Trackside Now: Rattler 250 Weekend
Saturday, 3/7/09  - Pro Rattler 125
South Alabama Speedway - Opp, Alabama
Sunday - 3:22am CT - Post race tech decided the finish of the Pro Rattler 125 for the second straight year.  Augie Grill was disqualified after it was found that he had a cambered rear-end.  That gave the victory to Bubba Pollard. We'll have more on this on story in Sunday's Trackside Now at South Alabama Speedway.

Saturday - 11:43pm CT - Although track officials have not cleared tech we're calling it a night here at South Alabama Speedway. We are going to monitor tech if anything happens we will update Trackside Now accordingly. Goodnight.

Saturday - 11:24pm CT - Here are the unofficial results. We are waiting for tech to clear. 
1112Augie Grill        125 DQ'ed
242Bubba Pollard     125  Winner
31Steven Davis         125
418Billy Fulson        125
59John Wes Townley125
610Danny Bagwell    125
716David Hodges     125
893Branden Johnson125
967Bryce Walker     125
105Donald Crocker   125
114cPhillip Anderson       125
124Elliott Massey    125
1317Sam Smith      123
1416Brandon Odom119
153Chris Serio        116
16115Loyd Alexander      114
1783Cale Gale        105
182D.J. Vanderlay    91
1910Ryan Crane      59
2031Tyler Millwood   59
219Kenn Barrett       59
222xDennis Reno, Jr 50
2315Cody Smith       50
2422Eric Wallace      46
2588Bobby Reuse     45
2658Cody Brake17
274Chase Knox9
2884Clay Alexander 0

Saturday - 11:03pm CT - Augie Grill has won here at South Alabama followed by Bubba Pollard, Steven Davis, Billy Fulson, and John Wes Townley.

We will be back shortly with more.

Saturday - 10:59pm CT - We have 10 laps to go and Augie Grill still leads.

Saturday - 10:54pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 96:  We are racing again here in the Pro Rattler 125. On lap 99 Bubba Pollard took second away from Steven Davis.

Saturday - 10:52pm CT - Bryce Walker and Brandon Johnson tangled and Johnson spun in turn two.  Both cars have been sent to the rear.  We are YELLOW on lap 96. 

Saturday - 10:49pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 91:  Augie Grill gets away with Brandon Johnson, Bryce Walker, Steven Davis and Bubba Pollard in the top five.

Saturday - 10:46pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 90:  Augie Grill gets away again.  DJ Vanderlay got up under Brandon Johnson for second and then twitched and spun in turn four.  We are YELLOW on lap 91.

Saturday - 10:44pm CT - We are working lap lap 90 and we are YELLOW again.  Brandon Odom came to pit road for tires.  Coming back to the front he made contact with Phillip Anderson.  Both got damage after the contact.

Saturday - 10:40pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 82:  Grill gets away and we are single file back through the top 10. 

Saturday - 10:37pm CT - With 78 laps in the books Augie Grill has swept past Brandon Odom for second and is closing in on Brandon Johnson for the lead.

On lap 82 Grill took the lead, coming to turn two he had to dodge Chris Serio and Lloyd Alexander who had spun out. We are YELLOW at lap 82. 

Saturday - 10:30pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 59:  The leaders get away nice and clean. Augie Grill has moved into fourth and is pressuring Bryce Walker for third.

Saturday - 10:25pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 59:  Brandon Johnson lead the charge to turn one.  Ryan Crane spun up the track and collected Tyler Millwood and Ken Barrett.  Barrett is parked in turn 2. Crane has come to pit road. Millwood also came to pit road. YELLOW at lap 59.

Top 10 under this yellow is Brandon Johnson, Brandon Odom, Bryce Walker, Steven Davis, Augie Grill, DJ Vanderley, Billy Fulson, John Wes Townley, Bubba Pollard, and David Hodges Jr.

Saturday - 10:20pm CT - It has been a rough night for Cale Gale, he just got spun by the Phillip Anderson. He then went up and bumped the rear of Anderson's car.  Track officials are making him do a stop and go. We are under YELLOW on lap 59. 

