Trackside Now: ACT Late Models at Oxford
Race Number Three for ACT, Season Opener for Oxford Plains
Oxford Plains Speedway - Oxford, ME
Sunday - 8:45pm ET - The results are in for all of the races here today at Oxford Plains Speedway.  Again, we apologize for the technical glitch that cost us photos to go along with Trackside Now today and we invite you to log onto this week for more news from the race weekend.  Thanks!

NEW ENGLAND DODGE DEALERS ACT 150: 1. Joey Polewarczyk Jr., Hudson, N.H.; 2. John Donahue, Graniteville, Vt.; 3. Tim Brackett, Buckfield; 4. Shawn Knight, South Paris; 5. Eric Williams, Hyde Park, Vt.; 6. Travis Adams, Canton; 7. Scott Dragon, Milton, Vt.; 8. Randy Potter, Groveton, N.H.; 9. Quinny Welch, Lancaster, N.H.; 10. Shawn Martin, Turner; 11. Brian Hoar, Williston, Vt.; 12. Glen Luce, Turner; 13. Jean-Paul Cyr, Milton,. Vt.; 14. Aaron Ricker, Tamworth, N.H.; 15. Bobby Dragon, Milton, Vt.; 16. Joey Doiron, Berwick; 17. Ricky Rolfe, Albany Township; 18. Mark Hayward, Unity, N.H.; 19. Scott Payea, Milton, Vt.; 20. Jamie Fisher, Shelburne, Vt.; 21. Scott Luce, Strong; 22. Chip Grenier, Graniteville, Vt.; 23. Ben Rowe, Turner; 24. Miles Chipman, Epping, N.H.; 25. Tommy Ricker, Poland; 26. Pete Potvin III, Graniteville, Vt.; 27. Eric Chase, Milton, Vt.; 28. Corey Morgan, Lewiston; 29. Tyler Cahoon, St. Johnsbury, Vt.; 30. Brent Dragon, Milton, Vt.
Lap leaders: Martin 1-29, Rolfe 30-84, Polewarczyk 85, Rolfe 86-89, Polewarczyk 90-98, Brackett 99-107, Polewarczyk 108-150.
Cautions: 2
Time of race: 53 minutes, 13 seconds

ALLEN'S COFFEE FLAVORED BRANDY STRICTLY STOCK (30 laps): 1. Zach Emerson, Sabattus; 2. Kenny Harrison, Pownal; 3. Kim Tripp, Oxford; 4. Larry Emerson, Durham; 5. Mike Short, Auburn; 6. Matt Williams, Brownfield; 7. Keith Stuart, Naples; 8. Jeff Merrill, Mexico; 9. Perry Tucker, Sumner; 10. Skip Tripp, Poland; 11. Ben Krauter, Raymond; 12. Rick Spaulding, Lisbon; 13. Derek Farrington, Freeport; 14. Mike St. Germain, Auburn; 15. B.J. Chapman, Bridgton; 16. Kurt Hewins, Leeds. DNS: Richard Kimball, Standish.

ALLEN'S COFFEE FLAVORED BRANDY MINI STOCK (30 laps): 1. Larry Melcher, Livermore Falls; 2. Darrell Moore, Mechanic Falls; 3. Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 4. Shane Kaherl, Jay; 5. Steve Barker, Jay; 6. Calvin Rose Jr., Turner; 7. Greg Watkins, Bridgton; 8. Jeff Beaule, Lewiston; 9. Jake Burns, Gray; 10. Kevin Bishop, South Paris; 11. Jeff Moon, Gray; 12. Ashley Marshall, Jay; 13. Cameron Creamer, Newcastle; 14. Dale Brackett, Oxford; 15. Nathan Guptill, North Turner; 16. Nik Coates, Lisbon. DQ: Justin Karkos, Jay. DNS: Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls; Wayne Titus, Minot; Robert Hoover, Poland.

CHIMNEY TECH OUTLAW (20 laps): 1. Zach Bowie, Lisbon; 2. David Childs, Oxford; 3. Chris Burgess, Sabattus; 4. Steve Brill, Bridgton; 5. Kevin Lawrence, South Paris; 6. Steve Moon, Gray; 7. Michael Haynes, Livermore Falls; 8. Dottie Patria, Turner; 9. Jerry Goss, Mechanic Falls; 10. Tyler Belanger, Sumner; 11. Jerry Freve, Buckfield; 12. Josh Childs, Oxford; 13. John Spencer, Auburn; 14. Tom Averill, Peru; 15. Randy Robitaille, Norway; 16. Phil Knowlton, Poland; 17. Dennis Morang, South Paris; 18. Charlie Webster, Auburn; 19. Robert Lowe, Auburn; 20. Randy Desmarais, Auburn; 21. Chris Coolidge, Norway; 22. Carl Conant, Lewiston. DNS: John Patria, Turner.

