Trackside Now: ACT Late Models at Beech Ridge
American Canadian Tour Returns to the Ridge After 16 Years
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough, ME
Saturday - 11:55pm ET -  Here are the full results of the ACT Late Model race at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME).  Thank you for tuning in and good night.

Unofficial Beech Ridge 150 Results
Pos         Car #      Driver

1              37           Brian Hoar
2              7vt          Eric Williams
3              6              Cris Michaud
4              02nh      Randy Potter
5              51me     Ricky Rolfe
6              50           Jay Laquerre
7              55vt       Brent Dragon
8              26vt       John Donahue
9              89           Scott Payea
10           12           Nick Brown
11           97nh      Joey Polewarczyk, Jr.
12           88           Nicholas Sweet
13           22           Aarron Ricker
14           10nh      Mike Rowe
15           55nh      Brad Leighton
16           0              #Miles Chipman
17           60nh      Bobby Babb
18           7me       Glen Luce
19           40vt       Eric Chase
20           73me     #Joey Doiron
21           00           Bryan Kruczek
22           9vt          Chip Grenier
23           15vt       Joey Laquerre
24           28vt       Dwayne Lanphear
25           27           Jason Larrabee
26           41           Pete Potvin, III
27           26me     Corey Morgan
28           38vt       Tyler Cahoon
29           87           Larry Gelinas
30           85           Travis Stearns
31           71           Bobby Dragon
32           77nh      Mark Hayward
33           18           Jamie Fisher
34           25           Shawn Knight

Saturday - 10:40pm ET -  Brian Hoar has held on to win at Beech Ridge over Eric Williams, Cris Michaud, Randy Potter and Ricky Rolfe.  We will have full results later on this evening.

Saturday - 10:39pm ET -  Travis Sterns spun off the track with five laps to go.  The race remains green.

Saturday - 10:37pm ET -  Eric Williams is looking under Brian Hoar to take the lead with just 10 laps to go.  The battle is starting to get a little bit physical.

Saturday - 10:34pm ET -  This restart was mostly clean.  Joey Pole and Mike Rowe got together deep in the pack, but the race stayed green.

Brian Hoar got a good jump on the restart and still leads over Eric Williams - who has been quietly working through the field all night, Cris Michaud, Randy Potter and Ricky Rolfe.  There are 15 laps to go.

Saturday - 10:30pm ET -  On the restart, a number of cars got together in turn two.  This collected the cars of Joey Pole and Joey Doiron.  The caution is back out again.

Saturday - 10:26pm ET -  The caution has come out on lap 130 for a single car spin by Chip Grenier in turn two.

Saturday - 10:25pm ET - With 20 laps to go, Cris Michaud is looking under Randy Potter for second place.

Saturday - 10:23pm ET - There are 25 laps to go and Brian Hoar is in control over Randy Potter, Cris Michaud, Brent Dragon, Ricky Rolfe and Joey Pole.  The top three do not have any lapped traffic to deal with currently.

Saturday - 10:20pm ET - Brian Hoar rocketed by Randy Potter on the restart.  Hoar is now leading again.

On lap 116, Aaron Ricker looped his #22 in turn two.  The green flag stayed out however.

Saturday - 10:18pm ET - The caution is out again.  This time, it was for Chip Grenier - who stopped up high in turn two.  Jason Larabee then spun and was hit by Corey Morgan.

Out front, there is a change in the top spot.  Randy Potter just barely edged out Brian Hoar on lap 114 after the last restart.  Behind those two are Cris Michaud, Brent Dragon, Ricky Rolfe, Aaron Ricker and Joey Pole. 
These last few caution periods have shuffled up the running order a bit.

Saturday - 10:12pm ET - The caution is out on lap 113, for a turn two incident involving the cars of Bobby Dragon, Brad Leighton and Corey Morgan.

Saturday - 10:08pm ET -  On lap 108, the rundown is Brian Hoar, Randy Potter, Joey Pole, Cris Michaud, Aaron Ricker, Ricky Rolfe, Brent Dragon, Jay Laquierre, Eric Williams, Brad Leighton and Nick Brown,

Saturday - 10:04pm ET -  Miles Chipman, Chip Grenier, Bobby Babb, Joey Laquierre and Glen Luce are among the latest cars to get put laps down by leader Brian Hoar.

At lap 104, Hoar leads Randy Potter, Joey Pole and Cris Michaud.

At lap 107, the third caution of the race came out for a backstretch wreck that included Jamie Fisher, Scott Payea and Mark Haywood.  Haywood spun and Fisher nailed him hard.  All drivers are okay.  Their cars?  Not so much.