Saturday - 10:15pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 50:  One more time, the cars hit the first turn with the top five: Brandon Odom, Billy Fulson, Brandon Johnson, Bryce Walker and Stephan Davis.  We got away clean and Brandon Johnson takes the lead on lap 53.

Saturday - 10:09pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 50:  Dennis Reno Jr. got into the back of Danny Bagwell in a bid for second place. Both cars wrecked here on the homestretch.  Reno then had some words for Bagwell when he got out of his wrecked car.  Chase Knox, Cale Gale, Phillip Anderson, Tyler Millwood, Sam Smith and Cody Smith were all involved.  YELLOW is out again on lap 50. 

Saturday - 10:00pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 50:  How good are two tires? We are about to find out. Brandon Odom leads the pack to turn one.  A big stack up in turn one sent several cars scrambling.  Cale Gale spun on the backstretch so we are YELLOW again.

We also head from track officials that Augie Grill lost communications with his spotter.

Saturday - 9:52pm CT - We are sorting the line-up out, and will be going back green when it's correct.

Saturday - 9:50pm CT - Pit road is open and we have no takers for tires for the first time by.  After a few laps the leaders hit pit road, leaving Brandon Odom with the lead.  Danny Bagwell, Dennis Reno Jr, Bubba Pollard, and Billy Fulson are now the top five.

The cars that come off pit road will be in the order they came in.  Brandon Johnson will restart sixth. 

Saturday - 9:46pm CT - We are at the lap 50 Competition Caution.  The top five is Brandon Johnson, Bryce Walker, Stephan Davis, DJ Vanderlay, and Brandon Odom.  Who will pit?  The teams can take two tires under this stop, they could also wait and take them later.

Saturday - 9:43pm CT - Augie Grill continues to back peddle through the field.  The opening lap spin seams to have damaged his car, as he has slid back to the 10th spot.

Saturday - 9:40pm CT - After 25 Laps it's Brandon Johnson, Bryce Walker, Stephan Davis, DJ Vanderlay and Brandon Odom in the top five.

Saturday - 9:35pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 1: This time we are single file on the restart, Augie Grill was leading until Brandon Johnson made the pass for the top spot.  Bryce Walker has moved into the second spot. 

Saturday - 9:31pm CT - GREEN FLAG is out for the third time, and this time we get away clean.  Augie Grill took the lead at the end of the first lap.  The YELLOW came out for Elliott Massey who slowed in turn three at the end of the lap.

Saturday - 9:29pm CT - GREEN FLAG is out again and we didn't get far as the YELLOW came out for a spin by Elliott Massey. 

Saturday - 9:23pm CT - GREEN FLAG is out and we are underway in the Pro Rattler 125.  Off the start Brandon Johnson got away pretty good, but the officials did not like the start of the race. Coming to the YELLOW Augie Grill went for a spin in turn three and didn't hit anything.  Clay Alexander, Cody Smith and Eric Wallace got together behind the leaders.  It will be a complete restart.

Saturday - 9:18pm CT - Engines have fires and the cars are rolling.  Prior to going green two cars had trouble.  The 58 of Cody Brake hit the wall coming down pit road under yellow and the 88 of Bobby Reuse spun into the turn four inside wall.  Brake has returned.

Saturday - 9:05pm CT - Drivers are strapping in, in preparation for the Pro Rattler 125. Brandon Johnson will be on the pole.

Saturday - 8:21pm CT - Ryan Redmon has won the Modified feature.  Ricky Brooks spun right after halfway and finished sixth.  The Pro Late Models will be moved out on to the track in a few minutes.

Saturday - 7:59pm CT - The Mods are working lap 15 and Ricky Brooks has taken the lead.  Brooks is the head tech official here this weekend, and at Five Flags Speedway. 

Saturday - 7:55pm CT - The Modifieds are on the track for their 50 lap feature event. After this will be the Pro Rattler 125. There will some pre race activities prior to the event.

Saturday - 7:35pm CT - Looking at up coming Pro Rattler 125 here are some points of interest:

Teams will have a total of six tires, which means there will be a chance for a two tire change at some point during the race. 

Caution laps will count from lap 1 to lap 50.  After this only green flag laps will count.  

