Trackside Now: CRA's Redbud 300
Monday, 7/27/09  - ASA Heritage Race on Tap for Tonight
Anderson Speedway - Anderson, Indiana
Monday - 10:30pm ET  - Kyle Busch is the winner tonight after a dominating performance in the Redbud 300.  Busch led twice for over 200 laps on his way to the win.  Rick Turner, Aaron Pierce, Johnny VanDoorn and Chuck Barnes Jr. rounded out the top five. 

Results are unofficial as tech is still going on.  If anything happens we will update Trackside Now later on tonight.

Unofficial Results
331AaronPierce 300
512Chuck Barnes Jr.300
881TerryFisher Jr.300
924TylerRoahrig ® 300
1318RobertMaynor 297
1498NickLay ®295
1615Damon Ecoff ® 286
1763JimCrabtree Jr.285
198BrandonFagin ® 248
2023EddieVan Meter246
215RoyceMason II242
2351sMichael Pope184
2455JustinMatson ®24
2729TommySt. John38
2984Donald Karr Jr20

Monday - 6:50pm ET  - We invite you to switch on over to to hear the pre-race show and live coverage of the Redbud 300. click here for

Monday - 5:35pm ET  - We are approaching race time as fans are gearing up for the autograph session.  Kyle Busch will have his autograph session behind the grandstands at his souvenir trailer.  We remind you to switch over to for live coverage of the Redbud 300.  Join Bob Dillner, Dennis Michelsen, Kevin Striegle and "Stat Boy" Elgin Traylor for the call beginning at 7pm on (click on the "Listen Live" button).

Monday - 5:15pm ET  - Here is the starting lineup for tonight.  The 84 of Donald Karr Jr. is in the pits working being worked on.  They were going to start last anyway so they are going to use the time to fix a mechanical problem.

753BorisJurkovic  (set fast time)
812Chuck Barnes Jr.
981TerryFisher Jr.
1123EddieVan Meter
1224TylerRoahrig ®
1363JimCrabtree Jr.
1651sMichael Pope
1729TommySt. John
2298NickLay ®
2355JustinMatson ®
2415Damon Ecoff ®
265RoyceMason II
268BrandonFagin ®
2984Donald Karr Jr

Monday - 5:00pm ET  - Boris Jurkovic ends up with the fastest time as Kyle Busch was second fastest.  Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn and Jason Shively round out the top five.  The redraw will put the seventh fastest qualifier Aaron Pierce on the pole.

Monday - 4:15pm ET  - Qualifying is up next for the Redbud 300. We'll be back with the results after that.

Monday - 3:05pm ET  - We have been told that there were some fireworks at Plymouth Speedway (IN) the last time out for the CRA Super Late Models.  Eddie Hoffman and Scott Hantz did some pushing and shoving on the race track, we will have to see if that carries over to today.  You can listen to live coverage on later tonight of the Redbud 300 to see if the fireworks continue.

Practice is in the books.  We will be back in a few minutes with more.

Monday - 2:55pm ET  - 2005 CRA Rookie of Year Tommy St. John has looped his car going into turn one.  He was able to roll away with out any problems.

Monday - 2:45pm ET  - We are in the final 15 minutes of practice here at Anderson.  The track is busy with action.  The last time around Brandon Fagin locked his break up big time going into the first time.  It almost looked as if he had lost an engine, but he's still making laps.

Currently Kyle Busch has the fastest time in the second practice session with a 12.167.

Monday - 2:20pm ET  - We mentioned that Eddie Hoffman is a former winner here at Anderson Speedway, he also has had a very busy weekend.  He finished third at Rockford Speedway (IL) on Saturday night and followed that up with a second-place finish at Madison Int'l Speedway on Sunday afternoon.  Judging by the numbers he should land in victory lane today, but 28 other driver will have a lot to say about Hoffman completing the cycle on the podium this weekend.

Monday - 2:15pm ET  - After a slight break in the action, the track has become hot again as the Super Late Models have returned for their final round of practice.

Monday - 2:10pm ET  - Here are the top 10 speeds from the first round of practice.

1. 31 Aaron Pierce  12.290
2. 99 Jason Shivley 12.355
3. 29 Tommy St. John  12.422
4. 63 Jim Crabtree Jr.  12.433
5. 18 Robert Maynor 12.447
6. 51 Kyle Busch 12.479
7. 12 Chuck Barnes Jr. 12.518
8. 26 Rick Turner 12.536
9. 53 Boris Jurkovic 12.548
10, 72 Scott Hantz 12.548 

Monday - 1:58pm ET  - Coming into tonight's CRA Super Series events it's almost been a three person runaway in the season standings.  Johnny VanDoorn, Scott Hantz and Aaron Pierce have been the class of the field thus far in 2009.