Saturday - 9:58pm ET -  Brian Hoar currently leads Randy Potter, Cris Michaud, Joey Pole, Aaron Ricker, Ricky Rolfe and Brent Dragon.

Strike that, Joey Pole has just passed Cris Michaud for third and he's coming on strong in lapped traffic to try and catch the top two.

Saturday - 9:56pm ET -  Brian Hoar is still leading and he is setting a blistering pace.  The latest cars that he has lapped belonged to top 10 Oxford 250 finisher Travis Sterns and Joey Doiron - who was running in the top three earlier in this race.

Shawn Knight has pitted under green.  He had been running in the top 10.

Saturday - 9:52pm ET -  Larry Gelinas was running in the top 10, but he had a tire go down on his #87 machine.  He limped around the outside groove of the track for a few laps, but the caution did not come out.

This moved Jay Laquierre into the top 10 for the first time tonight.  Up front, it is still all Brian Hoar.  We are now approaching the halfway mark of this 150-lap feature.

Saturday - 9:50pm ET -  Pete Potvin and Corey Morgan have both gone one lap down.

Saturday - 9:49pm ET -  Joey Pole is now looking under Ricky Rolfe for the sixth position.  We're clean and green right now and have been for awhile.

Saturday - 9:48pm ET -  At lap 54, the top runners are currently Brian Hoar, Randy Potter, Cris Michaud, Brent Dragon, Aaron Ricker, Ricky Rolfe, Joey Pole, Larry Gelinas, Shawn Knight and Brad Leighton.

Saturday - 9:46pm ET -  Ricky Rolfe has now made his way up to the sixth position.

Saturday - 9:44pm ET -  Brian Hoar is now leading over Randy Potter, Cris Michaud, Aaaron Ricker and Brent Dragon.  Track workers put down a treatment on the racing surface this week and that is working out very well - as the outside groove has now really come in.

Stacy Cahoon pitted under green with his #38VT machine, but is now back on the track.

Saturday - 9:42pm ET -  At lap 32, it is now Aaron Ricker who is back in the lead.

Saturday - 9:40pm ET -  The power is back on and the green is coming out here at Beech Ridge.

Saturday - 9:35pm ET -  The red flag is out here at Beech Ridge due to a power failure.  All of the grandstand and frontstretch lights have gone out, along with the PA and the caution lights.  Fortunately, nobody hit anyone when they slowed for the red flag - which the drivers couldn't really even see.

We're at lap 28 and Cris Michaud is leading Aaron Ricker, Brent Dragon, Larry Gelinas, Joey Doiron and Randy Potter.

We're working off our laptop battery, so all is still well with Trackside Now.

Saturday - 9:29pm ET -  On lap 13, Cris Michaud went around on the outside of Aaron Ricker to take the lead.  Brent Dragon has gotten by Joey Doiron for third place as well.

Saturday - 9:25pm ET -  Aaron Ricker has pulled out to the early lead at Beech Ridge.  Currently, he is ahead of Cris Michaud, Joey Doiron, Brent Dragon and Larry Gelinas.

Oxford regular Jason Larabee has brought out the caution on lap 11 after slowing on the track due to a flat tire.

Saturday - 9:18pm ET -  We're having fun here getting ready for the feature at Beech Ridge.  PASS North Super Late Model driver Scott Mulkern just rolled up here on a golf cart to watch the race.  The fans are getting excited and we're watching pace laps.  Get ready for 150 laps of racing!

Saturday - 9:05pm ET -  The Europe song "The Final Countdown" is now playing over the PA system, which fans of the ACT Late Models know means that the races are almost ready to begin.  The cars are now making their way out onto the track and there will soon be 150 laps of ACT Late Model racing.

Tonight's starting field will actually be 34 cars strong.  Three ACT provisionals, instead of two, were awarded with Pete Potvin also gaining entry into the race.

We are set up with the laptop and a lawn chair in turn three at Beech Ridge thanks to the Chris Smith "team" and our digs are enjoyable, but a bit challenging, so we might not have quite as many Trackside Now updates as usual.  After all, it is a bit dark over here...but we're having fun and we hope you will be as well.

Saturday - 8:55pm ET -  Bobby Babb will be the final starter in tonight's race on the basis of a promoter's option.  Babb, a former track champion at Beech Ridge, was awarded the provisonal ahead of 2009 TD Banknorth Oxford 250 winner Eddie MacDonald - who will be watching tonight's race from the sidelines.

Saturday - 8:50pm ET -  Nick Sweet held off Tyler Cahoon to win the ACT Last Chance race.  Both drivers will advance to the feature race.  By our calculations, John Donahue and Glen Luce should receive ACT provisionals.  There is also one promoter's option for the ACT feature and we aren't sure who that is yet.

