Hoar is Confirmed as Waterford ACT Winner
Tim Jordan is Moved From Third to Fifth, Rules Are Clarified
ACT PR Report
The scoring check for the Nutmeg State 100 at Waterford Speedbowl in Waterford, CT on Saturday, August 8, 2009 has been completed. The official results are shown below.  Also below is a memo sent out today (Monday, August 10, 2009) explaining the American-Canadian Tour’s procedure on cautions and how the procedure affected the situation on the final lap of the Nutmeg State 100.

Waterford Speedbowl, Waterford, CT
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pos  Car #      Driver                          Laps

1     37          Brian Hoar                    100
2     02NH      Randy Potter                 100
3     89          Scott Payea                  100
4     26VT              John Donahue               100
5     47          Tim Jordan                   100
6     55VT              Brent Dragon                100
7     73ME      Joey Doiron                  100
8     97NH      Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.     100
9     88          Ron Yumas Jr.              100
10   38VT              Tyler Cahoon                100
11   9VT        Chip Grenier                 100
12   51ME      Ricky Rolfe                   100
13   41          Pete Potvin, III                    100
14   02MA      Dennis Stampfl                    100
15   40VT              Eric Chase                    100
16   18          Jamie Fisher                 100
17   7ME        Glen Luce                     99
18   38CT       Joe Curioso                  99
19   77NH      Mark Hayward               99
20   28ME      Rowland Robinson Jr.     99
21   77MA      James Linardy               99
22   55NH      Brad Leighton               99
23   16          Howard Payne               98
24   82          Mark Hudson                76
25   73NH      Joe Tetreault                58
26   35          Bruce Thomas Jr.          42
27   71          Bobby Dragon               28
28   2            Allan Coates                 28
29   42MA      Jeff Zuidema                 28


Waterford Speedbowl NUTMEG 100:
[June 13, 2009 rain-dated to August 8, 2009]

August 10, 2009

RE: ACT Official Scoring Review and Finish

Enclosed is an official finish according to the rules and procedures of the American Canadian Tour (ACT). Please note the pages and procedure information, which was used by page and item numbers in this scoring re-check and review.

According to the ACT Procedures and Rules manual the following is cited as race scoring procedure rules in determining the outcome of the Nutmeg 100 at Waterford Speedbowl concluded on Saturday, August 8, 2009:

Page 12,13; number 3., item a.; b.


The yellow flag signifies caution and the flag will be given to the first car passing the starter. After the yellow flag is displayed, cars must hold position.

a.       Cars must slow to a cautious speed on all yellow flags. There will be no racing to the yellow flag. (See rule b. below)

b.       If the caution flag is displayed during the white flag lap, all cars will be scored on the basis of the position in which they cross the start/finish line after receiving the yellow flag and white flag, or yellow flag and checkered flag. Those cars receiving the yellow flag and white flag will maintain their positions. Those cars receiving the white flag only will race to the checkered flag with caution. Total distance must be completed and final lap will be completed under caution.

Informational Notes:                          

1.   The flags officially control the race event. Radio communication and caution lights etc. may be helpful in the conduct of the event, but the flags are the official determining factor in race control.

2.   Positions are determined on completion of certain advertised distance in a race event, in this case 100 laps.

3.   It was determined that following the wreck with the 55NH and 16CT coming out of t-4 and through the front stretch, the 37VT avoided the wreck and received the white flag.

4.   It was determined that the yellow flag was displayed when the 97NH, running in 8th position at the time, reached the flag stand following the incident between the 55NH and 16 CT. (It is irrelevant whether yellow lights or radio communication are involved…the flags dictate policy.)

5.   All cars in front of the 97NH are allowed, under the rules and procedures as sited above, to continue racing for position (with caution) until they complete the distance and receive a checkered/yellow flag.

6.   All cars that receive the white/checkered flag are not allowed to advance their position or lose position from the time they receive the white/yellow, and are scored. They must hold position and complete the distance, but will remain in the positions they received by scoring under the white/yellow flags regardless of who passes or loses spots in the final lap.