There will be a competition caution on lap 50. Laps will stop counting. Cars may pit at that time, without losing a lap. All cars that do not pit will move forward and the cars that did pit will line-up behind them in the order they entered the pits. Teams will have approximately 10 pace laps to return to the track. 

At the time the caution comes out, the first car behind the leader 1 lap down will be deemed to be the Lucky Dog (as long as he is not the cause of the yellow) and announced accordingly. He will stay in his position throughout the caution period (he may pit if he elects to), until the flagman displays two to go, and then proceed around the pace car to restart on the tail of the field. No Lucky Dog will be awarded in the last 10 laps of the race.

Saturday - 7:25pm CT - We have local classes getting ready to race here at South Alabama Speedway.  The Pro Late Model Rattler 125 is the third feature of the night.

Saturday - 6:05pm CT - Local cars are on the track for practice, we will be stepping away for our dinner break.  Feature events begin at 8pm Central Time.

Saturday - 5:55pm CT - Tonight’s Pro Late Model 125 car be heard live on   Track announcer Ron Joyner will be on the call of both races.  The Rattler 250 will be live on Race Talk Radio as well.  If you can’t listen to the races this weekend they will be available on Race Talk Radio later this week.  Also, be sure to check out The Speed51 Report, Tuesday Nights at 7pm Eastern on  

Saturday - 5:15pm CT - Augie Grill has taken the pole for the Super Late Models with a track record breaking 15.098. He is followed by Grant Enfinger and Jeff Fultz.


Saturday - 4:25pm CT - Pro Late Model qualifying has now concluded with Brandon Johnson unofficially taking the pole. Augie Grill and Bryce Walker currently round out the top 3.


Super Late Model qualifying will get underway soon.

Saturday - 3:55pm CT - Pro Late Model qualifying has now started with the 88 car of Bobby Reuse taking the track first.

Saturday - 3:30pm CT - We are approaching the qualifying time and it is clear that we will not be rolling off at 3:30pm.  The tech line is over run with Pro Late Model's are they haven't even gotten to the Super Late Model yet. 

We also caught up with Scott Hantz and his crew did go out into the woods to find the tire that he lost. Reports from the team that a wheel hub broke.   

We hope to be underway in a few minutes with qualifying.

One quick note from CRA (Champion Racing Assocaiton) is that 6569 laps were run in the rounds of practice from the last two days.

Saturday - 2:16pm CT - We are going to take a break, as the track will be quiet until qualifying at 3:30pm CT. We'll be back with more here at South Alabama Speedway.

Saturday - 2:10pm CT - Here are the final speeds from the Late Model Practices.  Stephan McCurley paced the final Super Late Model Practice, while Cody Smith led the Pro Late Model practice.  

Super Late Model Practice, Saturday: Round 3

Pro Late Model Practice, Saturday: Round 3

Saturday - 1:51pm CT - We just had a real scary moment here at South Alabama Speedway.  Scott Hantz lost a tire in turn one and it went flying off into the tree's.  We saw the tire and estimations from the rest of the scoring tower have said that it cleared the tree's in turn one at about 70 feet in the air.  There is nothing off the second turn here at South Alabama Speedway, but trees.  Hantz limped back to the pits with only three wheels.

Saturday - 1:46pm CT - The 18 Pro Late Model of Billy Fulson is loading up due to engine troubles. They have changed the carburetor and the fuel pump and neither proved to be the issue as the car will not run for more than 3 laps at a time. They are fearful of blowing an engine and are heading back to Georgia.

Saturday - 1:40pm CT - The Pro Late Models have finished their last round of practice and the Super Late Models are currently on the track for their last chance to practice before tomorrow's event.

Saturday - 1:10pm CT - Here are the speeds from the second Super Late Model Practice.  Ryan Lawler was the fastest

Super Late Model Practice, Saturday: Round 2

Saturday - 1:00pm CT - The number 16 Super Late Model of Brandon Odom has just blown a motor and will not be racing tomorrow.

There will be one more 30 minute practice session for the Pro Late Models, followed by a 30 minute session for the Super Late Models and that will conclude practice for today here at South Alabama Speedway.

