5 On 5: Short Trackers' Take on Pop Culture
See What Racers Think About Everything On the Track and Off
A Speed51.com Exclusive
Last Movie You Saw In a Theater...
Ultimate Red Carpet Date Is...
What is Your Lucky Charm?
TV Show You'd Like to Be On?
Last Book You Read?
I don't remember
"The Hills"
My "10" necklace.  I always wear it.
Zac Efron
"The Proposal"
Johanna Long
#10 Super Late Model
Drew Herring
#22 USARacing Pro Cup Series
Haven't read one since probably the third grade.
"Two and a Half Men"
I'm not really superstitious
My girlfriend, Anna Schwartz
"The Hangover"
Johnny VanDoorn
Dude, I don't even know.
"Ice Road Truckers"
My cross necklace
Heath Hindman's girlfriend
"The Orphan"
Ricky Brooks
Tech Inspector - Blizzard Series, Snowball Derby
The rule book
"Crime Scene Investigators"
My wife
Again, my wife
"Madea Goes to Jail"
Joey Pole
#97 ACT Late Model / Super Late Model
"Stock Car Setup Secrets"
If I could be on a cartoon, maybe "Family Guy."
I have lucky underwear that I wear on race day
My girlfriend Monique
"Funny People"

It's a new feature here on Speed51.com.  And hopefully, its a new feature here to stay.  It's simple.  We pick five short track racers.  We ask them five, random questions that might or might not deal with racing, and we tell you what they told us.  Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's funny.  Sometimes it's both.  Check it out!