MACDONALD MOTORS RUNNIN' REBEL (20 laps): 1. Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 2. Jamie Leavitt, Minot; 3. Matt Dufault, Turner; 4. Charlie Webster, Auburn; 5. Doug Degroat, Oxford; 6. Brady Romano, Livermore Falls; 7. Ryan Philbrick, Greenwood; 8. Troy Jordan, Turner; 9. Corey Beaulieu, Oxford; 10. John Childs, Leeds; 11. Nate Dubuc, Auburn; 12. Gerard Cote, Oxford; 13. Jamie Heath, Waterford; 14. Roger Bourgoin, Mechanic Falls; 15. Josh Lovell, Norway; 16. Cody Smith, Oxford; 17. Ryan Hewins, Leeds; 18. Dustin Couture, Auburn; 19. Zach Audet, Wilton. DNS: Bill Dunphy, New Gloucester; Derek Cook, Livermore Falls; Carl Conant, Lewiston; Joe Turner, Norway.

Sunday - 6:10pm ET - The top finishers in today's New England Dodge Dealers 150 ACT Late Model race at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) were Joey Pole, John Donahue, Tim Brackett, Shawn Martin and Eric Williams.

Finishing fifth through tenth were Travis Adams, Scott Dragon, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch (who crossed the finish line sideways) and Shawn Martin.

Unofficially, the remainder of the top 15 were Brian Hoar, Glen Luce, Jean Paul Cyr, Joey Doiron and Ricky Rolfe.

We will have the full field rundown here on's Trackside Now later this evening.  For now though, we are taking a long break to catch up with the drivers in today's race.

Sunday - 5:59pm ET - Joey Pole has won the ACT Late Model race at Oxford.

Sunday - 5:58pm ET - ACT point leader Scott Payea has just gone a lap down with only four circuits remaining in today's race.

Sunday - 5:57pm ET - There are now only 15 laps to go and Joey Pole has pulled away to the biggest lead that anyone has enjoyed all day.  Chasing him are John Donahue, Tim Brackett, Shawn Knight, Eric Williams, Travis Adams, Scott Dragon, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch and Brian Hoar.

Sunday - 5:55pm ET - After pulling on and off the track all day, it looks like Brent Dragon's day is done.  He brought his #55 to the infield pit area and got out of the car.  It's been a tough day for the personable driving ace from Vermont.

Sunday - 5:48pm ET - Joey Pole and Tim Brackett have been swapping the lead.  Right now, it's Pole out front by inches over Brackett.  John Donahue sits in third.  There is nearly a full straighaway back to fourth-place runner Shawn Knight.

Rounding out the top 10 are Eric Williams, Randy Potter, Travis Adams, Scott Dragon, Brian Hoar and Quinney Welch.

Right now, we are working lap 116.

Sunday - 5:45pm ET - On the restart, Ricky Rolfe's car stumbled and he dropped out of the top 10 as a result.  Meanwhile, Tim Brackett came alive with his #60 and now has pulled into the lead over Joey Pole and John Donahue.

There are 50 laps to go in the race.

Sunday - 5:41pm ET - The day's second caution period is now underway after Pete Potvin spun down the backstretch and backed into a light pole.  His #41 is stuck on the dirt bank around the poel and a wrecker will be needed to clear the scene.

There has been a great battle for the lead that has been taking place.  Currently, it is Joey Pole who leads Ricky Rolfe, Tim Brackett, John Donahue, Shawn Knight, Eric Williams, Shawn Martin, Jean Paul Cyr, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch, Travis Adams, Brian Hoar and Scott Dragon.

Among those who are pitting are Scott Payea, Chip Grenier, Corey Morgan, Brent Dragon, Tommy Ricker and Tyler Cahoon.

We're at lap 96 currently.

Sunday - 5:38pm ET - After restart number two, it is a side-by-side battle for the lead with Ricky Rolfe down low and Joey Pole up high.  Tim Brackett has moved up to third place.

Sunday - 5:37pm ET - The restart was aborted when Ricky Rolfe got a bit of a jump on the field.

Sunday - 5:30pm ET - On lap 85, the first caution of the day came out for a solo spin by Ben Rowe in turn four.  Tommy Ricker might have barely got a piece of Rowe after the spin took place and a full pack tried to avoid Rowe's spun car.

