Trackside Now: Papa John's 100
Friday, 5/29/09  - Round Two of the Super Late Model Blizzard Series
Five Flags Speedway - Pensacola, Florida
Friday - 11:55pm CT  - A great finish to a good race finds Bubba Pollard in victory lane, after a photo finish, for the second time in a career. Bubba Pollard beat out Augie Grill by .075 of a second for the win.  Pollard only led one lap and it was the one that counted.  Grill had to settle for second and Casey Smith came on strong for a third place finish.  Eddie Mercer ended up fourth after losing the lead with 19 laps to go with thanks to the aid of a lap car.  Hunter Robbins rounded out the top-five.

We will back with Trackside Now coverage tomorrow at Mobile International Speedway.  We will also have more on this race next week on Goodnight!

126Bubba Pollard
2112Augie Grill
399Casey Smith
41Eddie Mercer
56Hunter Robbins
62John Bolen
739Ryan Sieg
810LJohanna Long
938Josh Hamner
1005Jeremy Colangelo
111SStephan McCurley
1267Jeff Fultz
13167Bryce Walker
1410Danny Bagwell
1521Scott Carlson
1602Matt Smith
171MTim Martin
1849Stanley Smith
1948Cecil Chunn
2086Chet Morrison
2114Ken McFarland
2211Donald Long
2318Brandon Harris
2482Donnie Wilson
2511David Rogers
2699Wayne Niedecken Jr.
2725Rocky BoydDNS

Friday - 10:40pm CT (Listen Live) - In a wild finish Bubba Pollard won a photo finish at the line over Augie Grill.

Friday - 10:35pm CT (Listen Live) - The leaders are now bumper to bumper to bumper as Grill leads Mercer, Pollard and now Casey Smith.

Friday - 10:33pm CT (Listen Live) - With the aid of a lap car Augie Grill shot around Eddie Mercer for the lead in a sandwich off the forth turn on lap 81.

Friday - 10:30pm CT (Listen Live) - Casey Smith is now fourth and Hunter Robbins is fifth as we have 25 laps to go.

Friday - 10:26pm CT (Listen Live) - As we hit lap 70 Eddie Mercer has a 10 car length lead on Augie Grill.

Friday - 10:25pm CT (Listen Live) - Augie Grill got around Bubba Pollard for second a few laps after the restart.

Friday - 10:23pm CT (Listen Live) - As we got back GREEN the top five is Eddie Mercer, Bubba Pollard, Augie Grill, Josh Hamner, and Casey Smith. Ken McFarland, Hunter Robbins, John Bolen, Johanna Long, and Jeremy Colangelo are the top 10.

Friday - 10:18pm CT (Listen Live) - Johanna Long didn't have any damage from her little slide in turn two. She is currently 12th the last car on the lead lap.  We are going back GREEN on lap 52.

On the restart the lap car of Scott Carlson was all over Eddie Mercer in a side-by-side battle. The two nearly wrecked twice.  Bubba Pollard shot from third into second before the YELLOW came back out on lap 56 as Ryan Sieg and Brandon Harris went around in turn four.

Friday - 10:12pm CT (Listen Live) - GREEN FLAG LAP 50: Ken McFarland was a sitting duck as Eddie Mercer got the lead in turn two. 

At Lap 52 we are YELLOW again as Augie Grill got into Johanna Long sending her for a slide in turn two.  The field pilled in behind her as Donald Long, Stanley Smith, Donnie Wilson, Tim Martin, David Rogers and others piled in to the mess.  

Friday - 10:03pm CT (Listen Live) - YELLOW on lap 51: Wayne Niedecken Jr. spun after contact with David Rogers.  It looked like a lap car got the two drivers crossed up in turn four.

Pit stops were pretty clean and Eddie Mercer won the race off pit road, Johanna Long, Augie Grill, Bubba Pollard and Josh Hamner were the top five off pit road.  Ken McFarland stayed out and will be the leader.  

Friday - 9:58pm CT (Listen Live) - We are now at Halfway and Augie Grill still leads.

Friday - 9:55pm CT (Listen Live) - On lap 39 Ryan Sieg moved around Johanna Long for fifth place.

Friday - 9:53pm CT (Listen Live) - We are now at 35 laps and it's Grill, Pollard, Mercer, Robbins, Long, Casey Smith, Ryan Sieg, Jeremy Colangelo, Josh Hamner, and John Bolen in the top 10.

Friday - 9:50pm CT (Listen Live) - As we hit lap 20 the leaders are starting to close in on lap traffic. Augie Grill still leads Bubba Pollard by two car lengths.

Friday - 9:48pm CT (Listen Live) - After 15 laps we are clean and green.  Augie Grill, Bubba Pollard, Eddie Mercer, Hunter Robbins and Johanna Long are the top five.

