Trackside Now: Amp Energy 100
Friday, 4/10/09  - Blizzard Series Opener
Five Flags Speedway - Pensacola, Florida
Friday - 11:20pm CT - Congratulations to Johanna Long for making history here tonight at Five Flags Speedway. All cars have passed tech and here is the final finishing order of the Amp Energy 100:

1. Johanna Long
2. Bubba Pollard
3. Ryan Sieg
4. Ryan Lawler
5. Ryan Crane
6. David Rogers
7. Casey Smith
8. Augie Grill
9. Cecil Chunn
10. Josh Hamner
11. Scott Carlson
12. Eddie Mercer
13. Ken McFarland
14. Hunter Robbins
15. Jr Niedecken
16. Danny Bagwell
17. Tim Martin
18. Matt Smith
19. Mitch Cobb
20. Korey Ruble
21. Roger Reuse
22. John Bolen
23. Donald Long
24. Stanley Smith
25. Chris Davidson
26. Jeremy Colangelo
27. Steven Davis
28. Rocky Boyd, Sr.

Goodnight from Pensacola, Florida!

Friday - 10:30pm CT - Johanna Long has won the Amp Energy 100 followed by Bubba Pollard, Ryan Sieg, Ryan Lawler, and Ryan Crane. We will be back with more shortly.

Friday - 10:27pm CT - LAP 87: Bubba Pollard seems to have lit this racetrack on fire as he has moved into second past Augie Grill.

Friday - 10:23pm CT - LAP 80: The crowd is on their feet as Augie Grill gets loose and slides up the track off turn four and Johanna Long takes the lead away as Bubba Pollard moves by Lawler for third.

Friday - 10:23pm CT - LAP 75: Augie Grill has pulled away as Ryan Lawler holds off Johanna Long for second and Bubba Pollard makes his way to fifth.

Friday - 10:21pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 68: The leaders are away clean as Ryan Lawler rides the bumper of leader Augie Grill allowing Johanna Long on fresh rubber to pressure him.

Friday - 10:19pm CT - After pit stops the adjusted top five is Augie Grill, Ryan Lawler, Johanna Long, Ryan Sieg, and Ryan Crane.

Friday - 10:15pm CT - YELLOW FLAG LAP 68: The yellow flag is flying once again and the pits are open. Casey Smith, Hunter Robbins, Jr Niedecken, and Scott Carlson are the only lead lap cars who have chosen to come in.

Friday - 10:11pm CT - The field has come to a hault here on the front straightaway as the 73 of Korey Ruble and the 88 of Roger Reuse are carried away on rollbacks.

Here is the current top ten:
1) Augie Grill
2) Ryan Lawler
3) Johanna Long
4) Ryan Sieg
5) Casey Smith
6) Ryan Crane
7) Hunter Robbins
8) Bubba Pollard
9) David Rogers
10) Josh Hamner

Friday - 10:09pm CT - RED FLAG LAP 68: The red flag is back out for an altercation caused by the 88 of Roger Reuse who was attempting to race his way back onto the lead lap. He collected Scott Carlson, Korey Ruble, Cecil Chunn, Tim Martin, Danny Bagwell, Eddie Mercer, Mitch Cobb, and Matt Smith.

Friday - 10:05pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 66: Augie Grill leads the field into turn one as Johanna Long pressures Ryan Lawler for second and Ryan Sieg and Casey Smith round out the top five.

Friday - 10:03pm CT - YELLOW FLAG LAP 66: The caution is back out for contact between Casey Smith and Jr Niedecken with resulted in a spin by Niedecken.

Friday - 9:46pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 63: Augie Grill has inherited the lead followed by Ryan Lawler, Tim Martin, Johanna Long, Ryan Sieg, Jr Niedecken, Mitch Cobb, Casey Smith, Hunter Robbins, Ryan Crane, Eddie Mercer, Scott Carlson, Korey Ruble, Bubba Pollard, Cecil Chunn, and Danny Bagwell.

Friday - 9:57pm CT - We're beginning to see strategy play out as Johanna Long, Bubba Pollard, Eddie Mercer, Casey Smith, Ryan Sieg, Korey Ruble, David Rogers, and Ryan Crane all came in for fresh tires.

Johanna Long has won the race off of pit road and due to a bad pit stop Bubba Pollard has come out 12th.

Friday - 9:54pm CT - YELLOW FLAG LAP 63: Caution is out once again as Hunter Robbins has spun on the back straightaway. Meanwhile Casey Smith has fallen to fifth.