Saturday - 12:52pm CT - Former Legend Car standout Bryce Walker led the last Pro Late Model practice, followed by Brandon Johnson and Augie Grill, who is pulling double duty this weekend running both tonight and tomorrow's events. South Alabama regulars Brandon Odom and Billy Fulson round out the top 5.

We are currently nearing the end of SLM practice round 2 and we will have those times up shortly.

Saturday - 12:40pm CT - We have the speeds from the first Super Late Model practice and the second Pro Late Model practice. 

Super Late Model Practice, Saturday: Round 1

Pro Late Model Practice, Saturday: Round 2

Saturday - 12:30pm CT - The feeling among the drivers here this weekend is relatively mutual. They are simply grateful to be racing in this harsh economy.

Billy Fulson is one of those drivers feeling the pressure, “We’re just lucky be here running this race this weekend. If we run well here tonight, we’ll go to Senoia next weekend. After that we’ll just run what we’re able to.” Fulson experienced engine trouble in the first practice but after a carburetor change they are hoping they will have all the kinks worked out for qualifying.

Bobby Reuse is also excited just to be in attendance. “We’re excited to be here for the Rattler and hopefully we can bring home a top 5 or even a win.”

Texas native Stephan McCurley is also here. “It’s good to be here at South Alabama and we’re hopefully going to get a solid finish and maybe get up there and contend with some of them tomorrow.”

The scene is the same in the pits of Phillip Anderson and Loyd Alexander, both Pro Late Model drivers are working feverishly to get their vehicles ready for tonight’s event. “It’s going to be tough but maybe we’ll get a good finish without tearing anything up too bad,” Anderson and Alexander agreed. 

Saturday - 12:00pm CT - Super Late Model practice is in the book, we'll have the speeds for you in a moment.  Jeff Fultz ended with the fastest time.

Saturday - 11:36am CT - A few minutes ago we had a spin as the 27 Super Late Model of Jason Young went around in turn two.  He has since been back on to the track making laps.

Yesterday we told you that Augie Grill had the best time in Super late Model practice.  his time was under the track record of 15.123 set by Dan Beddingfield back in 1999.  Halfway through this hour long Super Late Model practice only Jeff Fultz is under the track record at a 15.100. Augie Grill has not been on the track today in his Super Late Model.  The Kyle Busch cars of Ryan Lawler and Brian Ickler are second and third. Lawler ran a 15.136, while Ickler had a 15.261.  Danny Bagwell was fourth and Korey Ruble was fifth. 

Again these times are from 11:30am, and practice is still going on for the Super Late Models.      

Saturday - 11:23am CT - We have also seen in this Super Late Model practice that Scott Hantz is switching back and forth between his two cars.  One is a 9:1 build motor car, while the other has a McGunegill engine.  Hantz looks to be shying towards the McGunegill car right now. 

Saturday - 11:18am CT - Here are the speeds from the Pro Late Model practice. Brandon Johnson had the quick lap and Augie Grill had his Pro Late Model out for the first time this weekend, he was second fastest.  Cody Smith, Brandon Odom, and Bryce Walker rounded out the top five.  Walker is driving for Jeff Fultz in the black 67 car. 

Pro Late Model Practice, Saturday: Round 1

Saturday - 10:58am CT - The 99 of Brandon Loverock who traveled here from California broke a rocker arm last night and sent a crew member to retrieve a replacement. They have now installed the replacement and will be participating in practice shortly.

Eddie Mercer who was busy spotlessly cleaning his windshield says his car is ready for this event and he's looking forward to laying it all out on the track later this afternoon in qualifying. 

Saturday - 10:50am CT - The 29 Super Late Model of Andy Antinoro will not be racing this weekend.  Motor problems have sent them home early this weekend.  The track still remains busy with Pro Late Model practice.  At 11am the Super Late Models will have an hour practice. 

Saturday - 10:44am CT - At the drivers meeting this morning track owner John Dykes told the Super Late Model drivers who came to support this year's Rattler that there would be a bonus for them next year, if they went to victory lane.  A $5,000 bonus will be awarded to the the winner if there are fifty cars.  If there are less then 50 cars the winner will receive $2,500.  