Friday - 9:43pm CT (Listen Live) - GREEN FLAG: We are underway in the Papa John's 100.  Augie Grill got the jump on the start and leads lap one.  The pack has quickly settled in single-file after a handful of laps.

Friday - 9:36pm CT (Listen Live) - Engines have fired and the cars are rolling here at Five Flags Speedway.  We are three laps from Green.

Friday - 9:11pm CT (Listen Live) - Daryl Lynchard has won the Bomber feature.  We are a few minutes away from the start of the Papa John's 100. Make sure you check out at the track presented by   click here to listen.

Friday - 9:06pm CT (Listen Live) - Looking at the front of the Super Late Model we can see the heavy hitters are near the front.  The only real surprise in qualifying was the runs by Scott Carlson (20th) and Jeff Fultz (21st) both should be working their ways to the front in the opening laps. 

The race tonight will be two parts like all Blizzard races.  Before the pit stop and after.  If and when the caution falls it will jumble up the race big time. 

Friday - 8:37pm CT (Listen Live) - The Sportsman had some issues getting their race going, but once they did Randy Thompson scored the win. 

Friday - 8:03pm CT (Listen Live) - Remeber you can listen to this race live on  Just click on the link after the time and hear all the action from Five Flags Speedway.  Don't forget to check in with during the race for Trackside Now coverage as well.

We have the Sportsman cars on the track for a 20 Lap Feature.  After that the Bomber cars will have a 20 Lap Feature.

Friday - 7:48pm CT - Here is the rundown and lineup for tonight's Papa John's 100.  Johanna Long spun coming out of the pits and still put down a third-place qualifying run.

1112Augie Grill16.742
226Bubba Pollard16.748
310LJohanna Long 16.779
41Eddie Mercer16.787
539Ryan Sieg16.864
66Hunter Robbins16.865
799Casey Smith16.910
805Jeremy Colangelo 16.933
938Josh Hamner16.952
102John Bolen 16.957
1114Ken McFarland16.967
1299Wayne Niedecken Jr.16.992
131SStephan McCurley17.020
1411David Rogers17.021
1511Donald Long17.023
1610Danny Bagwell17.037
1782Donnie Wilson17.040
1886Chet Morrison17.053
1902Matt Smith17.068
2021Scott Carlson17.117
2167Jeff Fultz17.140
2248Cecil Chunn17.185
23167Bryce Walker17.192
241MTim Martin17.220
2518Brandon Harris17.315
2649Stanley Smith17.331
2725Rocky Boyd17.753

Friday - 7:30pm CT - Augie Grill has won the pole for tonight's race. We will have the full rundown soon.

Friday - 6:15pm CT - As we approach qualifying time we see Josh Hamner pushing his car at a fast pace to make the tech line in time. 

We had mentioned that Casey Smith had the track record, that was incorrect as it's Grant Enfinger who set the track record here last year at the Snowball Derby.

We will be back to the keys at the end of qualifying.

Tonight's race can be heard on! and the staff at Five Flags Speedway are happy to bring you the live coverage with track announcers Robbie Harvey and Dave Pavilock.  RTR at the Track... is presented by   click here to listen. Coverage is expected to begin at 9pm ET.

Friday - 5:55pm CT - Here are the speeds from the final practice, cars are rolling through pre-qualifying tech right now. We will begin qualifying at 6:45pm CT. 

110LJohanna Long 17.075
226Bubba Pollard17.077
31Eddie Mercer17.129
467Jeff Fultz17.147
511Donald Long17.246
614Ken McFarland17.349
782Donnie Wilson17.355
805Jeremy Colangelo 17.358
9112Augie Grill17.359
102John Bolen 17.421

Friday - 5:35pm CT - We talked to several drivers in the pits prior to practice and we found some interesting stories. 

Bubba Pollard enters the race as the leader in the Gulf Coast Championship, that’s both the Blizzard Series points and the Miller Lite Series points from Mobile added together.  Pollard was second here last month and he won at Mobile the next night.

Johanna Long is the Blizzard Series points leader after her win last month. The Blizzard Series is important because it’s at her home town track and the champion gets a starting spot in this year’s Snowball Derby.

Bryce Walker has been working with Jeff Fultz a lot this season, and today he will make his first Super Late Model start.  Walker was a force in the Legends car ranks as he won well over 30 races a year ago.

Jeremy Colangelo had a rough go of it here at Five Flags Speedway.  Last month he had problems and last night he lost a motor in practice.  The team has already and been on the track.

ARCA driver Stephan McCurley is here today and he’s excited because he has countless laps around this half-mile.  McCurley has been going to new venue after new venue week after week in the ARCA series. He just missed a top 10 a few weeks ago at Toledo Speedway (OH).

David Rogers is back after he toed halfway to Five Flags last Friday.  He did manage to turn around and return to New Smyrna Speedway in time to win the 50 lap Super Late Model event on Saturday.