Friday - 9:53pm CT - LAP 59: Johanna Long has passed Casey Smith on the outside exiting turn two as Bubba Pollard closes in while they battle side-by-side.

Friday - 9:50pm CT - LAP 50: Augie Grill is closing in on fourth place Mitch Cobb as Ryan Crane was shuffled back to mid-pack.

The current top ten are Casey Smith, Johanna Long, Bubba Pollard, Mitch Cobb, Augie Grill, Ryan Sieg, Eddie Mercer, Korey Ruble, Ryan Lawler, and David Rogers.

Friday - 9:48pm CT - LAP 42: Mitch Cobb has made it by Ryan Crane as Augie Grill has swung by Ryan Sieg and closes in on Sieg.

Friday - 9:46pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 38: The field got away clean. Into turn three Mitch Cobb and Ryan Crane battle side by side for fourth.

Friday - 9:45pm CT - YELLOW FLAG LAP 38: The cars are back rolling as the pits open up and Ryan Lawler, Ryan Crane, and Josh Hamner all choose to pit for fresh rubber.

Friday - 9:42pm CT - We'll take this opportunity to review the top ten here in Pensacola, Florida.

1) Casey Smith
2) Johanna Long
3) Bubba Pollard
4) Ryan Lawler
5) Ryan Crane
6) Mitch Cobb
7) Ryan Sieg
8) Josh Hamner
9) Korey Ruble
10) David Rogers

Friday - 9:39pm CT - RED FLAG LAP 38: The red flag is waving to allow the track crews to clear the track.

Friday - 9:37pm CT - YELLOW FLAG LAP 38: The 11 of Donald Long's throttle hung and he brushed the wall collecting Scott Carlson, Roger Reuse and Steven Davis.

Friday - 9:32pm CT - GREEN FLAG is once again flying as no lapped cars chose to restart at the front of the field. Casey Smith, Johanna Long, Bubba Pollard, Ryan Lawler, Ryan Crane, Mitch Cobb, Josh Hamner, Ryan Sieg, and Korey Ruble are your top ten.

Entering turn three Eddie Mercer made good use of his fresh rubber and went three wide on the bottom to for a pass.

Friday - 9:30pm CT - YELLOW FLAG LAP 33: The caution is out for debris in turn three. The pits were opened and Augie Grill, Eddie Mercer, and Hunter Robbins were the only takers.

Friday - 9:28pm CT - LAP 30: Once again lapped traffic is reaking havoc with Casey Smith as putting John Bolen and Roger Reuse once again allowed second place Johanna Long to catch up to his bumper.

Friday - 9:24pm CT - LAP 20: Race leader Casey Smith has encountered Stanley Smith and is putting him a lap down. Meanwhile, this has allowed Johanna Long the chance to close in on Smith for the lead.

The two have broken away from the field as Bubba Pollard is now half of a straightaway back in the third position followed by Augie Grill and Ryan Lawler.

Friday - 9:20pm CT - GREEN FLAG is back in the air as the cars enter turn one single filed.

Friday - 9:18pm CT - Fans, don't forget to listen live on presented by Speed51 Radio to the Amp Energy 100.

Friday - 9:16pm CT - Casey Smith still leads Johanna Long, Bubba Pollard, Augie Grill, and Ryan Lawler.

Friday - 9:14pm CT - YELLOW FLAG is out on lap five for a tangle in turns one and two between Stanley Smith, Rocky Boyd, Sr., Chris Davidson, Roger Reuse, Ken McFarland, Jeremy Colangelo and John Bolen.

Friday - 9:07pm CT - GREEN FLAG is in the air here at Five Flags Speedway for the Amp Energy 100. Casey Smith has pulled away as Bubba Pollard spun the tires and Johanna Long got by him for second.

Friday - 9:00pm CT - Driver introductions are complete and the command to fire engines has been given. The field is following the front row of Casey Smith and Bubba Pollard. The green flag will fly soon.

Friday - 8:35pm CT - The Sportsman 20 lap feature has now concluded and the Blizzard Super Late Models have taken the track and are poised for driver introductions.

Friday - 7:52pm CT - We are taking a break from the keys here in Pensacola, Florida to grab some food while the local classes begin their features. We will return for return for pre-race festivities.

