here to listen.  Once you go to the RTR page, click the "Listen Live" button on the top right portion of the screen.

Saturday - 7:25pm ET - Opposing thoughts before the race have Bubba Pollard, who qualified 5th, saying he is going to stick to the bottom of the track to go to the front of the field.  Ryan Lawler, who qualified 4th, thinks the track may be a bit too dirty to completely hold it to the bottom.  Could make for an interesting 125-lap race at Cordele.

Saturday - 7:09pm ET - Speed 51 Radio reports Korey Ruble had a throttle hang in practice today.  The team told us that the engine did over-rev, but they could not find out the reason the throttle hung.  Ruble will start 12th in the CRA portion of the Watermelon Twins.

Saturday - 7:00pm ET - The CRA South Super Late Models are being lined up on the fronstretch and the autograph session is about to begin.  If you are within driving distance of Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, GA, get to the track.  It's a beautiful day in GA and a great night for two exciting series with the CRA guys and the Georgia Asphalt Series (race number-2 on the night).

Saturday - 6:44pm ET - Tonight's CRA race can be heard live on  Speed51 Radio will be on the call of the opening round of the CRA South schedule.  Join us as Derek Pernesiglio, Matthew Dillner, Doc Love and Elgin Traylor will be on the call of the 125 lap race.  Live coverage is expected to start around 7:00pm. Click over to to listen.

Saturday - 6:25pm ET - David Hodges Jr. had problems in the final practice with a clutch, they have since loaded up and left and will not be racing here tonight.  That makes the CRA starting field a total of 13.

Saturday - 6:20pm ET - Qualifying is in the books and Ryan Sieg and TJ Reaid have won the pole awards.  Sieg will start on the pole for the Super Late Model race. TJ Reaid took the top spot for the GAS Late Models.

CRA Super Late Modelstime
139Ryan Sieg15.756
2112Augie Grill 15.767
367Jeff Fultz15.777
451Ryan Lawler 15.817
526Bubba Pollard15.855
623Jeremy Rice15.907
749Stanley Smith15.928
812Justin Drawdy15.961
9151Michael Pope16.013
1010Danny Bagwell16.021
1117Chris Gabehart16.041
1273Korey Ruble 16.067
1316David Hodges Jr. no time
1489Tony Ponkausasno time

GAS Late Modelstime
141TJ Reaid15.967
219Casey Roderick 16.022
39Chase Elliott16.266
489Jess Mattox16.320
510Greg Simpson16.360
638Shane Sieg 16.371
738Shane Sawyer16.371
812Joey Senter16.436
924Parker Hammons16.436
1067Bryce Walker16.438
119WWill Prance16.498
1215Zach Rearden16.500
1324HDennis Harry16.997

Saturday - 5:05pm ET - It's a big weekend for team efforts here in Cordele, Georgia.  The Bill Elliott driver development effort has two cars running today in the GAS race. Chase Elliott (Bill's son) is coming off a great Late Model debut last weekend in South Georgia.  His teammate Casey Roderick had a strong run going at Lanier during SpeedFest only to be snake bit.

Bryce Walker is in the WearCrete C & C racing #67 GAS late Models. The team's regular driver, Jeff Fultz, is in the CRA Super Late Model.  Fultz has helped Walker transition from Legends car driver to Late Model contender in just a few weeks.  Walker had a strong run going at the Pro Rattler 125 last month. 

Qualifying should be underway in a few minutes. We'll be back at the conclusion of time trials.

Saturday - 4:55pm ET - We caught up with Joey Senter the 2005 GAS Series champion. He told us that a team had sent to the local auto parts shop to purchase parts to solve a leak around the valve cover area.  He also laughed when we told him he was one of only two previous winners in the field.  

At the same time the CRA event has a bunch of former GAS winners in the field.  Bubba Pollard has nine career wins, Korey Ruble has six, Michael Pope and Ryan Seig each have one.

Saturday - 4:45pm ET - Michael Pope and BDI Racing’s team owner, NASCAR on SPEED broadcaster Bob Dillner, have opened up their team and encouraged its fans, sponsors and supporters to join them in the fight against cancer by making donations to the Jimmy Fund's Rally Against Cancer program.  Fans and supporters of the BDI Racing team and of racing in general will be able to make donations to the Jimmy Fund, an official charity of the Boston Red Sox, with all funds raised being donated to benefit cancer research and patient care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.  BDI Racing's team and driver Michael Pope will also donate 20 percent of the team's winnings from tonight's race.  Go to to make your donation.

Saturday - 4:22pm ET - GAS officials are working hard to fix a computer problem that is plaguing their scoring computer.  We can tell you that Shane Sawyer was the fastest in the first session. We will effort the rest of the speeds if they become available.

