Ryan Carlson is Recovering at Home from
Injuries After Spectacular Crash at Rockford
ASA LM Driver is Out of Hospital and Ready for Rehab
ASA LM Series PR Report

The ASA Late Model Series is glad to report that driver Ryan Carlson has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home from the injuries he sustained while racing in the All-Star 100 at the Rockford Speedway. Ryan suffered a concussion and fractured vertebra in his back. Ryan will in a back brace for the next three months and then spend the next three months in physical therapy.

After a long absence from ASA Late Model competition Ryan Carlson was excited about running in the All-Star 100 at his home track the Rockford Speedway. Ryan was fast all day in practice and qualified 8th, following the invert Ryan would start in the pole position for the race. Joey King would start outside or Ryan and get the early jump leading the first 18 laps, until Ryan worked his by. Ryan would pull away and dominate until disaster struck on lap 52. While Tim Sargent and Brent Brevak were battling for position they would touch send Brevak into the outside wall exciting turn four and the yellow would fly, while all that was happening Carlson was working to put a couple of cars a lap down when those cars tangled right in front of the leader, with nowhere to go Carlson hit the 99 of Jordan Sims launching his car over the wall and into the billboards between turns three and four before coming to rest near the exit of turn four.

“ I had just called for the caution because of the Brevak accident which bad in its own right, when I looked up and saw Ryan's car launch in the air and into the billboards, thankfully the steel cables held and the car remained inside the race track, it could have been a lot worse” stated Series President Ron Varney.

“I immediately called for the red flag and ambulance to insure we got there as quickly as we could, once the safety team arrived they reported that Ryan was awake and alert, once that burden was we immediately started to get Ryan out of the tangled wreckage as safely as possible and to the hospital for treatment. I just don't like seeing things like that, I had talked to Ryan during the autograph session and told his I was glad to see him and told him if he won he had to come up to Madison the next day and race. We agreed that he would, but he wanted concentrate on winning Rockford first” continued Varney.

“While this was a bad wreck the safety equipment did its job and Ryan walked away from it with injuries that may take a while to heal, he'll fully recover. I also wan to stress that this was a racing incident and that no one person is responsible for what happened. Racing is an inherently dangerous sport and each and every driver knows the risks involved each and every time they strap in, we're just glad Ryan is doing ok and that he will fully recover” finished Varney.  

For those wishing to send Ryan get well wishes please send all cards and letters to the following address:

Kar Korner Motorsports
c/o Ryan Carlson
9569 Arapaho Circle
Loves Park, IL 61111