Hoosier Develops New Tire for the CRA Super Series for 2010
One Tire Will Be Used at All Tracks Next Season
CRA PR Report
Hoosier Racing Tire and CRA Super Series officials have announced that Hoosier has developed a new tire for the CRA Super Series to compete on for the upcoming 2010 season. The tires will be an F-40 on the left and an F-50 on the right. For the first time in many years the series will have one tire that will be used at all the tracks it will compete on during the 2010 season.

"We spent the last year listening to the racers and different series and focused on building a tire to try and meet everyone's needs,” remarked Irish Saunders with Hoosier Racing Tire. “We started with a clean sheet of paper and built a new tire after extensive testing at tracks such as Plymouth, Toledo, Illiana, Winchester, Dells and La Crosse.  The feedback and results were incredible and I can't remember being this excited about bringing a new tire to the market place."

"We appreciate the hard work that Hoosier has put into building this new tire,” remarked R.J. Scott, Managing Partner of Champion Racing Association.  “To create one set of tires that will work for all the tracks that we run at was no easy task...but testing shows that they have done just that!  For CRA racers it means they won't have to switch back and forth between different compounds based on the tracks, like we have done in years past.  We've also seen significantly better wear and increased repeatability which will help racers save money by being able to practice on the previous week's tires the following week.  Its something that we've really needed to do and Hoosier stepped up to make it happen"

Racers all across the country will get the first ever look at one of the new tires at SpeedFest in Georgia when the F-40 makes its national debut at Lanier Speedway in the CRA Super Series sanctioned Super Late Model event in January. The new F-40 will be used on all four corners, with build-plans to accommodate practically all stagger needs for this special, one compound race.

"SpeedFest will be a great opportunity for many Northern racers to get their hands on one of the tires they will be using in 2010 and beyond,” remarked Glenn Luckett, CRA Super Series Director. “Its a great opportunity for racers to get a good head start with some racing laps and experience with the new tire before we head into the regular season."

More information on Hoosier Racing Tire is available at www.hoosiertire.com. More information on the CRA Super Series is available at www.craracing.net.

The CRA Super Series will race on a new Hoosier tire in 2010.