VanDoorn and Hantz each have two career wins here in the past.  other past winners in the field include Kenny Tweedy who has won here four times.  Rick Turner is a two time winner here as well and Eddie Hoffman has also gone to victory lane here at Anderson with CRA.  Jim Crabtree Jr. has also won an event here as well.

Monday - 1:55pm ET  - Kyle Busch keeps his busy week of racing going with tonight's Redbud 300.  Busch ran the Slinger Nationals in Wisconsin last Tuesday night, then the NASCAR Camping World Truck race on Friday at O'Reilly Raceway Park, followed by the NASCAR Nationwide Series race the next night.  He ran the Brickyard 400 yesterday in Indianapolis and is running his fifth race in six days here at Anderson Speedway.  

Monday - 1:50pm ET  - Tonight's race can be heard live on  Speed 51 Radio will have all the action beginning at 7pm on RTR.  The event will pay tribute to the old ASA National Tour at the birthplace of ASA.  Join Bob Dillner, Dennis Michelsen, Kevin Striegle and "Stat Boy" Elgin Traylor for the call beginning at 7pm on (click on the "Listen Live" button).

Monday - 1:35pm ET  - Practice has been very active with cars it the pits, car waiting to go on the track, cars waiting to practice, cars practicing and cars waiting to leave the track after practice.  All of this is because CRA Series officials are only allowing about eight cars on the track at the same time.

We have had two spins, one by the 78 of Martin Belcher and the second by the 31 of Aaron Pierce. Pierce actually had the fast time early on before his spin. We will have more speeds in a little bit. 

Monday - 1:00pm ET  - Practice is set to begin in just a few minutes.  We are heading trackside to grab some information and some photos of the action.  We will be back soon. 

Monday - 12:45pm ET  - We just came from the drivers meeting where we were told that 29 cars are here for tonight's race and all 29 will start the event.  John Heck from Indianapolis, IN is not here today from our pre-race entry list.

The other major focus was on pit stops as the teams will be pitting in the infield here at the quarter-mile.  Space will be limited, but it has been done here at Anderson several times in the past.  Teams can only change tires at the break unless they have a flat.

Monday - 12:30pm ET  - Welcome to a Monday night special here in Anderson, Indiana.  The CRA Super Series is paying tribute to the old ASA National tour today with a 300-lap event here on the quarter-mile.  Years back the Anderson 400 was run here for several year with the ASA Tour.  Today it's a throw back event with some big guns already on the roster like Kyle Busch, Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, and others are here trying to make history CRA style.

Pre-Race Entry list:
12Kenny Tweedy
24John Heck
35Royce Mason II
47Jason Dietsch
58Brandon Fagin 
68nEddie Hoffman
78sMartin Belcher
811Jeff Lane
912Chuck Barnes Jr.
1015Damon Ecoff
1118Robert Maynor
1220Tyce Carlson
1323Eddie Van Meter
1424Tyler Roahrig 
1526Rick Turner
1627Colin Bamke
1729Tommy St. John
1831Aaron Pierce
1951Kyle Busch
2051sMichael Pope
2153Boris Jurkovic
2255Justin Matson
2361John VanDoorn
2463Jim Crabtree Jr.
2572Scott Hantz
2680Joe O'Connor
2781Terry Fisher Jr.
2884Donald Karr Jr
2998Nick Lay
3099Jason Shively

Today's Redbud 300 Schedule
Pits Open: 10:00 am
Drivers Meeting: 12:00 Noon
Practice: 1:00 pm
Qualifying: 4:15 pm 
Cars Gridded: 5:00 pm 
Autograph Session: 6:00 pm 
Pre-Race Ceremonies: 7:00 pm
Green Flag: 7:30 pm

Pre-race drivers meeting.  (51 Sports Photo)
CRA Points leader Johnny VanDoorn is looking to win again here at Anderson.  (51 Sports Photo)
The view of the track from atop the grandstands in turn four.  (51 Sports Photo)
We were here in June, but the show didn't go on.  Today the weather is much better.  (51 Sports Photo)
Martin Belcher after his spin.  (51 Sports Photo)
Kyle Busch in his car waiting to go back on the track.  (51 Sports Photo)
Robert Maynor was fifth fastest in the first round. (51 Sports Photo)
Boris Jurkovic on his pole run. (51 Sports Photo)
Kyle Busch are crew in Victory Lane. (51 Sports Photo)