Saturday - 7:55pm ET -  Two consi races for the ACT Late Models are in the books.  The top six from each race transfer into tonight's feature.

From the first consi, those finishers were Shawn Knight, Cris Michaud, Mark Haywood, Dwayne Lamphear, Eric Williams and Mike Rowe.

From the second consi, the top six were Nick Brown, Travis Sterns, Eric Chase, Chip Grenier, Bobby Dragon and Jamie Fisher.

Among those not qualified so far are Eddie MacDonald, John Donahue, Dog Coombs, Glen Luce, Scott Luce, Pete Potvin, AJ Begin, Nick Sweet, Bobby Babb, James Linardy and Steve Dickey, Jr.

John Donahue had to run the consi because he was disqualified from an apparant heat race victory, which put Aaron Ricker safety into the field.

There will be one more last chance race for the ACT Late Models.  The top two finishers from that will advance into the feature.  Then there will be two ACT provisionals for full-time teams and a promoter's option to round out the 33-car starting field.

In other racing action here at Beech Ridge, David Oliver won the 40-lap Pro Series (Super Late Model) feature over Keith McKinnon, Mike Rowe, Aaron Ricker and Mike Miatta, Jr.  Defending track champion Bub Bilodeau dropped out with three laps to go due to an apparant mechanical problem that triggered a single car turn four spin.  He was towed off the track and did not return to the race.

Saturday - 7:00pm ET -  Welcome to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, where tonight we will have limited Trackside Now updates from the ACT Late Model race.  Our set-up here isn't quite ideal, so we will be bringing you plenty of news and notes from tonight, but not quite all of the trimmings that our Trackside Now coverage usually consists of.  Call it Trackside Light if you will.

The heat races have been run here at Beech Ridge as part of first round qualifying.  There are 43 cars here to compete for 33 spots in the field.  That is actually up from an advertised starting grid of 30.  The American-Canadian Tour added money to the purse to pay those three additional starters.

Here are the results of the heat races.  The top four finishers in each one advanced, while the others all go to a consi.

Heat #1
1.  Brent Dragon
2.  Brad Leighton
3.  Joey Laquierre
4.  Corey Morgan
5.  Cris Michaud
6.  AJ Begin
7.  Mike Rowe
8.  Bobby Dragon
9.  Scott Luce
10.  Mark Haywood
11.  JR Robinson

Heat #2
1.  John Donahue
2.  Joey Doiron
3.  Randy Potter
4.  Miles Chipman
5.  Aaron Ricker
6.  Dwayne Laphear
7.  Travis Sterns
8.  Dennis Stampfl
9.  Doug Coombs
10.  Steve Dickey, Jr.
DQ  Eddie MacDonald

Heat #3
1.  Joey Pole
2.  Ricky Rolfe
3.  Jay Laquierre
4.  Larry Gelinas
5.  Nick Brown
6.  Eric Williams
7.  Chip Grenier
8.  Tyler Cahoon
9.  Pete Potvin
10.  Nick Sweet
11.  Matt Sanborn

Heat #4
1.  Brian Hoar
2.  Bryan Kruczek
3.  Scott Payea
4.  Jason Larrabee
5.  Eric Chase
6.  Shawn Knight
7.  James Linardy
8.  Bobby Babb
9.  Glen Luce
10.  Jamie Fisher 

Here are a few pit notes:

-  The #17 entry of Eddie MacDonald crossed the finish line of its heat race in the fourth position, but was disqualified for being too low and will have to run the consi to get into the race.

Jamie Fisher's #18 entry had a fire in practice today when the electrical system shorted out near a fuel line.  The team replaced the right fender due to fire damage and got out for their heat race.

Steve Dickey, Jr. is driving the #98 entry for Joey Pole Racing tonight.  This is the team's second car has been driven already this season by Tony Stewart and Michael Pope (in conjunction with BDI Racing).

Scott Luce was penalized in his heat race after making contact with Mike Rowe, who spun out.  Luce was sent to the rear of the field, where Rowe showed his displeasure by brake-checking him hard under caution.

Nick Sweet suffered heavy front end damage in his heat race after a multi-car wreck that included Matt Sanborn, Eric Williams, Larry Gelinas and Nick Brown.  Sweet did continue and finish the heat race though.

Ricky Rolfe last raced at Beech Ridge in 1993 - in a Charger (Street Stock) car.

-  Racing legend Dick McCabe is at Beech Ridge tonight as a spectator.

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The #89 team of Scott Payea is currently leading the ACT point standings.  (51 Photo)
Brian Hoar's winning team in victory lane at Beech Ridge.  (51 Photo)