2009 ASA Late Model Roster
Nearly 100 Paid Entries in Mid-March
Although the effects of a sour economy keep popping up all throughout the sport of racing, it would be hard to find any signs of an recession by looking at the 2009 roster for the ASA Late Model Series.  There are close to 100 paid entries for the ASA LM Challenge, North and South divisions already - and two of those tours do not even start racing until at least next month.

Current Roster of Paid 2009 Entries - ASA Late Model Series

Willie Allen
Chris Anthony
Chris Archer
Tanner Berryhill
Rich Bickle
Brian Blum
Eric Bothelo
Phil Bozell
Drew Brannon
Brent Brevak
Steven Brooks
Beau Browning
Brian Campbell
Steve Carlson
Casey Caudill
Ross Chastain
Tommy Climer
Matt Cohen
Peter Cozzolino
Billy Crane
Jeremy Curns
Tony D'Ambrose
Brent Downey
Dustin Dunn
Kyle Eastham
Chris Eggleston
Jerry Einhaus
Tom Fares
Gary Fountain
TBA - Fountain Racing
AJ Frank
Joey Gase
Dave Gentile
Jeremy Gerstner
Nick Glaze
Kyle Hayden
Josh Hamner
J Herbst
Austin Hill
Troy Hintzsche
Eddie  Hoffman
Kurt Jett
Brandon Johnson
Jerick Johnson
Rebecca Kasten
Ross Kenseth
Mike Kile
Joey King
Austin Kirkpatrick
Chris Koslek
Jimmy Lang
Justin Larson
TBA -Lorz Motorsports
TBA - LV Enterprises
Bear Lynch
Brandon Maloy
Andy Marchiniak
Griffin McGrath
Matt Minnifield
Brett Moffitt
Seth Moody
Stephen Nasse
Josh Nelms
David Odell
Victor Pluger
Brad Plunkett
Brennan Poole
Scott Rueschenberg
Brent Seely
Michael Seeright
Travis Siebert
Chris Sevey
Jordon Sims
Kyle Sirizzotti
Jack Smith
Trent Snyder
TBA - TD Racing Dvlp
TBA - TD Racing Dvlp
Hank Tews
David Wood
Jimmy Weller
Mike Vannoy
Bob Varney
Preston Walker