John Bolen is here and not at the Camping World East event like he had originally planed.  Bolen has been practicing his Camping World East ride and was going to make his first-career start this weekend at South Boston Speedway (VA).

Josh Hamner is here after what he would describe as an “Embarrassing” event in his first ASA Late Model Challenge event at The Milwaukee Mile a few weeks back.  He also said that the team was ready for the next race and that he had no intentions of duplicating what happened before. 

Jeff Fultz has won a lot of races across the southeast and a ton of races to go with it.  Fultz will be looking to snap a long winless-streak tonight as the bad luck bug has bitten him hard over the last two seasons.   If he does go to victory lane he will celebrate like a mad man. 

Friday - 5:25pm CT - Round two is in the books and John Bolen was the fastest car.

12John Bolen 17.310
249Stanley Smith17.326
314Ken McFarland17.330
410Danny Bagwell17.359
586Chet Morrison17.395
611David Rogers17.397
721Scott Carlson17.407
899Casey Smith17.468
967Jeff Fultz17.471
1082Donnie Wilson17.478

110LJohanna Long 17.247
221Scott Carlson17.316
36Hunter Robbins17.326
4112Augie Grill17.345
511David Rogers17.363
639Ryan Sieg17.370
799Casey Smith17.433
867Jeff Fultz17.468
902Matt Smith17.474
1026Bubba Pollard17.490

Friday - 4:50pm CT - As we continue the second round of practice we will give you the list of drivers who will be racing tonight.  It's a pretty stacked field with nine former winners in the field.  All cars will start the Papa John's 100 tonight.

11Eddie Mercer
22John Bolen
302Matt Smith
405Jeremy Colangelo
56Hunter Robbins
610Danny Bagwell
711David Rogers
811Donald Long
914Ken McFarland
1018Brandon Harris
1121Scott Carlson
1225Rocky Boyd
1326Bubba Pollard
1438Josh Hamner
1539Ryan Sieg
1648Cecil Chunn
1749Stanley Smith
1867Jeff Fultz
1982Donnie Wilson
2086Chet Morrison
2199Casey Smith
2299Wayne Niedecken Jr.
23112Augie Grill
24167Bryce Walker
2510LJohanna Long
261MTim Martin
271SStephan McCurley

Friday - 4:35pm CT - The first practice session is in the books and at the top of the chart is Johanna LongScott Carlson was second fastest and Hunter Robbins was third quick.  We will have the full practice result as soon as they are available. 

Friday - 4:05pm CT - Practice is underway and we are going trackside to get some photos of the acton. We'll be back shortly.

Friday - 3:50pm CT - The drivers meeting is in the books and we are ready for practice here at Five Flags Speedway (FL).

Friday - 3:20pm CT - Tonight's race can be heard on! and the staff at Five Flags Speedway are happy to bring you the live coverage with track announcers Robbie Harvey and Dave Pavilock.  RTR at the Track... is presented by   click here to listen. Coverage is expected to begin at 9pm ET.

Friday - 3:10pm CT - Over the past few years the second round of the Blizzard Series has produced several different winners, but only the late Charlie Bradberry has won the first two rounds of the Blizzard Series to start a season.  Can Johanna Long do it tonight?

Blizzard Sereis
Round Two Winners
2009 ???
2008  Scott Carlson
2007  Justin Drawdy
2006  Charlie Bradberry
2005  Augie Grill 
2004  David Hole

Friday - 3:00pm CT - Welcome to Five Flags Speedway for the second race of the 2009 Blizzard Series.

Here is the schedule of events for tonight's Papa John's 100:

Pit Gate Opens @ 1:00
Blizzard Drivers Meeting @ 3:30
Blizzard Practice (4:00-5:30)
Local Practice 5:30 (Sportsman,Modified, Bombers)
Blizzard Cars to Pre Qualifying Tech

Blizzard Qualifying @ 6:45
Local Driver’s Meeting @ 7:30
Pre Race Festivities 7:50


Sportsman 20 Lap Feature
Bomber 20 Lap Feature
Papa John’s "100" Lap Feature
Modified 35 Lap Feature
Johanna Long in Victory Lane after the first round of the Blizzard Series.  (51 Sports Photo)
Johanna Long is already at the top of the charts after the first round of practice.  (51 Sports Photo)
Race Director Dan Spence talks to the drivers prior to the race. (51 Sports Photo)
Jeremy Colangelo had motor trouble last night in practice.   (51 Sports Photo)
Augie Grill set the fast time in qualifying. (51 Sports Photo)
Johanna Long spins coming out of the pits.  (51 Sports Photo)
Bubba Pollard in victory lane. (51 Sports Photo)
Bubba Pollard and Augie Grill talk about the great finish.   (51 Sports Photo)