Jaosn Hogan is Crowned as ASA SAT Champion
Season Ends Early, Consistancy Wins The Title For Georgia Driver
Team PR Report
With all the controversy and headlines that swept the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour before its eventual demise, one may have forgotten about the quality of racing that the stars and cars of the tour put on in their shortened ten race season. Dramatic finishes and new young faces in the winner’s circle seemed to be the headlines time after time, but in the middle of it all was a veteran of short track racing from Cleveland, Georgia named Jason Hogan.

After picking up three wins in a row on the 2008 series schedule Hogan, who had not competed for a touring series championship since 2006, decided over the off season to once again try to add to his already impressive résumé a touring series championship. With a flourish of young talent expected to be vying for the win each week, Hogan knew that consistency would be what it took to get the job done and that held true each and every race week.

The 2009 scheduled presented Jason with many familiar challenges including Lanier, Watermelon Capital, as well as a return to an old foe in Montgomery Motor Speedway. However; just as there were familiar stops along the way, places like the Dillon Motor Speedway presented a “never laid eyes on the place” new type of challenge. Hogan battled young Max Gresham just to finish second in what many considered one of the best all time races at the 4/10th mile facility in South Carolina.

“It was disappointing how everything turned out with the series the way it did because it really was a great series to race in. I know the schedule got cut short and some people might say well he won because the rest of the season got the plug pulled on it, but we raced ten races which there are plenty of series out there that race ten races in their entire season schedule. Plus if you’re a racer you show up each and every week to win the race and who ever comes closest to doing that every race is going to a points championship no matter how many races they run,” stated Hogan.

Even though Hogan was held winless he was the model of consistency as he posted five top five finishes and six top ten finishes in his ten series starts. In a sport that rewards consistency, Hogan and his family owned Hogan Lumber race team played the sport just as it needed to be played and enabled himself to capture his first career touring championship.

“A lot of people don’t realize that I’ve never won a touring series championship, so being crowned the 2009 ASA SAT champion is pretty special to me. My family makes this team up so I really have to thank them for everything they have put into this. I also have to take my hat off to the ASA SAT series itself for making the right decisions when in a bad situation because they could have very easily kept going and made things worse,” added Hogan. “Hopefully we can enjoy this championship for a little while before it gets crazy with all these end of the year shows. We may have won a championship, but I still haven’t won a race this season and I’m definitely frustrated about that, so hopefully with a little luck on our side that will change sooner rather than later.”

The #92 of ASA SAT champion Jason Hogan.