Saturday - 4:02pm ET - The GAS cars are wrapping up the final Late Model practice of the day.  During the last Super Late Model practice David Hodges Jr. had some trouble and the team loaded the car to aid in work on the clutch.  Also Jeremy Rice went for a spin in the final minutes, but his car was ok.  

Saturday - 3:45pm ET - The final CRA practice is in the books and Ryan Lawler was the fastest.  Chris Gabehart was second quickest, followed by Bubba Pollard.


Saturday - 2:50pm ET - Here is a list of the GAS drivers for tonight's 125 lap event.  One interesting note is the former winners in the field are Joey Senter, who has won a pair of races in his career, and TJ Reaid who won for the first time last year at New Senoia.

115Zach Rearden
212Joey Senter
39Chase Elliott
419Casey Roderick
589Jess Mattox
638Shane Sieg
724Parker Hammons
810Greg Simpson
99WWill Prance
1067Bryce Walker
1124HDennis Harry
1241TJ Reaid
1338Shane Sawyer

Saturday - 2:36pm ET - Tonight's CRA race can be heard live on  Speed51 Radio will be on the call of the opening round of the CRA South schedule.  Join us as Derek Pernesiglio, Matthew Dillner, Doc Love and Elgin Traylor will be on the call of the 125 lap race.  Live coverage is expected to start around 8:30pm.

Saturday - 2:26pm ET - Korey Ruble's practice took a near disastrous turn when the throttle hung on his #73. Ruble pushed the clutch and brake in at the same time and saved the car. He told that it revved the engine pretty high but it felt good when they got back on track.  The team and driver were scratching their heads wondering how the throttle hang happened.

"That's the first time I've had that happen to me. I'll tell you, I didn't like it much," said Ruble who has won several late Model races here with the GAS series.

Saturday - 2:06pm ET - We have the practice speeds from the CRA session and Augie Grill was the quickest .  Michael Pope who calls this track home was the second fastest car and Jeff Fultz rounded out the top three.  The GAS cars are on the track for their practice session.


Saturday - 1:46pm ET - Here is the official car count from CRA.  with 15 minutes left in the first session Jeff Fultz currently has the fastest lap.

1112Augie Grill
2151Michael Pope
316David Hodges Jr.
473Korey Ruble
567Jeff Fultz
626Bubba Pollard
751Ryan Lawler
817Chris Gabehart
949Stanley Smith
1089Tony Ponkausas
1123Jeremy Rice
1239Ryan Sieg
1310Danny Bagwell
1412Justin Drawdy

Saturday - 1:26pm ET - The CRA South staff has a true taste of the south with Dan Spence (Race Director with Five Flags Speedway) and Ricky Brooks (Technical Director with Five Flags Speedway) these two have really helped aid the CRA South along in it's early months, today is a big day for the series some people may be scratching their heads on the car count.  Although the field is small the quality of drivers is strong.

Saturday - 1:11pm ET - The CRA Super Late Models are now on the track for their hour long practice.  As of right now we have an unofficial car count of 13 in each division.  We have seen a few cars roll in a bit late today, we'll have a full list for you in a while.  Some of the bigger Super Late Model names include Ryan Lawler, Augie Grill, Justin Drawdy, Michael Pope, Chris Gabehart, Bubba Pollard and others.

Saturday - 12:45pm ET - Good afternoon and welcome to Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA) for a doubleheader of action.  Today CRA (Champion Racing Association) South will hold their first ever points event. After a few test runs with non-point events like SpeedFest and The Rattler 250, they are finally ready to give it a go.  A fine field of Super Late Models are set to tackle the track hear in Cordele, Georgia along with the Georgia Asphalt Series.  Both classes will be running 125 laps hear tonight.   

Here is today's Schedule

Gates Open 10am
CRA Drivers Meeting 12pm
GAS Drivers Meeting 12:30pm
CRA Practice 1pm - 2pm
GAS Practice 2pm - 3pm
CRA Practice 3pm - 3:30pm
GAS Practice 3:30pm - 4pm

Local Practice 4:15pm - 5pm
CRA and GAS Qualifying 5:10pm

Local Heats 6:35pm
Local Features 7:30pm

CRA 125 Lap Feature
GAS 125 Lap Feature

Cars going through tech. (51 Sports Photo)
Jess Mattox in the pits. (51 Sports Photo)
CRA officials talking it over before the drivers meeting. (51 Sports Photo)
The pits are filled with Late Models today in Cordele, Georgia. (51 Sports Photo)
Michael Pope (51 Sports Photo)
Augie Grill was looking good in practice, he has never raced here in Cordele. (51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Lawler was quick in the final round. (51 Sports Photo)
TJ Reaid (R) won the GAS race. (51 Sports Photo)
Bubba Pollard won the CRA race. (51 Sports Photo)