Trackside Now: CRA's Redbud 300
Tuesday, 6/16/09  - ASA Heritage Race on Tap for Tonight
Anderson Speedway - Anderson, Indiana
Tuesday - 1:02pm ET  - We have just been told that CRA Officials have decided to call the Redbud 300.  The weather coming into the area is going to soak down the track for several hours, and with it being a Tuesday event it's hard to ask teams to come back and race on Wednesday. 

Two future dates are being worked on for a make-up, (July 28th and August 11th) check out and for more information. 

So after the shortest Trackside Now in the history of we say have a good Tuesday afternoon! 

Tuesday - 12:30pm ET  - A light sprinkle has begun here at Anderson Speedway.  The forecast calls for a 60% chance of rain.  CRA Officials are going to make the effort to get the show in tonight. Looking at the radar we can see a cell that will pass over the track until around 1:30pm, there is more rain behind that.

Tuesday - 12:00pm ET  - Welcome to a mid-week special here in Anderson, Indiana.  The CRA Super Series is paying tribute to the old ASA National tour today with a 300-lap event here on the quarter-mile.  Years back the Anderson 400 was run here for several year with the ASA Tour.  Today it's a throw back event with some big guns already on the roster like Kyle Busch, Scott Hantz, Johnny VanDoorn, Gary St. Amant and others.

Pre-Race Entry list:
12Kenny Tweedy
24John Heck
35Royce Mason II
46Zack Hulvey
57Jason Dietsch
67sGary St. Amant
78Brandon Fagin 
810Johanna Long
911Jeff Lane
1015Damon Ecoff 
1118Robert Maynor
1220Tyce Carlson
1324Tyler Roahrig 
1426Rick Turner
1527Colin Bamke
1629Tommy St. John
1731Aaron Pierce
1841Brent Jack
1951Kyle Busch
2051sMichael Pope
2153Boris Jurkovic
2255Justin Matson
2361John VanDoorn
2463Jim Crabtree Jr.
2572Scott Hantz
2680Joe O'Connor
2781Terry Fisher Jr.
2889Brad Mueller
2992Harold Fair
3098Nick Lay
3199Jason Shively
32151Dakoda Armstrong

Today's Schedule
Pits Open: 10:00 am
Drivers Meeting: 12:00 Noon
Practice: 1:00 pm
Qualifying: 4:15 pm 
Cars Gridded: 5:00 pm 
Autograph Session: 6:00 pm 
Race Program Begins: 7:30 pm

Johanna Long was here getting laps yesterday.  This is the first trip to the Indiana track. (51 Sports Photo)
Cars going through tech. (51 Sports Photo)