Trackside Now: ASA SAT - "Ride-On Tire Bayou Classic"
Saturday, 3/28/09  - No Rain, Ready for Action 
Mobile International Speedway - Mobile, Alabama
Sunday - 12:25am CT - Max Greshman has become the youngest winner in ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour history. the 15-year-old from Georgia passed John Bolen for the win on the final lap after some contact in turn two. Here are the full results, be sure to check out tomorrow for our Trackside Now coverage from Five Flags Speedway (FL).  Goodnight!

17-11Max Gresham
233Jeff Choquette
32John Bolen
451Joel Anderson
540Taylor Satterfield
604Jerrod Foley
710Johanna Long
810Ryan Crane
928Terry Horak
1031Tyler Millwood
115Donald Crocker
1238Josh Hamner
132D J Vanderlay
1492Jason Hogan
1584Clay Alexander
1628Thomas Praytor
1740MTyler Miles
1864David Jones
1929Allen Gorden
2039CJ Fasion
2100William Wambles
2227Jason Young
2341T J Reaid
2424Parker Hammons
254Elliott Massey
2621Ricky Vice
2711Logan Boyett
2817Patrick Long

Saturday - 8:05pm CT - Speed 51 Radio is getting ready to provide live flag-to-flag coverage of tonight's race on  Be sure to listen in as Elgin Traylor, Wesley Outland and Doc Love broadcast the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour "Ride-On Tire Bayou Classic".   You can click here to listen to the race broadcast We invite you to switch over to listen live and we will return with the results after the conclusion of the "Ride-On Tire Bayou Classic".  

Saturday - 7:55pm CT - Johanna Long has won the pole here at Mobile International Speedway (AL), for the second straight week she has broken the track record after posting a time of 17.056.

110Johanna Long17.056
238Josh Hamner17.096
392Jason Hogan17.333
427Jason Young17.353
531Tyler Millwood17.371
641T J Reaid17.392
711Logan Boyett17.399
82D J Vanderlay17.418
92John Bolen17.511
1033Jeff Choquette17.514
1100William Wambles17.579
1239CJ Fasion17.594
1310Ryan Crane17.608
1404Jerrod Foley17.617
1551Joel Anderson17.620
165Donald Crocker 17.668
1784Clay Alexander17.675
187-11Max Gresham17.712
194Elliott Massey17.724
2040Taylor Satterfield 17.795
2129Allen Gorden17.816
2217Patrick Long18.009
2364David Jones18.021
2428Thomas Praytor18.132
2528Terry Horak18.219
2640MTyler Miles18.323
2721Ricky Vice18.390
2824Parker Hammonsno time

Saturday - 6:05pm CT - The drivers meeting will be taking place in a few minutes. We will be heading pit side for the meeting and qualifying.  Logan Boyett did take a few extra laps after practice.  Looks like he was ironing out some bugs on his Late Model.

Saturday - 5:55pm CT - Speed 51 Radio will provide live flag-to-flag coverage of tonight's race on  Be sure to listen in as Elgin Traylor, Wesley Outland and Doc Love broadcast the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour "Ride-On Tire Bayou Classic".   You can click here to listen to the race broadcast which is expected to get underway at approximately 9pm ET.  The coverage will begin 15 minutes prior to the race.   

Saturday - 5:25pm CT - The local divisions are on the track for their practice sessions. The ASA SAT cars will have qualifying at 7pm.  Prior to the local cars being on the track the ASA SAT ride-along car was on the track with several race fans getting the feel for the Mobile track.  Speed51,com's Elgin Traylor took a ride with Tour Operation Manager Micky Cain. Let's just say that it got Traylor's attention.  Fans can enjoy ride-along's all season long with ASA SAT this season. Stop by the ASA SAT trailer in the infield for more information.

Saturday - 4:55pm CT - Here are the speeds from the final practice.  Pre-race tech is already underway.

110Johanna Long17.446
210Ryan Crane17.677
338Josh Hamner17.803
433Jeff Choquette17.804
528Terry Horak17.867
627Jason Young17.903
792Jason Hogan17.908
82D J Vanderlay17.950
92John Bolen17.951
107-11Max Gresham17.971

Saturday - 4:15pm CT - Several drivers are knocking on the door for their first ASA SAT win.  Jeff Choquette has won four pole positions in the past, but he has never won a race.  A year ago he did take the checkered flag at Hickory only to have a technical infraction strip him of the win.

How about Johanna Long?  We are in her back yard this weekend as she has won at both Mobile and Five Flags Speedway.  The Johanna Mania would get even bigger if she could win her first ever Late Model touring event.

Jason Hogan has made the call to run full time in ASA SAT this season. The Cleveland, Georgia, driver won three races last season.  He is already fast on the charts today. 

