Circle Racing Wheels: Alive, Well & Pumping Out New Products
Economic Climate Has Not Crippled This Racing Supplier
By Mike Twist
Rumors are a funny thing in both life and racing.  Whether it is something that comes out of a conversation between two housewives at the end of a Cul-de-sac or between two crew members at a racetrack, there are often a lot of news and garbage mixed together that can turn into a story which takes on a life of its own.

So when we heard that Circle Racing Wheels might be going out of business, a rumor that was floating around during a two-day rain delay of the UARA-Stars and Pro Challenge races this past weekend at Concord Speedway, the rumor caught our interest.  After all, Circle Racing Wheels have been a loyal advertiser with for several seasons and our own boss, Bob Dillner, trusts the company enough to use their products on his own racecars fielded under the BDI Racing banner.

We got in touch with Randy Rabinowitch of Circle Racing Wheels to see what was going on.  What we found out couldn't be further from the rumors that we heard.  Not only is Circle alive and kicking, they are also coming out with a lineup of new products soon.

“Circle is very much alive and doing fine,” said Rabinowitch.  “Like many other businesses in these changing economic times, we have been forced to downsize and streamline our business practices in order to ride out the storm. We have become a little more selective in our advertising and promotional efforts in response to these changes in order to watch our budget. There is no candy coating it, times are tough and our sales have declined but not at the severe rate that other manufacturers and businesses have experienced and for that we are grateful.”

Circle isn't just in holding pattern during this current economic storm though.  They are forging ahead.

“Even though times are tough you have to look forward, not behind,” said Rabinowitch.  “We have to keep developing new products and look towards the future. We will also continue to produce the products which have given us the reputation for being the best wheel you can mount to your racecar. Circle continues to expand its Atlanta area warehouse to support the eastern US dealer network as well.

“We are continuing to develop new products based on our customer's needs. In fact, at the IMIS show in Indianapolis, we will debut a new series of wheels and a complete line of accessory products focused at the IMCA style Modified cars. We are also in the beginning stages of developing a new NASCAR Big Three Series legal wheel for 2011.  We are very much alive and well.”

In addition to the BDI Racing team, Circle Racing Wheels are used by several top short track teams including those of Bill Elliott Racing, Kyle Grissom and Davin Scites.  The company is headed up by Sprint Car driver Mike Stallings.