Trackside Now: ASA SAT - "Estrol Oil 100"
Sunday, 3/29/09  - Second Leg of Weekend Doubleheader 
Five Flags Speedway - Pensacola, Florida
Sunday - 6:55pm CT - Paul Kelley held off John Bolen and several others and scored his first career ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour win.  Kelley was one of the few drivers that came to race this weekend with the focus on only the Five Flags Speedway track.  After the race he talked about it.

"We came down here on Thursday and watched it rain for a couple of days," said Kelley.  "It really helped us focus on this track by practicing here on Saturday.  "We have had some good runs here, but to finally get a win after several years really does feel good. I really have to thank Hedman Husler Hedders, they do so much for us and our racing program."

Hunter Robbins had a strong car and was leading, but a lap car spun and took him out just after halfway.  That's all from Five Flags Speedway, check out for more information later this week.  Here are the results for the "Estrol Oil 100" goodnight!

123Paul Kelley
22John Bolen
341T J Reaid
410Ryan Crane
592Jason Hogan
6151Brandon Carlson
717Patrick Long
804Jerrod Foley
938Josh Hamner
107-11Max Gresham
1140Taylor Satterfield
1239HFriday Hasler Jr.
1340MTyler Miles
1439Scott Patton
1533Jeff Choquette
1607George Crenshaw
1728Lee Langford
1827Jason Young
1924Parker Hammons
20127Ronnie Smith
2121Ricky Vice
2207FBlake Ferguson
236Hunter Robbins
2428HTerry Horak
2563Austin Pickens
2639C J Faison
2710Johanna Long
2816Brandon Odom
2911Logan Boyett
3031Tyler Millwood
DNS28BSean Bass

Sunday - 3:35pm CT - Speed 51 Radio is getting ready to provide live flag-to-flag coverage of today's race on  Be sure to listen in as Elgin Traylor, Wesley Outland and Doc Love broadcast the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour "Estrol Oil 100".   You can click here to listen to the race broadcast We invite you to switch over to listen live.  We will have the results after the race. 

Sunday - 3:30pm CT - Here are the results from qualifying.  The new top six will be TJ Reaid and Tyler Millwood on the front row, Jason Young and Johanna Long in the second row, and Paul Kelley and Josh Hamner.

138Josh Hamner16.769
223Paul Kelley16.792
341T J Reaid16.893
427Jason Young 16.938
510Johanna Long16.940
631Tyler Millwood16.942
711Logan Boyett16.988
824Parker Hammons17.026
96Hunter Robbins17.035
1092Jason Hogan17.038
11151Brandon Carlson17.052
1210Ryan Crane17.075
137-11Max Gresham17.079
1440Taylor Satterfield17.101
1516Brandon Odom17.106
162John Bolen17.121
1733Jeff Choquette17.128
18127Ronnie Smith17.159
1939C J Faison17.260
2028Lee Langford 17.364
2107George Crenshaw17.401
2263Austin Pickens17.430
2317Patrick Long17.439
2440MTyler Miles17.442
2507FBlake Ferguson 17.526
2604Jerrod Foley17.549
2739Scott Patton17.606
2828HTerry Horak17.657
2921Ricky Vice 17.926
3039HFriday Hasler Jr.18.290
3128BSean Bassno time

Sunday - 3:22pm CT - Josh Hamner has won the pole for the today's race. After the re-draw he will start sixth. We will have the full rundown in a minute.

Sunday - 2:15pm CT - ASA SAT teams are putting on tires in preparation for qualifying. We will have those results after time trials.

Sunday - 2:00pm CT - Speed 51 Radio is getting ready to provide live flag-to-flag coverage of today's race on  Be sure to listen in as Elgin Traylor, Wesley Outland and Doc Love broadcast the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour "Estrol Oil 100".   You can click here to listen to the race broadcast We invite you to switch over to listen live when we get closer to race time.  We are anticipating a 3:30pm Central time start. That's 4:30pm for you on the east coast.

Sunday - 1:43pm CT - As we finished the practice session Jeff Choquette got a piece of the wall in turn two. He had to be brought in on the wrecker after the incident.  The team is hard at work getting things square for qualifying.  Also Johanna Long went for a spin on the backstretch. Her car looked fine as the ASA SAT teams prep for qualifying.

