General Motors LS3 Engine Hits The Streets
ASA Late Model Competitors Start To Take Delivery of New Engine
ASA LM Series PR Report
The long awaited new crate motor from GM has finally arrived. The first three engines have been shipped and teams are preparing to put it to the test as early as the second race in the south division.

The first official power plant went to the AJ Frank team (ASALMS 001) with the second going to TK Racing with driver Eddie Hoffman and the third went to the Adrian Carriers team with Joey King driving.

“A lot of time and effort went into this engine package making sure that all engines in the series were at the same horsepower and torque ratings. We will be running these engines with a restrictor plate to equal all engines. While we would have liked to run the Challenge Series with just these motors, with the economy the way it is; it wasn't the right time”, stated Ron Varney Series President.

“I feel this is a new beginning for crate motor racing and I look forward to the day when we can go with this engine exclusively”, continued Varney.

Teams that are interested in purchasing the new motor or have questions can call the office at 800-385-2503.

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Eddie Hoffman has been one of the first to take delivery fo a new LS3 engine from General Motors.