Rowe, Pete Potvin, Corey Morgan, Tommy Ricker, Scott Luce, Scott Payea, Bobby Dragon, Mark Hayward, Tyler Cahoon and Chip Grenier are all pitting.

The current rundown is Ricky Rolfe, Joey Pole, Shawn Knight, Tim Brackett, John Donahue, Eric Williams, Shawn Martin, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch, Jean Paul Cyr, Joey Doiron, Brian Hoar, Scott Dragon, Travis Adams, Glen Luce and Aaron Ricker.  None of those drivers pitted under this caution.

Of the cars that did pit, Tommy Ricker came out first.

Sunday - 5:28pm ET - Eric Chase has just gone one lap down to the leaders.

Sunday - 5:26pm ET - In addition to the top 12 cars that we just told you about, the entries of Brian Hoar, Travis Adams, Scott Dragon, Aaron Ricker, Glen Luce, Bobby Dragon and Eric Chase are on the lead lap.

Ben Rowe and Jamie Fisher has recently gone one lap down.

Brent Dragon has pulled his #55 into the infield pit area.

Ricky Rolfe still leads over Joey Pole.  The race is now 73 laps old and there have still been no caution periods.

Sunday - 5:21pm ET - At lap 55, the top 12 runners are Ricky Rolfe, Joey Pole, Shawn Knight, John Donahue, Tim Brackett, Shawn Martin, Eric Williams, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch, Joey Doiron, Scott Payea and Jean Paul Cyr.

The long run of green flag racing has caused many drivers, including Brent Dragon, Tyler Cahoon, Tommy Ricker, Chip Grenier and Miles Chipman to go a lap down.

The next car in line to get lapped is the #10 of Ben Rowe.

Sunday - 5:19pm ET - Ricky Rolfe and Joey Pole have pulled away from the rest of the top five and are about to encounter a gaggle of cars that are about to go one lap down unless there is a caution soon.  The race is 47 laps old.

Sunday - 5:17pm ET - At lap 30, Ricky Rolfe has passed Shawn Martin for the lead.

At lap 34, Joey Pole now sits in second place. 

At lap 35, Pole, Martin and Rolfe have put themselves into a three-wide formation to battle for the lead.

Brent Dragon is now going down one lap.

Rolfe now leads Pole, Martin, Donahue and Shawn Knight at lap 38.

Sunday - 5:14pm ET - We just saw something amazing here at Oxford Plains Speedway.  For a lap and a half, there was a three-wide battle for second place.  John Donahue, Ricky Rolfe and Joey Pole actually ran a full lap and a half completely side-by-side.  They didn't touch...much....and there wasn't anything too agressive or dirty that took place.  Somehow, nobody got into trouble and now Rolfe leads Donahue and Pole in that slightly subdued battle.

Out front, it's still Shawn Martin in charge with his yellow #94.

We're now working lap 28.  There have been no cautions or incidents so far.

Sunday - 5:09pm ET - At lap 12, the top 10 are Shawn Martin, Joey Pole, John Donahue, Ricky Rolfe, Shawn Knight, Tim Brackett, Eric Williams, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch and Joey Doiron.

So far, the race has gone clean and green.  That isn't a shocker either.  We have actually seen a 100-lap ACT Late Model feature run without a single caution period here in recent years.

Sunday - 5:06pm ET - Shawn Martin has pulled out to the early lead over Joey Pole in the ACT Late Model feature at Oxford.

Sunday - 5:00pm ET - A full field of Late Models are taking pace laps for their 150-lap feature.

Brent Dragon and Tyler Cahoon received the ACT Late Model provisionals.

The Oxford provsional actually went Corey Morgan instead of Matt Sanborn.  We don't have an officially official reason for that changed, however we can speculate.  Morgan finished behind Sanborn in the 2008 OPS Late Model point standings, but Sanborn missed the first heat race with mechanical problems today, which possibly made him ineligible for a provisional.

Sunday - 4:05pm ET - Chip Grenier won the B-Main for the ACT Late Models with Jamie Fisher and Scott Luce also gaining transfer positions.  It looks like Brent Dragon might get an ACT provisional and Matt Sanborn will get the Oxford provisional.

Sunday - 3:45pm ET - Justin Karkos has won the Mini Stock feature at Oxford.  Last year, Karkos won seven feature events, this year he's getting is season started off just as strong.

Sunday - 3:45pm ET - The best quote of the day might have just come after the 20-lap Running Rebel four-cylinder feature race.