Sunday - 1:38pm CT - We have to give Patrick Long some credit as he come to the ASA SAT tour this weekend having run lots of left and right course in his career. He is a former America Le Mans Series winner and he ran in the 10 in this years 24 hours of Daytona.  Last night Patrick never got to run a lap as his car lost power prior to the green flag.  He's back today and hopes for better results.

Several drivers chose to run this event and not the race at Mobile.  Paul Kelley was one of those drivers. He was among the fastest car in each round of practice. Here are the speed from the last practice.

7-11Max Gresham17.145
2John Bolen17.156
38Josh Hamner17.159
11Logan Boyett17.168
10Ryan Crane17.172
33Jeff Choquette17.174
10Johanna Long17.184
23Paul Kelley17.206
92Jason Hogan17.254
27Jason Young 17.262
Sunday - 1:00pm CT - Here are the fast 10 from the first round of practice.

110Johanna Long17.085
27-11Max Gresham17.119
323Paul Kelley17.181
431Tyler Millwood17.185
510Ryan Crane17.212
692Jason Hogan17.249
716Brandon Odom17.285
840Taylor Satterfield17.303
938Josh Hamner17.375
102John Bolen17.407

Sunday - 12:45pm CT - Here are the list of the cars that are here for today's race.  We are still checking to see if we have any additional entries.  The first round of practice is in the books, the local cars are taking their turn on the track.

2John Bolen
04Jerrod Foley
6Hunter Robbins
07George Crenshaw
10Johanna Long
10Ryan Crane
11Logan Boyett
16Brandon Odom
17Patrick Long
23Paul Kelley
24Parker Hammons
27Jason Young
28Lee Langford
31Tyler Millwood
33Jeff Choquette
38Josh Hamner
39C J Faison
39Scott Patton
40Taylor Satterfield
41T J Reaid
63Austin Pickens
92Jason Hogan
127Ronnie Smith
151Brandon Carlson
7-11Max Gresham
07FBlake Ferguson
28BSean Bass
28HTerry Horak
39HFriday Hasler Jr.
40MTyler Miles

Sunday - 12:10pm CT - The drivers meeting has just wrapped up and one new rule has been added. Starting with this event any time the race is inside 10 laps to go the field will go from a normal double-file restart to a single file restart.  Last night the all the driver ran well with the double-file starts until the late stages of the event.

The cars are rolling on the track for the first round of practice. Today will be a very fast paced event with both ASA SAT officials and Five Flags Speedway officials looking to get drivers on the road after the event as soon as they can.

Sunday - 11:22am CT - Max Gresham had an amazing drive from 16th to to the front to score his first career ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour win.  If Gresham can score another win tonight he will pocket an additional $1,000 dollar bonus.

Sunday - 11:15am CT - Last night Josh Hamner had a car that races only dream about.  The 2008 Blizzard Super Late Model champion led most of the race before tire problems sent him back through the pack in the middle of the race.  He did rebound to battle for the lead late in the race before contact with DJ Vanderlay sent them both off along with a bunch of other cars in the third turn.

Hamner still found reason to smile as he comes back to his favorite track Five Flags Speedway.  He feels that they can make up for last night with a win today. 

Sunday - 10:52am CT - Today's race will be live on just like last night's event. In case you missed the action last night you can listen to the full race or just the highlights from Mobile International Speedway (AL).  Today's broadcast with Elgin Traylor, Wesley Outland and Doc Love is expected to go on the the air 3:30pm Central Time.

Sunday - 10:45am CT - Good morning from Five Flags Speedway!  We have taken a 60 plus mile trip to the east for the second leg of this weekends RC Cola / MoonPie ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour doubleheader.  The pits are alive with nearly 30 cars and the big buzz is about what went down last night in Mobile.  The final two laps of the race where filled with action and heartbreak.  In the end Max Gresham went to victory lane and getting by John Bolen on the final lap of the event. 

Here is a brief rundown of today's events

11:45am  Drivers Meeting
12:00-1:30pm Practice

Qualifying will follow and the Estrol Oil 100 is expected to go green around 3;30pm. 

The surface here at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)
Max Gresham in victory lane last night at Mobile International Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)
Cars busy on the track during practice. (51 Sports Photo)
Brandon Odom set the track record here a week ago at Five Flags Speedway in the Pro Late Model division. (51 Sports Photo)
Tyler Millwood (51 Sports Photo)
Paul Kelley in victory lane with his crew. (51 Sports Photo)