Friday - 7:48pm CT - Here are the unofficial qualifying results:

99 Casey Smith 16.648
26 Bubba Pollard 16.725
10 Johanna Long 16.775
112 Augie Grill 16.780
51 Ryan Lawler 16.785
10 Ryan Crane 16.835
94 Mitch Cobb 16.857
38 Josh Hamner 16.858
73 Korey Ruble 16.875
6 Hunter Robbins 16.878
1 Tim Martin 16.893
39 Ryan Sieg 16.897
11 David Rogers 16.939
48 Cecil Chunn 16.948
1 Eddie Mercer 16.957
10 Danny Bagwell 16.975
11 Donald Long 17.039
99 Jr Niedecken 17.054
49 Stanley Smith 17.079
21 Scott Carlson 17.082
2 John Bolen 17.095
14 Ken McFarland 17.165
41 Chris Davidson 17.193
05 Jeremy Colangelo 17.240
02 Matt Smith 17.248
1 Steven Davis 17.252
88 Roger Reuse 17.295
25 Rocky Boyd, Sr. 18.095

Friday - 7:35pm CT - Five Flags Speedway owner and promoter Tim Bryant has been supporting Speed51 today with his apparel. "I never leave home without my Speed51 shirt!" Bryant told us enthusiastically.

Don't forget to listen to tonight's Amp Energy 100 on presented by Speed51 Radio.

Friday - 7:25pm CT - After a record setting qualifying session where the track record was continuously reset, Casey Smith posted a 16.64 second lap and shattered the previous track record set on this new surface by Eddie Mercer. 22 year old Super Late Model standout and last weekend's CRA South event at Watermelon Capital Speedway winner Bubba Pollard is unofficially on the outside of the front row followed by local favorite Johanna Long in third.

Friday - 6:59pm CT - Qualifying for the Amp Energy 100 is now underway and the 41 of Chris Davidson is the first car on the track.

Friday - 6:55pm CT - Kyle Busch Motorsports driver Ryan Lawler is here this evening and has been fast all day. The 51 was at the top of the charts in the first two rounds of practice and was fourth in the third round.

Friday - 6:52pm CT - In today's Super Late Model practice, the number two of John Bolen scraped the oil pan on the bottom of his machine and left a trail of oil on the track in his wake. They unloaded their backup car and after changing transmissions were allowed a few laps to shake down. Unfortunately trouble seems to be following them this evening as they are now having trouble with a slipping clutch in the back up car.

Friday - 6:45pm CT - The local classes are now rolling the dice for their invert. Unlike most tracks, here at Five Flags Speedway instead of inverting single cars they invert rows of cars.

Friday - 6:00pm CT - The Super Late Models cars are heading towards pre-qualifying tech and we are heading down to the infield to snap some photos before the cars take the track.

Friday - 5:40pm CT - The third round of pracice has concluded. Johanna Long was the fastest with a 16.805 followed by Eddie Mercer with a 16.908. We will post the rest of the times as they become available.

Friday - 5:07pm CT - Check out the results from the first two rounds of practice courtesy of

Round One

Round Two

Friday - 4:57pm CT - The second round of practice has been cut a few moments short due to a spin by John Bolen who put a layer of oil on the track. The third round of practice will begin as soon as the track is cleared.

Friday - 4:30pm CT - The first round of practie is now complete and we will have the times up as they become available.

Friday - 4:08pm CT - Practice is now underway and we will have the lap times up shortly.

Friday - 4:00pm CT - There are 30 Super Late Models here today including back to back Snowball Derby Champion Augie Grill, last weekend's CRA South Series winner Bubba Pollard, 2008 Blizzard Series Champion Josh Hamner, Ryan Lawler, Casey Smith, as well as local favorites Ryan Crane, Johanna Long, Hunter Robbins, and Eddie Mercer.

Friday - 3:40pm CT - Welcome to Five Flags Speedway for the first race of the 2009 Blizzard Series season.

Here is the schedule of events for tonight's Amp Energy 100:

1:00 pm CT - Pit Gate Opens
3:45 pm CT - Blizzard Driver's Meeting
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm CT - Blizzard Practice
5:30 pm CT - Local Practice (Super Stock, Sportsman, Bombers)
Blizzard Cars to Pre Qualifying Tech
6:45 pm CT - Blizzard Qualifying
7:30 pm CT - Local Driver's Meeting
7:50 pm CT - Pre Race Festivities
8:00 pm CT - Feature Races Begin
                   Sportsman 20 Lap Feature
            Amp Energy 100 Lap Feature
                   Super Stock 25 Lap Feature
                   Bomber 15 Lap Feature


Infield here at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)

John Bolen's primary car. (51 Sports Photo)

The Kyle Busch Motorsports #51 of Ryan Lawler. (51 Sports Photo)

Track owner Tim Bryant supporting Speed51. (51 Sports Photo)

Driver introductions before the Amp Energy 100. (51 Sports Photo)

Johanna Long in Victory Lane. (51 Sports Photo)