Third-place finisher Matt Dufault stood in victory lane, Looked at the slick blue and yellow #54 of race winner Kyle Hewins and then back at his own #96 Honda Prelude, which sports duct-tape numbers and body panels of several different colors straight from the salvage yard, and said over the PA system; "I've got a sharp looking car don't I?"

Sunday - 3:35pm ET - There are several familar faces from other types of racing who are here today helping out Late Model teams.  PASS North master wrench Seth Holbrook is here helping out the #60 team of Tim Brackett.  BDI Racing crew chief Jason Ricker, who now lives in North Carolina but is from nearby Poland Springs, Maine; came up for the weekend to help out Travis Sterns.  Also, there are several members of Ben Rowe's PASS team who are helping out his #10 David Avery-owned Late Model team today.

Sunday - 3:20pm ET - Shawn Knight won the second consi race with Eric Chase, Miles Chipman and Bobby Dragon also earning transfer positions.

Those headed to the B-Main include Scott Luce, Brent Dragon, Corey Morgan, Rick Paya and Matt Sanborn.

Sanborn, an OPS regular, has had a long day already.  He had ain igntion coil fail while driving back to his pit area after technical inspection this morning and missed practicing his #84 Late Model as a result.

Sunday - 3:15pm ET - On lap one of the second consi race, Ben Lynch took a hard ride into the frontstretch wall.  He was bumped sideways and hit the wall almost head-on exiting turn four.  His car then spun around and became parked drivers' side first.  Lynch dropped his window net right away, but couldn't exit the car since his opening was blocked by a wall.  He eventually was able to get out and walked away, appearing uninjured, but his hopes of making today's race are finished.

18-year-old Lynch had the right attitude entering today's race.  He was hoping to qualify for the feature, but said that gaining seat time was even more important at this point.  His #7NH team is considering entering the July TD Banknorth Oxford 250, so getting a good baseline set-up today was something else very important to him.

Sunday - 3:00pm ET - In the first consi race, John Donahue scored the victory over Glen Luce and Scott Dragon.  But it was the final transfer driver, Tommy Ricker, who was the start of the show.  Ricker started back in 12th and advanced to fourth at the finish.  All of those drivers have now earned starting spots in today's big race.

Those not making the cut and having to go to the B-Main include Jamie Fisher and Tyler Cahoon, Travis Sterns.

Sunday - 2:50pm ET - The drivers' meetings for the ACT Late Models are always entertaining.  ACT head honcho Tom Curley makes sure of that.  Here are a few items of interest from Curley's meeting today:

-  Teams will not be allowed to park their haulers early for next week's ACT event at Thunder Road Speedbowl (VT).  The event is a two-day show, but the Late Models only take to the track on Sunday, so they are not welcome in the pits on Saturday.  Curley told teams that he is trying to keep the event from turning into a "turkey screw".

Teams that are camping at Thunder Road are allowed to park their rigs in the parking lot a day early, but Curley told teams that aren't camping that they are not welcome to show up early.  He also has a unique way of "enforcing" the rule.

"If you do it, I'll go out at 3am and flatten every tire on your trailers," said Curley.  "I live right there, so I'll know who is supposed to be there and who isn't."

-  Curley also read the riot act about something that has bothered him in the first two events of the year.  He said that teams racing for the 23rd-30th positions should calm down.  Advancing positions in that pack won't bring any additional points or winnings, so he cautioned teams not to race so hard.

"Half of the cautions at Airborne were because of teams running 25th, 27th or 28th," said Curley.  "That takes the race away from the people who want to see good racing out front.  Sometimes, you just have to swallow it and say 'I suck today.'  In my years of racing, I've never seen a car fix itself.  Your car isn't going to get any better if you drive the hell out of it and spin out.  You can pray to it and hope, but it won't happen."

-  When telling teams when they should commit to pitting in today's race, Curley told teams to decide whether to pit or not and if they want to pit, pull up immediately behind the pace car.

"If you take time to think about it or stop to ask your wife, you are going to lose positions."

Sunday - 2:50pm ET - The story of the day so far might be tires.  Several teams, including the #37 operation of Brian Hoar, had tire issues during practice.  In turns out that the problem is isolated to a bad batch of tires that has been blistering, or shredding in Hoar's case.

Many teams have not had any problems though, Ben Rowe and Brent Dragon both reported to that they had no wear issues in practice.

ACT Director Tom Curley gave teams extra scuff laps before their heat races to try and help combat any problems.  He also promised teams that the problems would be fixed for future races.