Saturday - 10:34am CT - The Track is already busy with Pro Late Model practice.  We have one new Pro Late Model here this morning as the number 10 of Ryan Crane came in earlier today.  Crane won the Pro Rattler 125 here last year.

Here is a list of the car we have here today.  We are still checking to see if we have any late arrivals.

Super Late Model Drivers (31)
Augie Grill
Brian Ickler
Josh Hamner
Johnny Brazier
Ryan Sieg
Korey Ruble
Jason Young
Grant Enfinger
Stephan McCurley
Jeff Fultz
Danny Bagwell
John Bolen
Ryan Lawler
Casey Smith
Jeremy Colangelo
Trey Mitchell
Eddie Mercer
Tim Russell
Stanley Smith
David Hodges, Jr
Bubba Pollard
Hunter Robbins
Fredrick Moore
Scott Hantz
Chris Davidson
Jeremy Rice
Brandon Odom
William Wambles
Bobby Reuse
Tyler Millwood
Brandon Loverock

Pro Late Model Drivers(27)
Brandon Odom
Chris Serio
Branden Johnson
Danny Bagwell
Cody Smith
Dennis Reno, Jr
Billy Fulson
Eric Wallace
Phillip Anderson
Bryce Walker
Chase Knox
Steven Davis
Sam Smith
John Wes Townley
D.J. Vanderlay
David Hodges
Kenn Barrett
Cale Gail
Tyler Millwood
Loyd Alexander
Bubba Pollard
Bobby Knox
Elliott Massey
Donald Crocker
Clay Alexander
Ryan Crane
Cody Brake

Saturday - 10:30am CT - Good Morning from South Alabama Speedway.  We have another full day of action here at the Opp, Alabama track.  Today we will have qualifying for both the Super Late Model and Pro Late Model classes.  

Here is the rundown for today's schedule.

8:00---------  Pits Open (ALL Classes) 
9:00---------  Driver's Meeting (Late Models,  Pro-Late Models 
9:30---------  Practice Begins (Rotating) Tech Opens (SLM and PLM ONLY) 
2:00--------  Practice Ends / Grandstands Open 
2:00--------  All Enclosed Haulers Removed From Inside Pit Area 
2:30---------  Qualifying Tires Released -Line Up for SLM / PLM Qualifying 
3:30---------   Pro Late Model Qualifying (Top 24 Locked In)
4:00---------   Super Late Model Qualifying ( Top 24 Locked In)
5:00-5:45--  Local Practice 
6:00---------  Driver’s Meeting 
7:00---------  Pro Late Model Qualifying Race  if needed 
8:00--------- Local Features
  Modified- 35 laps 
  Cuplites- 25 laps 
  Pro Late Model 125 

Here are the practice Speeds from Friday:

Pro Late Model Best Laps, Friday

Super Late Model Best Laps, Friday

Pro Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 4

Super Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 4

Pro Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 3

Super Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 3

Pro Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 2

Super Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 2

Pro Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 1

Super Late Model Practice Speeds, Friday: Practice 1

Jump over to the's discussion forum at and share your opinions.  It is a great place to interact with other fans and comment about this weekends festivities.



Tim Russell battles Tyler Millwood in practice.  (51 Photo)
Brandon Odom had the best time in Pro Late Model practice on Friday.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Ryan Sieg in practice. (Jamie Williams Photo)
John Bolen's Super Late Model. (Jamie Williams Photo)
Korey Ruble Goes by Fredrick Moore. (Jamie Williams Photo)
2008 Rattler 250 winner Grant Enfinger will start second.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Brandon Johnson won the Pro Late Model pole. (51 Sports Photo)
Augie Grill will have the pole for Sunday's Rattler 250. (51 Sports Photo)
The pits were very busy as well. (Jamie Williams Photo)
The track was a busy place here on Saturday.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Augie Grill could have a big weekend.  He's fast in both his Pro Late Model and Super Late Model. (Jamie Williams Photo)
Augie Grill talks with RIcky Brooks. (51 Sports Photo)
Bubba Pollard ended up with the trophy. (51 Sports Photo)