New tour regulars like Max Gresham, CJ Faison and Parker Hamnons could also be in the running for an opening day victory. 

Saturday - 4:10pm CT - The final round of practice is complete, we will have the top 10 speeds in a few minutes. 

Saturday - 3:40pm CT - The second and third rounds of practice are in the book.  John Bolen led the second, while William Wambles led the third one.

12John Bolen17.663
292Jason Hogan17.746
333Jeff Choquette17.770
438Josh Hamner17.773
510Johanna Long17.855
611Logan Boyett17.855
710Ryan Crane17.962
831Tyler Millwood18.054
941T J Reaid18.105
107-11Max Gresham18.120

100William Wambles17.784
238Josh Hamner17.831
37-11Max Gresham17.836
433Jeff Choquette17.838
510Johanna Long17.860
624Parker Hammons17.929
72D J Vanderlay17.936
892Jason Hogan17.961
910Ryan Crane17.965
1040Taylor Satterfield 17.967

Saturday - 3:00pm CT - Today's Trackside Now coverage will be different then in the past.  We will provide updates up until the time of the race, then we invite you to click over to to listen live as Speed 51 Radio brings you flag-to-flag coverage of today's event. 

Saturday - 2:45pm CT - The cars are back on the track for the second practice season. Here are the top 10 speeds from the first.  We also forgot one name on our list of drivers, Josh Hamner gives us a total of 28 cars for today's event.

110Johanna Long17.745
22John Bolen17.905
310Ryan Crane17.936
400William Wambles18.062
511Logan Boyett18.088
692Jason Hogan18.107
738Josh Hamner18.109
831Tyler Millwood18.139
940Taylor Satterfield 18.141
1041T J Reaid18.197

Saturday - 2:36pm CT - The first 30 minute practice session was very busy as half the guys on the speed chart ran at least 10 laps.  Johanna Long was the fastest we will more times a few minutes.

Saturday- 2:08pm CT -  We are going pit side for practice and will return shortly.

Saturday - 2:05pm CT -  We have been a little slow getting the cars on the track today.  Even with bright sunshine, the rains have left some damp spots on the track surface.  We are just now rolling cars onto the the track.

Here is a list of cars that are here for today's event.

128Thomas Praytor
27-11Max Gresham
333Jeff Choquette
451Joel Anderson
584Clay Alexander
624Parker Hammons
740MTyler Miles
828Terry Horak
92John Bolen
1041T J Reaid
1111Logan Boyett
1231Tyler Millwood
1304Jerrod Foley
1421Ricky Vice
1510Johanna Long
1617Patrick Long
1727Jason Young
1839CJ Faison
1992Jason Hogan
2064David Jones
214Elliott Massey
222D J Vanderlay
2310Ryan Crane
2429Allen Gorden
2540Taylor Satterfield
2600William Wambles
275Donald Crocker

Saturday - 2:00pm CT -  Good Afternoon and welcome to the sunny south.  After a few days of rain it looks as if there will be some racing this weekend.  The RC Cola / MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour will start the 2009 regular season today at Mobile International Speedway (AL).  Plans where to start the year off at Five Flags Speedway last night, however the heavy rains have flipped the schedule and Five Flags will run tomorrow.  It should be a great weekend of action and will be on hand for both events.      

Here is today's schedule:

10:00 AM       ASA SAT Officials report to track
10:30 AM Parking for late arrivals (No cars unloaded at this time)
11:00 AM Unloading  Tech opens for ASA SAT cars only
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM     Tech for ASA SAT cars (must go through prior to any on track activity)
1:00 PM   Drivers Meeting
1:30 PM -  3:30 PM Practice for ASA SAT cars (Break every ½ hr to clear gates)
3:30 PM -  6:30 PM Gates open for local cars (Pre qualifying Tech opens for ASA CARS 3:30-6:30pm)
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Practice For Local Divisions
6:35 PM   Drivers Meeting (Mandatory for ASA SAT Drivers Crew Chief And Spotter)
7:00 PM   Qualifying  ASA SAT cars
7:30 PM   Local Driver’s Meeting
7:50 PM   Pre Race Festivities
8:00 PM   Racing Program Begins
Jason Hogan will be looking for his fourth career ASA SAT win today. (51 Sports Photo)
Johanna Long sits in her car after having the fastest lap in the first session.  (51 Sports Photo)
Max Gresham was one of the first cars on the track today. (51 Sports Photo)
The pits are packed with Late Models with ASA SAT. (51 Sports Photo)
The view from the ride-along car at full speed. (51 Sports Photo)
Max Gresham in victory lane. (51 Sports Photo)