Injured CRA Crew Member Curt Stein's Condition Improves
Recovery COntinued After Rosebud 300 Pit Incident
PR Report
The following is a statment that was issued by Anderson Speedway on Wednesday.

Injured crew member, Curt Stein, is recovering at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis following injuries he sustained while working on tires for his team at Anderson Speedway on Wednesday.

Curt was inflating a tire for Dave Ecoff’s late model team around noon, when the rim suddenly blew out of the tire striking him in the arm and knee. Anderson Speedway’s paramedic and Chief of Safety, Ed Fouse, was on the scene immediately along with track worker, Missy Perry, who will receive her Nursing license next month, and fellow driver, Kenny Tweedy. Anderson Fire Department medics were on the scene within minutes where Curt was stabilized and transferred to Methodist Hospital via emergency air ambulance. After arrival at the hospital, his condition was assessed by several surgeons and after surgery last night; first indications are for a good recovery and possible full use of his injured arm.

According to Dave Ecoff, car owner and close friend, Curt was awake and in good spirits this morning and is anxious for a full recovery. Some follow up procedures might be necessary do the extensive nature of the injury to his arm; however, the Doctors are optimistic for his recovery. He will most likely be hospitalized for several days as his arm begins the healing process.

Rick Dawson, President
Anderson Speedway