Dillon Oliver claims the ASA Late Model Series King's Ransom
Brian Campbell is Crowned as Series Champion
ASA LM PR Report
Dillon Oliver claims the ASA Late Model Series King's Ransom O'Reilly Auto Parts 300 Presented by Suncoast Plastering today in what could perhaps be the final event ever at Memphis Motorsports Park. Oliver claimed the lead on lap 236 from Josh Hamner and never looked back in route to his second consecutive ASA Late Model Series Challenge Division victory. "We have worked really hard in the seven ASA Late Model Series events we have ran this season," said the new 'King of Short Track' from victory lane. "I was promised I had a specially matched set of tires and that last 200 laps the car was right."

Drew Brannon came home in second with Steve Carlson third. Carlson had to make a green flag pit stop and lost two laps, but worked his way back up to finish third. Tommy Joe Martins came home fourth, with Josh Hamner in fifth.

Brian Campbell, who had engine failure that put him out on lap 100 claimed the 2009 ASA Late Model Series Challenge Division Championship after finishing in 30th. "We had a great year and this is our first and only DNF," said Campbell after the race. "Alot of consistency and top five's won us this championship and we did not have any motor problems until today, but we have run this girl to death so it was time to get it freshened anyway."

Jerick Johnson also claimed the 2009 ASA Late Model Series Rookie of the Year by finishing tenth. "It was not good but it was good enough," said Johnson after the race. "It made it a little easier knowing that we had to make laps after Billy had his problems, but I am just thankful to The American Legion and The David Law Firm for coming on board with us this year to make the Rookie of the Year title possible." Billy Crane had mechanical issues that relegated him to a 23rd place finish, 59 laps off the pace.

Unofficial Results

1. 33 Dillon Oliver 300
2. 08 Drew Brannon 300
3. 66 Steve Carlson 300
4. 44 Tommy Joe Martins 300
5. 38 Josh Hamner 300
6. 88 Trent Snyder 300
7. 17 Tanner Berryhill 300
8. 23 Chris Koslek 300
9. 6 Dave Gentile Jr. 299
10. 76 Jerick Johnson 298
11. 93 Brandon Johnson 296
12. 25 Brent Downey 295
13. 58 Cardell Potter 295
14. 55 Mason Mitchell 295
15. 11 Austin Kirkpatrick 295
16. 9 Mark Kraus 289
17. 11 Peter Cozzolino 288
18. 70 Jeremy Gerstner 285
19. 46 Nick Glaze 284
20. 99 Jordan Sims 270
21. 7 Peter Vanderwyst 268
22. 07 CJ Tuck 245
23. 48 Billy Crane 241
24. 25 Ross Kenseth 240
25. 8 Eddie Hoffman 205
26. 64 Griffin McGrath 199
27. 26 Willie Allen 184
28. 0 Josh Nelms 164
29. 22 Chris Eggleston 111
30. 20 Brian Campbell 100
31. 28 David Wood 91
32. 29 Cale Gale 44
DNS 17 Martin Tuck

Dillon Oliver stood in victory lane after the King's Ransom 300.  (ASA LM Photo)
2009 ASA LM Challenge Series Champion Brian Campbell   (ASA LM Photo)