CRA Officials Take Engines From
Top Two Finishers of Redbud 300
Dyno Testing Reveals Engines Found
to Perform at Established Performance Levels
Series PR Report

Champion Racing Association (CRA) Chief Technical Inspector Eddie Chew announced Tuesday the outcome of additional testing done on the engines of Redbud 300 winner Kyle Busch and 2nd place finisher Rick Turner.  Chew took both engines following Monday's race at Anderson Speedway for additional testing on the dyno.
"The additional testing of the engines was simply part of the ongoing process to check the sealed engines at different points during the year," stated Chew.  "This was the perfect time to check the Hamner (Busch's) and McGunegill (Turner's) in back to back dyno runs with engines that come straight from the race track.  I am pleased to announce that both engines performed to the level of the guidelines imposed on the engine builders by the Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders program."
Chew oversaw the dyno runs with members of both teams present during the testing.  The engines were compared against the original specs of the respective engines.
CRA has been one of the leaders in developing the use of cost-containing sealed engines in Super Late Model Racing.  What was once the place for $40,000 engines, Super Late Model races are now being contested and won with engines that cost only a fraction of what they used to cost, without losing the high-horsepower performance that Super Late Model racing has been known for.  These cost effective alternatives have be used to win major races and championships throughout the country.
For more information about how you can go Super Late Model racing with a cost effective sealed Super Late Model Engine, contact the only approved Sealed Engine builders for the S.E.A.L. program:  McGunegill Engine Performance at 765-282-1913 or Hamner Racing Engines at 205-938-0338.  These engines are approved for use across the country and in major events like the Snowball Derby, Winchester 400, Nashville's All American 400 and many others.
Kyle Busch (#51) and Rick Turner (#26) had their engines checked out by tCRA officials after the Redbud 300.  (Dennis Kimble Photos)