"I assure you that we will figure it out," said Curley during the drivers meeting.  "I'm not going to spend the entire summer stressed about tires.  I've already got enough to be stressed about."

Sunday - 2:35pm ET - In the final heat race, it was Brian Hoar who was the big winner.  Timmy Brackett, Ricky Rolfe and Shawn Martin also fared well too with transfer positions.  Those not making it in were Shawn Knight, Scott Dragon, Travis Sterns, Scott Luce, Chip Grenier and Tommy Ricker.

There will still be two consi races and a B-Main to help those drivers make it into the 30-car starting field for the 150-lap ACT Late Model feature today.

Sunday - 2:23pm ET - Joey Pole was the winner of the third heat race.  Ben Rowe, Quinney Welch and Mark Haywood were the other unofficial qualifiers out of heat three.. 

On the final lap, there were some fireworks.  Hayward, Brent Dragon and Jamie Fisher got together in turn two while battling for the final transfer position.

Those drivers not making the cut in this particular qualifer included Dragon, Fisher and Ben Lynch.

Nick Brown dropped out of the race early with his #12 machine.

Sunday - 2:18pm ET - Pete Potvin, III won the second heat race.  Also advancing into the feature from that heat were Aaron Ricker, Randy Potter and Joey Doiron.

Those still on the outside looking in after the second heat race are Glen Luce, Eric Chase, Corey Morgan, J.R. Robinson, Dave Paya and Mark Hudson.

Sunday - 2:10pm ET - The first of the heat races have been completed with Jean Paul Cyr running start to finish out front and winning the qualifier.  Also advancing will be Eric Williams, Travis Adams and Scott Payea.  Finishing behind those drivers, and needing to advance through a consi race, were John Donahue, Bobby Dragon, Tyler Cahoon and Miles Chipman.

Sunday - 2:08pm ET - There are a few lineup changes today.  Jean Paul Cyr will drive the #15VT Late Model normally wheeled by Joey Laquerre and Bobby Dragon will drive the #55 normally driven by Brad Leighton.

Sunday - 1:30pm ET - We are aware of a technical problem where our photos from today's activities at Oxford might not be viewable on everyone's computers.  We are aware of the problem and looking into it, but honestly not quite sure what the glitch is yet.  We'll keep trying to fix it though and if you can't see photos to the right of this story, we apologize for that fact - hopefully it will get figured out shortly.

Sunday - 1:05pm ET - Straight from the track's PR office, here is the offical lineup of what has been taking place today and what is in store for the rest of the afternoon here at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME).

Sunday, May 17
New England Dodge Dealers ACT 150
Opening Day - Oxford Championship Series
Oxford Acceleration Series - Outlaws, Rebels

Front gate admission: Adult, $18; Juniors ages 6-11, $5
Pit: $30 w/license; $35 w/no license.
Front gate opens at 1 p.m.

9:30 a.m. Pit gate
10:30 a.m. Inspection
11 a.m. Mini
11:08 Rebel
11:15 Strictly
11:23 Outlaw
11:30 Late Model
Noon Mini
12:08 Rebel
12:15 Strictly
12:23 Outlaw
12:30 Late Model
1 p.m. Mini
1:08 Rebel
1:15 Strictly
1:23 Outlaw
1:30 Track closed
1:35 Drivers meeting
2 p.m. Green flag

ACT heats
Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Mini Stock heats (10 laps)
Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Strictly Stock heats (10 laps)
ACT consolations
Macdonald Motors Runnin' Rebel features (20 laps)
Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Mini Stock feature (30 laps)
ACT ‘B’ feature
Chimney Tech Outlaw feature (20 laps)
Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Strictly Stock feature (30 laps)
New England Dodge Dealers ACT 150

Schedule subject to change.

Sunday - 1:00pm ET - It rained through the night and early this morning in most of Maine, but now it is clear, but very cool, at Oxford Plains Speedway.  Today the track opens up its 2009 racing season with the third round of the ACT Late Model Tour.  Practice went off as scheduled this morning and heat races for the ACT Late Models will start at 2pm.

We'll be here to bring you our Trackside Now coverage of the heat and feature races today.  Stand by for more updates.

If you'd like to chat about this race, or any kind of short track racing, be sure to stop on by Motorsport Lounge and their official Short Track Discussion forum.


Travis Sterns takes his #85 Chevrolet down the backstretch during practice at Oxford.  (51 Photos)
Victory lane turned into a pit party at Beech Ridge.
The rain left a bit of a mess, but hasn't delayed anything at Oxford.